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Lady GaGa Premieres Born This Way Music Video! Watch HERE!!!!

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Get ready to go on a fantastic voyage with GaGa!

The Lady's just-released Born This Way music video mini-movie (above) is out of this world - literally!

Directed by Nick Knight the Haus of GaGa, the video is everything you'd want from a GaGa video - fashion, fierceness, dancing, provocative imagery and more!

With hints of Gem and She-ra and Superman, the video manages to be both very serious and also lighthearted!

We LOVE it!

Check it out (above)!

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478 comments to “Lady GaGa Premieres Born This Way Music Video! Watch HERE!!!!”

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  1. 301

    Singer Britney Spears has been voted the greatest gay icon of all time in a new poll. The Toxic hitmaker saw off competition from U.S. President Barack Obama and veteran performer Cher to take 31 per cent of the vote in the Orange County Equality Project's poll to find the quintessential gay icon.

    Spears' idol Madonna came second with 25 per cent of the vote, but a poll spokesperson insists it was a close call between the two superstars. The Equality Project's Joel Waddell says, "When Madonna puts out a new album, she will be on top again. Madonna is the greatest icon the gay community has ever had."

    Lady Gaga was voted in third with 22 per cent, while 12 per cent of respondents picked Katy Perry. (PAW/WNWC/ZN)

  2. 302

    i've said it before and I'll say it again: Before gaga i was a huge Britney fan. I liked a lot of gaga songs; however, her newest one is nothing a but a condescending anthem for gays. I am …" more "Before gaga i was a huge Britney fan. I liked a lot of gaga songs; however, her newest one is nothing a but a condescending anthem for gays. I am a gay guy & that song is nothing but embarrassing for us! i have realized that gaga likes to parade to the public that gays, especially men are all weird. She thinks we go around wearing nailpolish and get facials.it's like we're circus freaks. This is why mainstream America is against gay rights.Not all gay men are weird and wear makeup. Some of us actually have normal jobs that require a suit. Britney supports gays and treats them as normal people. From now on i'll stick with original Brit, who doesn't have to reach out of the gay communit to sale albums!!!!!

  3. 303

    I loved the intro but the video was kinda laughable. Either way, she has a sexy body and didn't mind watching that :P

  4. 304

    i've said it before and I'll say it again "Before gaga i was a huge Britney fan. I liked a lot of gaga songs; however, her newest one is nothing a but a condescending anthem for gays. I am a gay guy & that song is nothing but embarrassing for us! i have realized that gaga likes to parade to the public that gays, especially men are all weird. She thinks we go around wearing nailpolish and get facials.it's like we're circus freaks. This is why mainstream America is against gay rights.Not all gay men are weird and wear makeup. Some of us actually have normal jobs that require a suit. Britney supports gays and treats them as normal people. From now on i'll stick with original Brit, who doesn't have to reach out of the gay communit to sale albums!!!!!

  5. 305

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – and you're obsessed with haters, dumb ho. it's so fun calling you out, and wayyy too easy!

  6. 306

    was that an ironic tribute to madonna at the end with the eyes & gap toothed grin?

  7. 307

    i love hate her videos but i love her music!!!

  8. 308

    Re: Caitlin Rosanne Germanotta – Could mother monster teach all her little monsters some spelling and punctuation?

  9. Heh says – reply to this


    Ok I had to stop it at Government Owned Alien Territory ..Im not dealing with this on a Monday fuck that

  10. 310

    She looked so bored during the whole thing..

  11. 311

    This video is so fucking stupid, gross, annoying, too sexual, and just plain disgusting.

  12. 312

    I like the message behing this song and music video and i thank gaga for trying to spread such a good and important message like equality but EWWW THIS MUSIC VIDEO GROSSED ME OUT. It was way too weird and creepy and out of my element. But I do thank her for spreading the message for equality

  13. 313

    some parts kind of remind me of xtinas dirtty video

  14. 314

    Wonderful, as always. But that beginning was a little out of place. She's probably saving the really obvious "pro-LGBT" stuff for the second video.

  15. 315

    The only thing that video does is bring attention to the fact that it's a rip off of "Express Yourself". Perez, your wifey is really a no hack, rip off artist.

  16. 316

    Re: rachael5757 – Rachael5757. You talk like an ugly chick.

  17. 317

    Ininteresting !!!
    If you don't like her, stop talking about her… that's the right way she'll disappear and the world will be saved !!

