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Charlie Sheen Passes Fourth Drug Test!

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He's still clean! Apparently, anyway.

Despite Charlie Sheen's increasingly disturbing and erratic behavior, the actor once again passed his FOURTH drug test this week, which brought in negative results for the presence of marijuana, cocaine, opiates and methamphetamine in his system.

He does, claim, however, that his estranged wife Brooke Mueller - who had a temporary restraining order placed against him due to the violent threats he allegedly made against her - is still using, and challenged her to match his drug tests.

He says:

"I'll match her test for test — I have nothing to hide. Brooke's gonna be doing a whole lot of these."

We're not exactly surprised.

It's pretty clear that while drugs may factor into his behavior, this is very much beyond that. He's clearly very mentally ill, and we're beginning to think that this whole debacle could end very badly if he's not put somewhere to be properly evaluated, and soon.

So terribly sad. Our thoughts are with his family.


[Image via WENN.]

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43 comments to “Charlie Sheen Passes Fourth Drug Test!”

  1. 1

    When you've done as much drugs as Charlie Sheen has, it leaves a long standing effect on your brain and body. I think his behavior his a key indication of partial brain damage due to the amount of drugs he has done.

  2. 2

    Well if hes not drunk and not high, then hes just crazy as hell, and still needs to seek therapy!!!

  3. 3



  4. 4

    PEREZ: You're not a mental health professional, and you're not qualified to diagnose or judge what's going on with Charlie Sheen. This is where you go wrong. Yes, it's sad. Yes, Sheen could probably only benefit from an evaluation. PLEASE: Give us the scoop without the moralizing and random judgments you make. Your general opinion is one thing, but no one wants your diagnosis and dire predictions for the future.

  5. 5

    Drug use is becoming less relevant here. He's got a mental issue, whether from drug use or plain mental illness, that needs to be addressed. Rational people don't act this way and don't try their issues in a public venue.

  6. 6

    Aside from Brooke and Charlie - the 2 'goddesses' (the teeth-gnashing one especially), need tested, too. (Brooke said she did coke with them in the Bahamas, NOT a drug-free (or smoke-free) environment.) ANYONE who is considered a 'caretaker' of those kids should be tested. Having strangers (with the track record of those 2 hos), who breeze in an out of a kid's life, are not a good thing.

  7. 7

    He doesn't seem drugged up to me, he seems very much like a guy that went off his meds.

  8. 8

    Charlie Sheen, if anything, is becoming less erratic in each interview.

    Put in a situation where he has a discussion with a psychologist, he will not be admitted anywhere. Perez, Mario, Charlie Sheen's IQ probably double's both of yours combined.

    Just because you don't understand where he's coming from, doens't mean he's crazy. Its means he over-stands you. He's making bank off all this stuff. Its a big "F U" to everyone who's judging him.

  9. ~E~ says – reply to this


    if he isn't you mean?

  10. 10

    HE'S NOT MENTALLY INSANE. doesn't anyone else see it's all an act? he even admitted to the fact that he knows the shit he says is crazy and hilarious. all of this is done on purpose by him.
    he prob needs some sort of therepy to get cope with the days od addiction, but right now he's just having a good time being extremely relevant.

  11. 11

    Maybe he is acting this way as a result of dropping drugs. I hope it's temporary. :(

  12. 12

    You're mentally ill.

  13. 13

    why don't you clean up your own closet you fat fuck

  14. 14

    He's like the energizer bunny! How is he still running around free?

  15. 15

    Oh Please! When Hugh Hefner lives with multiple girlfriends and his children are brought up around it, somehow that is totally acceptable and admired. But if Charlie does it people freak out. Perez calls someone f**got but he isn't called mentally ill. No one would suggest taking Teddy away from him. But Charlie is just as rude and all this has happened to him. Yes he is manic. No law against that. So far, he is proved to not be on drugs. He makes rude comments, yes. But even Mel Gibson gets to keep seeing his kids no matter what garbage comes out his mouth. And the attention he is getting contradicts all the criticism. Number 1 story in the country no matter what horrors are going on in the world right now - isn't that interesting? Americans have always idolized rebels. But now what? The fact that none of us really say what we think anymore, keep quiet in the face of all the lies around us, all this is more the problem in our society wouldn't you say? Let Charlie live his life, manic or calm. Arrogant or humble. We have that right, why not him?

  16. 16

    There are people who should be mentaslly ill but really its just called "my way is the best way" syndrome. Charlie is one of those people who believes whats he says and does and if you oppose him he ignores you or makes new friends. There are many normal not celebrity people who are like this in life, we have friends like this who believe whatever is in there world is common sense when its not, What he really needs like many who think like him is lots of therapy and yes maybe some medication to balance the unbalance in his head.

  17. 17

    why is everyone so mad at him? He's a rich guy spending his money on what most hetro guys would spend it on given the chance. Let the man party if he wants. "Mental Illness"- such a quite catchphrase right now. The person you call "wifey" (not weird at all) dresses in vomit, travels by egg and only drinks from a teacup but she's an artist? Charlie Sheen impresses me more every day… Winning!!

