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Gwyneth & Florence Have Their Moment At The Oscars!

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Florence, as always, was amazing!

Gwyneth Paltrow, given that music is not her full-time job, once again did a very respectable job.

However, it should be noted for ALL performers….

In our opinion, closing your eyes does not equate more emotion. It actually creates a wall between you and the audience if done too much!

Having said that, check out Gwyneth and Florence's Academy Awards performances (above)!

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48 comments to “Gwyneth & Florence Have Their Moment At The Oscars!”

  1. 1

    She was clearly nervous, that's why she closed her eyes. She is new to performing and was scared just like a normal person. You have no right to talk or critique anything Perez. I knew you would just go back to being a catty, bitter bitch.

  2. 2

    Wow Perez. That was REALLY douchy.

  3. 3

    Why does she keep singing? I don't get it?!!?

  4. 4

    Gwynnie was TERRIBLE. Every time she sang "home" was completely off key. Her voice is HORRID. She has no range. And she is off-key. Gwynnie pisses me off with her talentless singing. Go back to acting Gwynnie…that's all you're (barely) good at.

  5. 5

    oh come one! she was nervous! you could see it…. this is new for her…

  6. 6

    Can't act, can't sing
    Her acting is virtually free of emotion, character and personality, so it's not surprising that it carries through to her singing.

  7. 7

    Just can't buy Gwennie as a country star. Florence, as always, is magical.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Goop girl, was awful. If one is going to go onstage and perform before millions of people, one better get it right. She was off key several times. Next time stay home. please

  10. 10

    You are kidding me, right … ? She did a 'respectful' job … ? C'Mon. The snot-nosed Bev Hills JAP cannot sing for beans. And, she was so nervous, I literally thought we'd see brown spots on the back of her white de-signer gown ! So unprofessional ! All those years of hang'n out with Madonna sure did not do much for 'Goop', or 'Crap' or whatever the hell her nick-name is ! Really, a DREADFUL performance. Leave singing to singers, Crap !

  11. 11

    And, don't you like how she tried to give her words a southern drawl…? ! LOL ! I mean, the chick is from Bev Hills, and she is trying to sing as tho' she is from Kentucky ! FAIL !

  12. 12

    Re: Hassen Ben-Soba – Right ! What a terrible performance in from of so many people. Big fat waste of valuable television air space. Must be nice to have HollyWood connections …..other-wise, this talent-less, America-hating TWAT would be nowhere !

  13. 13

    Gwenni totally sucked! Off pitch, off key….too nervous….. batting her eyes horrible. The Oscar's is not the place for poor talent, I don't understand why she was asked to perform. There is much incredible talent out there that deserves to be there. She does not. It brings the Oscar's won a notch in my book.

  14. 14

    Thank goodnes for dvr and fast forward. What a terrible performance. She can't act so now she thinks that she can sing? Oh my, they will let anyone get on a stage nowadays and just rip apart a song. If this titless bitch hates America so much why is she hanging around so long and making a fool of herself. Why doesn't she go back to England and stay there. She makes me sick.

  15. 15

    Gwyneth seems to be very insecure, as though she hasn't found herself yet/doesn't really know who she really is/wants to be. She needs more (if she's had any) voice lessons first if she's serious about singing as a second career. It took a lot to perform for such a huge audience like the Oscar Awards, but she obviously wasn't ready for it.
    As far as her acting goes, Gwyneth is just Gwyneth put in a situation on the screen/stage. None of these people we call "actors" can act. They are just being themselves and roll playing like children. (example) I could watch Johnny Depp sweep floors for 90 mins. because he's so bleep good looking. Do I think he's a great/even good actor? No! But I think he's a really cool/great looking guy that I'd love to hang with. I think she had her eye's closed so she wouldn't be distracted and forget/flub the lyric's to the song.

  16. 16

    Gwyneth just closed her eyes cause she was nervous! She is amazing. She is such a great singer- who knew? SHe is really perfect I think! I also really applaud her courageous choices lately in singing in front of people- she is doing so great and looks great! I am a big fan and have tons of respect for her !!

  17. 17

    i actually thought she did a good job, loved her microphone! i dig her as a singer! Florence was fierce too! its just sad that they chose these songs as the best songs of the year! Janet Jackson's nothing from why did i get married 2 was robbed and say what u want about burlesque the music SHOULD of been nominated! The academy is retarded!

  18. 18

    I think it's more embarrassing b/c people keep saying it's "good". It's an insult they had Jennifer Hudson introduce her..

  19. 19

    All the singers they could ask to perform and they picked Gwyneth? She should stick to acting…

  20. 20

    Who is was the guy that sang with Florence??? Loved his voice.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    I love ya, Perez, but what makes you the expert at everything? It comes off a little narcissistic. Gwyneth did do a respectable job. She shouldn't have closed her eyes, but she was nervous. Had you watched ANY of the Pre-shows you have know this. She wasn't trying to "show more emotion", she was a wreck and joked about downing a pint of Guinness to calm her nerves.

  23. 23

    After reading all of the comments, I guess I wasn't the only one who thought Perez was being too hard on Gwyneth. Some people just have hate inside. As much as they try, they'll always go back to talkin' trash because they actually love putting others down to make themselves feel better. Perez may not realize it, or realize why, but he does it. I commend him for trying, but the "catty" came out in him last night.

