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So What Goes On During That LiLo Surveillance Tape?

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LiLo Tape Might Not Be Incriminating

A whole lot of not very incriminating stuff, we hear!

Lindsay Lohan, who is currently in a legal battle for allegedly stealing a necklace from a store, was filmed by the store's surveillance camera and it seems pretty undeniable according to those who have seen it.

Undeniable that she probably didn't mean to take the necklace!

What was said:

Lindsay wore the necklace almost the entire time she was in the store. [The] video clearly shows Lindsay trying on the necklace, checking herself out in the mirror, and appearing to ask her friend and the store owner for their opinion (there is no audio on the tape).

Lindsay never took the necklace off, according to our sources, and she wore it in plain view for the next 45 minutes while she tried on several rings.

[B]efore walking out of the store, Lindsay put her own necklace back on, but it in no way obstructed the store's necklace.

Not only did she put her own necklace back on, but it DIDN'T obstruct view of the store's necklace!

AND she talked to the owner for a few more minutes before leaving, while both necklaces were on!

Sounds like she didn't take it to us, but we'll reserve absolute judgment until we get to see the tape or hear what the court has to say!

What do U think? Did she take it? Was it a mistake??

[Image via WENN.]

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45 comments to “So What Goes On During That LiLo Surveillance Tape?”

  1. 1

    6 months minimum.

  2. 2

    If it was a MISTAKE, then she would have returned the necklace when she figured out she took it. She did no such thing so she should be charged.

  3. 3

    This is what I've always felt. Whoever the clerk was is the responsible one. If my customer just tried on a $2,000+ necklace, I think I'd be watching like a hawk that it got back to the place it started.

  4. 4

    She should be allowed to go free under the condition that she moves into Charlie Sheen's house!! Google Search keywords "The Media Jerk" to read heartless criticism of the day's biggest celebrity news stories!!

  5. 5

    She did not take it. You see Preze! Seriously dude you need to learn to shut your judgmental bitchy mouth. LINDSAY IS INNOCENT! duh!

  6. JET says – reply to this


    LiLo was stoned and didn't realize she was still wearing the necklace, while the store owner's eyes were locked on LiLo's breasts and couldn't see she was still wearing his necklace

  7. 7

    This is bullshit spin being put out by team Lindsay to influence public opinion.

  8. 8

    Does Perez underestimate Lindsay's manipulative powers??
    She purposely wore the necklace in the store for a long enough time: If the store employee (owner/whatever) would have asked for it back then she would have innocently given it back.
    But nobody asked for it and after 45 minutes she figured she'd walk out while wearing it. If they stopped her she'd simply claim she forgot she had it on.
    Again, nobody stopped her so she got into the car and left.
    I don't know why they didn't remember that she had it, but they didn't and she stole it.
    She's stolen before and has lied countless times.
    I'd lie too if I was going to jail and I could afford Shawn Chapman Holly.

  9. 9

    Oh also the store owners lied! They told a totally different. I guess the idiots didn't think that they where going to want to see all the tapes!

  10. 10

    WHY oh why did she wear the necklace on a later date when she knew she didn't pay for it. She should have returned it immediatley at that point. Sorry, that's theft.

  11. 11

    That's exactly how I imagined it went down. Doesn't mean she didn't have intent. That was her MO, if she got caught she could just say, oops, sorry. They sure are spinning it tho!

  12. 12


  13. 13

    she stole it.

  14. 14

    Perez grow a set of balls…back and forth, back and forth, you are the ultimate fair weather blogger. Get a clue and stick to it….and servers that can handle your advertising demand.

  15. 15

    you posted this same story a couple of weeks back but you said that the evidence on the tape WAS incriminating. make up your mind!

  16. 16

    I'm a little confused…..first she said that the owner let her borrow the necklace for a couple days and her assistant forgot to return it back. And now what? She's claiming she just forgot she had it on before she left the store? Too many stories going on on both sides!

  17. 17

    She took it. First off, it's not uncommon for someone to wear a necklace around in a jewelry store, while deciding on if they want to get it or not. Thieves know this and they also know how to distract the employees and steal the necklace. When she put her necklace back on, there is no way possible that she could have forgot that the other one was on. Trying to hide it would have brought attention to herself, while casually putting on her necklace wouldn't. Furthermore, if she just accidentally walked out with it, then why did she tell so many lies about it and wear it at a later date? Anyone else would have notified the jewelry store right away, they wouldn't have continued to wear the necklace.