  18. 318

    the positive side of this video :
    it's artistic..and we can see that she puts ton efforts in this video..and she is a beautiful woman…we have to appreciate what she does..thumbs up..

    the negative side :
    please…does it always have to be half naked to express yourself????it's Booorriiiiinngggg..ultra boring..

    a bra and a lingerie to express ourselves??where do all civilizations gone to???feels like we're back to the flintstones era!!
    c'mon..put some clothes on..don't embrace our sexual instinct like some animal!!!

  19. 319

    Does the video resemblance like the old madonna videos? YES.
    Does Lady Gaga new song sound a little bit like Madonna old songs? YES.

    I still enjoy her new video and new song, great for jogging and better than the wannabe like Rihanna, Keisha or whoever is popular these days.

    Let it be folks.

  20. 320

    i watched only one time i were interesting to see what she will do but i could not countinue to watch :( this is only for one time to watch and the song i have mix feeling about it because it is not orginal i dont want to judge her but she want to prove her self more than this

  21. 321

    reminds me Goldfrapp video! …..Gaga is so boring now

  22. 322

    I watched this video one time, then read almost ALL 299 comments and then watched it again and decided to comment
    As much as i hate to say it, Gaga was amazing when she came out with bad romance and telephone, like those WERE groundbreaking and very different no doubt which is what catapulted her into her crazy stardom. She isn't a dancer obviously (beyonce shitted on her in video phone) and i wish she'd hire someone other then Laurienn Gibson because those dance moves aren't doing it for her. This video in all honestly was just too much for the lyrics and SONG, while it's very visually entertaining for the eyes, its also really messy and fucked up. It's too end of 80's to end of 90's alien movie-ish. Like many have said on here, if she had done something SIMPLE but with still heavy gagaish flare itd be sooo good and give people a chance to not say shes trying to hard. Lets NOT even talk about all the illuminati undertones in this shit because that alone makes the video 3X scarier. And blah the comments you "little monsters" post scare me so goddamn much too because you speak as if you understand these things gaga does when you really don't, you just implore her because shes your "mother monster" and can't wait to see how people react to what she does instead of just liking what she DOES. sigh…

  23. 323

    Her bikini dancing was the best part - she's better when she tones shit down.

  24. 324

    The message of this song is good, but what happened to Gaga. Her originality has been lost. She looks like a wannabe madonna, a wannabe britney but just a freakier version. She thinks she is original but its totally not. The song is sung awfully too by the way.

  25. 325

    The gay community was doing just fine before Gaga showed up and decided to be our saviour. We don't need to be protected or saved, especially by this mentally unstable person.

  26. 326

    She's out of her fucking mind. She reminds me of those prisoner skits where they make up big words. like pontifercate. What a fucking ego maniac

  27. 327

    I prefer her before, I was a fan, but she is not consistent, what people call evolving, I call trying too hard to stay in the market…. just too hard, this is not art! shocking people is not art, you have to impress them and get them to think about the messages you have

  28. 328

    She is not a very good dancer is she? looked like a bad Jazzercise class.

  29. 329

    Re: FrankieGaga – orignial? no honey are u like 12?
    This video almost made me throw up. Disgusting… i am a fan but i'm not a fan of hers lately…the dancing was… horrible who did that choreo? it was disgusting

  30. 330

    i love this!! another awesome video =)

  31. 331

    It's funny that in this video Lady Gaga keeps touching her crotch like Michael Jackson used to do. But my only problem is that the video is too macabre. A typical video for a gay anthem is supposed to be full of color and firework like a big happy gay parade.

  32. 332

    ugly. boring. silly.

  33. 333


  34. 334

    Ok, I love her music but C'MON. That video is freaky shit.

  35. 335

    So is she saying that gays are aliens?? I watched the vid twice is seriously LMAO!

  36. 336

    I was hoping for a descent music video to be honest. Failed. Hold It Against Me was far more better then this mess.

  37. 337

    I F U C K I N G L O V E I T!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 338

    OMFG!! Everything about this video is fab! LOVE! ADORE! MONSTER POWER TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

  39. 339

    hmmm.. is it only me or i see parts from I want to break free video??

  40. 340

    Reading all these comments… wow, nothing but HATE in this fucking world… who the hell ever went against britney? NO ONE her video was fine… why is everyone attacking gaga? cause you guys are HATERS damn, seriously… get a life.. instead of sitting on your ass all day talking shit about people.. you think she gives a fuck? she's still rich and powerful, and people clearly listen to her.. is anyone listening to all you haters? hell no. go play with yourselves and get off this website. THANKS -_-

  41. 341

    Love it. Absoluty LOVE IT! She is one HELL of a woman!

