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Charlie Sheen Never Sleeps, Does ANOTHER Random Radio Interview - And It's A Doozy!

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Charlie Sheen Diapers

Charlie Sheen continued his never ending media blitz Wednesday morning with an interview on the Karson and Kennedy radio show.

Does this guy ever sleep?

Oh wait, we forgot. He doesn't sleep, he waits.

When asked how he was doing this morning by the hosts, a chipper Charlie answered:

"Awesome. How else should I be doing? The wildfires are spreading. The meek are scattering."

"Awesome" isn't exactly the word we would use to describe ourselves after our kids were taken away by the police, but hey, we don't have any tigers blood running through our veins.

In the interview, Charlie said he is "setting an example" for his cast and crew, whom should all consider themselves lucky because he revealed he's "taking care of the crew, the cast, and then me. In that order."

When asked about the rumors they plan on replacing him on the show, Charlie responded:

"Whatever. Go for it. I'm free, I'll go make movies and win Academy Awards. I don't give a shit."


He did have some kind words to say about his rumored replacement John Stamos, saying, "He's a beautiful man and I'm sure he'll do a great job."

But THEN, he continues, "At this point, what I really want to do, I don't really care. I just want to get the show back on the air with me, so it stays on a winning team."

For a guy "living inside the truth", you sure do contradict yourself a lot!

There was one nugget of humanity we heard come out of his lips when asked whether he would shelter his kids from his behavior. Although he's not worried about them seeing any of these erratic interviews, he does go on to say:

"I would shelter them from some of my past behavior, absolutely. I'd say, 'Do not do this guys. Trust me, it almost killed me. Don't do it. I can tell you the greatest stories in the world because I survived it, but that's as close as you need to get to it.'"

Although everyone (ourselves included) seems completely obsessed with following this man's tirades, he insists:

"I'm not trying to make this into a show. I'm just different and this is how I roll and I've been blessed with a new brain and I'm using it. Sorry."

As for all of those profiting from all the t-shirts and websites popping up about Charlie Sheen, the man himself has given them full endorsement, saying:

"I hope the people that made them are getting rich. They deserve it because they're smart enough to grab it, right?"

At least he's cool with being publicly mocked.

In fact, he's really starting to get the hang of it! He even recognized what may be one of his best lines yet mid sentence while talking about those trying to reach out and help him, saying:

"I watch all of you weep into your diapers in my rear view mirror, but — okay, that was a pretty good line."

Keep the Sheenisms coming, Charlie, although we don't think they are helping you get your show back.

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Charlie Sheen Never Sleeps, Does ANOTHER Random Radio Interview - And It's A Doozy!”

  1. 1

    You jackass! Stop bashing Charlie Sheen. It was funny before, because it was just him partying and being stupid, it's no longer funny.

    I hate how the Media is capitalizing on this man's illness. He clearly has a problem with drugs and alcohol, and I do think he needs help for himself and for his children.

    And he has lost touch with reality because he has officially lost everything and he is mad at the world.

    I don't think the kids should have been taken away from him because that Brooke woman is no better than him. From what I see, he loves his kids.

    Team Sheen!
    I hope he gets the help he needs for himself and for his kids so he can be a great father, and I hope he sticks the middle finger at everyone who bashed him. I don't think its funny to kick somebody when their down, ITS DISGUSTING!

  2. 2

    God, just SHUT UP already, Charlie! You've shown everyone your hand - the WORST thing you can do in poker. And tell that little coke-gnashing, cackling, bat-witch of a 'girl friend' to sit down and shut up, too. No one wants to see her 'counter top' and call it Brooke Mueller's. I don't believe anything coming from a porn 'actress', and a pot magazine 'model'.

  3. 3

    I've been wondering what ever happened to "Karson and Kennedy" for the last couple of years. Good for them for finding a bigger market. Charlie needs to quit "winning" so much.

  4. 4

    this (while being kind of hilarious) is actually pretty sad. I wish brooke and charlie had had a good marriage…it's probably hard for him to have another failed marriage but wow, he really went crazy. so sad. and wow those poor kids!! I guess brooke is the lesser evil here…

  5. 5

    The sad part is, this man PASSED a drug and alcohol blood and urine test, which means he has been clean for AT LEAST 30 days. YES it only takes 3 days for cocaine to leave your system, but labs (and even home tests) don't only test for the cocaine itself they also test for the metabolite, which takes 30 days or more to leave your system. If this man is legitimately clean and sober, it may be possible that he's been using all these years as an attempt to self medicate and underlying mental disorder. I know it sounds far fetched but it is honestly more than possible. Cocaine is a stimulant which means it is a psychoactive drugs. Those are used as a means to improve physical/mental functionality. They're also used for clinical depression. Judging by the fact that he didn't go bat shit crazy til after he got clean (assuming he actually is) there may be more to it than what everyone is taking at face value. These may not be the delusions of an addict, but the delusions of a truly mentally ill man. If this is the case, I really hope he gets help. Or even goes back to the coke, anything would be an impovement at this point. TEAM SHEEN!

  6. 6

    The reason he doesn't sleep is that he's in a manic state. That's one of the reasons they used to call it "manic-depressive". Duh.

  7. 7

    im getting tired of every single move of his being exploited by the media. the man is obviously unhinged, i dont think its drugs anymore, it seems like he has a mental illness. where is his family in all of this?! they need to intervene and help him before its too late.

  8. 8

    Re: cdowb021 – The media is exploiting him? Are you kidding? He calls in to any and every radio station he can, makes appearances on talk shows and talks to anyone with a camera and a microphone on the street. If he didn't want the attention, he wouldn't put himself out there and invite the media into his home. His father expressed concern, but Charlie wasn't having it. He basically told Martin to fuck off. You can't help someone who doesn't want it.

  9. 9

    I love his future advice to his kids, should he be around to give it: "Me, me, me, me, me. Oh, and here's something more about me…"

  10. 10

    Do another line Carlos and tell us all how big a winner you are!