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Kim Kardashian's Single Drops! Listen HERE!

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And dare we say that we kind of love it?!

Yes! We'll go there! What a pleasant surprise!

Check out (above) to listen to Miz Kim Kardashian's debut single, Jam (Turn It Up)!

Wow! Catchy beat, nice vocals, not too much autotune, good hook…what more can we say?

Nice going, gurl!! We are VERY impressed!! We were expecting Heidi Montag music awfulness!

Thoughts?? Do U like Kim's single??

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314 comments to “Kim Kardashian's Single Drops! Listen HERE!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    Are you f-ing kidding? This is horrid. She makes enough money, why does she need to make a bigger ass of herself? Pardon the pun.

  3. 103

    Perez - no stop drinking the cool-aid….just awful

  4. 104

    Are you guys at Perez Hilton def or just biased? This is seriously some horrible shit, not even joking. Really! This is seriously abominably terrible. This woman may be pretty or whatever, but she has no rhythm and soul for getting down. We found that out on Dancing with the Stars and that goes for her singing too. It sounds like she's singing while sleepwalking. It's like a Vulcan singing. There's no emotion. There's no passion. It's soulless. All the computers in the world can't help her.

  5. 105

    Are you kidding? It sounds worse than Heidi, I couldnt even listen to the rest of the song, 6 secs was enough, you can tell she was completely auto tuned, her voice is flat and robotic… YUCK I am HATING it. What happened to real talent? Anyone and their dog can get a record deal now because they alter it so much in the studio. Blech.

  6. lulo says – reply to this


    Okay, this is the worse song ever. I felt nothing just like she did when she was singing. No emotion whatsoever!!! We should all be singers at this rate. What a joke. Lets not encourage the madness. And WTF were you listening to? Maybe she should just stick with being a pretty girl with 65 million dollars and a brand and leave the singing and acting to people who really know how to do it. It's insulting enough that her claim to fame was a self released porn turned gold. How much more of her do we have to endure?

  7. 107

    RIP music.

  8. 108

    Kim Kardashian doesn't have that spark. That fire in her soul. The ability to really get down and whip her hair back and forth. She's just a lazy rich spoiled girl. Who's used to not having to lift a finger to do anything. She has zero passion. She's borderline a robot.

  9. 109

    She knows that she is not going to be nominated but it s open to her the door to do carpeting at all award bash and red carpet to promote herself more and to represente designers by dreessing and been shot 360 degrres by ryan seacrest and his team. She is doing business as well, charity is always for promoting something. She is paying why she doesn t give money for charity directly without promoting herself by singing, charity has always a publicity side and Kim is marketing herself as well as charity. A godd christian is doing charity for charity not by promoting himself as well.

  10. 110

    Excuse me, not too much auto tune? It's literally all you can here. Clearly she can't sing.

  11. 111

    @NEELLAA She doesn't do anything, but shop and sit outside and get a tan. Then she walks around traveling from place to place pretending she's working, by asking how things are going?, makes a few suggestions. This way it looks like she's doing something. Everything is done for her. Then she makes a quick appearance at some charity to make it look like she's involved. Then it's back to shopping and tanning. That's the reality.

  12. 112

    This is horrendous! It sounds like she is singing through her carefully sculpted nose:(

  13. 113

    Kim has a flirty face with lips all the time opened and botoxed, she has a face like frizzed in a paper. She cannot express something with her face than been flirty, that face has to return to porn world, she is going to make happy a lot of fans. spreading herself like a virus in every single area quicly is not great, and of course she is competitive, in the modelling world she slammed them by saying I have curves not like the tiny skinny top models, and of course the world is jalous and is hater. Normally poeple hate you, when you are freshly known and slamming others. this is just an example.

  14. 114

    I think I like Heidi's song better this is how bad it is.

  15. 115

    Kim is saying that it s for charity, but she promoting herself, a good christian do charity with discretion.

  16. 116

    dude, stop lying perez, LMAO. You KNOW this is just awful man!!! You are obviously being nice for whatever political reason. Her voice is thin, tentative, uninspired, total crap basically; and this is AFTER all the processing! This chick is secretary material, nothing more.

  17. 117

    PLEASE GOD, DESTROY THE ENTIRE PLANET RIGHT NOW! It's not worth living anymore. I just lost my lunch!

  18. 118

    good vocals???? not to much autotune??? you are an ignorant perez you have no idea what is good singing and good music, people with talent will never shine because of this stupid people with no talent taking the industry what a shame yet I must say I love the kardashians but please stick to realities no more music and no more acting please

  19. 119

    my ears bleeeed

  20. 120

    Oh Perez, we clearly have a different take on what music is.
    "nice vocals". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!
    I think you should probably not voice any more opinions on things.
    this is just terrible.

