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Matt Damon Almost Played Daredevil

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They Should Give Out LifeTime Bromance Awards

That cutie Matt Damon opened up recently about almost playing Daredevil, and the distinctions people make between him and longtime friend Ben Affleck.

We've all wondered about it, the different paths these two took after winning the Oscar for Good Will Hunting.

All of this comes about as Affleck is gaining back some praise in his career for work on films like Gone Baby Gone and The Town.

Damon says:

"I would have done Daredevil. Ben and I loved that comic book but I just didn't quite believe in the script or the director at the time."

It would have been awesome to see Matt in a superhero role (it's arguable that Jason Bourne would later become his 'superhero' role), yet, with the same director and script we're not sure it would have been better at all.

People always compare Affleck and Damon because of their start, and Damon is aware of this. He spoke a bit about it, and how it could have been completely different.

He says:

"People always want to make a distinction between me and Ben. 'OK, well, which guy wrote that? Who's the talented guy? Who's the clinger? Oh well, I see, it's Ben, that's the Michael Bay guy and Matt's the Anthony Minghella guy, right?'

"The reality is that if Michael Bay had offered me Armageddon when Good Will Hunting was in the can, which was when Ben got offered the role, I would have taken it too. I would have taken any job that any director offered me at that point. And if Ben had been offered Saving Private Ryan he would have done it, but suddenly I became the serious one. It's all bulls**t."

That's extremely inneresting to think about it. Maybe it all did just come down to role choices rather than talent level. But if we take a look at them now, they're both in a good area with accolades!

Damon for acting, Affleck for behind the camera. Both extremely respectable!

Matt, Ben! We'd love to talk more about this! Come on over, and let's chat over some chai tea!


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One comment to “Matt Damon Almost Played Daredevil”

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    i'd do them both, specially if they're together…. btw, Mat Damon, i'm in south boston too so, stop by for some chai tea at my place as well. ;-)