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British Couple Lose Foster Care Rights For Being Homophobic

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No child should have to be raised in a place filled with hate.

A Christian couple in London has been stripped of their rights to act as foster parents because of their strong disapproval of homosexuality.

Eunice and Owen Johns, aged 62 and 65-years old, have opened their home to foster children since the 1990s. However, a few years back, a social worker noted in their report that the couple had "strong views" against homosexuality and weren't afraid to express them. Today, judges of the Royal Courts of Justice in London ruled that " laws protecting gays from discrimination take precedence over the couple's religious beliefs."

No word yet if the couple plan on fighting the ruling, but Eunice did tell sources that she was "extremely distressed" by the decision, as are many Christian groups in the area.

Yeah, well we're extremely distressed by the idea of some poor, innocent kid being welcomed into your home, only to be berated for being exactly who they were born to be.

Good call, RCJ!

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57 comments to “British Couple Lose Foster Care Rights For Being Homophobic”

  1. 1

    I fully believe that people should have the right to love and be with whomever they chose. I also believe people should have the right to believe in and express whatever they want. I am very torn on this issue…. I am hoping some part of my confusion and being torn is Perez's inability to write a story and therefore there are key facts missing, but in the end I'm just not sure.

  2. 2

    "Yeah, well we're extremely distressed by the idea of some poor, innocent kid being welcomed into your home, only to be berated for being exactly who they were born to be. "

    - who said this kid or any of those kids are going to be gay? Seriously bad statement my friend. Take it back.

    That is their beliefs. Sure that is therefore just as discriminating against them as it would be against gays? There will never be a win-win.

  3. 3

    Perez, take notes: Your enemy doesn't consider himself a bad person. There are Christian sects out there that believe/teach that homosexuality is wrong because that's what the bible says (and it does say that, folks). If they're following what they believe to be the word of God (an entity far smarter and with far more authority than thee or me), then in their minds and hearts, they're doing the right thing. It doesn't matter what athiests think, and it doesn't matter what the gay community thinks. They believe that they're obeying what God has told them through scripture.
    You, Mario, need to learn to shape your argument using the tools at hand (which are the tools of those you perceive as your opponents). When you're ready to reshape your image, send me an E-mail. I'll have you turned around and thinking in a different direction in no time.

  4. 4

    There are a lot of people who have been raised with a strict interpretation of the Bible, which is fairly explicit that homosexuality is wrong. At their age, there will be no changing their minds.

  5. 5

    Isn't that discrimination as well? There's no right or wrong with how someone feels, and unless they're violent about how they feel…….. it's no one else's business what they agree or don't agree with. There is poor evidence there on why they're unfit to foster kids. Just because someone doesn't agree with something, isn't right or enough!

    Perez, you are very judgmental and biased for how much you say "we should all be equal". If you want to be equal, you need to also support people who don't support you! Being an asshole and making judgments that they're pretty much unfit because you don't agree with it, doesn't make you a better person… it hurts the cause!

  6. auds says – reply to this


    While I think it's wrong to tell people who they can and can't love, I think it's also wrong to deprive kids of a decent home just because someone doesn't agree with them. Sorry, but hating on people who don't agree with the gay lifestyle doesn't make you a better person, it makes you JUST AS BAD as them! You can't hate on someone who's pushing their beliefs while pushing your own beliefs!!

    As long as they can't prove the home is dangerous or harmful to these children, they should be allowed to live there if they want. This is another shittasatic example of government over-stepping their boundaries.

  7. 7

    I don't think the family should have a child taken away because they are against homosexuality. Would the child have been taken away if they had been the BIOLOGICAL parents, and were against homosexuality? Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs, from my understanding.

    Not everyone are gay-lovers. A vast majority of baby boomers and people older were raised that homosexuality is wrong, and that's what they believe. Get over it.

  8. 8

    This is so disturbing. I don't "hate" gays, but I was raised by great parents who disagreed with homosexuality…should I have been taken away from my parents? Do we stop stripping people of children based on what they believe? Hate should be defined by stripping kids of yet another family and putting them back in the system again.

  9. 9

    Idunno, I kind of feel bad…thats one less place for poor foster children to go…I mean, yes.
    It's terrible that they are that way.

