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The World's Hairiest Girl - And Proud Of It!

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World's Hairiest Girl
The Worlds Hairiest Girl 2

Most girls wouldn't be honored to be the world's hairiest girl, but 11-year-old Thai girl Supatra Sasuphan isn't most girls.

She is one of just 50 known sufferers of Ambras Syndrome to be documented since the Middle Ages.

It is caused by a faulty chromosome and had lead other sufferer's to be branded as "werewolves" before the disease was understood.

As expected for any child with a unique appearance, Supatra was teased in school and given names such as "Wolf Girl" or "Monkey Face", but after claiming a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records, that's all in the past.

Since being recognized as the "World's Hairiest Girl", Supatra has embraced her appearance and says she has become one of the most popular girls in school, as she explains:

"There were a few people who used to tease me and call me monkey face but they don't do it any more."

Despite the occasional facial hair trimming so that she can see properly, she is just like any other little girl. She loves watching cartoons (Bugs Bunny preferrably), dancing, playing with friends, and has a keen interest in helping people, saying:

"I want to become a doctor so I can help patients when they get injured. I want to help people who get hurt and help cure people."

Despite the communities initial shock to Supatra's excess hair, her father says people have gradually accepted her for who she is. Her father says:

"She gets along with others really well and is very generous. She has a lot of friends. She is just the same as any other little girl her age."

Although not ashamed of her shocking appearance, there are complications that she hopes one day will go away, explaining:

"It does sometimes make it difficult to see when it gets long. I hope I will be cured one day."

We hope she is cured one day too! Until that day, we hope she continues to be proud of who she is.

It warms our heart that this little girl has enough courage to face the world and smile, despite her rare condition that often leaves others shunned.

[Image via Barcroft/Fame Pictures.]

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41 comments to “The World's Hairiest Girl - And Proud Of It!”

  1. 1

    Don't worry Supatra. You're beautiful in your way, cause God makes No mistakes, baby you were Born This Way! lol

  2. 2

    Poor thing! And I thought I was hairy. I shouldn't complain…

  3. B0red says – reply to this


    if I was that hairy I would be dying my hair all different types of colours…think of the mohawk you could have!

  4. 4

    kim khardisann could learn alot from this girl about just loving urself as to who u are .. good on u little girl

    on that note im staring at the cover of joaquin phoenix dvd 'im still here' and some similarites to this girl come to mind ..minus the sunglasses

  5. 5

    Not to be rude but shes got a bit of the Bieber hairstyle goin' on.

  6. 6

    its so easy for outsiders to say oh yeah just be happy with who you are. i feel sad for this child and wish her much strength and happiness

  7. 7

    it's islamic, to cure all disease eh perez?

  8. 8

    can she get laser treatment perhaps?

  9. 9

    Re: alexie silver – That#'s what I was just about to suggest. I really hope her life won't be filled with assholes who make fun of her. xxx

  10. 10

    Time for a wax methinks.

  11. 11

    This should happen to ALL OF THE KARDASSHIANS!!!!!

  12. 12

    Perez posts these things not because he cares, but because he imagines it strengthens his pro-gay agenda. The giveaway is in his "proud of who she is" line. Perez, stop using innocent children to send your subliminal messages. Why are you such an asshole?

  13. klkl says – reply to this


    Re: alexie silver - I was wondering the same, maybe she is to young? it could damage her skin. and she definitely has "The Bieber". She seems like a sweet little girl, I'm impressed.

  14. 14

    Looks like chewbaca

  15. 15

    she loves herself that is all that matters in the end as long as u love urself u can do great things in the world.

    last word still watching joaquin phoenix movie 'im still here"and i do feel hes very musically talented i did feel like dancing to his rapping on stage i find him a really beautiful man his love of music shines thru and i am actually riveted to the movie despite thinking i wouldnt last past the first 10 mins .. hell find his way.

  16. 16

    She listens repeatedly to the song "Born this way"?

  17. 17

    Cuz she was born this way BABY… respect for the girl!!!

  18. 18

    that's really sad! This day & age, you'd think the medical profession would have something for this girl, what about Laser or even Veet. We all know how cruel kids can be. Just sad!

  19. 19

    You're sick MO-FO's, Perez and butt lickers! That little girl is not "proud" of it! While this is somebody, no doubt, "born that way", she is most assuredly is depressed, anxious and will need psychotherapy throughout her lifetime. God bless her. Her effing, famewhoring excuse for parents need to at least shave her little face and seek possible medical remedy, instead of media-whoring her out!

  20. 20

    OMG!! poor girl. Man I would kill my parents if they didn't take me to the states and get this ish removed for good.

  21. 21

    awww I feel bad for this little girl, but Im glad to see that she's proud of being born this way. Hopefully kids won't be cruel to her and that she continues being strong and proud. Keep on rocking that Bieber do girl!

  22. 22

    This girl is not happy, she is putting on a brave front. She is probably miserable inside.

  23. 23

    Re: TAPATiO – What is this, I don't even

  24. 24

    oh for crissakes, get that girl some NAIR so she can grow and lead a normal life. Thats ridiculous, she doesnt have to be a freak, her parents are irresponsible.

  25. 25

    she's awesome

  26. barb says – reply to this


    What a strong girl. Good luck in the cruel world.

  27. 27

    have you people ever considered the fact that shaving just makes hair grow back thicker so she'd probably have to shave at least every day and maybe her family cant afford laser treatment etc

  28. 28

    bieber cut !

  29. 29

    Could they try electrolysis? It would take awhile but be worth it.

  30. 30

    I can only assume her parents have contacted every professional who can/could deal with this malady. Otherwise, they're total fuckheads.

  31. 31

    lol that is one hairy monkey. that's just plain weird dude. that's not life. it's more like living in the zoo. she should just kill herself already lol. how embarrassing. that poor little monkey.

  32. 32

    Re: white_is_ugly – What the fuck?! Karma is going to come and bite you in the ass, asshole…. that's fucked up. Life throws all sorts of curveballs… NOTHING is perfect.

  33. 33

    "Good luck in the cruel world" indeed.

  34. 34

    uhmm can't laser help her????? anyway I think she just says that to be brave but I don't think she is happy

  35. 35

    not to be mean but I was wondering if she uses shampoo on her face, poor girl she is young now but when she grows up it will be a hell, I feel already suicidal because I feel fat even when I'm not, hope laser could help her

  36. 36

    you people are fucking morons.
    wax it, shave it? hello?! this is a disease! it's not just having a little too much hair.
    her skin is different, the hair growth is different. it is not that easy.
    and there won't be a cure for this, if a disease is so rare that there have been only 50 cases since the middle ages (!) there is no way to find a cure.
    poor girl.

  37. 37

    It's called hypertrichosis and affects a small group of people. You all are fucking morons calling her names. At least she can get laser hair removal- you people will always be fucking stupid. (to the ones that had nothing nice to say)

  38. 38

    Re: white_is_ugly – it must be sad to have to wake up every day knowing that you are a piece of shit..

  39. 39

    Re: white_is_ugly – shut up asshole at least shes doing things with her life u sit on this web and make stupid comments like that

  40. 40

    To endure what she has to every day and still be happy and proud of who she is! And at such a young age! She truly is an inspiration!

  41. 41

    Re: MsJules – That must be how you feel then, because youre the piece of shit for being such an ignorant bitch.