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Lady GaGa Premieres Born This Way Music Video! Watch HERE!!!!

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Get ready to go on a fantastic voyage with GaGa!

The Lady's just-released Born This Way music video mini-movie (above) is out of this world - literally!

Directed by Nick Knight the Haus of GaGa, the video is everything you'd want from a GaGa video - fashion, fierceness, dancing, provocative imagery and more!

With hints of Gem and She-ra and Superman, the video manages to be both very serious and also lighthearted!

We LOVE it!

Check it out (above)!

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478 comments to “Lady GaGa Premieres Born This Way Music Video! Watch HERE!!!!”

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  1. 401

    Well, wasn't THAT a waste of 7 minutes and 13 seconds? What the fuck did I just watch? I just don't get it. I really don't. I don't get her appeal, I don't get why she's famous, and I do not understand why she's such a damn hypocrite. That was one of the worst things I have ever seen!!!

  2. 402

    Do I see a bit of Clockwork Orange in there too? Hee.

    I am not sure about this one. Very fantastical, yes. Better than Bad Romance? Not really. I don't know. I think this one will have to grow on me. ^_^;

  3. 403

    Re: OH MY GOD – How did the "Hold It Against Me" video make any sense?! Britney in like a warehouse studio, in a humongous dress and squirted colors out of her fingers. How in the fuck does that relate to the song? Plus, she fought herself! Not all videos have to relate to the song.

  4. 404


    I like her WTF style.

    But… I feel this has no production compared to her previous videos. I feel Bad Roamnce & Telephone, even Alejandro were better.

    Anyway, GO GAGA!

  5. Sam90 says – reply to this


    7 minutes? hun stop trying please, you are NOT Michael Jackson.

  6. Sam90 says – reply to this


    Just commenting to say i am not gonna watch Lol, knowing its shit and recycled old stuff

  7. 407

    i think it's great and fun and nothing like Madonna's express yourself
    Madonna's express yourself sounds like Madonna's express yourself
    get over the comparison

  8. 408

    Re: Little Miss Genius – What do you mean it has nothing to do with pro-acceptance message?! She is blatantly showing herself in sexualized positions with both boys and girls! I have no idea what you were watching.

  9. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: RabbitHeart – lol thanks for the history lesson. However I never said Pink Floyd invented or owned triangles. I said her use of the triangle and rainbow imagery reminded me of the Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon. Considering it's cover is a triangle prism with a rainbow I think you can understand why I made that connection regardless of her triangle being purple or pink or whatever.

  10. 410

    Damn she is SO fucking weird.

  11. 411

    I agree with the person who said you can tell that even Perez doesn't like this shiteous mess by the way he wrote his comments. He's usually going way over the top in his praise, but he's very subdued in this one. I think its sad that he can't even tell the truth in fear of pissing off his idol. He's GaGa's little bitch and she knows it.

  12. 412

    AWESOME! Fuck the haters!

  13. 413

    Perez should create a new poll on who had the better video Gaga or Britney. I can guarantee you that Britney would kill this bitch once again. He knows better now.

  14. 414

    I used to LOVE Gaga, but I just think it's getting boring. I don't like the song, don't like the dancing and hated the make up and the whole video concept. =(

    c´mon Gaga, you can do better!

  15. 415


  16. 416

    I watched this with an open mind. I haven't been the biggest Lady Gaga fan lately (or a fan at all really, I've been calling her Flopga for well, obvious reasons) but I decided to go in with an open mind and hope for another Paparazzi or Telephone. Now I'm kind of wishing I hadn't because now I'm really disappointed! HIAM doesnt make sense? At least it has some sort of message in it, not necessarily the message in the song but some sort of logical message. This doesn't really have any message to it. I said Lady Gaga was going to become a flop when I found out her and Britney were releasing their albums around the same time of year, because she hadn't had any real competition before. Now that Britney is around, look at what happens. I'm sorry, I used to like Lady Gaga but she's gone too far lately. I'm afraid to say her career is over. Even HIAM had very little dancing in it, but it was better than this. Sorry Flopga, looks like you will be living up to that name now.