    But so few people open their homes to foster children as it is….

  10. 10

    So that means you have to take the kids away from parents who hate Jews, Muslims, Christians, various races, etc, etc. This is ridiculous, but leave it to the British Court to make a stupid ruling such as this. I'm not justifying hate, but we are individuals & if we allow governments tell us how we are suppose to be, then well, wouldn't that almost be a form of slavery? I'm against governments telling us how we should act & think. That's all.

  11. 11

    Im sick of people using the bible to make it ok to be homophobic!!

    The bible also says if a husband dies his brother must sleep with the widowed woman until they have a baby! What kinda crazy shizzzz is that!

    N I bet if i went up and slapped Eunice or Owen in the face they wouldnt "turn the other cheek" they would call the police and have me arrested.

    People might be of a certain religion but they sometimes pick the rules they like to follow.

  12. 12

    Re: irishchick07l – You're right … Christians pick and choose what parts of scripture they're going to follow. But you're missing something: There are direct consequences to stoning, smiting, slapping … whatever. There are no ramifications to believing something, because it's subjective. If I believe that yellow-and-red-striped cows make it rain, it's not your place to tell me I'm wrong. My belief is my belief. If there are Christians out there who believe that homosexuality is an abomination, but they're not out there stoning gays to death, it's not your place to tell them they're wrong. They have the right to believe what they believe. Secular punishment is a deterent to following through on biblical law, but if someone doesn't have the right to tell you to not support gay rights, you don't have the right to force them to accept homosexuality if they believe it's wrong. I believe most Christians are hypocrites, but that doesn't make me right.

  13. 13

    they are Christians, what do you expect? Bring on the lions!

  14. 14

    So you would rather the kid stay in an orphanage? Smart thinking, Perez. Who made you the authority on what people can and cannot believe? I don't agree with homophobia but we thankfully live in a society where people are welcome to think what they want.

    If they were going to give an orphan a loving home, a roof over his head, food and an education, then who are you to tell them what they can and can't believe?

    This isn't surprising coming from the British, though. These are the same people who are letting the Muslims walk all over them. Their priorities couldn't be anymore backwards.

  15. 15

    Wow, talk about intolerence. You are very intolerent towards others views. fuck off.

  16. 16

    Ya know, I used to come here for the celeb news, but for the past 1-2 years, the news is stale and the gay agenda has been more and more prominent. You have a site for your dog; you have a site for your fashion stuff; you have a site for your fitness stuff. Could you please move the gay activism to gayperez.com or something? Cuz I'm here for the celeb news and I don't care about the politics.

  17. 17

    Now the child is without a good stable home. I do not see how this is a win win situation.
    I could personally care less if someone was gay, hetero or purple with polka dots. I was elated to see the DADT legislation repealed but to deny a child a home because the proposed parents have differing views on homosexuality is just as intolerant as a gay person being denied their civil liberties. Rulings like this will create a backlash!

  18. 18

    I think this is YOUR opinion again because your gay. Im sure the hundreds of kids this couple took in were offered love and a chance no one else took for them, its this couples right to have thier opinion just like its ours to believe every culture should accept choices MADE BY OTHERS, It does not matter if your born this way, there are not people who are born to open their homes to children abandoned, or people born to have so much love as to help a complete stranger and give them a chance so like you ask in your choices dont judge them for what keeps their family together. Im on both sides Im catholic and have a gay brother so Im not dissing anyone but ignorance should not be met with more ignorance.

  19. Wrenn says – reply to this


    So you are against discrimination against gays, but you approve of discrimination against Christians?? What a hypocrit!!!! If you are a Christian and belileve in the Bible you will know that homosexuality is a mortal sin. When Christians are persecuted for their beliefs you will know that we are near the end of time. I would rather crawl into Heaven with this couple that to prance into Hell with you Perez.

  20. 20

    There's a bigger point here that everyone is missing and perez didn't point out. What if ANY of these kids who is placed with this family IS gay??? Gay children who live with their biological parents who are anti-gay frequently suffer from severe emotional and psychological damage–often committing suicide. You wouldn't place a black kid with members of the KKK. So, since 'gay' isn't visible to the eye, you have to ensure that you aren't placing ANY children in the wrong hands–because in the end, if they are in foster care, the foster care system is responsible for their safety. If a child runs away, commits suicide, etc, because they are placed with a family who ends up despising them, there are legal ramifications. A foster family, essentially, has to be truly OPEN to the children they are opening their arms to….