  21. 121

    Perez, you sold out! it's really sad that you'd call this a good song…I thought you wanted to change and contribute to society but instead you are promoting trash like Kim, who made a sex tape and posed for Playboy! Do you really think that she is a good role model for young girls?

  22. 122

    I like the kardashians but you are just sucking ass saying this is good, she isnt even singing she is TALKING with 90000 pounds of auto tune and still sounds ridiculous! NO NO NO. Kim needs to stick to what shes good at, being a reality star!

  23. 123

    I'm sorry, did you say there was NOT too much autotune??? The song isn't that bad but you should probably rethink the lack of autotune you speak of. Anyone who has watched her show knows she sounds nothing like that!

  24. 124

    It's just so sad that celebrities think that just because they may have a voice or an audience they should sing. She has no passion while singing this whatsoever. There's nothing more disappointing to me than to listen to a song that was made just for the purpose of making a song. Not an ounce of heart or soul or life is in this track

  25. pynki says – reply to this


    it sounds if heidi wrote the song. & gave it to kim
    because the lyrics are really fucking bad.

    who in the hell thought this girl can sing. the only thing she is good for is showing off her naked body.

  26. 126

    Kim– you're gorgeous and I love watching you on TV. But singing is not your thing. It's one thing to do it for fun, it's another thing to release it to the public. This is horrible.

  27. YUCK says – reply to this


    I know you are definitely on this hos payroll, this song sucks but believe it or not its still better than lady gags latest flop. LOL

  28. GIO says – reply to this


    THIS IS FREAKING AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 129

    her "singing" voice is really boring.. there is no life in it. Her singing sounds just like her regular speaking voice.. it isn't singing. how are you impressed by this? and it is all auto tuned. She is very boring.. maybe it will be a little bit better if she sounded like she was having fun with the song but instead she flat and boring as usual

  30. meme says – reply to this


    I think I'd rather listen to Heidi. That was awful

  31. GIO says – reply to this



  32. 132

    when i listen to this…it actually makes me wanna give Heidi a second chance! :0
    maybe i judged her too harshly…becauz this is pure DIARRHEA

  33. GIO says – reply to this



  34. 134

    This is literally one of the worst excuses for a song I have ever heard. Perez, your biased opinions get a little out of hand… especially with Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. You know just as well as I do that you couldn't listen to more than 20 seconds of this clip without turning it off. What a pathetic review… I love looking at your page, but when articles like this pop up without any hint of an honest opinion from you, it completely shoots your credibility. Also, while on the topic- Lady Gaga's single sucks. Big time, and it is a HUGE ripoff of Madonna, and I love Gaga– shes a tad bit overrated, but still very good.

  35. 135

    That has to be the worst song in the history of all mankind! She sounds so boring, I almost feel asleep listening to it.

  36. YUCK says – reply to this


    wow just read the comments and I will summarize for perez or kimmies kamp. everyone thinks this sucks. why dont you just make another sex tape. go do one with dennis rodman or something.

  37. 137

    I don't like it.. You can tell she doesnt know how to sing.

  38. 138

    Paris Hilton's music was better than this!

  39. 139

    now let me start by saying that I love me some Kim K i think she is beautiful and enjoy watching her reality show….now as for the song…i really didnt like it….I just dont like the fact that she is trying to get into everything…movies, music, tv etc, there are some things she is good at and some that she is not, so i would leave the music to those that are actually good at it. Stick with the show and modeling Kimmy…sorry but its the truth…still love ya!

  40. 140

    Um, that was not very good. What the hell happened to talented singers and music that actually means something?

  41. 141

    ILUVLim, she my guuurrlll……but her voice almost quivers n this track…she is lacking the confidence…..if she had more confidence her singing would be….OK. Nice try mamasita, but THE DREAM didnt a bad job proucing this jam.

  42. 142

    That is awful….really awful. Auto tuned to death….apparently she needs it! And why is she singin about drinking when she has said she doesn't drink??

  43. 143

    I like her show and I like how she seems to handel her self but I will say I would perfer to to dance dance Heidi Montaga's crap at a club than to this. But at the same time that isn't saying much at all….. Sorry Kim.. but good try !!

  44. 144

    What the hell ever made her think she had a voice. She makes Kim zoliak sound like beyonce. lol

  45. 145

    OMG, this is HORRIBLE. Anyone who like this must get their ear's checked PRONTO. Yuck!!! Im so tired of this Kim chick, she is super tacky.