  17. 417

    omfg did she pop out of ovaries in the begining what the hell is this shit

  18. 418

    Well.. that was.. interesting.. to say the least

    I'm glad that there is a second version.. and hopefully that version will make more sense.

    I love her as an entertainer and an artist but i think she's gone off the deep end on this one.. she needs a "off" button or a "pause" button sometimes =P

  19. 419


  20. 420

    it was wierd, but I like it. how can she topped that?

  21. corny says – reply to this


    I love it, the video is awesome and i love the message I love lady GaGa

  22. 422

    Re: ufeellikeparadise – lol did you really just say "didn't Ke$ha just do that" ??? This video and Blow came out days apart, do you really think that is enough time to say one was copying off of the other? And EVERYONE GETS IT, people think the song sounds similar to Express Yourself!!! It does not need to be said over and over again.

  23. 423

    Girl/Boy/Alien is just so…. unnatural. No way in hell she was born that way. She contradicts her image all the time.

  24. 424

    I cant believe somebody cried to this………Pathetic.

  25. mouse says – reply to this


    For everyone who wanted a poll, I counted up the comments and gathered that approximately only 60/425 actually liked the video. Everyone else hated it. Percentage-wise, that is about 14%. I'm among the 86% who hated the video.

  26. 426

    I LOVE it when these random people say GaGa is done. You know, even though "Born This Way" is likely to stay at #1 for a third consecutive week and she has MILLIONS of fans.
    Though to be honest, I was quite underwhelmed by the video. Her make-up artist cried over this? Seriously? I mean, as a music video in general it is very good and very visual. I think it's just that GaGa has become too big for even herself, which is something I was afraid of when she started to become super popular. Even if she does above-average performances and music videos, people are always expecting them to be bigger and better than everything she's done before. Everyone is expecting her to top herself, when sometimes that's not possible. I also was not expecting the direction of the video. The song is so empowering and happy, I thought the video was going to be very bright and colorful with this amazing message. But instead it was very dark and almost ominous. GaGa is very lucky that she can basically put out ANYTHING and it will be mega-popular right now, but she needs to realize that it won't stay like that forever…

  27. 427

    Gaga is incredible! I see this video is about being into whatever you like no matter how weird it is. I am born this way and if i want to dance n painted as a skeleton i will be, I am me. —Perez i dont know if you will even read this but tell gaga that I zuleyma love her! she makes me proud to be odd, for a long time i was afraid of myself and my own old bf would make fun of me at times n now idc if i want to go in public in heavy make-up n wear my rocker boots i will, if i want to dye my hair blonde (my hair is nearly black) for the first time im going to and my height isnt something im ashamed of anymore i dont cry when people have things to say (i'm 4'11 and i'm 20yrs old).. Thank you gaga. i mean, mother monster.. I won tickets from Y-100 to see u in April 12 at bank atlantic, If only they were to meet u as well..I can't wait! only one month away!

  28. 428

    Is it over yet?? I hated it. No Gaga.. You weren't born this way, you have been made up by people.. you're told what to wear, what to say, what to do. Go away please.

  29. 429

    At first it seemed like it had some potential.. then you realize how much she has copied all the rest. Other than the GORE which Madge the QUEEN would never do, not much different to look at…

    Even the intro—- In addition to the actual Vertigo (Hitchcock– look it up, Tweens) score.. there is also an homage to Virginia Madsen's intro in DUNE>

    Geezus!– she has some cool concepts, but this one REEKED of plagiarism.

  30. javi says – reply to this


    very well said bambi, and others. im a big fan of hers, but lately she's been too much. she claims that her fragrance smells of blood and semen, her disturbing music video and her outlandish comments, whether she's being real or fantastical, she should tone it down a bit. I not saying she's over, hopefuly she has someone reading these comments for her because i really liked her before these over the top behaviours. she has an army of idiots at her concerts hailing her stupidity with the monster claw and its gone to her head. get off the weed and coke and grow up a bit.