  21. 21

    This is an awful decision Perez!! I seriously do not see how you can see it as good. :( 1. A social worker noticed their beliefs, not a child. And 2, if London wants to be so progressive, then they could have just noted this on the couples file, be attentive to the situation, and set up more open dialogue with the foster children. Give the children the right to have access to social workers and they can report if they are being discriminated against. THAT would have been a real victory! I feel sorry for all involved….

  22. 22

    Re: PacDan – Well Said!!!!

  23. 23

    Re: prop12 – 1)How do you know those children won't be gay? What guarantees do you have? 2)Even if they are not gay, the children who DO get brought up by that family will be taught the same kind "values" and perpetuate the hate of their parents once they grow up.

    Did any of this occur to you?

  24. 24

    Good. Perhaps now they know how it feels! Motherfuckers.

  25. 25

    I am so sick of the word "hate" being thrown around all the time. So any time someone has an opinion or belief that doesn't align with the MINORITY opinion it's considered hate?

    You can believe that homosexuality is wrong and not be a hateful person. There's a saying in the christian community that says "love the sinner, hate the sin". This embodies everything that our beliefs have to do with. That we can function in a loving and kind manner towards a person that lives a life that in our personal view is not correct.

    I could say the same for you, why such "hatred" towards people that have different views as you? We should really do something about the way you hate. Doesn't sound so nice, does it?

  26. 26

    Re: irishchick07l – It's silly to try to quote scripture and its meaning when you clearly don't know what it means. No everything in the bible is to be taken literal, the teachings are deeper than that. When you just try to pluck things out for an argument, the end result is you… not smart.

  27. 27

    Sometimes Perez I think wow you would be such a fun friend…then you post crap like this. You seem to think that anyone who disagrees with your lifestyle are just mean hateful people. Well guess what? They aren't. You preach tolerance and yet you very rarely give it.

    Do you know that these people are berating children? Sound to me as though they have been an excellent foster family. I mean they have been doing this since the 1990's. My father is very old school but does that make him a bad father? Heck no! He is very much a wonderful father.

    Perez, please stop being so judgemental on anyone who doesn't believe in what you think is right.

  28. 28

    Wow, Perez! Were there allegations of children being berated by them? I grew up in a family where homosexuality was as common as heterosexuality and think everyone, including this couple, has a right to their opinion. You and I don't have to agree with them, that's our right.

  29. 29

    This is awesome. I actually agree with Perez here - no kid should have to go into a household and be belittled because they might happen to be gay. And even if they get a foster child who is not gay, it would be better if we could place that child in a home in which they are going to be taught to think for themselves and not taught irrational hatred. I am a Roman Catholic Christian…and it makes me sick that so many Christians spew so much hate in God's name. I really think it would make Him sad. The God I know is all about love and equality.

  30. 30

    What sucks is that this child is now going to be shipped off from foster home to foster home and I'm sure that will be a lot worse then any homophobic rantings (that were supposedly reported by some social worker) this child would hear… I don't agree in teaching hate.. but at the same time I don't agree a child should be put through the hell of being dumped off from family to family.. the only real victim here is the child.. some people need to learn that words cannot hurt if you don't let them….!i say u interview the pletheora of children they fostered and see how they are fairing & then determine…

  31. 31

    Sure this couple is entitled to their opinion, everyone is entitled to hold their own position on a matter. What I don't think they should be entitled to is to pass on their personal biases to a child and to teach that child to discriminate. I suspect they were not the type of people that are simply of the opinion that homosexuality goes against Christian values and are not hateful about it (which is possible). I have a hard time believing that they would lose the right to foster children if this was the case. To me, "strong views against homosexuality and not afraid to express them" is a nice way of saying spewing hatred.

  32. 32

    Re: Deadwing – Thats exactly what i have been feeling and posting for months now…. its just getting ridiculous some days its like every other post is about something to do with homosexuality and 9 times out of 10 the story is poorly researched… Perez is not a good role model for the gay community… and besides.. if he really cared he'd do something about it… You never see him at rally's or doing ativists rights- all he does is copy and paste to this blog and collect advertising dollars.