  42. 342

    Haters step off…don't like the video, don't like Gaga, then don't watch….I mean seriously, if I don't like something I will not subject myself to it. Me on the other hand….I LOVED IT!! The video was fucken Brilliant!! The whole story, idea, concept…was genius….the Madonna and Michael Jackson bit at the end…Genius!! She impresses me every time!!! A true Artist, a true entertainer!!! Love it, Love her!! Put your Paws baby!!!

  43. 343

    Remember Little Monsters…you should love yourself no matter who you sleep with BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE THIN. Because when the world is reborn into Gaganess and you're not thin you don't exist! You're good enough if you're bi, gay, straight, transgendered, no gendered…but if you are even five pounds over weight youre not good enough for Gaga's world. Thanks for backing that one up Gaga.

  44. 344

    How is she or anyone going to justify this video?
    "Its art."
    NO. The SONG is art. Who knows what this video means.
    No doubt there is underlying meaning maybe even (dare i say it) occult going on in this video. Its just more and more blatant too. Whats up with the implication that she is God and the evil being born too.. its just too much,

  45. 345

    totally vile. Get a grip. Oh and Perez, she seems to never do wrong in your eyes.

  46. 346

    Re: Dlnworld – take your own advice.. maybe people find your comments useless.. because I DOUBT anyone cares what you have to say :)

  47. 347

    Its like my mind was just violated.
    Cant wait till vigilantcitizen does a article on this. -_-

  48. 348

    This was absolutely ridiculous.
    The video was a complete mess, and to everyone arguing that it's "art" do you even know what the video is saying?
    I'm all for artistic videos, but this was a bit silly. It was all over the place and had nothing to do with the song.
    Also, the whole Gaga cult she's trying to make is a bit over done, it's just creepy now. There are a lot of people adoring this video just because it's Gaga. Use your own brain, don't let her control you.

  49. 349

    actually,i don't think it was that bad..but here are my big complaints:1.too skinny, girl needs to eat! 2.the first half had nothing to do with the second.3.she has taken herself too seriously.4.i thought it would be more upbeat, more lighthearted, something that actually fit the message of the song.on a whole, not bad.

  50. 350

    What cracks me up is that the monsters… aka little sheep.. assume that just because people don't like the videos we are haters and we need lives… smh… always riddled with "go kill yourselves and fuck up" messages after them…. people are entitled to their opinions and no one is forcing you to come to the comments and read them. Accept the fact that not everyone is brainwashed and move on with your angry tirades.

  51. 351

    Where's the poll for this, PEREZ?!

  52. 352

    I actually like it.. I'm an artist both visually and musically so I totally appreciate it. Gaga has annoyed me lately with her antics (meat dress, comments, etc), but at the end of the day, there is NO other artist being AS creative as she is right now. Everything is stale, cookie cutter, identical, factory manufactured BS… And I applaud that she is being really creative. I will always support that. It looks like a fun old 70's Queen video or something.. Very Rock looking… I do think the song itself is a rip off of Express yourself but she has great messaging and she's a real artist. She will be around a long time and I hope that she is. The world of music and artistry needs her in it.. More than ever before.

  53. 353

    Re: MsJules – i know right? totally agree!

  54. 354

    i'm all about artistic expression, but this was not art! it was just a big jumbled mess like most of her stuff is, but it still wasn't as bad as her other videos.

  55. 355

    LOL @ the people calling her unoriginal for referencing stuff. Have you people ever studied the history of art? It's called a dialogue with the past.

  56. 356

    Re: MsJules – Lmaoo well said.

  57. 357

    Wow, NOT what I was expecting. I say this trying to be purely unbiased and just describe my initial reaction - I thought it was somewhat interesting, but overall, not as great as I expected. It got a little repetitive. Still, some interesting aspects to it. I get tired of seeing her in such minimal clothing though - it really comes off as her just trying to show off and it's more annoying than anything. I didn't get the skeleton makeup part and wonder what that signifies? It reminds me of the idea of death. She really seems to be becoming more and more and more in love with herself by the day…that's what's sickening about her - but I can appreciate her work as an artist to a degree and like her music - this just makes it harder to really like her. Oh yeah, and where were the drag queens? And what's this talk about a 2nd video - why? and when is it coming out?