  31. 431

    its so ridiculous… really bad

  32. 432

    I love it… haters can stfu! xD

  33. 433

    I used to love her but since this song came out and her stupid ugly horns came out I just hat her, she is more skinny btw she looks horrible and horrible video it was disgusting honestly! I reject A LOT the fact that many months ago I bought tockets for her concert in may I don't want to see her I just don't admire her anymore and please take away those horns you really look ugly I'm being totally honest not to be mean

  34. 434

    Love her or hate her, everyone is paying attention. Takes talent to do that.

  35. 435

    She is sickening me, I used to support her but now she is comparing herself to a being as great as god, and the video does nothing to help the message, it's disgusting. why the fuck would u pull a gun out of your vagina? the beginning of it showed a serious case of narcissism. I hope the rest of her Cd is nothing like this…AWFUL

  36. 436

    Re: Gaga looks like Marilyn Manson – I speak for almost every fan thats tired of judge mental people on here, please post a pic of yourself, we would love to criticize you. :)

  37. 437

    Re: Dylan Kardashian-Minogue – Your an idiot with no taste in art but the generic original pieces. (Shitney) bitch is to old. She can't even dance. Now go to a Shitney article and play with your self. Shows how pathetic you are to come here and take your time to give us your shit less opinion which no one cares about except the other idiots that are here commenting. Get a life dude.

  38. 438


  39. 439

    Re: Anthony West – I think u have issues when you consider gaga as the most creative artist right now… just sayin'

  40. p.a. says – reply to this


    she is all wacko and weird but yet she doesn't wear clothes, she isn't unique, if she wanted to be different wear a moo moo or something that covers you up no one wears that now day. by the way she needs a new face

  41. 441

    Re: mouse – Thanks for taking the time to count that out lol. I think people are more likely to comment on something when they have a strongly negative reaction to it. For example, I read online articles all the time but the only one I've ever commented on (outside of this site) was one written with gross exaggerations and embellishments; so I was out of my mind with anger. I don't think reactions here are necessarily reflective of viewer opinion. I loved it (minus that I wish she'd down a few cheeseburgers haha) and wasn't going to say anything until I saw yours. Just food for thought. And hot damn I'm going to hit the Bikram more often!!

  42. 442

    Re: MsJules – Written by someone who is clearly don't know a thing.

  43. 443

    Re: ilovejoomayun – Couldn't help my self.
    You are pathetic, your not a GaGa fan I know that but then why are you watching her video and then say everyone of her fans are idiots and all that shit? That is a moron to me.
    Just because I like GaGa doesn't mean I'm a moron and someone thinking that is just pathetic.
    I love GaGa and I'll think she is a great singer as well as performer. When I see her sing and dance it makes me happy which I need right now because someone very close to me just died.

    So why don't you stop with your hate towards GaGa and mostly her fans.
    It will be so much better for so many people.
    Don't like, don't bother because at the end of the day she wins and when she does so will her fans. She makes money of your hate too.

  44. 444

    Why does she feel the need to writhe around half naked? Noone wants to see her dick flapping around in bikini bottoms! Plus what kind of message is that sending to young girls?! Seriously, she should just disappear off the music scene forever…..

  45. 445

    Re: IVIV
    You can just take the "history lesson" for what it was it was and move on. I don't really care how you came to whatever conclusion you came to.

