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Lady GaGa Premieres Born This Way Music Video! Watch HERE!!!!

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Get ready to go on a fantastic voyage with GaGa!

The Lady's just-released Born This Way music video mini-movie (above) is out of this world - literally!

Directed by Nick Knight the Haus of GaGa, the video is everything you'd want from a GaGa video - fashion, fierceness, dancing, provocative imagery and more!

With hints of Gem and She-ra and Superman, the video manages to be both very serious and also lighthearted!

We LOVE it!

Check it out (above)!

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478 comments to “Lady GaGa Premieres Born This Way Music Video! Watch HERE!!!!”

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  1. 201

    Re: rachael5757 – LOL how is she not trying to be hot or slutty? She's trying to be both parading in her underwear, touching her crotch far too often, legs spread wide getting felt up…come ON

  2. 202


  3. 203

    Gross. Any chance she had at REALLY making that song special w/ a message through that video has been lost. Again. Gross. [[btw, if you create a "race that does not judge" — then there would be no evil, bc they wouldn't say is something was good or evil; bc that would be judgment.]] FAIL

  4. 204

    LOVE LOVE LOVE GAGA. But not the video. Disappointed :(

  5. 205

    I'm actually glad for this, it represents Gaga's start to meltdown… Wich also reafirms Britney as true Queen of Pop, life is full of choices, some of them suck like this… Its a shame, as a britney fan I used to like Gaga in her beginning, she appeared to be purky and fun with interesting typ of music, now she's become this…. Anyway gaga fans just enjoy this new phase gaga's bringing to you, cuz it will be her last!

  6. 206

    Again, GaGa copied Madonna hair style from Madonna's S&S Tour.

    Madonna had the same hair style in the last part of her concerts.

    Can't she just be herself?!

  7. 207

    Re: meme – yes …I think so too…I do think that the fame doesn´t do good for her. She looks very outburnt and sick. She is still so young which keeps her (NOW) in a somewhat good shape but when she gets a little older and outpowers herself like she does now she will look terrible.

    She should have some rest. I can see a big mental breakdown coming. She is losing herself now. She gets darker…it doesn´t look positive at all. Her message was actually so good and she could have done such an positive and happy video but this looks extremely depressing for me. She was certainly NOT born anorexic, sick and drug/alc addicted. She MADE herself this way. She should start to live after what she preaches. It would do her good.

  8. 208

    weird.. dont know if i like it or not…

  9. 209

    Boring as Fuck and she's FUKING UGLY i think she has HIV or something …

  10. 210

    like i said this woman should not be dancing in any capacity…
    p.s. whats with the shot of her at the end with a big gap in her teeth… ? that reminds me of someone :) HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  11. M: says – reply to this


    it sucks

  12. 212

    Sooooooooooo yesterday! Grace Jones plus Madonna = Lady Gaga. Please put some clothes on, Gaga. U don't look good half-naked even though you're skinny…

  13. 213

    I prefer HIAM by Brit-Brit. Gaga failed to deliver the message of the song!

  14. 214

    Born this way? Really? With protruding prosthetic cheekbones and prosthetic shoulders? With hair dye and anorexically skinny? I'm pretty sure you were not born any way that you ever portray yourself as.

  15. 215

    Re: gusty1813
    If that person in your profile pic is you, I wouldn't say you're exactly hot either. You just look like you have major mental retardation.

  16. 216

    wtf???? Gem and She-ra and Superman??? where? i would like to see that video!!!! how long did it take to shot this video????

  17. 217

    @LADYGAGA you know you can give 2 shits about the gays you dumb bitch!

    ps STOP being like madonna EVERYONE can see that !

  18. 218

    don't like it.

  19. 219


  20. 220

    i really dont even know what to say… that was so weird/gross/upsetting. This woman clearly thinks she's god?! What an ego. And why does she feel the need to dance around basically naked- this song is supposed to be about a positive message yet she still feels the need to make it raunchy and about sex. That shouldn't have been the focus. But hey- its lady gaga! She will use any means to keep selling her albums. Nothing but a cookie cutter pop star trying to fool people into thinking she is something more…

  21. 221

    The video goes perfectly with the song, gays are weird diferent monsters (?) WTF, girl seriously? I really miss Jonas Akerlund.

