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Corey Haim (Among Others) Snubbed During Oscar's In Memoriam

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Last year it was Farrah Fawcett, this year Corey Haim. Who's in charge of this???

Last night, during the Oscar's In Memoriam segment, several key Hollywood players weren't recognized while Celine Dion sing sweetly in honor of those who had passed away this year. Among them was Don Peterman (director, Footloose, Men In Black, Splash), Monica Johnson (writer and frequent collaborator with Albert Brooks) and perhaps most notably, Corey.

What an oversight! Don't even tell us no one at the Academy has seen Lucas!

Such a shame.

P.S. - If you've never seen Lucas, its worth an add to your Netflix queue. It might be the only movie in existence where Charlie Sheen appears to be completely sober from beginning to end.

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32 comments to “Corey Haim (Among Others) Snubbed During Oscar's In Memoriam”

  1. mgh says – reply to this


    Was HE EVER NOMINATED For An Oscar? If he wasnt why does He have to be Honored?

  2. 2

    The Oscars organizers are so inept…even if Corey was really a NOBODY, his movies did make moolah, and that is what counts. Really….WHO is in charge of such things ?

  3. 3

    Farah was so wrong, but mayBe they didn't feel like honoring a drug addict and dealer that had 1,ooo chances some would die for

  4. 4

    Speaking of Charlie, he is acting like a young high Corey Feldmond. Every interview I read or see is more delusional than the next.I am almost embarrased for him. One wonders what he will think when he sobers up, he will do the walk of shame like someone who drank way to much at the company Christmas party walking in to work monday morning.

  5. 5

    There is no reason to snub anyone. It is very insulting. Also Celine Dion was horrible last night, just like most of the Oscars.

  6. 6

    Many who were not in Oscar caliber movies were mentioned, that point is irrelevant. Like him or not, he was a movie star, and deserved recognition. Sorry Corey, that was not right.

  7. 7

    Re: mgh – It's not just Oscar nominees that get mentioned, it's anyone in the film industry.

  8. 8

    He deserves to be honored because he was an ACTOR! It doesn't matter how he lived his life, when Charlie Sheen dies HE will be included! Corey was a major influence in movies of my generation and I miss the actor.

  9. 9

    Give me a break! The guy hadn't been relevant in over 20 years when he died. No one cares about a washed up teen idol with a forgettable body of work. People may have liked Lucas and The Lost Boys, but those movies succeeded in spite of him.

  10. 10

    Celine Dion "SANG" (past tense), not "sing."
    P.S. Section: "it's" worth adding (it is), not "its".

    Do you seriously not have anyone edit these stories before they're posted?

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    It can never be wrong to include someone, but not including them puts it up to question. The masters of film photo bytes could salute everyone recognizable and still not take up excess time.

  12. 12

    They forgot Rue McClanahan too. I know she wasn't a movie star, but still.

  13. 13

    Lucas was made for t.v., so it wouldn't be honored by the Academy anyway. NOW. Let's talk about Lost Boys.

  14. Laury says – reply to this


    Oh, okay, okay, I get it, Corey Haim wasn't Oscar-worthy enough to be included? Bunch of elitist bastards.

  15. 15

    Honestly, he doesn't rate enough to get an Oscar ceremonial nod.

    I'm curious how they will handle Charlie Sheen's "in memorium" next year?

  16. 16

    Ron Howard directed Splash.

  17. 17

    who? lol i have never heard of no farrah fawcet or corey whatshisface. lol who the heck are these people. if i've never heard of them then their not that important which is why probably no one cares about them.

  18. 18

    Who's Corey Haim? Don't worry Feldman no one will remember you either. your in good company

  19. jkf says – reply to this


    My buddy Bob Robertson wanted to be a good actor, why didn't they mention him?

  20. 20

    Corey was never Oscar-caliber, but not everyone who was mentioned was either. Not every good actor is nominated in their lives. He should have been mentioned for his contribution to acting and the people he inspired.

  21. 21

    Haim and the others were all actors and deserved their place in the tribute…they could have dropped that 15-30 second focus on Celine singing in the middle of the song and shown all the snubbed actors

  22. 22

    I hate to tell you this, but Don Peterman was the director of photography on those film, not the Director. Get your facts straight. And just so you know, Peter Graves, and Betty Garrett also were skipped over. Go ahead, run to imdb quickly, because you probably have no idea who they were or what they did, either. And just as a final note to these other commenters, Corey Haim did not die from drugs, and you don't have to be nominated for an Oscar to end up in their memorial. You only have to be a member of the film community… which he was.

  23. 23

    With all the minutes they waste how can leave out any actor out? It only takes a few seconds each. They can put 2 faces up at the same time. He is part of '80's movies history. Rue, besides Golden Girls, had a very long career and was in a ton of recent tv movies.

  24. 24

    I personally don't think it matters if the person who passed on was "Oscar worthy" or not (hell, maybe he had an Oscar worthy performance in him that he never got to give)……….they should just honor actors that have passed. I mean what the hell, the British Academy Awards (BAFTA's) honored Corey Haim in memoriam and we didn't???

  25. 7tizz says – reply to this


    While I didn't notice it at the time, I will have to agree that it was sad for him to be left out. But Lena Horne? She only got a tribute because of the no black actor nominated thing - it was so obvious.

  26. 26

    Surely the fact the dead had to be in memorialized by Celine meant you were better off still alive but in immense long term agony?

  27. 27

    Re: white_is_ugly – So who died and made u Mr or Mrs Know-it-all??? So you've not heard of Farrah??? Moron!!! I never saw Charlie's Angels or any of her films for that matter but even I knew who she was…

  28. 28

    I'm pretty sure that the people being honored in the Memoriam, don't haven't to be "Oscar Caliber." I can understand why they didn't have Farrah last year or Rue this year. They were both primarily TV actresses and were honored by the Emmy's, which I think is fair. I think it was really poor taste to not honor Corey Haim, Peter Graves, or Betty Garrett. The Oscars claim that they have to leave people out due to time constraints. I am personally willing to "sacrifice" some of their PAINFUL attempts at humor (James Franco in drag????) so that people who deserve to be remembered are remembered.

  29. 29

    The organizers who are in charge of the Oscar's Memoriam segment each year are lame. They always do this.

    And to me Charlie Sheen's greatest role was in Platoon. So much promise, and look where he's heading now. Shame.

  30. 30

    Re: mgh – Members of the acting profession don't have to have been nominated for an Oscar upon their decease in order to be honored in the Memoriam segment.

  31. 31

    We need to call the Oscars out on their blatant disrespect to Corey Haim! We can post our comments on their website (email address below). Even if it is just a few words, like “Shame on your Oscars for not including Corey Haim.” Can you imagine, if it gets out in the press that Corey Haim fans crashed the Oscars website, with their many emails?!! That would be so cool!!! It only takes a few seconds of your time. But it can do so much. We have the POWER to have our voices heard, and to make a difference. Those phonies need to know that they cannot get away with what they did. Corey’s family and loved ones deserve better.


  32. 32

    Those idiots “claim” they did not have the time to honor everyone. They sure made certain that they had the time to honor Leni Riefenstahl, a Nazi filmmaker in their memoriam, back in 2004. Damn shame!!! They are worse than I had thought : (