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Charlie Sheen's Publicist Quits!

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This is a very bad sign of what's to come.

For many, many years, Stan Rosenfield has dutifully stood by Charlie Sheen's side as his publicist and friend. However, recent events have finally pushed Stan to his limit and he has announced that he will no longer act as Charlie's representation. He issued a statement formally announcing his decision, explaining:

"I worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much, however, at this time, I'm unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned."

Yeah, we don't think anyone can really hold this against him, except for maybe Charlie.

So, let's see: You've alienated your father, your TV show has folded and now you have no publicist to handle your affairs.

The only constant in your life right now seems to be your downward spiral steadily getting deeper and deeper into the abyss ! At least there's that!

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13 comments to “Charlie Sheen's Publicist Quits!”

  1. 1

    Your snide comments are fucking stupid. And you wonder why everyone hates you and thinks your a joke. Nice though, you are true to form by reading Tee Em Zee than posting it here. At least now I know what you mean when you say "sources tell me", you actually mean, "I just read this on a real site".

  2. 2

    Here ya go, I just read this on the aformentioned real site, so i'll cut and paste for you to save you time.
    "We've learned legal pit bull Marty Singer has fired off a demand letter to Warner Bros. and CBS, claiming Charlie was ready, willing and able to go back to the show weeks ago, but show creator Chuck Lorre began canceling episodes … ultimately leading to the cancellation of the rest of the season.

    Singer is demanding full payment for the canceled episodes — roughly $16 million.

    We've also learned … Singer may send a similar demand to Lorre, claiming he interfered with Charlie's contract by refusing to produce the full order of shows.

    No word from CBS or Warner Bros."

    Wonder how long before you post that word for word as your own.

  3. 3

    Charlie is sick (mental issues and several addictions) and needs help. Can't his family and the court see how looney he has become? He could hurt someone or even himself. Let's hope little children aren't around to see this ongoing bizarre behavior.

  4. 4

    Charlie is sick His public appearances of late show that. Let him sue WB/CBS. All they need are his sound bytes to show why they had sufficient concern to cut the season short. Im surprised hes still insurable.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    He hasn't alientated his father. Martin Sheen may use tough love but he's a father who cares and is there for them.

  7. 7

    Maybe if everyone walks out on him (including his ex wives keeping his kids from him and his family staying away) he will begin to see the light. But I think he's too far gone, and now it's just about his being right. All he'll have left are his hookers and whores.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Is Stan Rosenfield his real name? Just wondering, considering. Job opening.

  9. 9

    It's no problem Sheen's got a new publicist, and a new drug, "Charlie Sheen!!" Google Search keywords "The Media Jerk" to read Heartless criticism of the day's biggest celebrity news stories!!

  10. 10

    so many other actors ready in the wings to take his spot. what a spoiled piece of shit he is. his show sucked, i couldnt stand to watch it for two minutes because of him.

  11. 11

    Who cares. Let the guy get high. As long as he makes the company money and keeps everyone else employed. He's probably been like this for a long time and only recently has it hit the media. Most of Hollywood is bizarre.
    Funny how CBS glorifies the junkie Charlie plays on TV, but they can't handle one in real life.

  12. 12

    What the hell is everyone talking about… he's WINNING!

  13. 13

    ill be his publicist im a really good liar so that should mean i can have the job right?