  46. 446

    Some people would just rather be entertained–it's obvious from the numerous Britney vs. GaGa comparisons on here–but if you want to be entertained, go and watch a Britney video. Lady GaGa's intent wasn't to make a video to make you feel giddy. The video is just that, a fantasy, a story, but obviously one with a message. People are taking the "Born This Way" concept too literally..Of course she wasn't born with horns or blonde hair–that isn't what she's trying to say. And yeah, she could have done a feel-good, embrace yourself video (which, in a sense, she did) like Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful," or performed on a float in some gay parade a la Diana Ross in her '95 remake of "I Will Survive," but that would have been predictable, and then she would have been ripped apart further for not being original or copying again.
    So while you're picking apart her dancing ability, or fine-tooth combing the video to look to see who she "ripped off" this time, she still has you talking about the video, even if you're not discussing it in the way she wants you to.

  47. 447

    love it. the song already made me happy, the video completes it.

  48. 448

    Weird as always but I didn't see the message of the song in her video. The song is good though.

  49. 449

    cant believe so much negativity on a gorgeous song! The message is beautiful so what if the video isn t up to your standards, don t watch it! I love Gaga and everything she stands for!

  50. GIO says – reply to this



  51. GIO says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony West – are you serious?

  52. 452

    I just hope Lady Gaga has the backbone and inner strength that Madonna had when all of the serious backlash and venom comes her way… Because it is definitely coming… I love her creativity as an artist but the way she is putting herself out in the world is all wrong… She's going after the young audience by coining them "little monsters but then promoting her own cocaine use and selling perfume that she claims smells of blood and semen. Everyone is fascinated by her at the moment but it always flips the other direction.. Human nature I guess.. People like to build things up just to tear them down. And she is being way more provocative (not in a good way) than Madonna ever was.. Madge never promoted or glorified drug use.

  53. 453

    Madonna just need "4 Minutes" to save the world,
    and I even wasted 7 minutes to see this video?!

  54. 454

    I love Gaga and all her other videos. However, I must admit this one I was not a fan of at all! Especially her dancing! I think they should have not filmed her up close dancing because as a former dancer of 16 years, that was awful!

  55. 455

    Re: MsJules – lol msjules, i've been team msjules all along, your comments are funny and legitimate.

  56. 456

    BAHAHAHA what a fucking shit show that was. Is she joking with this???? that ugly bitch must be on the pipe if she thought that this ugly ass video was a good idea. Lady Gaga use to be entertaining, now she just gets on my nerves. I cant wait for her to go away for good

  57. 457

    Re: IslandGirl06 – i know, i'm no professional dancer but i know a good dancer when i see one. laureanne gibson should be embarassed. the moves were so corny and cheesy, and gaga always FAKES her moves in this annoying way to make it look like she's dancing hardcore or something. lol. she needs to stop that crap and dance normally.

  58. 458

    Re: Anthony West – This coming from a Gaga fan? Not even going to waste a minute arguing. It's funny Gag fans are allowed to trash and bully other celebs but aren't able to see others voice an opinion, get over it, not everyone is swooned by Gaga. Those that actually can think for ourselves are not brainwashed by Gaga into thinking she's the next best thing. It's funny how you tend to pick a fight for someone who posted something so menial. Grow up.

  59. 459

    Re: j_marie0206 – I agree.

  60. 460

    I liked it. It was way better than Britney's feeble attempt at a video. It was visually interesting, whether you thought it was gross or not. I'm still not really in love with the song itself, but I do like the video. Even if Gaga is on drugs, at least she looks like someone is home behind the eyes. Unlike a certain other pop star.

  61. Sanz says – reply to this


    Re: MoreISay – Ah yeah, because only when you're in hospital connected to a drip is when you REALLY have an eating disorder right?! She's like half the size she was in Poker face and she was perfectly slim and trim in that video. And wow, fat comment, how mature. Just like your taste for pretentious artists. Grow up, asshole.