  18. 18

    Everyone says 'you can't judge'; B.S. you CAN judge. Why not? I'm an ex-alcoholic/addict/AA graduate; I know what's going on here. Charlie says 'you have no right to judge me'… I do & I can. And I WILL turn the channel. Just because he quotes some movie line, makes it so? Uh, no. If you 'judge' in Charlie's favor, then he's all for it. If you question his addiction, he's uppity about it. That's how addiction works. There WILL be a time when his cravings will hit- let's see how powerful his mind is then. Judging by his track record (& his chain smoking), I don't have much hope for him staying clean. I wonder how long he'll keep up with these voluntary drug tests…

  19. 19

    You are an a$$. You have no sense of humour and are beating up on someone that speaks the truth about the industry.

    Have you never read the Chuck Lorre vanity cards — ?

  20. 20

    hope he sues you, big time.

  21. 21

    man perez you sound like an overweight old jadded women when it comes to drawing perverse hearts on men's private parts AND spreading propaganda against Sheen…..clearly you don't have a life and just want to be in the "in" crowd …the crowd that has to talk crap to make themselves feel better…

    Charlie is fine and doesn't need help.

    He isn't mentally ill either…but Perez you clearly are!

  22. 22

    Wonder if they are testing for prescription drugs.

  23. 23

    I love this guy. He does not bullllll shit.

  24. 24

    and suddenly, you have a doctors degree to say that he's mentally unstable? really man, get a real job..

  25. 25

    He can pass a million drug test he still bipolor…. Its so scary to see the mida take advatage of a clearly sick person. Hey Charlies family you guys really need to pull a brittney on his ass before its to late. beyond sad!

  26. 26

    Excessive use of narcotics can often trigger latent onset of symptoms of existing mental illnesses like bi-polar disorder. This can present in a typical boom/bust type cycle where individuals experience a rollercoasterlike wash of emotions from extreme highs to extreme lows, or it can focus on one particular area….say extreme mania, which Mr. Sheen seeems to be experiencing. In an extreme manic state an individual feels all-powerfull, indestructable, they rarely sleep, they may binge eat and drink or may eat or drink nothing, they may become impulsive and do interview after interview regardless of how what they say or how they are percieved will affect their actual life or those around them, their children. They may also become paranoid and think people are "out to get them" when infact they just want to help them become healthy. It's very sad and it is at this point looking very dangerous for Mr. Sheen. I hope he make it.

  27. 27

    Perez, one simple question though: since when did you become a doctor ? And, even more amazing, a doctor who can diagnose from a distance, without even meeting your "patient" ?
    Do tell.

  28. 28

    Glad perez is now a licensed psychologist. Charlie Sheen is getting such good ass publicity for all this shit he's doing. hes Winning.

  29. 29

    i think it is quite obvious that charlie sheen is psychopath/sociopath. why has this not occurred into thought?
    honestly just look up the symptoms of a psychopath/sociopath.

  30. 30

    it seems to me he has drug induced paranoid schizophrenia, he needs to be on medication….when you fry your brain for years your change the way your brain works, and he obviously has BRAIN DAMAGE!!!

  31. 31

    Maybe his behavior is the result of detoxing? I dunno… He looks horrible, like a guy going through severe withdrawal.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Stop posting so much on Sheen

  34. 34

    I will not say the Charlie is not acting crazy but no I do not think he is crazy. He knows exactly what he is doing……

  35. 35

    Master Baiter (comment #1) is the same I was thinking - some permanent damage. Also, I think you are right in what you said, Perez. ….Charlie needs severe help.

    Then again, Charlie Sheen…if he had drugs in his system or not ….he's kinda in a damed if you do or damned if you don't situation.

  36. 36

    I hear that theres a new drug out in hollywood that nobody really knows about yet..hmmmmmmmmmm

  37. 37

    Leave him alone and let him deal with his own life and troubles. Let's enjoy him as an actor, which he's funny as all hell and easy on the eyes. Leave his personal life like it says….personal…., there are plenty of legal team to take care of what’s right, what we say does not reflect in his life decisions at all. Find a regular day to day family that has issues that relates and follow them.

  38. 38

    Stop pretending you care!!! "you hope all is well with family" bullshit. You thrive on this drama like we all do. At least I just read it. YOU CREATE IT.
    Gossip is like a drug. Im guilty of it too. But, you need to be a little more honest in your writings. come on dude. I'm losing respect for you.

  39. YUCK says – reply to this


    oh pls peole he is just exhibiting charectaristics of those blessed with TigerBlood, dont hate.

  40. 40

    WHAT IS WRONG with you people? He just sounds… eccentric… in no way can you deem him mentally unstable… do you even know what that means?

  41. 41

    Has anyone stopped to think for one minute CHARLIE SHEEN IS AN ACTOR and he's been one his whole life! I bet he just simply got bored with his life and is just enjoying a great laugh at all the craziness he's sturring up. Shit, with millions in the bank, WHY NOT?!?! I bet everyone, that's EXACTLY what Mr. Sheen is doing FUCKING WITH US ALL. HA!!!!!

  42. 42

    He may not be on drugs, but he's clearly not okay. He needs medical help. Why would anyone screw their career and their chances to be with their children? Maybe it's the thing to do in Hollywood, but it's really not that funny.

  43. 43

    COME ON PEOPLE! Don't you know how many ways there are these days to pass a drug test, even when you are not clean? There is synthetic urine, and all those stupid drinks and stuff. I have done it all the time. I just can't believe no one is calling Charlie Sheen out on it. Everyone just believes it and says, "oh he must be clean." Give me a break. He was snorting lines off his knee behind a picture of a bearded guy on Sheen's Korner. Don't be so naive AMERICA!!!!!!!!! You're smarter than that!