  22. 222

    Nothing new after all :(
    this video have some parts of EXPRESS YOURSELF (Madonna) and FIGHTER (Christina Aguilera)
    well, she is not original just recycles all styles.Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Roisin Murphy, Grace Jones, etc

  23. 223

    Re: Gaga looks like Marilyn Manson – WOW, you are really obsessed with her.
    All haters are more obsessed than her fans, well, that's okay because you are just bringing in more money to her pocket.

  24. 224

    at least mario aint in it!!

  25. 225

    LAME!! Can this woman do no wrong in your eyes Perez? Like when she said she was on the 'alchohol diet' and you didn't say one word of criticism like you would have if this were any other person!!

  26. 226

    Doesshe have to pay Madonna royalties? What a rip off artist. Music really is disappointing these days. The only thing I give this hack is originallity for the way she dresses. Shock dressing like Marlyn Manson. Wait, not original at all. Way to go Perez. You, children, and gay community have created a rip off artist.

  27. 227

    Re: M:
    I think we got your point the first 50 times you posted that you hate this video.

  28. 228

    capital D.U.M.D

  29. 229

    try hard

  30. 230

    First of all, why the hell do ya'll post a comment, if ur hating on her?!! worthless.. go do something usefull.

    I LOVE the video! typical gaga, and you can really see the real gaga when she's dancing on her own in the video.
    and there's a twist at the end, where she has a little gap between her teeth.. kinda madonna-ish. showing she doesn't care about what people say.
    curious about the second video :D

  31. 231

    Reminds me of Madonna's trippy "Bedtime Story"…and the tooth gap is definitely a nod to the Queen of Pop too! LOVE IT! Also has a bit of Kelis' "Acapella" in there too.

  32. 232

    Honestly, I don't know what to make of it. It's just… overwhelming in imagery. The whole birthing concept was 0_o and I'm not remotely puritan or easily offended. I love Gaga for what she advocates. She's obviously a great musician (for having seen her live) and outrageous ideas/concepts. Enough with the 'Express Yourself' comparison. It's been over and dealt with. If Madonna sees no harm in it then enough said. Every artist out emulates someone, it's the best way to flattery. I've mixed feelings about the video though.

  33. 233

    Re: LADYCACA!!!COLON!!!!!!COLON!!!!!!COLON!!
    "well, she is not original just recycles all styles.Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Roisin Murphy, Grace Jones, etc"
    All those artists listed have recycled fashion before them as well. It's been going on since the beginning of pop culture.

  34. 234

    She is so ugly I want to vomit.

  35. 235

    I'm not a huge Gaga fan but I like the video.

  36. 236

    That video just took 7 minutes of my life! absolutely horrible!

  37. 237

    Re: cassbird- – Wow you're an I-D-I-O-T. Bahahahaha.

  38. 238

    it's a great song, with a great video for her fans.
    if your a hater.. than why watse your time with posting all these weird-ass comments?!! if you don't like her, who cares.. but don't start making useless comments that nobody cares about.

  39. 239

    this video just made me love britney so much more

  40. 240

    Of course she's not going to do a literal interpretation of the song. Not many of her videos actualy do that. I found the video interesting, although not EPIC, and some of the imagery stunning. I don't know where she's going with some of the sort of Satanic imagery (not that I care), but it looks like she tapping into a darker side.

  41. 241

    whoaaaa video is crazy at the start. n sadly allll 4 of my kids love lady gaga n this is 1 video they cant watch :( but they love the song. my 2 yr old. daughter is named galaxy but she goes around telling ppl to call her BABY GAGA!!! lol she loved lady gaga her whole life n when she hears a lady gaga song or sees a video she freaks out n screams GAGA!!! LETS DANCE MOMMY. but whoaaaa that video is crazy!!!

