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Kim Kardashian's Single Drops! Listen HERE!

| Filed under: Music MinuteKim Kardashian

And dare we say that we kind of love it?!

Yes! We'll go there! What a pleasant surprise!

Check out (above) to listen to Miz Kim Kardashian's debut single, Jam (Turn It Up)!

Wow! Catchy beat, nice vocals, not too much autotune, good hook…what more can we say?

Nice going, gurl!! We are VERY impressed!! We were expecting Heidi Montag music awfulness!

Thoughts?? Do U like Kim's single??

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314 comments to “Kim Kardashian's Single Drops! Listen HERE!”

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  1. 201

    wow, are you kidding me? i think this is the first comment on any post where there is universal agreement! this is shit!

  2. 202

    I'm not going to even bother even checking a second of this crap out and according to all these comments I don't need to. I can't believe someone could take this girl as a singer.

  3. 203

    lol after all that time perez couldn't take what i had to say lol xD deleted me comment huh? well deal with it .. to say this shit isn't much autotune????????? WTF? you are sucking dick for pay roll huh? because that was autotune from start to finish.. and "nice vocals"? really? fucking really? She is flat and not passionate at all… it is dead.. wtf is music coming to these days.. this is shit! and you are pathetic you really want to live your life knowing what a sellout you are? Your opinions aren't even your real opinions anymore.. you are an ass kisser.. your so sad… that's was pure shit and she is a fame-whoring dumbass for this.. she really needs to put her fucking name on everything??

  4. 204

    AWFUL!!! Worse than I flip my hair back and forth

  5. 205

    if it wasnt kim kardashian, everyone would jump on the band wagon like the rest of the u.s. with all the same sounding techno music, and love it.

  6. 206

    Perez - you seem like a bright guy. I am sure you can find a very respectful, diplomatic way to tell the truth about your celebrity friends. Now that you are in tight with many in Hollywood you cannot become a TOTAL sellout or else you risk losing your credibility completely with the audience that ultimately made your career! Kim K is talented, but apart from being able to hold a tune (which many of us can without having professional singing careers) her singing stinks, as does this single. Perhaps if she sang from the gut with a bit of soul instead of the same breathless sweet-as-candy voice she uses to talk that might help a little…nevertheless, stick with what you do best Kim! This is not it (and that is coming from a fan of hers).

  7. 207

    Seriously ENOUGH with this electro dance shit! It's repetitive and cannot be sung live because it's so fake. Where's the talent in that?

  8. 208

    terrible! she cant sing for shit. what happened the days when people actually had talent

  9. 209

    Awful awful awful. Monotone.

  10. 210

    ew… stick to reality shows…

  11. 211


  12. 212

    Where is the real music? Where is the bands like The Clash, Queen, The Beatles?! WE WANT REAL MUSIC. Not this fucking technodiscoshit anymore. And why is this woman famous?

  13. 213

    content moderator and Perez : You can'tstand the truth ? You denied a post becuz I called you a chickenshit and spelled out that you are afraid of the Kardashian clan and their lawyers. ?????????I am done here no more reading this site bye adios sell out !

  14. 214

    KIm is donating to kids research hospital, if you want to help the research you make Kim selling artist, it s evil to benefit from that, kim is doing publicity for herself from such a good charity meaning.. kklan are evil from the dad laywer to the kids.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wow. Tough crowd. She has a pleasing tone, and doesn't force it. I think it's an excellent first effort.

  16. 216

    KIm is donating to kids research hospital, if you want to help the research you make Kim selling artist, it s evil to benefit from that, kim is doing publicity for herself from such a good charity meaning.. kklan are evil from the dad laywer to the kids. It s not only for fun. IF YOU BUY THE CD YOU HELP THE CHILDREN HOSPITAL RESEARCH AND YOU MADE KIM SELLING ARTIST.

  17. 217

    @boogiewoogie Because they're ass kissers and in the case they have a very large ass to kiss.