  18. 18

    If she was above board then there would be no issue with this. Unfortunately the story we are reading today is different than when she was first confronted about the necklace.

    If she forgot to take it off, then why didn't she return it or contact the store the moment she became aware of the necklace being in her possession when she took it off? It just doesn't add up. Why did she initially lead people to believe that the necklace was borrowed, if it was simply an oversight on her part where she forgot to take it off before leaving the store. It is one or the other, not all of the above. Either way, it shows that her integrity is still very questionable and that is what the judge will factor in when making a decision. The truth doesn't waiver.

  19. 19

    It's called SHOPLIFTING and that's what EXPERIENCED CRIMINALS do. I should know because my dad was married to one for 22 years and that's EXACTLY what she would do. The scam finally caught up with my ex-stepmom when the jewelry store she was ripping off eventually got a security guard. She walked out with a ring and he stopped her on the street as she was getting into her car. She is a compulsive liar, a cleptomaniac (she'd steal stuff she could easily buy just for the thrill) and narcissistic at a level that I consider ill…..sound like Lindsay?

  20. 20

    She walked out the store with the necklace. That's means she didn't take it. It all makes sense now. I wonder if that works the next time I go shopping.

  21. 21

    Re: seaocean21 – The owners said she put it in her purse. Then they said she used her own necklace to cover up the one she took. Then they said she left in a hurry. Then they said that her friend was distracting the owner while she snuck out. ALL FUCKING LIES! Lindsay simple stated it's all a misunderstanding. Obviously!!!

  22. 22

    then why the hell didnt she return it??

  23. 23

    When I was growing up,the shoplifting people(girls and guys!) would do the same thing! Put it on,act spacy,and if caught,act like,oh my I totally forgot!

    Lindsay sure is a good actress!

    I am not accusing her of stealing the ecklace,but just relating a similar story.Only God and Lindsay know the truth.

    She's been accused of this before…I think she should be seeing help for these issues.

    She really was a good actress. I hope she can get beyond all of this.

    BTW-Is she still hoarding ???????????

  24. 24

    Lindsay never actually stated that she mistakenly took the item. She said she thought it was a loaner for the weekend. After the weekend she gave it over to her assistant to return after that point it was out of sight out of mind. Her assistant forgot or failed to return it in a timely manor and the rest is history.

  25. 25

    In the days before pay-at-the-pump: I'm at a gas station, pumping gas. My friend pulls up and we start talking for 45 minutes. Then I leave without paying, having filled my car up with gas. Did I steal gas if the clerk doesn't run out and chase me down the street?

    Perez, don't be ridiculous. If you leave a store without paying, you're a thief.

  26. 26

    Re: lindsake – Where you also talking to the gas station owner for the same amount of time. Idiot.

  27. 27

    I'm sorry, I"m not exactly a fan, but….this could have easily been taken care of without the police involvement - How many celebrities have been "loaned" jewelry and not given it back?? - Did they ask for it and she refused or denied she had it and then they called police, then I understand and once police are involved it needs to be followed through - It's out of their hands - AND if you were letting her try on a $2000 necklace wouldn't you notice it wasn't back in the case???? What salesperson doesn't notice that??? Are they fired??? No doubt, she has some problems, and she should deal with them - Personally, I think private therapy would help - but, with all her highly publicized exploits, she now seems a target, and jail without therapy and drug/alcohol counseling will not help….she'll just get out and another episode will ensue - she needs some downtime, not more exposure…

  28. 28

    Re: leellee – Thank you!

  29. 29

    it sounds like an honest mistake. i hope this goes away soon so she can get back to work :-/

  30. 30

    Lol the necklace was under 900 dollars, why would lilo bother to steal it and take the risk just saying

  31. 31

    if she didn't mean to take it, then she would have taken it off before leaving the store. She knows she saw the necklace when she put her other one back on. If they let her go then their just as dumb as she is.

  32. 32

    Sorry, but she stole it. I used to shoplift in high school and would act the same way - super casual and lingering before I "accidentally" walked out the store with something. Stores are trained to focus on people rushing to leave - people hanging around having conversations with the sales people are much less suspicious. I probably stole thousands of dollars of clothes, jewelry and CDs before finally getting caught.

