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85 comments to “Pink Comments On Xtina's Arrest”

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    Hm, would have never put her in the same category as Britney & Christina…

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    Pink is soooo cool and has a better voice than either Britney or Christina.

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    Well played P!nk… well played…
    *high fives her* XD

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    Re: iloverickymartin – Maybe Britney, but definitely not Christina.

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    It's true! Good for Pink - a good badass! Ya know, I wonder if the diff is Pink has always been her own woman (I consider her more a real "artist" than the others) while Britney and Christina are products of the Disney factory, both alwyas lacked "realness" IMHO… might explain their lack of maturity as they became adults… never had a real childhood?
    I dunno there's my pop psych crap for the day.

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    She may be a bitch, but the bitch don't lie.

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    Lol, it's so true, though. She's always been such a rebel and has such a kick ass attitude. It's funny the way things turn out.

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    Technically she didn't commit a crime. . .she wasn't driving. She was just drunk, and my dear Pink, I'm sure you've had your nights of getting shit faced. . .so grow up and fuck off and stop bullying.

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    aww. i love pink, she's so down to earth. im glad she's focusing on her career and leaving all the bad stuff behind. lol britney went all crazy and shaved her head and now christina aguilera is acting out. lol pink was always the good and normal one. britney and christina are just fucked up already.

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    She does not need help - give me a break.

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    Famous Last Words.

    BTW, She didn't really get arrested. They just hrew her in the drunk tank with Otis.

  13. vaaka says – reply to this


    yeah because she is the only real and down to earth one! love pink!!!

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    Wow Pink: what a great example you are leaving for your unborn child: Kick people when they are down. You're gonna be a great mother. (Served with a tall cold glass of SARCASM).

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    hehehe that is funny but just proves you can be what u want without breaking the law..

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    I love britney, but this tweet was hilarious!

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    Uh what is this butch dyke talking about? Britney was never arrested or caught being a drunk whore in public like the slut Floptina.

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    When was she in the same category as them?

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    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – No, but Britney went crazy and is now basically a robot. She has no personality or stage presence. Pink's toenails are more talented than Britney could ever dream of being. Shove your beloved Brit Brit up your intolerant ass, bitch.

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    Re: bebita777 – You, my friend, are an idiot.

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    LOL P!nk is the best. I like Xtina and Brit but P!nk is personally my fav.

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    I like Pink but after this comment I've lost a little respect for her. Wait to kick someone when they're down. Seriously Pink…as long as we're alive in this Earth there will always be the risks of making mistakes and being troublemakers. You still have a long life ahead of you and who knows in what conditions you will be in 10 years from now. One shoul not be so quick to judge.

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    Re: wwefan01 – She can sing as good as Xtina and better than Britney. Then again, most people can sing better than Britney. I like Britney, but she's a studio only girl. Plus, P!nk writes her own music. really writes it, not fake writing like Beyonce and Madonna. Where they pay writers to add their name to the credits.

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    Some of you are getting your panties in a twist over this? Geez, people, she's making a joke. She's not bashing them or anything. She's just finding it ironic that she was given the trouble maker title when she first come onto the scene, yet she has had no run-ins with rehabs, the police, nor has had any mental breakdowns, etc. The same can't be said for the other two. It's not like she was saying they suck. I find Pink to be the most down to earth, sincerest artist out of the three. And I thought the tweet was funny. Get a sense of humor for goodness sake.

  26. Laury says – reply to this


    HAHA! Well said. Gotta love Pink.
    And for those poor delusional Xtina fans who think Perez is just hating on her, he's not, he's just reporting the facts, and the fact is that she's on a downward spiral and needs help. Get your heads out of your asses.

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    LMAO @ the screenname "catlover". Its obvious that you are a 300 lb single 40 year old hag who is still a virgin and lives in a house fulll of cats as your only friends. Sad…

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    Kinda tacky of her I thought when I read this earlier. Never really liked her attitude.

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    I think this was funny but Britney had a mental breakdown and seems to be dealing with a mental illness which I don't find funny. Mental illness is a serious thing with a huge stigma so sorry I don't think we should put her down for something she doesn't seem to have control over. With Christina her mistake was getting into a car with her boyfriend who was drunk she needs to smarten up and drop that loser asap.

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    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Wrong. If I went by your screen name and your obsession with HIV, I'd swear that you are a bitter, infected tranny who has it out for the rest of the world. Maybe you are. Either way, you are miserable and need to be punched in the face repeatedly. I will volunteer.