  42. 242

    i usually like her songs, but born this way does not really sound like the gaga we know from just dance & pokerface. i have to admit, the song is kinda catchy but i don't really like it. and the video tops it all, but in a very negative way. i dont see any connection between the song (it's meaning) and this video. most of the time i was thinking WTF is going on? it was/is too much of everything! and i dont think she should refer herself as god or someone who is perfect and so on.

    also, i dont really get the "little monster thing". monster is such a negative word, and to call your fans this way is not so flattering, in my opinion.

    the maine point is, that this video is crap. and sry i hate to break it to you little monsters but it IS disgusting and has nothing to do with art or anything else! honestly i can not understand why you can not see this?

  43. 243

    Piece of shit

  44. 244

    Okay- SO.. I have been a gaga fan for quite some time, and by that I mean I was a fan before she really became mainstream. i loved what she was doing and her creativity was something I have always respected. That being said– in the last few months I have been unimpressed and underwhelmed by her over the top extreme's she's going to. I really love that she used her platform to release a song that has an amazing message for the LGBT community and all other cultures, races, and types of people. i support the message, and i don't even care that it sounds like Madonna. But this video is not what I hoped for. I really wanted to see people of all walks of life embracing their community and showing strength and pride in the body and lifestyle THEY WERE BORN INTO. Instead it was a train wreck of alien after birth and an extra skinny gaga with unimpressive dance moves. I would have loved to see her stripped of all her makeup and costumes and showing the message i was born THIS way and I'll embrace it. She could still be shocking and innovative without all the messiness.

  45. 245

    Re: Chichi Kix – AMEN to your comment about the video! she does look good

  46. M: says – reply to this


    the best part of the video is madonna teeth lol.allthe rest is so poor. she copies the film alien so waht boring.no strong message.

  47. mbruz says – reply to this


    The main problem here, is that she is trying to make this an art film. She should of went to art school. You can't mix an art film with a really really crappy pop song. The people who are into art, will hate her music. The people who are into her music, are going to start thinking shes a freak. Shes a wanna be "artist", who makes really crappy music. She tricked the public with "Just Dance" and "Poker Face," now she just sucks. Its like mixing whipped cream with pickles. Its a sundae no one can get into. - I bet she will take that line, and turn it into her next single.

  48. 248

    So strange how God gives some women ugly faces and hot bodies or vice versa.
    I loved the first part of this video but when the song started, again, she seemed to copy Madonna circa 90's. LGG shouldn't dance either, looks awkward.

  49. 249

    No sir… I didn't like it. No continuity; it was all over the place. The ending seemed to be made of out-takes, and had nothing to do with anything. I loved her early videos, but lately, not so much.

  50. 250

    If this song is about loving yourself for who you are, why does gaga feel the need to change her physical apperance?

  51. 251

    i have loved all her videos, except alejandro. and this one kinda just ranks in the middle now. it was innovative idea i think, but it kinda came across as too messy and chaotic for me. i did like the skeleton gaga though! i also liked that she played homage to MJ and Madonna, especially since all her haters say she rips them off. They are similar…but only because they were each at the forefront of creative and innovative music of their time.

    and now i'm completely jealous of her body.

  52. 252

    Re: Bree – Please get over it! It doesn't have that vibe. They have the same meaning almost. Madonna told GaGa she loves the song! It's called, 'born this way,' and it's better than express yourself! Actually the sales don't lie…I just think people should get over this comparing GaGa to Madonna copy-cat. Just love her damn music and, "Don't be a drag, just be a queen!"

  53. 253

    I absolutely LOVED it, which I wasn't sure I would after Alejandro being my favorite song off her last album and that video was her worst, in my opinion. This was awesome. I am completely HAPPY with it! =)

  54. 254


  55. 255


  56. 256

    Love the song…but the music video was very strange. Can she ever be normal?!

  57. 257

    I was expecting something better :(

  58. 258

    Wow her body is AMAZING! I had no idea how hawt she is. Work it out girl! PS I really liked the skeletor face in the tuxedo

  59. 259

    Re: M: – Are you serious? Wow! Stop hating. MM has always been this way, she was born this way! And you can't tell me this is one of the best, if not the best, music video you've ever seen man! It's amazing!! Stop hating!