  24. 24

    Gywneth did a movie about a country singer. She did all real music and her song was nominated, this is why she was asked to sing. You people are freakin' rude with all the nasty comments about her. She is also a very talented actress. The nastiness you spew says a lot about YOU.

  25. 25

    These are the kind of comments you need to be making Perez in posts if you want to become a judge on singing competitions.

  26. 26

    I wouldn't say Gwyneth has a horrible voice but she was terrible last night….I was kinda embarrassed for her. Florece and that guy were phenomenal. and yeah it was laughable that they had Jennifer Hudson introducing Gwyneth LOL…I mean really???

  27. 27

    ok. good for her that she has the guts to sing. BUT. i'm getting pretty tired of her popping up everywhere.. she's obviously more of an actress than a singer, the ONLY reason she's getting attention is because no one saw this coming, not for a her "talent" which there is obviously a lack of. so, lets stop encouraging her belief that she can sing well enough to deserve being on stage with cee lo or after florence. its just embarrassing how celebs get shortcuts (im talking to u miss lohan)

  28. 28

    How does know one else not see that she had an Ashlee Simpson moment and COULD NOT HEAR HERSELF. You can see it all over her face. She closed her eyes because she was straining to find the key. She knew it sucked; her face at the end says it all: She was pissed she could not hear.

  29. 29

    LOL Perez is now giving performers tips on what to do. Hey mario, how did your managing career go again? where is that guy that was allegedly better than Justin Timberlake doing now?

  30. 30

    i dont think shes thst

  31. 31

    i dont think shes that bad she was much bttr at the grammys with ceelo she blew me away. shes actually better than most singers out rite now eg rihanna, kesha, so i dont know why ur givin her such a hard time perezzo

  32. 32

    I love how being homosexual immediately makes you a fashion guru and vocal coach. I don't particularly like Gwyneth that much, but yesterday she sang in front of hundreds of A-List celebrties and millions of people watching on TV. How many of you critiquing motherfuckers can say that you've done that?

  33. 33

    Gwyneth has a Wonderful voice and she did a Great job! I've enjoyed watching her performances this award show season.

  34. 34

    Re: Singer32 – Yeah, right. She is such a good singer…the C.D.S from that crap movie came FLYING off the shelves. Sorry, but the people have spoken, and other than her little monkey lackies who are on this site to prop her up, the majority say SHE CANNOT SING ! It was DREADFUL !! Notice how they put her on first … ? It would have been even MORE embarrassing after the 'professional' singer …. Sorry…The truth hurts ! The SKAnk CANNOT SING…TRULY a BAD Oscar moment !

  35. 35

    I can just imagine her now, sitting in her Bev Hills mansion, going over and over the tape of her performance…crying, drinking her red wine, cursing Madonna and her husband for not telling her how crappy she is…..Madonna probably encouraged her, in order to get a GREAT 'peeing her pants' laugh at Gywinnie's expense ! LOL !

  36. 36

    Whoever told Gwyneth she can sing should be slapped

  37. 37

    It was PAINFUL watching her sing - HEARING, her sing, too. Whomever in their right mind told her it would be OK to sing in front of MILLIONS worldwide should be shot! She sings mediocre at best. Her voice is fine for a fun night out of karaoke with the gals, or in a church choir - but at the OSCARS?!?!
    I was surprised at how well Anne Hathaway could sing. I didn't know she had such a wonderful voice.
    I agree with all who have said that if it weren't for her Hollywood connections (Steven Spielberg is her godfather, for crying out loud!), she'd be nothing more than a spoiled woman from Beverly Hills. How she has an Oscar herself still baffles me after all these years…….

  38. 38

    florence yes, gwyneth no. and stop dishing out advice like youre some expert in every field.

  39. Sane1 says – reply to this


    Good job Gwyn and congrats for having the courage to go up there live and sing as a highly respected actress - at the Oscars of all places, in front of everyone in the industry. I'm super impressed!

  40. 40

    I know people who know people, and they said that during rehearsals, there was talk of having her pull out, it was so painful to watch …… They knew it would be a low-point for the Oscars…..Maybe she will have learned from this experience, and keep her big fat trap shut when it comes to singing, and, hopefully, other stuff !

  41. 41

    Florence WAS great, tho' A true professional singer .

  42. 42

    lmao at your lame attempts to pretend you know anything about being a performing artist

  43. 43

    Florence was wonderful as usual!
    Gweneth sucked I could not hit the mute button fast enough!
    Stick to the acting which you can barely do a god job at.
    She only got that sympathy Oscar because her poor Dad was dying. It should have gone to Cate that year.

  44. 44

    Did Gwyneth take lessons from Jon Mayer on how to make stupid faces while you sing???

  45. 45

    WTF is this? Her management must be working overtime. Glee, Cee-lo, SNL, and now she's singing at the Oscars? I used to like her back in the '90's but she really annoys me now and can't sing well. She was good in Duets, but now she bugs.

  46. 46

    gawd, i couldnt even get past that boring, drawn out intro. boy, is this world hurting for real talent.

  47. 47

    You're right — to an extent. I would expect that of an actual singer, but Gwyneth is NOT a singer, nor should she be. She has little to no range, basically like her acting skills. She's famous strictly because of her parents. Not a single role of hers really stands out in my mind.

  48. 48

    Sh should have had her people ask producers to not have Jennifer Hudson present her. Jennifer Hudson is an incredible singer so any average singer would be hella nervous if someone like Hudson presented them.