  46. 146

    Are you kidding me? This is absolutely awful. This is called music? Not only is it insulting to real musicians and singers everywhere, but the producer(s) of this so called hit song should be ashamed of themselves. This is what's wrong with the music industry today. Where is the talent? Where is the substance? I am so thankful to have real artists and musicians. Hopefully this will be Kim's first and last single!! These famewhores taint music by dabbling in it. Kim Kardashian needs to go back to making sex tapes, to be perfectly honest. At least she did that somewhat well. Shut your mouth Kim and spread 'em like we know you can.

  47. 147

    I had to force myself ot lisiten to this. It's boring. Her voice was sounded like she had a cold. All nasal. There no life in this song except for the beat. Don't even get me started on the lyrics..

  48. 148

    and you said that Christina Aguilera's Bionic was terrible? Wow. YOU and KIM are both RIDICULOUS!!!

  49. 149

    Nasally, monotone and whiney…yep, that's Kim Kardashian. Horrible.

  50. 150

    I think she should be the opening act for Lady Gaga, what you say? Girls got bills to pay, come on peeps, dip in your pockets and give the girl 99 cents!

  51. 151

    They must have paid you to write that …..

  52. 152

    Actually Heidi sounds a lot better and that's not saying much. I think it's funny how Perez used to promote Heidi and he doesn't anymore.

  53. 153

    this is awful

  54. 154

    She did it or technology did it for her. Nobody buys albums, CD's anymore. Everyone just downloads one song. Justin is the only one selling albums. Good for him.

  55. 155

    That's BAADDDDDDDDD…and I mean bad as in SHITTY not MJ BAD=awesome
    She can't sing for shit..it's more like talking…and the song is lame and boring.
    I actually expected more from her (yeah I know).

  56. 156

    Perez, you've had such amazing taste in music I refuse to believe you actually thought there was anything good in this track. Stop kissing celeb ass and speak the truth, or your credibility is going down the tubes along with Kim's singing career…

  57. 157

    Jam? I thought the song was called Turn It Up? I haven't heard it yet cuz it doesn't seem to be working on here.

  58. 158

    Oh oops, Jam (Turn It Up). That certainly sounds generic lol…I'll have to see how it sounds.

  59. 159

    Typical auto-tune! Why can't artists use their REAL voices?

  60. 160

    God your such a kiss ass, you know this sounds awful. If it were somebody else's song you would be talking shit. She's not even singing she's just fucking talking!

  61. 161

    Your joking right her voice is dismal, it's repetitive, and it's just horrible.

    Paris Hilton's Turn It Up is so much better.

    And Heidi Montag's song Body Language is so much better than this crap.

  62. 162

    Ok, listening on Ryan Seacrest…this it the best they could do??? Way worse than I expected. I heard the clip of it she played on NYE where you couldn't really hear it and it sounded like it could be okay, but everyone's right this is seriously BAD. Are you kidding me?? Ha it does sound exactly the way she talks, gawd she sounds so freaking BORED! Hilarious! Bad, BAD!!! This better not chart well! Haha omgg. I'm not even trying to be mean - I watch her show but seriously, she should not try this again.

  63. 163

    Epic fail.

  64. 164

    Ha! And Ryan Seacrest claimed to be feelin' it. Wants to listen to it in a convertible with the top down hehe. Of course he has to pretend to like it! He's a good liar :)

  65. 165

    omg, your such a kiss ass.. what happend to having YOUR OWN OPPINION - USE IT..

  66. 166

    Is she talking or singing?

  67. 167

    did you listen past 10 seconds?? THIS BLOWS!

  68. 168

    That's just bad. She wasted studio time on that? They could have had a real singer/musician in there.

  69. 169

    she's trying to sound sexy, but sounds bored as all hell! terrible, terrible song! this makes gaga look like frigging Aretha franklin!

  70. 170

    THIS IS SO TERRIBLE.. you shouldnt lie about it being good perez, what happened you used to be honest

  71. 171

    I wish they auto-tuned that, it might have been less painful to listen to. Just awful.

  72. 172

    Kim's okay and everything, I like her but….this song is total shit.

  73. 173

    alright perez, i know you wanna stop bullying people and be a nice guy now, but come on!!!!!! that was really bad. it was like her annoying speaking voice just stretching out a few words. the kardashians are a guilty pleasure of mine, but even i can't say anything except how terrible that was (i guess that's why i only really like khloe and kourtney). sorry kimmy, stick to getting naked and then crying when people see it. the world doesn't wanna hear you talk, and we especially don't wanna listen to you "sing"

  74. 174

    And the talentless continue to make money for being a waste of human flesh.
    Can't she just do a porno again ? This duck ass is a joke and a bad example to young kids all over. Being lazy, fat and classless does not entitle you to do stupid things ! The whole family is a bunch of no talent losers especially the Dude Chloe and the brother what's his name ? I heard he works at IHOP now

  75. 175

    Re: Gaga looks like Marilyn Manson – I knew he was biased but this does it. So if Christina put something like this out (which she would never), Perez would "kind of love it?" I'm officially convinced the sole purpose of most of his posts is just to give a certain slant on things - probably cuz he's getting paid by people, yes. It's just that much more obvious now. He's no better than National Enquirer. How is this passable as music?