  60. 260

    Mario, you need to pull your face out of her Ass and tell her to STOP MAKING FUCKED UP VIDEOS!!. I mean, I love her. I loved The Fame Monster but she needs to stop disgusting people with her fucked up Videos.

  61. 261

    Re: Sanz – She's not anorexic; she's hot!

  62. 262

    Re: Britney Popmundo – britneys a fucking joke. id like to have britney and gaga stand next to eachother and sing and dance. and i dont mean fucking lipsync and half ass dance like britneys done her whole career. except before she could dance. dont be tooooo jealous britney is OVER and gaga is just warming up. OOps… gaga did it again :)

  63. 263

    the creation idea was interesting but holy shit the voice over was pretentious, she can't even pronounce 'infinite'. the visuals are good but it has its epic moments but i still can't get into the song, it's dated and derivative. the dancing was very stiff which is surprising as she danced very well in alejandro.

  64. 264

    Re: MoreISay – LOL I know right! That's exactly what I was thinking. Gawd what it must be like to live in a world where everyone whose a normal weight must have an eating disorder! Someone needs to hit the gym clearly ;)

  65. 265

    LOL.. I can't watch the video because its blocked from where I'm at…. but I can bet its probably littered with concepts shes done before…lol so instead i'll just scan through peoples comments and let the majority rule.

  66. 266

    Are all of yall serious? This is nothing like Express Yourself and if you are making the comparison then you're just looking for an excuse to bash gaga.

    Damn, and all you britney fans comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. An artist and a performer. Lady gaga writes, sings, and helps produce her own shit. Britney is great and all but she doesn't do half of what Gaga does.

    And of course there will be Madonna comparisons, because lady Gaga is at her status. And madonna beign Queen of Pop what pop artist wouldn't be influenced by her?

  67. 267

    people who compare this song to express yourself are literally hanging on to anythign they can to hate on. its like saying all country music sounds the same… umm cause its the same GENRE!!! Madonna and Lady Gaga are both in the POP music genre so ya sometimes shit might sound similar but let me remind you. madonnas song was about getting fucked, gaga's is about equality and acceptance. And of all people to sound like, its not a bad thing to sound like madonna, if you all love express yourself so fucking much then you should like this. but instead you hate cause you arent doing ANYTHING with your life and HATRED is what gets you through the day. LOSERS! great video! love you lady gaga!

  68. 268

    Re: bleahf – it actually is Gem.. as in Gemstone… Jem.. would be like ya know.. jem and the holograms.. Nice try tho..

  69. JCPR says – reply to this


    are you serious? i was like WTF is this garbage? the video is stupid and weird as fuck!

  70. 270

    Not impressed at all, whats with all the rubbing of vulvas??? Is that supposed to be shocking, she's an idiot all around….I really wanna knock her down when she's in those 12inch heels..fuckin idiot.

  71. 271

    horribel ,try harder Lady Caca ,Madonna do it first #queenMadonna #queenBritney #SlutGaga

  72. 272

    so bad. i'm sorry, so bad.

  73. 273

    are you fucking kidding me with this mess? this video is crap.

  74. 274

    Alejandro is the best video she's ever made visually!! The clothes, the men, the clothes on her, the small sexual scene in bed, its amazing, the men are amazing!!

  75. 275

    She's trying to confused and brainwash people. Why the hell is she wearing horns on herself? She's trying to convey evil, and for people who can't see that then I feel sorry for you, because the more people accepting her are just the more that will go with her to the pits!

  76. 276

    Copycat Whore ,its all about hail Satan ,fucking witch! Go to Hell Gaga

  77. 277

    Re: Bree – Yeah cause I can recall a storyline in Express Yourself. . And I think I recall Madonna giving birth in it too. . Not

  78. 278

    Re: FrankieGaga – Haters are old bitter freaks? Wow… such a profound statement. Way to generalize everyone who doesn't follow lady gaga like little sheep…..by the way.. I do not like her.. and I am not old, bitter or a freak.

  79. 279

    Amazing. Visually Amazing. IMO a total feel good song.

  80. 280

    BULLSHIT….I'd rather watch Christina Aguilera's Not Myself Tonight….

