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Charlie Gets Support From Mel Gibson & Sean Penn, And More Sheenisms

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charlie sheen gets support from mel and sean

Congratulations, Charlie! Looks like you've got the support of Mel Gibson and Sean Penn. Then again, you told us you had an upcoming show on HBO called Sheen's Corner coming out, so we need to take it all with a grain of salt.

Here's what Charlie had to say about Gibson, who called him with "comforting words":

“He’s a stone cold dude."

Ha! And here's what he had to say about Penn:

"Sean Penn was over [at my house] the other night and we had a few laughs."

Good for U, Charlie! We're glad to hear you're surrounding yourself with positive influences people.

And just for fun, here are some more recent Sheenisms:

“I’m super-bitchin’ [and] I don’t believe myself to be an addict.”

"[The drug I'm on is] called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it once you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."

"I'm underpaid right now. I'm tired of pretending like I'm not special. I'm tired of pretending like I'm not bitchin', a total … rock star from Mars."

Thanks for that, Charlie. We can only imagine the wonderful things that were said during your talks with Mel and Sean.

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Charlie Gets Support From Mel Gibson & Sean Penn, And More Sheenisms”

  1. 1

    If any of us had that lifestyle we would be laughing just as he is. Just because he doesn't live the conventional Americanized nuclear lifestyle doesn't make him a freak. If he invited any of you over for a barbecue and drinks you would leave your shitty computer job in a second.

  2. 2

    I suspect Charlie's kids are REALLY weeping :)

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Douche Hunter is right: If Sheen called you and invited you over you couldn't get there fast enough. Charlie would truly be scraping the bottom of the barrel if he turned to YOU, Perez, for advice; this is why your phone isn't ringing and this is why YOU aren't getting any "exclusives" from Sheen. He knows, like so many of us, what a bottom feeder you are.

  5. 5

    Sheen reminds me of my broke-ass, drunk-ass, incoherent uncle who sits in his recliner all day smoking, with a six-pack at his feet starting at 10:00 in the morning. He then gets a replacement six-pack for his evening meal. Everybody is against him, out to get him, and he's not to blame for his own bad behavior or how he lost/let down two wives and 4 kids. He's got nobody now. I can't stand Sheen, never have. He's not what I call party fun, he's a train wreck.

  6. 6

    Charlie is crazy, but he does have a point with CBS fucking with him.
    As long as Charlie came to work, did his job and brought in the ratings and the money, Charlie felt he didn't have to clean up his life.
    So Charlie let the manic loose.

  7. 7

    Ugh…Charlie needs a slice of humble pie.

  8. 8

    I think that Charlie is super-bitchin. What he does in his personal life is not your business . Uunless he has a clown suit and a crawlspace under his house and is luring children, leave him alone.

  9. 9

    The sad part about everything is it is the paparazzi and the media that make him this way. He is finally speaking his mind and trying to make a point. If everyone would let him do his thing and enjoy what he wants he wouldn't have to be getting harassed by bottom feeders. Give the guy a break. He did some drugs and likes porn stars. Do you blame him? Some of the stuff he says is egotistical but wouldn't you be? The answer is "yes" if nobody was to judge you. I am sure a mass majority of people would do similar things if they thought nobody was watching or if they thought they would never get caught. He is beyond that. He doesn't care what people think and that is somewhat respectable. Look at what he has accomplished in his career. Forget his personal life.

  10. 10

    Re: La Garse – No - he would rather call the "non-bottom feeders" like hookers.. and have them around his kids.. get a grip.. if he wants to live that way then who cares.. but he needs to keep his kids out of that lifestyle..

  11. 11

    Charlie is the poster boy for why they used to neuter the mentally ill, LOL

  12. 12

    douche him… never will I watch his shit again

  13. 13

    Charlie talks like a 17 year old adolescent male rather than a 45 year old man.

  14. 14

    I guess Charlie sees himself as the Lance Armstrong of acting……………..

  15. 15

    If hes such a great talent, this break from the small screen gives him the chance to try Shakespeare, Ibsen, etc. Maybe star in a major motion picture. Or get that GED.

  16. 16

    How embarrassing for Sean Penn. And is Gibson someone you really want on your side? He may feel like less of a rock star when the fallout of this escapade starts to become unavoidable. What I find most tragic is that he has no idea that he's publicly humiliating himself over and over again. There will be a time when he will look back at all this tape, and his children will look back on all this tape, and it will be heart breaking.

  17. 17

    Hey Charlie is being straightfoward and honest. The media and his bosses are the problem, not his personal life. Hope he nails cbs to the cross~they are in breach of contract.