  18. DaLa says – reply to this


    Cringe-worthy. Why oh why even try to be complimentary? Kim has ears. She must know this sucks.

  19. 219

    Ewww, I love Kim Kardashian, but this song is gross…

  20. 220

    i just threw up

  21. 221

    Pure shit! I've made this the alarm on my security system. This will scare the shit out of any would be thief!!!

  22. 222

    It's terrible… Who let her record this !?!?!

  23. 223

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No stop it!!!!!!!!!!!lol…Kim stop trying to sing…lol

  24. 224

    lmao. dreadful!!!! If you think this is good, you have bad taste!!!!! That is a fact!!!!!!!

  25. 225

    My ears. THEY BLEED
    Is she singing through her nose?! I didn't even know it was possible to sound that nasally

  26. 226

    are you kidding… i'm the opposite. i actually love heidi's stuff but this is AWFUL…

  27. 227

    i like it…

  28. 228

    wow kiss ass much? shit, shit I say.

  29. 229

    it sounds like she is saying "turn it off, turn it off" YES PLEASE.
    not catchy, her voice is too soft, the lyrics sucked, the beat was retarded, it too autotuned, not a good first single at all.

  30. 230

    She is singing through her nose and she says like 5 things…over and over and OVER! There is no musicality in this what so ever. It's rediculous that the music industry stands by shit like this and calls it music. It has a range of 5 or 6 notes w/Kim singing the same note (or should I say "saying" the same note)!

  31. 231

    can be sure that i'm not hating this because who she is because i love her but this realy sucks…from the lyrics to the beat…and her voice…makes me miss paris hilton singing, at least her songs were fun.

  32. 232

    I bet if donkeys could sing, they sound like Kim K's autotuned to the death voice ! Breahhhhhhhhhhh !!! It is a pity that one cannot change her voice through botox or plastic surgery.

  33. 233

    Okay, usually I'm pretty on-par with you, with a few exceptions… this being one of them.
    This sucks major ass. I think I might prefer Heidi Montag!

  34. 234

    This is awful. Idk why Kim is trying to tackle music too, just say on E! and leave the music industry alone. There's enough other crap there we don't need hers too.

  35. 235

    ARE YOU JOKING??? I wish they HAD autotuned the shit out of it, it's sooooooo bad!

  36. 236

    Hey KANYE, my dog wants to do a single. I would rather listen to Montag than this slut. Do what you do best…oh wait, you don't do shit.

  37. 237

    It seems like they really had to alter her voice and no she cannot sing.And does sound a fake as Heidi Montag.

  38. 238

    this is like all autotune? there is none of her real voice whatsoever. terrible.

  39. 239

    WTF is this shit? You criticize Heidi Montag all the time (and although she's horrible) this is the WORST excuse for a song I have ever heard. How much did she pay you so that you could talk positively about her or perhaps you got to suck Bruce's old dick for free. And no, I'm not jealous of this whore bag or Perez, I really don't want to look like a farm pig (Perez) or a pesticide filled chicken (Kardashian) Thanks.

  40. 240

    This slut needs to be shipped off to HELL.

  41. 241

    It's like they turned up the autotune and treble on the Countess. Next Kim will cover Money Can't Buy You Class.

  42. 242

    Seriously Perez? I know you have turned a new leaf and I love it, but that doesn't mean you can't be honest my friend. That was terrible, just cause she's pretty……………..

  43. 243

    Perez, are you deaf? Are you kidding me?! That was awful! She's not a singer. She should stick to whatever she does best. Btw, what's that?

  44. 244

    awful… shes not even singing, shes just talking, non of it even goes together.

  45. 245

    I love Kim…but Kim if you can't sing you shouldn't sing. Just because they offer you a deal doesn't mean you should take it. Paris Hilton's cd was grammy worthy compared to this.

  46. 246

    "Not too much autotune"? Please define too much, Perez, cuz the girl is a robot.