  31. IVIV says – reply to this


    I try to like Pink for other reasons, but she is a mean girl. She has taken shots at other celebs her entire career. Her tiff with Xtina was ALL started by Pink because Pink wanted to sing the part in Lady marmalade that Xtina sang. Pink took a blowup doll onstage & made fun of Xtina. Pink called out Britney Spears in her Don't Let Me Get Me song, she made fun of Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Paris & Nicole & Lindsay in "stupid girls" video & on stage. Those girls never did ANYTHING to Pink, Pink started it with them, yet Pink gets praised & you blame the drama on those other girls, that PINK STARTED. I want to like Pink, but the reality is is she shows her immature mean girl side too much. Christina even stayed on the line on Seacrest to congratulate Pink & say they should have playdates even after Pink was mean to her all those years, & then Pink says this? I'm sorry but I can't stick up for Pink anymore, she is a mean girl who pretends to sing about something entirely different. Not cool.

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    lol that was funny, but wasn't she doing drugs and drinking when she was in her teens? So she's already been the troublemaker.

  33. IVIV says – reply to this


    If Pink says anything like this, she's "down to earth" "kickass" etc, but if Britney or Xtina says anything like this? they are "bitches" "immature" "jealous" "ugly" "flops" ….. I mean damn, at least be fair in your judgements people lol

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    Pink is awesome! Love this chick! And she did the right thing and was smart, even though it may not have seemed like it at the time but Pink did all her wild child stuff and partying when she was younger. She's the first to admit in her teen years she was terrible, going to raves in dangerous parts of Philly, having drug parties and cooking meth in her mom's house, running away, shoplifting, drinking, etc. At least circa 1993-95 when all that was going on, Pink was not famous yet. She got it out of her system and plus it helps she was never one of the Disney/Mouseketeer kids. Seems like all the Disney girls get messed up.

  35. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: HarleyDexter – i'm sorry but if anyone gave pink the "trouble maker" name it's HERSELF. She desperately tried to differentiate herself from Britney & Christina & Jessica Simpson & any other singer at the time she came out, she made fun of everyone in her "Stupid Girls" video, she said "tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears, ooh she's soo pretty, that jus't AINT ME" she's the one who compared herself to everyone. I never compared Pink to Britney, Pink was the one who tried to distance herself CONSTANTLY by trying to act so out there & take cheap shots at the "pretty" girls.

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    Britney and Christina both had/are having their downward spirals after they had kids. All I have to say is maybe Pink is next? Kids will drive you crazy. lol

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    It's snarky, bitchy but true. I love all 3 for different reasons; P!nk seems the most real and makes the best albums of the bunch, Britney was the best entertainer, dancer and the hottest, and Christina is hands down the greatest vocalist of the bunch and should be the biggest star. But P!nk did speak the truth, Christina is a mess right now and Britney hasn't been the same since her breakdown.

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    Bahahaha! I love it! It's so true! Pink has always always done her own thing and it has paid off. It's good seeing Britney looking better and I hope Christina gets out of this funk, but Pink will always be my favorite.

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    haha! sooo true. she was the "bad girl" and she is the most stable of them all. Throw Jessica Simpson in with them, Pink, you forgot about her.

  40. 40

    Exactly! Those two bitches were so rude to Pink and looked down at her. Now look who has the beautiful life she always wanted while those two are trying to keep it all together.

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    Is it really "kicking her while she's down" if she's asking for it? I believe in Karma and she must of really pissed someone off to have the year she's been having. Christina is a great singer but plain and simple~she's a bitch. She keeps messing up and Pink just said what everyone is thinking. Pink is real and blunt, she's a badass. I love her for being real. Maybe this tweet with get Christina thinking. REGARDLESS if she didn't break any laws last night she is always seen falling over, without her son. She needs to just be a mom until she can find the balance. :D

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    Re: bebita777 – Ha ha, I think she's teaching her kid a great lesson. Don't be a fat, drunk, has been whore.

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    Re: alanlovesyew – hm when was britney ever rude to pink?

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    i love pink lmao. but christina wasnt driving drunk it was her boyfriend.

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    Re: duelastar – ] Hmmm…I' really like Pink, but she should really shut up. She got into all that trouble when she was younger, she hit rock bottom in her teens so she really is no one to judge.

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    Pink has always been my fave :)

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    Re: Marco A. Jiménez Castellanos – Ugh You're ugly. Go kill yourself!

  48. 48

    Re: shakevan – Exactly!