  58. 358

    Re: ilovejoomayun – Thats funny, I would say the same thing but then you would just call me a moron, well, that is what you are and you where born that way and you can't stop expressing yourself.
    This will be the lsat time you will here from me (if I remember your name and you, because I only see you when you post). I'll be the bigger person because I know you can't because you are way to immature and can't see anything else than you want to see, you here one thing and that is all you see.
    So, quit stalking me because I can love, go and comment on something about that you love instead of expressing hate. The world doesn't need anymore hate than it already has. I love GaGa and I need love right now because I don't want to be sad.

  59. 359

    I detest Lady Gaga.
    I detest her.
    She talks about God all the time yet she's one of the reasons nothing I sacred anymore.

    But this video is perfect, and a masterpiece.

  60. 360

    i love gaga im a fan im going to see her in san diego this march 29 and im excited about it, but this video is lame, is long and i dont know why she keep doing this, the dance is so so, even tho u perez critizice britney for her dancing, that little dancing britney did was way better than this one, and theres no substance in this video, only a black background and gaga dancing wearing undies and a bra? wtf? am i a gaga fan YES am i a BTW video fan NO, sorry

  61. 361

    WTF was that? Mess!!!

  62. 362

    this video sucks. plus, she's a big fucking fake and she knows it. exploiting the homosexuals yet again to buy drug money. it's about accepting, and embracing who you are cuz u were born that way, yet she's an anorexic coke whore. how is doing coke to stay skinny accepting who she is or loving herself?! she's a fucking fake, no talent. desperate to hang on to her fame. she said she doesn't care about the fame or money but that's exactly what she craves. if she didn't care about fame why would she being doing all these ridiculous fucking publicity stunts and outrageous public appearances (being carried in on an egg???) gaga you are not unique. just tired.

  63. 363

    Bitch can't stop ripping off anyone. Now she steals from David Lynch's Dune.

  64. 364

    Oh Dear Lord where to begin… this is wrong so wrong and disgusting. I'm speechless I actually thought this video it would be greater than the song, but I was wrong both things sucks…. Please Gaga get some therapy!! From the moment I saw you in the meat dress I said to myself "This girl needs help, badly!" and I'm not going to start talking about the dance routine, no offense but Britney did a better job with the hold it against me video! Just saying…

  65. 365

    This video was TERRIBLE. Absolutely TERRIBLE. I have no clue what the fuck i just watched but it was SHIT. Seriously WTF? The lyrics are as DISGUSTING like her. Chola decent & Orient? WTF? She ripped off the song AND the lyrics. UNORIGINAL.

  66. 366

    Not the best video but I still like it though. :)

  67. 367

    She takes herself too seriously… im bored with all the weird outfits

  68. 368

    Re: alixman – are you serious? no one in the whole word is being more artistic than gaga? sit down, fartist.

  69. 369

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – written by someone who is clearly a teeny bopper …LOL

  70. 370

    EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Piggy hilton did a poll for people to say if they liked Britney Spear's video Hold It Against Me. Wheres the poll for Lady Gaga? BIASED asshole.

  71. 371

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – moron? i'm not the gaga fan, sweetie. grow up please.

  72. 372

    Piggy hilton did a poll for people to say if they liked Britney Spear's video Hold It Against Me. Wheres the poll for Lady Gaga? BIASED asshole.

  73. IVIV says – reply to this


    Did anyone else feel like they were watching Austin Powers in the beginning? (that dumb music and space theme) With the Pink Floyd rainbow triangle thrown in ha ha ha nice Madonna gap tooth close up at the end, since she stole the Thriller claws from Michael she probably decided she should take the gloves and glitter feet too. That birth shit was disgusting and stupid. Why is she always dancing in a bra and underwear? The skeleton make up was the most pointless part and has been being done forever. This video made no sense with the song aside from the stupid birth thing thrown in for shock factor, of course. Sad thing is she could have made this video very simple and pertaining to the song but she took it as another opportunity to be "weird" and try to shock people. The penguin dance moves are also major fail. Gibson is a great choreographer but I don't know what she was doing with this song. And once again, that birth stuff was really stupid. She wishes she was the female Marilyn Manson

  74. 374

    Re: ilovejoomayun – I'm not the one talking shit.
    The shit talking person is the one that should grow up.
    Hope to never here from you again, my life is so much better without you so this was the last time I replayed when you where stalking me on what I wrote. Can't you just except that people like her and she makes us happy? If not, that is pathetic.
    Grow up and stop with your hate. The moment you stop hating on innocent people (meaning people that hasn't done anything to hurt you or anyone else) then you will understand that love is so much better than hate.

  75. 375

    does she think that walking around in a bikini will automatically make a music video?

  76. 376

    This is so effing retarded. My bf is a huge GaGa fan and he wouldn't even finish watching the video. He said trash which is what I said. It's so retarded.

