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35 comments to “Chris Brown Got A Makeover!”

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    com on ova, Chrissy Brown!

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    Looks like Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element….douche bag

  5. bish says – reply to this


    Fuck this loser!!!!!

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    he looks much worse.

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    is that Sisqo?

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    Now he looks like Kanye's girlfriend! LMAO

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    u do realize that sisqo and dennis rodman were so 15 years ago LOL cmon AMBER ROSE i mean chris brown lmao please dont do that

  11. 11

    This dude definitely has gay tendencies.

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    Ewwww! Not a good look BEAT HER DOWN BROWN, not a good look at all.

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    Idk …..he's still hot! Lol

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    Sisqo 2.0

  15. Low says – reply to this


    I think HE SUCKS!! He beat a girl HALF TO DEATH!

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    I didn't realize that it was 1996…

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    Re: nicky12344 – you're dumb. you think a guy is hot who beats the shit out of his girlfriend and then cries like a bitch about the bad publicity? you've got some shitty taste my friend. join a prison pen pal program, they've got lots of "hot" guys that can one-up chris brown for sure.

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    Re: MissPretty – Shut up! He's a jackass, but that doesn't take away from his PHYSICAL attractiveness. There are many hot women that are total bitches, and many guys that are tools(like Chris) that are still hot to look at.

  19. 19

    Ughh, I hate that anyone even gives this guy the slightest coverage. He is such a loser, his career is dead and no amount of P.R. damage control is going to resuscitate it. I wish this woman beating jerk would disappear. It amazes me this guy even has fans anymore.

  20. 20

    This woman beating tool box is just dying for attention. Team breazy beat her down will never learn. But perez, take a look at the comments on your last dozen posts about this douche. 97% of your readers hate him. He's in the Heidi Montag category. Quit posting about him.

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    Re: MissPretty – You're dumb..do you like eminem or Charlie sheen?..lol
    .I didn't see pictures I'm over it Rihanna is over it ..maybe u should be. he aplogized to the people he needed to i.e Rihanna and her father and choose to be guilty.it's not like he was a grown man.. he was like 18….people grow up..&he acted like a man about it verses every other man in Hollywood who beat their girlfriends…alot….so u should stop;)

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    Re: MissPretty – How about crying about the fear of losing your dream? How about feeling like an idiot for a mistake knowing some people will never forgive you for?..how about reading comments everyday no matter how much u grow that your an idiot and u should die?….or people that dont even know u or what happened at a mistake u made when u were a kid scream and curse at you and stalk u and threaten u?….I would cry over that…that's not dumb…..damn are you human? lol

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    And u guys are blind if you say he beat her close to death. Dramatic! And that is just disrespectful to women who were seriously beat by their husbands or boyfriends! You guys need to look it up…or watch a movie called what's love got to do w it Tina turner or what happened to Robyn givens or others in the news SMH! those are jerks!!..smh I don't know how people trip more then cb and Rihanna..wierd

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    Re: AnnaJeanRe: AnnaJean – bc clearly only haters give a shot to comment…He has two number one songs…lol

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    Re: nicky12344 – *shit

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why's he trying to act all like a cracker? He's no Eminen.
    Haha. Just kidding. I like the new do. That's what blacks always say about white rappers.

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    he actually looks good…its weird

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    all you haters are fucking racist eminem hit his ex wife lets see charlie sheen did it multiple times too but chris brown MADE ONE FUCKING MISTAKE and yall wanna judge him who the fuck are yall to judge anyone nobodies perfect at least he excepted his responsiblilty as a man and is paying for his mistakes and hasnt repeated them like many celebrities do !TEAM BREEZY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  29. 29

    we like it???? really? thought you hated chris brown? god, you are so fucking stupid.

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    Come on Chris don't do that shit.

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    I Personally Like This Look Its Different But It Looks Nice. I Was Shocked When I First Saw But Now That I Actually Am Looking At It, It Is Cute.

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    love it. LOVE IT. LOVE IT!!!!

  34. hapi says – reply to this


    no matter the color of his hair, he will look good. that said…i love it! and no matter what anyone says, time will tell all. and so far he's looking good & doing good.

  35. J2thb says – reply to this


    Re: HangItUpFlatScreens – Ha! First thing I thought too!!