  49. 49

    Actually, for all of you guys who said Pink has a better voice then Christina, you may want to rethink what you just said

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    Take the joke. She didn't bully anyone. I vaguely recall Christina making some sanctimonious comments back when Britney was in meltdown mode, must suck to get it back. And Pink didn't "call out" Britney in Don't Let Me Get Me, are you kidding? Compare this passing comment to Lil Kim's neverending tirade against Minaj, this pales in comparison.

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  52. cuete says – reply to this


    i like her music but she is a C……….U……………….N…………………………….T

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    Please please please tell me where I can get whatever she puts on her hair to make it that color!!!! I WANT IT!!!!

    "Myself" is ungrammatical there. No need for reflexive pronoun.

  54. 54

    1) britney was never arrested slut and 2) britney is in a league of her own and christina actually has talent so what makes you think you belong in the same category as them? step off

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    It's clear Perez that you wanna drag Xtina thru the mud at any given opportunity. I DEDICATE THE SONG "Obsessed" by Mariah Carey to your fat ass cos I think you're in love with Xtina and stuck in a gay boy's body.

  57. 57

    Lmao…. love Pink!!

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  59. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Sambalam29 – hmm actually Christina stood up for Britney when Britney had her melt down & everyone including this site was calling Britney an unfit mother. Christina said "Britney is a good person and a good mom. She's been under so much pressure since she was a child. I don't think any of us should judge her or jump to conclusions. She loves her boys and they're turning out great." & Britney just said Christina's song "woohoo" is on heavy rotation at her house right now. its 2011 & they like eachother, this is a good thing.

  60. IVIV says – reply to this


    might I add, isn't this just RICH coming from a woman who recently said she likes the name "Jameson" for her kid, after her favorite WHISKEY?

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    I'm sure Pink has gotten drunk, but she didn't lose her freakin mind like Britney and Christina. Britney was pretty obvious, Christina's started when she dumped her husband.

  62. 62

    hay pink, bake ur baby and b quite. ur an a-hole 2 even comment.

  63. 63

    I like Pink but as usual she has no class.
    She is at the end of the day low class white trash.

    Nothing like kicking someone when they are down.
    BTW Pink, Christina did not break the law and she should never been arrested.
    I hoped she sues the police department.

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    Out of those three I though Pink was gonna be the humongoloid and i was right!! Google Search keywords "The Media Jerk" to read heartless criticism of the day's biggest celebrity news stories!!

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    P!nk rules!

  66. 66

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – According to Wikipedia… "Aguilera has sold nearly 50 million albums worldwide making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time." Stay mad, pressed, fat etc.

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    Re: catlover – LMAO! You are the hero of this thread.

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    @britney'sbitch: She WAS arrested for bearing her breasts in Washington back in 2007, at Lewis Libby's trail! Besides, Britney had a complete mental breakdown in the midst of which she attacked a photographer with an umbrella. That's called assault, honey. Oh and she lost custody of her kids… calling her a 'troublemaker' is being mild.

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  71. Hun says – reply to this


    true dat


  72. 72

    Who cares .I love Pink, thay have all talked trash one time or the other about each other.

  73. 73

    She's one to talk, wasn't she a druggie back in the day? I'm glad she rose above it but at the same time a situation like this isn't for laughing matters either. I found her snarky comments to be very childish. I bet if it were any other two artist she would've kept her mouth shut. BTW, I find if funny that Pink get praise for "telling it like it is" yet, when Christina tells it like it is, she's a bitch?

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    XTINA is not a trouble maker… she was just trying to have fun!!!!!

  75. 75

    Re: iloverickymartin – lol than christina? you must be trippin. LOL.

  76. 76

    Shut up Pink.

  77. 77

    HAHAHAHAH oh Pink, so funny and wonderful!

  78. 78

    why did she even feel a need to comment about it? Lame Pink, Lame.

  79. 79

    LMAO :D

  80. 80

    oh P!Nk, I aDORE THEE!!! Think about it, u braindead fans of slutina and britard, she's RIGHT!!

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    not yet!!! but we are going to be waiting for iT!

  83. 83

    Re: LegendtinasAvenger – who won a grammy this year? who had 2 songs that reached #1 and #2 on Billboard's Single's chart recently? Whose Greatest Hits album just went Gold with no promos? yeah that;s right…P!nk. Shut up , stan of losers.

  84. 84

    Re: Carolina Yancovic – LMAO! as if. P!nk may be badass but she's not stupid. its only the STUPID GIRLS who mess up and flop all over the place with the whole world watching. You can wait forever.

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    i think she is the stupied one sorry to say that but loughing on people problems will not make her better if she is the good one why she says somthing like that why she did not support her