  77. 377

    GARBGAGE. She's a one-trick pony. So this seriously made her homosexual makeup artist cry? For real?!

  78. 378

    Ke$ha already did unicorns. What, first she rips off Madonna and now Ke$ha?

  79. 379

    Personally, this is incredulously creative and amazing. I invision a race that is free of judgement as well. SO, as for the people leaving negative and repulsing comments, I'm very glad the world accepts you oh so willingly and you don't feel like and outcast so therefore you have the right to outcast others. It is lucid to me whom the bullies are in this life. Keep it up GaGa, you're on the right track. *puts paws up*

  80. 380

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – you open with a statement that says "i'm not the one talking shit" when you clearly were in your first post.. and then again in this post. Just let it go already. #teamilovejumayne

  81. 381

    Re: Dohni Elin Garcia Amaya – lol all pop stars Christina, Madonna & I guess even Gaga have taken from Goldfrapp.

  82. 382

    Now shes stealing from celine with the chest thump

  83. 383

    I lol at all the haters.

  84. 384

    Re: jeeperscreepers
    "I am a gay guy & that song is nothing but embarrassing for us!"
    This song is embarrassing for us? I can find more embarrassing things within the gay community than a Lady GaGa song.

  85. 385

    urgh she is trying way to hard, as usual. we get it, you "edgy" and "controversial". maybe if you want to shock us you could actually be yourself, instead of madonna

  86. 386

    Love it. Love her. I just hope the ignorant out there can maybe look past the visuals and sound for once and actually try to see the meaning of it…

    love and be yourself, at least try to accept and love others for who they are. And although we are all born our own way, we also all have the same DNA so don't be a drag to everyone else, just be a queen so the future is not as devided by petty differences as the present is. (;

    If you are unable to at least try then you have now right responding.

  87. 387

    Re: ufeellikeparadise – Gaga got a Unicorn tattooed on her leg, with the words "Born This Way" last September. Didn't hear about Kesha doing something related to unicorns till the other day. Besides, no one owns them. People have been referencing them and tons of other things for forever.

  88. 388

    made me sick to watch. her weirdness is just getting to weird, she makes my skin crawl and i USED to be a fan. Nothing but a FREAKSHOW and not in a good way

  89. 389

    I'm going to have nightmares just because I watched this video!

  90. 390

    I'm going to have nightmares after watching to this video.

  91. 391

    OMG,I love this video clip!But childbirth head traumatized me,trough it is a truly original clip!I love it!


  92. 392


  93. 393

    What the hell did I just see?

  94. 394


  95. 395

    This isn't a depressing video, see how gaga wakes up all the people sleeping and they dance, and shes dancing around like crazy a lot of parts haha.

  96. 396

    Re: IVIV
    With the Pink Floyd triangle thing just throw in?? Um…The pink triangle, as opposed to the Pink Floyd triangle, is a very well known symbol in the gay community, and has more to do with the Holocaust than Pink Floyd.

  97. 397

    i hated the video. im not a gaga fan at all but i would at least hope that the video was even worth the humongous hype. NO NO AND NO! very dark, doesnt make sense, illuminati written the fuck all over it, and egomaniacal up the fucking ass. at least make positive and more uplifting visuals due to the songs major key and upbeat beat, but she failed… failed failed failed. deep down perez i know you dont even like it, i can just tell on how you wrote your comments LOLZ. i would expect much more praise outta ur asshole.

  98. 398

    Okay this was not everything Perez is making it out to be. I'm going to say I'm a little disappointed and think the alien theme is kind of creepy. Also the dialogue in the beginning is so lame. She tries to hard. Like this song could of taken many other directions, but nope Gaga had to make it into something weird and fucked. She's obviously on drugs. Gotta hand it to her though the skull mask and the tuxedo were a good combination, but aside from that everything else was uhh interesting?

  99. 399

    Blablabla. 3 minutes of pointless blabber. Even she has made better videos than this.

  100. 400

    Capital W-T-F
    all I can say is that Lady Gaga should let the disturbing, creepy, and weird images to Marilyn Manson (who's been doing it for years) …. you're a POP artist, kids look up to you, and now you're getting darker and darker with each video. What happened to the Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Telephone days?? I used to like you, until Telephone, because Alejandro was a disappointment for me. I have your first records: The Fame, and Fame Monster, but I don't think I'm buying this one because I'm not feeling this whole dark, cult vibe.
    So, Lady Gaga stay true to yourself, and don't try to be someone you're not!

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