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Your Sister Misses You, Bijou

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Two years ago, when Mackenzie Phillips revealed that she had an incestual relationship with her late father, she lost her relationship with her "baby sister" Bijou Phillips. Today, she's come forward to talk about how losing contact with Bijou is her biggest regret to date.

Mackenzie's whole family distanced themselves from her after she went public with her controversial claims about her father, but none more so that her sister Bijou, who reacted harshly to her sister's claims in the press.

According to Mackenzie, losing her relationship with Bijou has been hard to deal with, as she explains:

"I haven't spoken to Bijou since the book came out… We were like cosy little mice in a pocket. I miss my baby sister Bijou the most, I miss her terribly… She would call me in the middle of the night for advice for men, life, boyfriends. I would go over and help her rehearse lines for auditions. I miss her like a missing limb."

But even still, Mackenzie maintains that she did the right thing by coming forward about everything. She adds:

"I feel terrible about the negative effects this has had on my family, but then I look at the thousands of women and men across the world and across the country and I've opened up this national dialogue and people who didn't feel they had a voice, I've been able to speak for them and with them."

It's a very sad situation all around. We'd like to think, as sisters, they'd both want to find a way to move past all this ugliness, but we're sure that is much easier said than done.

Still, we hope they'll be able to find a way back to each other some day.

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10 comments to “Your Sister Misses You, Bijou”

  1. 1

    Not so long ago we were so in phase
    You and I could never forget the days
    But then the fire seemed to flicker
    Cold wind came and it carried us away
    But we'll get back someday, baby

    The dream is still alive
    Look here in my eyes
    Can you see what I'm feeling?
    The dream is still alive
    The one of you and I
    And my heartache is healing
    I couldn't let it die
    No I knew it would survive
    The dream is still alive

    Not so long ago in a purple haze
    People dreamed out loud they were not afraid
    They stopped the war but not the dying
    Some got a little bit lost along the way
    But somehow we're here today
    And we say

    The dream is still alive
    After all this time
    The flame keeps on burning
    The dream is still alive
    The one of you and I
    And my heartache is healing
    I couldn't let it die
    No I knew it would survive
    The dream is, the dream is still alive

    Oh yeah..

    The dream is still alive
    Look here in my eyes
    Can you see what I'm feeling
    The dream is still alive
    The one of you and I
    And my heartache is healing
    I couldn't let it die
    For all the times we tried
    The dream is still alive

  2. 2

    weird. sad. who knos what to think of it, it may or may not have even happened..

  3. 3

    This is not something that you "move past." I don't think I could ever speak to my sister again if she said that about my dad.

  4. 4

    Her Brothers and Sisters should be ashamed of themselves! Agree to disagree and support your Sister. What did she need as proof a child with 2 heads from her Father?

  5. 5

    VERY upset at these WOMEN who can't support Mackenzie. Mackenzie doesn't hate her father, she knows he was a SICK man in so many ways. I'm especially upset with Chynna who claims to be a Christian. I would have thought Bijou would have more sense but it's probably Michelle who's the ring leader of the whole thing. She'll probably desert them all if they embrace Mackenzie.

  6. 6

    Well maybe if she had not messed with Bijou's head. I mean how young was Bijou when Mackenzie would tell her that her dad and she were having sex and then take it back saying she was joking or something. Didn't Mackenzie say she did that? That is sick

  7. 7

    My heart breaks for Mackenzie, but, sorry, I wish that she had kept this to herself. It may have been too much for her younger sister to process.Re: Paris France – What drug are you on?

  8. 8

    Poor Mackenzie raped first by her father and now by her sociopath sister.

  9. 9

    Poor Mackenzie. If her allegations are true, how horrendouly gross is that? There aren't even words horrible enough to say about it. Just because it didn't happen to her sister, it doesn't mean it wasn't Mackenzies experience. May her father rot in hell!!!

  10. 10

    Re: Sazerac – Sorry friend I don't do drugs. The song if you are old enough is by their sister Chynna Phillips. If you listen to the song it's about growing up together and staying together no matter what. I'm not judging anyone here. This is just a song for sisters by a sister.

    Now what drugs are you on to attack people like that? You could have stated what do I mean by the song. I've been here on this site a long time and I remember when this story broke. Anyway…
    Have a great evening!!!