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Christian Bale's Mom Reaches Out After Oscar Win

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Unfortunately, he hasn't responded. Some wounds take longer to heal than others.

You'll remember a few years ago, before Christian Bale was an Oscar-winning actor, July 2008 to be exact, that his mother, Jenny Bale, and his sister accused him of assault on the night of his premiere for The Dark Knight. Since then, the family has had zero contact with Christian, though Jenny has tried many times to reach out to him. Her most recent attempt was shortly after her son won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Sunday. She sent him an email, but he has yet to respond.

Despite his blatant attempts to ignore her, Jenny remains hopeful that their relationship can be repaired. She explained to sources:

"I stayed up late to watch on TV. I was nodding off but had to stay awake to see my son’s big moment…. The family are so pleased for him. This Oscar is well deserved…I’d love Christian to walk through the door right now. I’d give him a big hug and a kiss and we could forget about the last three years."

Easier said than done, we imagine.

Christian seems to be in a very good place right now. Perhaps it would be better to let him be and enjoy this time in his life. Then, maybe, when he is ready, he'll want to repair the damage as well.

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15 comments to “Christian Bale's Mom Reaches Out After Oscar Win”

  1. 1

    He only has one Mom. He has the opportunity to get more Oscars.

  2. 2

    Would be nice if he could make amends with her.

  3. 3

    Well said Perez

  4. 4

    Gee, Perez, whatever happened to "violence is never the answer"?
    Bale had an alleged violent incident, and you're saying that the mother should be patient with HIM? Time for him to man up, I say.

  5. 5

    Would she care the same if he were not RICH and famous?

  6. 6

    If I was Christian, I would never have contact with her again either. This man already lives in a public forum and to have a member of his family take everything he does public is instant grounds for cutting off all communication. She went to the police on him for pete's sake — and she keeps going to the press about him.

    Note to the mother: If you ever want a relationship with your son you need to learn to shut up woman! And another note to mother: you will never, ever, get another dollar out of him so give it up and leave the man in peace with his family.

  7. 7

    i think someone needs money from their famous offspring/brother. this is the female version of michael lohan and christopher ciccone.

    remember that christian was also a famous child actor. i bet his mother mooched off him then and probably misappropriated his trust fund. which might probably explain their present nonexistent relationship.

  8. 8

    Maybe he is in a good place right now because he stays away from his mom. None of us know what kind of mother she was to him. People who have explosive episodes like he had, also have things from their childhood that make them react that way. He was the bread winner since he was child. Just because someone gives birth doesn't make them a good mother.

  9. 9

    he's gotta lose that ugly beard

  10. 10

    If Christian's mom truly wants to make amends then she wouldn't speak to press at all about their relationship. Everyone knows Christian tries to keep his personal life out of the press. All she is doing is trying to make Christian look like he is a bad son. Although it is sad anytime parent/child relationships become estranged, I can completely understand why Christian has cut ties.

  11. 11

    Whatever Dr. Perez
    He needs to let go of resentment and forgive as she is.

  12. 12

    He and his mother have been estranged for years and he's lived with his father since he was a boy. I'm sure money has made his mother want to get in touch with Christian at this time in his life.

  13. 13

    He shouldn't forgive her.

  14. 14

    Sounds shady

  15. 15

    i feel so bad for some celebs who have the shittiest family. you'd think you'd be able to count on family to be real and love you no matter how much fame and fortune you get, but… i don't blame Bale. his mom probably wouldn't have charged him with assault if he'd been an oscar-winning son back then. now that he's getting recognition for his talent she can't help but open her big ass mouth to the media. he doesn't need them and he's totally taking the high road on this. keep it up, Bale!! you're one of the best actors out there!!