  33. 33

    WTF is she smiling or grinning about. SO SICK OF HER! MAJOR FAIL!

  34. 34

    This is so stupid. Wake up. The best way to steal something is to look innocent and talk and laugh and blend in and then bam, get the hell out with the goods. She should of taken the necklace back and said hey I forgot I had this on. So sorry. No harm, no foul but no, what did she do she kept it until they had a warrant out for her and then she had her assistant take it to the police dept. not the store but the cops. Come on now. She intentionally stole the damn thing and should be punished. The end.

  35. 35

    This sh*t has been going on for so long, she is probably exhausted with fighting with it all and her only "happenings" are going to doctors and courts. At first I thought she should go down for all her carry on but now I think it's just gone on long enough. She's not the only person that has done all this crap. Forget about the jail thing. She's paid with mental anguish. People will say I'm nuts saying this but living in the south where trying to get the simplest thing done,like finding decent shops,or healthy food, takes forever, is met with aggression,and usually doesn't get done, has just broken me. All I can say to Lindsay is get through this and try not to give them anything else for them to harrass you with.

  36. 36

    And she only realized it was still around her neck when they reported it stolen??? Come on!

  37. 37

    Re: JET – my thoughts exactly.

  38. 38

    How would the person working in the store not notice she was wearing it on her way out i think it's unbelivable anyone would miss it. Get new staff i say…

  39. 39

    Uh, if this was just a mistake, then why the hell did she say in her statement that it was loaned to her stylist? Yeah, that's what I thought.

  40. 40

    Re: lostoceanic815 – LOL! I agree with Jet's (#6) comment. The staff was looking at her breasts, not the merchandise. Or even better, this was a loan, so blame it on the assistant.
    Problem for Lilo is the judge can find her in violation of probation even if she beats the criminal case.

  41. 41

    Re: Nathiestx – She didn't take it??? Which part of "she wore it right out of the store" didn't you understand? She TOOK it dumbass.

  42. 42

    my guess is this: she put the necklace on and wasn't sure about it, so the clerk told her to wear it around for a bit, and see if she liked it. lindsay probably thought that meant "borrow it", though the girl probably meant "wear it around the store". then when lindsay walked out with it, the girl didn't have the balls to tell her to stop and when she was about to get fired, she told her manager lindsay stole that shit.

  43. 43

    One problem with Joseph Sheperd comment where he says that she should have returned it if she took it by accident. The problem is that it's also possible that she understood she could borrow it. There is NO audio on the tape to prove what anyone agreed to or said. Next, that store has a history of lending things out to other celebrities. Lindsay isn't the only one. But then there are these other people who keep claiming that she is like an expert thief and distracted the clerk. That makes no sense nor does it fit in with the typical Lindsay is so stupid comments. If anything it would be more likely she forgot she had it on. If you think about it, the clerk forgot she had it on, so why can't it be that Lindsay did? But what strikes me odd, is that both of them didn't seem to notice or care. That suggests that perhaps there was a conversation where maybe Lindsay ask if she could wear it for an extended time, and the clerk said yes, or something that led Lindsay to believe it was yes. So there is a lot of confusion here, and no audio to prove anything. I'm not trying to defend Lindsay at all costs. It's possible she just planned to steal it. However, there isn't a whole lot of activity that suggests she did. And no, I don't think it's likely that she is a master mind, genius, thief that outwitted the store owner. At least I don't think it's likely enough to say it's proof she did that.

  44. 44

    But let's take our focus off Lindsay for just a second. If she is the guilty bad one and stole it, and the store owner is the angelic victim, then why did the store owner feel the need to change their story about how she allegedly stole it? First they said she put it in her purse. Then later when police demanded the video they had to explain she walked out of the store with it. Also if the store has no vested interest in this, why do they lend jewelry out to other stars in exchange for publicity? Why did they sell a video that was considered important court evidence? Regardless of what Lindsay's intentions were, it seems the store owners had less than pure motives here. In fact they seem like manipulative, publicity whores if you ask me. But again, there is no proof on either side, except for the fact that the store has now done some deceptive things to gain publicity…

  45. 45

    Re: highboo – , yes, you fit into the she's-a-master-thief category, lol. Funny how you think you've proven this with one single paragraph. I hope you never become a judge. Everyone would be "guilty". Especially blondes, lol.