  76. 176

    actually, the profits are supposed to go st. judes children's hospital, but instead why don't you guys just donate straight to them: www.stjude.org

  77. 177

    Kim K. You are good looking and your great at……uhh…….ummmm…….well…..did I mention you are really pretty?

  78. 178


  79. 179

    k klan are evil even our Perez is paid to do publicity for K.
    Kim did a big effort to be in some big award bash to take photos with an icone of british music, to validate her statut, stupid girl taking photo with supertalented poeple dont make you talented like them, Kim is always cheating with her image. We are going to have Ryan Seacrest talking about kim and her song, he is not going to stop talking about her, Etv as well. Our nightmare. I will never watch RYAN SEACREST production, he is evil he built a kindgdom of untalented poeple, to fill the holes let by class A, when he is snobed by A lister he will have his subject KK to yes sir, we are here. and he is earning a lot of money with them. Evil. Hope Perez will stop making that much publicity for KK.

  80. 180

    What a disaster!.

  81. 181

    I was actually all hyped up to hear something good just because you said so and instead got Heidi Montag 2.0. smh, perez stop being so bias cause its making you lose your credibility with music.

  82. 182

    this is horrible perez…wtf are you listening to?

  83. 183

    Really Perez? Really? I've done everything in my power to justify reading your blog. I've been a loyal reader for years, before you became this giant media whore. I stood by you when other sources criticized you; telling myself that under the entire facade you still represented the same principles of calling shit…shit. But now you do this. A deaf person would cringe hearing that song. It's so bad, Webster's researchers are scouring the world for words that can capture the pain and bleeding caused by this horrific song. I get it, Kim's your friend and like any friend you want to protect them by telling them they look cute in that dress or that their prince charming will come around one day. But in reality, you and I both know it doesn't just suck and it doesn't just blow, it's a giant steaming pile of horse shit. Do her a favor and bring her back to reality; singing is for talented people. So this is my farewell letter Perez. I can't take it anymore, you've changed from a take no prisoners boogey man to a sweet (and trademarked) teddy bear, telling airheaded reality whores whatever they want to hear. I'm taking my readership elsewhere, to bloggers who aren't top pious too call it like they see it.

  84. 184


  85. 185

    WHY is everyone on here so hateful, but everyone on her blog is super duper nice with their comments? They're telling her to do a whole album.

  86. 186

    i like kim, but this is terrifying

  87. 187

    Wow…I gotta agree with everyone else. :-/ Sorry Kim. I still love you! LOL

  88. 188

    Turn me up turn me up turn me turn me turn me up YACK YACK YACK YACK.

  89. 189

    This is horrible. I used to love, LOVE the Kardashians but as of lately they are just annoying the crap out of me. I can't stomach the thought of Chris (and her awful bowl cut), and all the freaking makeup they wear. This song is just another reason they are so annoying. Her voice is so nasal and she isn't even freaking singing? I thought she was a good business women? If she was, she would've never let this crap get out. You are never going to live this one down Kim. maybe you should get a new manager..

  90. 190

    wait, where is the talent? seriously..

  91. 191

    I don't know what you were hearing Perez. There was nothing "pleasant" about these vocals at all. It was totally monotone, had no key change, and just sounded like a robot singing. I hate to say this, but I would actually rather listen to Heidi Montag sing than listen to this again. It was REALLY REALLY bad! :/

  92. 192

    The beat is great. I wish they saved this song for a better artist. The lyrics are so repetitive too. No bueno.

  93. 193

    ha ha ha ha ha !!!! this is total garbage…wut a joke.

  94. ed69 says – reply to this


    this doesnt sounds like something HEIDI will sing.. it sounds like something she will PRODUCE!! lol

  95. 195

    Are you fucking SERIOUS?! This sounds just as awful and ridiculous as Heidi Montag. Oh fucking shit! I could just see her doing some awful dancing with it. I seriously cannot STRESS enough in words how goddamn awful this shit is. How utterly embarrassing!

  96. 196

    This was actually …… TERRIBLE .

  97. 197

    i hope you're being sarcastic…

  98. 198


  99. 199

    HAHA, we love it. Yep, no doubt about it Perez is on the KIm K payroll.

  100. 200

    Are you kidding? This is horrible! Her voice is SO autotuned and even then its monotone! She has no range and the lyrics are just ridiculous and mindless. Idiotic.

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