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Do Anne Hathaway And James Franco Hate Each Other?

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do james and anne hate each other

Hmm…this wouldn't necessarily coincide with some things we've heard before, but we wouldn't be totally shocked if it were true.

According to some reports, Anne Hathaway and James Franco "grew to 'hate each other'" while working on the Oscars together.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

"She had to provide all the energy — he was just phoning it in."

And another source:

"He went immediately back to NYC because he was pissed about how the show went."

Certainly sounds like the chemistry wasn't quite there, which we noticed. James and Anne's reps have denied this, and both say that the two had positive experiences working together.

AND as we mentioned before, here's what Anne had to say about James:

“I’m in love with James Franco. The world is in love with James Franco right now. He’s wonderful, and thank God for him. He’s so original, he’s doing his own thing and he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about him, I really look up to him.”

Sounds like the Oscars was a tense night that didn't go as well as anybody hoped, but we're not necessarily convinced that these two hate each other.

Do U think they hate each other? Or are they cool?

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33 comments to “Do Anne Hathaway And James Franco Hate Each Other?”

  1. 1

    no way! He was having fun with her backstage.. you could see it in his videos. can we stop with the oscar's talk already!

  2. 2

    All I gotta say is that I wanna lick his nutsac.

  3. 3

    It should have been Hugh Jackman and Anne. She was great! James Franco kept looking off to the side and seemed disinterested and hazy. I know he's busy with school, his "art" and teaching a class about himself, maybe he needs to learn when to say no.

  4. 4

    I think "a source" that you always quote is fucking idiotic. You and your "source" are ALWAYS wrong. Fucking idiot.

  5. 5

    I don't think so. James was tweeting little pics and video clips during the Oscars, and he and Anne seemed very chummy… yeah, I know they're actors but I don't think she'd be giving a hand massage to somebody she disliked, LOL.

  6. 6

    Hmm. It seemed an uncourtly, self-involved way for him to behave, under the circumstances. Did petulance kick in at some point? Couldn't he at least *acted* as if he cared what was going on? He was using up our time, after all. (I did like his "modesty"when covering the dance belt/white unitard, though. Very funny!)

  7. KKL says – reply to this


    It was painfully obvious he and Anne (Who is a genius) had no chemistry. he came off ike a jealous b*tch (that being said, i'd still hit it)
    ~ what an unprofessional DOUCHE. grow up, the world is your oyster right now. And not knowing what % of people like oysters, he'd better wise up. grow up and quit thinking that his grandmother's approval, i mean acceptance, is the general consensus… DOUCHE BAGGERY at it's finest.

  8. 8

    Isn't the reason he flew back to NYC because he had to go to school the next day? He always does that. I doubt that they hate each other.

  9. 9

    He went 'immediately back to NYC' after the show because he's in University and had to be back in class the next day. If you actually check your sources before you post this shit, then you might actually be dependable.

  10. 10

    They have absolutely no chemistry at all. But I didn't catch any vibe that they disliked each other. They were really funny on GMA, and seemed to have a nice rappor. I thought he seemed a little disconnected during the show, and didn't really add any energy to the whole thing.

  11. 11

    James Franco looked constipated the whole time. I'm sorry but it's true.
    Anne was lovely. Maybe trying a little too hard, but hey, if you're costar doesn't do much… gotta work for two!
    I think this might be true. Whenever I work on a big team project, I find that there's always tension towards the end.

  12. 12

    he didn't look at her at all throughout the entire thing

  13. 13

    all the positive press prior to the oscars went to his head.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's a different sort of cat…phoning it in?…or very laid back; and she's known for having extra energy. Ying and yang. OK to be who you are, imo.

  15. 15

    I don't think there was any problems, besides the fact that James was 'high as a fucking kite'.

  16. 16

    they both came across exactly as i expected — i enjoyed the show

  17. 17

    please say that is truth. I so hate her.

  18. 18

    lol this so ridiculous.. james franco goes to university and had class monday morning that's why he left not because how it turned out!

  19. 19

    it was obvious Anne carried the show

  20. Rohan says – reply to this


    Wow, the stories on this site just keep getting more lame! This place has really gone down the shitter!

  21. 21

    I'd believe it. I personally don't get the Franco hype - however I'm willing to be proven wrong once I watch 127 Hours this weekend - but it DID seem like he phoned it in. My husband even thought he was high. As far as her quote on "loving James Franco," I can see where it could be sincere - but also could see it being "PC" in a way. We shall see, won't we?

  22. 22

    Re: Nizatalie – Oooh her and Jackman would have been fabulous! They already have great comic chemistry -so I think that would have been a show-stopper. PLUS, with their age differences, it could have bridged the audience age gap…

  23. 23

    I don't think they hate each other. I do know James had class Monday, so that explains why he was headed by to New York so quickly.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks James stoned the entire time? Gotta love him

  24. 24

    Since they are both annoying as hell, it seems like they would get along!! Google Search keywords "The Media Jerk" to read heartless criticism of the day's biggest celebrity news stories!!

  25. 25

    Another night in Hollywood. I'm pretty sure they are cool.

  26. 26

    This is totally a lie! James Franco even tweeted a video were Anne is giving him a hand massage at the end of the show…you can tell is the end of the show because of Anne´s dress…so please don´t start stupid rumors Perez!!!

  27. 27

    Tina Fey and Steve Carrell for 2012!!!
    I agree with RdRdngHd, and add only that I totally CALLED IT when Franco+Hathaway was first announced, that she'd do the whole peppy singing/dancing thang and he'd be smoking up.
    Tina Fey and Steve Carrell for 2012!!!
    Hopefully next year they'll add court-ordered drug testing.
    Franco blew off a lot of work with just a couple of hours of acting/being a stoner.
    Tina Fey and Steve Carrell for 2012!!!

  28. 28

    Hollywood is fucked up. Where are our priorties

  29. 29

    He had chemistry alright, but not with Anne…what the hell was he smoking before the show??????

  30. 30

    When was the last time the Oscars was good? They weren't worse than the hosts of the past 5-10 years. They aren't comedians and she was annoyingly perky, but they weren't that horrible. The only award shows that are good are the music ones because of all the performances.

  31. 31

    No way. They do not hate each other. A group of media and industry people in LA were invited to watch Hathaway and Franco rehearse last Saturday night before the ceremony. During breaks in the program, they were super comfortable with each other and even held hands for pictures. They were totally sweet. No animosity here. What a ridiculous story.

  32. 32

    She didn't "have" to provide all that awful fake "energy" - she was just ridiculously annoying. Honestly, I was with him - the producers canned all the good stuff they came up with and only left them with lame jokes that could do nothing BUT fail. Then Anne went and made them even more annoying than they were written. James is a ridiculously funny guy that wasn't allowed to do anything funny. People who blame him clearly don't get "it" or him.

  33. 33

    they might not hate eachother but im sure lots of people that were watching hate them by now