    BRITNEY is the ONLY hitmaker this year…..sorry CACA,nice try !!!!!!!!!!

  81. 281

    oops to the person I made the gem/jem comment too.. my bad…. because of the comp i am at.. posts get cut off.. So my apologies He did reference Jem and the holograms..lol.. and she definitely does not channel Jem.. Jem was awesome haha

  82. 282

    Re: bleahf – This is his website, so technically, he can do whatever he wants, including delete your comments.

  83. 283

    Born this way??? Were you born a REPTILE, Gaga??
    this song SUCKS…..CACA SUCKS

  84. Nat75 says – reply to this


    Copy of Madonna! Not only for Express Yourself but also for the style, the videos, etc.
    I don't understand why Perez you find it so great and unbelievable? Have you all forgot Madonna and what she is doing since the 80's?
    Do not forget the real Queen and the real value of each artist!
    Madonna already in the 80's was defending rights equality, gays, etc…
    Please Perez be more objective! It begins to be tiring to read all your non objective comments about Lady Gaga. I REPEAT LADY GAGA = NOT ORIGINAL AT ALL = COPY OF MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Nat75 says – reply to this


    And I'm not a fan of Madonna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 286


  87. 287

    It's awful!! I expected more.

  88. 288

    WTF??Wasn't she supposed to support gay people in this video???Where's that love letter to them?
    The video is boring!I prefer to watch Grammy's performance.She was dancing better there!!

  89. 289


  90. 290

    boring song. Self indulgent video.

  91. 291

    The video was scary! I was expecting something different like every race and religion got along!

  92. 292

    she needs to stop trying to dance. Enough said.

  93. 293

    Re: Meg Sullivan – You better close your fucking mouth or I'll fill it with my sperm,k?…Gaga is loosing her popularity after 3 fucking years of career.BTW song is not Pokerface and it's video is AWFUL(Compare it with Bad Romance video)but Britney is still on top and making #1 hits after 13 years of career and all the things she's been through as the price of fame.

  94. 294

    Re: Caitlin Rosanne Germanotta – LMFAO .. I love how you act proud to be part of a 'race of no prejudice/hate' .. and then also tell the gaga haters to go fuck themself. idiot hypocrite teenager!

  95. 295

    She is not and never will be a true representation of gay men or gay women. She is capitalizing on an already low self esteem group of individuals trying to fit in. And where is GAGA when you are getting your bareback ass fucked getting HIV? She's cashing a big fat paycheck. Grow up Perez and all the people that think this shit is normal. IT IS NOT NORMAL. As a proud gay man, I am HORRIFIED of what the homosexual world is coming too. I am embarrassed and ashamed even more after watching this awful display of destructive video. Finally - Perez you are so desperate for attention. Gaga wants nothing to do with you. She uses the shit out of you, just like she is using the gays! STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW!

  96. 296

    uhm…….okay so lady gaga should put on some weight..its disgusting having to see fucking pure bones… /shivers woooh watching a skeleton in her pure undies and bra dancing around…yeah kinda gross.

  97. 297

    Dear Lady Gaga: There is a God… And you are NOT Him.

  98. 298

    All this video really made me think of is…Zombie kid who like turtles.

  99. 299

    hey dickheads! don't like gaga? then why watch the friggin video! admit it, you are intrigued and just couldnt help yourselves! if you dislike her so much you wouldnt watch anything to do with her!

  100. 300


    Orange County’s Equality Project Joel Waddell had some discouraging words to say about Lady Gaga, which he apologized for. His position still stands that Lady Gaga is destructive for the Gay community. However, he is not the only one who has been spewing venom at Lady Gaga the past couple of days.

    Radio stations, magazines, and television shows have been accusing Lady Gaga of plagiarism, racism and just about everything else. The latest accusation is that Lady Gaga creates fake emails and passes them off as legit.
    Madonna's rep has told CNN and other sources that she is unaware of any email that Madonna has sent. On Jay Leno last night, Lady Gaga said that the Queen of Pop had endorsed her with a support email. Could somebody be playing tricks on Lady Gaga? Is this just major damage control?

    btw is getting negative reviews from the gay community.

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