  47. 247

    ugh….why doesnt she go away…. im not even from america and i hear about this blow up doll looking slut all the time. sometimes i feel im going to open the fridge or something and she will be there…. im sick of her…

    ps: that song made me want to smash my laptop into the wall and set my house on fire… it was the worst

  48. 248

    I'd rather listen to perez perform in bukakke film

  49. 249

    Is this a joke??? Who paid you to promote her song? That sounds like she produced it in her basement and it's absolutely horrible.

  50. 250


  51. 251

    Are you kidding?

  52. 252

    It would have better if she didn't sound so flat. The beat and music is really good, but she sounds like a nervous prepubescent boy.

  53. 253

    really??? this song is fucking horrible

  54. 254

    Don't like it at all.. She sounds terrible.

  55. 255

    Kim Kardashian's MP3 sounds like a K - Fed CD.
    But then again, Paris Hilton's dog wrote a book and I saw it on the bestselling list in Arizona near Hoover Dam.

    Thomas Chi

  56. lulo says – reply to this


    Someone please put a stop to the madness. We understand that Ryan Seacrest is making millions off of it. But what are you making Perez.

  57. 257

    Re: SweetSunshine613 – i agree with u i thot peez wld have something good

  58. 258

    Wow, I normally trust Perez's judgment but this was AWFUL!!!!!

  59. 259

    Re: WowzaMagazine.com – I couldnt even listen to the whole thing…

  60. 260

    I think when you’re fed a steady diet of crap, you come to expect it after a while. But art is not really a very important part of our culture any more. I was talking to k.d. lang about it last night. I don’t want to get into slagging off other artists, but we were talking about her record versus someone like Mariah Carey’s — and I think she’s a very talented singer — but we have to realize that the same country that acquitted O.J. is the same country that makes a complete piece of shit movie No.1, that buys Marian Carey records. It’s this homogeneity. But it’s got nothing to do with art.—MADONNA 1996. replace Mariah w/ Kim

  61. 261

    lol. perez, your friends with her. You have to say it's nice. bootlicker.

  62. 262

    Wow. This is horrible. But you say Britney's music sounds so bad. I think you listened to Born This Way so many times as loud as it would go and it damaged your hearing. You might wanna get that checked out.

  63. 263

    AWFUL!!! worse than Heidi…LMAO…she talks through the song. MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!!!

  64. 264

    o no why did she think releasing a single would do her any justice?!?! she clearly can't sing :( o kim…. it's going to be a flop.

  65. 265


  66. 266

    sucks big time! Seriously, Perez…???

  67. 267

    Not the worst I've heard, but nothing special either…

  68. 268

    How could she think she could sing?

  69. 269

    not alot of auto-tune… are you kidding me?! she sounds horrible.

  70. 270

    the song itself is not that bad… but OMG her voice is TERRIBLE!! I was hoping she had a least an OUNCE of talent but god she is TALENTLESS!! Thank god & ur surgeons that ur hott Kim. There is no energy in this song. Her voice is monotone & just dead! Just stick to Porn & reality shows Kim.

    I have to agree with msloriga, music these days are sad. There is no creativity, no originality & no meaning to music anymore. It's very sad.

  71. 271

    REALLY???? That is SH*T

  72. 272

    It isn't very good

  73. 273

    OMG! Perez Are you HIGH or just turning in to a huge ASS KIsSER !!! NO autotune what the…its all autotuned up she is life less was she holding her nose..Pure carp.. in the trach with it like paris and heidi….WOW U MUST HAVE A BAD EAR INFETION….IF U SAY U LIKE THIS CRAP..I WILL NEVER TRUST UR INTRODUCING NEW ARTIST…U JUST SCARED ME AWAY!!!!

  74. 274

    Musical diarrea

  75. 275


  76. 276

    perez just blew any credability as music critic here.

  77. 277

    she's not even singing, its just talking and its worse than kesha, she sounds so dead, no emotion or anything just one note and the rest crazy autotuned
    how crap, this is actually worse than heidi!