  62. Sanz says – reply to this


    Re: carisdee – C'mon? Like I mentioned previously to an immature clown, she is about half of her Poker Face size. And Poker Face size was like half of her 100% natural weight from all the little bits and bobs from MTV prank shows and her shows with natural brown hair etc. Sure, she succumbed to Hollywood weight obsession yadda yadda, fair enough. Should she then NOT be singing about how God created us this way and we should embrace it? She's sort of defeating her own agenda. She DID look good when she was healthily slim (aka just when she just came out). Ever since she bared her disgusting ribcage and spine in Bad Romance it's been getting worse. And I'm pretty sure it's a given she's on drugs because she always looks tweaked to hell. (No, I'm not mocking her style choices)

  63. 463

    Britney's video looks like shit compared with this.

  64. 464

    Re: Sanz – I agree, it's SO freakin' obvious she dropped 10-15 pounds whatever just for the video.. starving self + working out.

  65. 465

    Re: Saetana – 3 WAS the last video she released…just thought you'd like to know. And Gaga only puts in product placement when it fits is a completely ridiculous idea…she was probably like, oh man, brits getting so much slack for product placement, I should sit aside for this video…

  66. 466

    i usually love lady gaga's video but this just wasn't doing it for me…it was weird and the whole birth thing was just creepy nothing like i expected lol

  67. Jnix says – reply to this


    Re: Slendermanda Faye Presley – OK are you serious? Really? "She is doing such an amazing thing for us and I love her for allowing me to be beautiful and powerful and fearless about it!" You need to stand on your own. Find that strength on your own! And who is "us" the world? Gays? Those who fell insecure? Yes, the message of the song is wonderful, we should all love who we are, but nobody should need anyone else to make them fell that way.

  68. 468

    I personally love this video. Religious people will say she's play god. Gay bashers wil assume she's a sinner or just try to play the gay card to appeal to a certain audience. Prudes will say she is disgusting. Artistic and creative people who are open minded will see the real message. Saying "It doesn't matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M. Just put your paws up ’cause you were born this way, baby." is saying that no matter what religious sect, sexual preference or race.. you were born to be that way otherwise you would have come out a different way and you should embrace. On a deep, subconswcious level.. I think people bash this video because of the message of equality. Let's face it. Equality has been and always will be a battle to get. People will always come at you. Well, sorry, but I was born this way and I'll fight you tooth and nail to be able to do as I please! [:

  69. 469

    Re: Jnix – Sometimes its hard to fell that way without help from someone. Just saying.
    Speaking from own experience.

  70. 470

    In my opinion, I love lady gaga's originality. This music video was original and you don't see much of them these days. She is bright, clever and extremely talented. Yeah there are some things that other people may consider to be "weird" that she does, but that is her thing. She stands out and doesn't blend in with britney spears or christina. She is her own person and she is embracing that and her music is incredible regardless if it sounds like Madonna's old stuff. I love the person and artist that Lady Gaga is.

  71. 471

    I usually LOVE Gaga, but this is way too weird. sorry. And why is the video so dark? Lights? It's a super upbeat, dance song. Bright lights are needed!

  72. 472

    wow, this was ………. wild.

  73. 473

    haha, on youtube it has 34,000 dislikes. haha. i think she pronounced infinate wrong, and i dont think she knows the meaning of anything she said. if you have to spend 3 minutes explaining what your video is about, you know its crap. and its all completely irrelevant to the song or the video. i would perfer like a sorta normal video like following a bunch of different people in new york.

  74. 474

    Gaga ya está dando mucha hueva. MUCHA HUEVA.

  75. 475

    I dont understand what the hell is it not to get about the her dream and her vision for the world is to birth a race with no prejudice and equality. DUH For those who are saying that it looks like a Maryilin Manson video are stupid because the video was actually styled by Thierry Mugler with the face paint and all. That was actually his model that was in the video with GaGa. Some of you seriously need to talk about what you know. And why the hell do some of yall think she is trying to be God, she smokes weed and drinks whisky oh and not mention she likes girls to everything that you religious freaks are against.

  76. 476


  77. 477


  78. 478

    and this, this is called ART
    a masterpiece. you need a certain level of intelligence to appreciate it

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