  78. 278

    You're joking right Perez?? This sh*t is worse than Heidi Montag. Maybe you should pull your head out of the Kardashians ass and maybe you would actually be able to hear just how horrible this is! "Not too much Autotune" … yeah right, that's all this song is. Money can buy opportunity, but not talent. I wish she would find something more productive to do with her time, because this was clearly a waste of it. Seriously Kim, your name does not need to be associated with everything. You're not going to make it in "every" industry so Stop trying so hard.

  79. 279

    i love Kim, but this song is just awful! she has terrible vocals, the range is not there at all, its totally monotonous, she has no talent whatsoever as a singer. Id say this is probably worse than Heidi Montag. You made me think this would be good Perez, but when i heard it, i was so disappointed. You seem to have no ear for music, you say Matt Morrison's new single sucks, yet it was great! at least he can sing! she cannot, at all, not a bit

  80. 280

    I don't know why she is even famous!! This song is exactly like her and her show, talentless and boring!!! Its so sad that a spoiled rich kid can become so famous after having a sex tape!! I'm still trying to figure out which is worst her acting or singing? Doesn't matter their both pretty awful!!!! Stick to what your best known for Kimmie because you have no real talent!!! Seriously Kim spear the world any more pain and misery, no more music (and movies)! I can make this song the same promise I made her show, I will not waste any more of my time on it!!!!!

  81. 281

    I miss when you reported the truth and didn't care about getting flamed by the paparazzi
    This song is crap.

  82. 282

    Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

  83. 283

    How much did they pay you?

  84. 284


  85. 285

    I love Kim K! She is a pleasure to look at in ads when she isn't speaking. However, this song is fucking garbage. Who the fuck thought this shit was a good idea?? And I LOVE bad music too (e.g., Kesha). She sounds super flat and dry as hell. Kris Jenner should know better, you don't set your clients/kids up for failure. But hey, I'm sure the retards who actually bought Kardashian Konfidential will love it…and the madness continues.

  86. 286

    I know your friends with her but OMG dont try and sell shit and tell people its roses

  87. andey says – reply to this


    the writers on perez are so bias its ridiculous. This song is simply horrible, lyrically and vocally.

  88. 288

    It's really sad that you would fib about your feelings, Perez. You're supposed to be completely unbiased and really post your opinion, and you CANNOT like this. I heard this song today and I surfed through 20 pages on your blog JUST to see what you had to say about the song- because I knew you wouldn't have liked it. I'm disappointed. This song is garbage, and you know it

  89. 289

    if she had any decency, she'd give ALL proceeds to charity….seeing how it probably won't be too much. last time i read about her on twiiter, it said she had something like 6 million followers, so she should make atleast 3 million, right?

  90. 290

    "bills…bills" in the most boring voice EVER! lol She's not even singing. She's talking all the way through.
    She sounds so bored while singing this song.
    I feel more bored just listening to this song. lol Isn't this suppose to be a club banger? lol Couldn't take anymore. Took me longer to write this comment than to actually listen to the song.

  91. 291


  92. 292

    OMG it sucks! She should def stick to amateur porn.. only thing i see she is decent at.

  93. 293

    LOL this is shite!

  94. 294

    hooooooorrrrrrriiiiiiiiibbbbbblllllllleeeeee!!!!!!!! Soooo bad!

  95. 295

    I never thought I'd say this but she makes Paris Hilton sound like Whitney Houston!

  96. Waboo says – reply to this


    Could she be any more monotone? Seriously. This sucks balls, she's trolling our ears.

  97. 297

    ew this isnt even singing. my god perez get your head out of her ass and stop making her money and helping her maintain relevance. let her go back into the darkness

  98. 298

    this song is so horrible…lol its the same beat never drops and she sounds like sshe have 15 inches of cock up her ass…lmao ohh yea she does.. tramp!!!!

  99. 299


  100. 300

    Good god.
    She needs to realize that she's 30. She's not in her twenty's anymore.
    Grow the fuck up already.

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