  33. 33

    Re: PacDan – well if the social worker noticed this several years back.. youd think that if it was truly an issue back then… they woulda done something about it. But clearly they allowed for more children to live with them because obviously it wasn't that big of an issue- someone somewhere (with a lil bit of power presumably) got their panties in a bunch and made a stink abt nothing. And if they were sooo worried abt a homosexual child living with them… well they wouldn't place one with them now would they?

  34. 34

    Re: giabread – How do you know they won’t be gay? Well isn't the whole argument that everyone tries to prove that they are born gay? If it’s not a choice.. then they will know.. or is there like some kind of magical age when a child just develops naturally into a gay child? Until the child realizes he/she is gay….. then you can’t really make that decision now can you? Not everyone is always going to agree…. And one ignorant view point is NO BETTER then another ignorant one…

  35. 35

    that is sooooo hypocritical!! if they were taken away cause they believed in gay rights you'd be up in arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but because they dont believe its right to be homosexual, you think its hate??!?! I have gay friends, I dont believe its right and I dont agree with the situation, but I dont judge them and I definatly dont hate them. HYPOCRITE!

  36. 36

    With all this being said.. I do think that all people should be treated with kindess and tolerance.. but I am a realist and I know that will never happen.. so its best to take a step back view both sides- agree to disagree and find a happy medium. I am the happy medium.

  37. 37

    My grandparents are old school catholics who disagree with homosexuality, psychology, interracial marriage, etc. So, I guess my father should have been placed in an orphanage? You're an ass, Perez. Are you saying it's better for a child to grow up in an orphanage? Have you ever been to one of those awful places??

  38. emii says – reply to this


    just because they strongly disagree with homosexuality does not mean they are homophobic! not everyone has the same opinions. they should be able to keep their children.

  39. 39

    What an absolute load of rubbish. It's funny, because I read it in the daily paper over here and what you've uploaded is a biast account on bias.
    I myself am all for equal rights, but what pisses me off and people in general, is the fact that old christian couples are getting targeted for their beliefs.
    I grew up in Ireland, my grandparents are all anti-homosexual, as is my dad (my mother isn't) and I personally don't think it a family belief holds as much influence in the free society that we live in.
    These people, are Christians, living in Christian country that chooses to be a whole load of hypocritical when it defends the religions of others (do you think it would take children off a Muslim couple for the same beliefs) and not the one that defines it's national identity.

  40. 40

    Like I said, I am personally pro equal rights for all, but that means all beliefs, all rights, and all religions. People claiming to want equality for all and then attacking the beliefs of an old Christian couple. It makes me sick thinking about it. It's a horrendous violation of their rights as citizens of this country.
    I think Perez, that what you are doing is down right horrible in targeting them again.
    I thank God, that the majority of people commenting here have the good sense to be outraged by this infringement of human rights, and I personally am hoping for a reversal in this judgement.
    The Government seems to believe more and more that they can control the thoughts of others. Leave this old, nice, good, Christian couple who have helped dozens of kids over the years alone, and use your service to investigate the real instances of child abuse. In essence, do your bloody job.

    Ahhh, sorry for the rant! But this has really got my blood boiling!!

  41. 41

    wow this is sad. while i am all for supporting homosexuality…i also believe it is ok for others to express how they feel as well. as long as the adults dont verbally or mentally abuse a child about being gay (if they even encounter a gay foster child that is) then i dont think they should be considered un-eligible foster parents. its a shame that we are losing loving, caring people to foster children just bc they dont agree with a certain lifestyle. it is already hard enough to find foster parents nowadays!! we should cherish and work with the ones we have. not to mention, foster parents are only TEMPORARY! its not like a gay child would have to deal with them forever…or at all. if the gay child didnt like the way they were being treated they could easily ask to be placed elsewhere. esp with all the attention on gay discrimination right now…a gay kid being discriminated against would have quicker news coverage then a straight child being brutally beaten on a daily basis. and that, my friend, is the truth. ever think we have our priorities mixed up?

  42. 42

    I was brought up in a Christian House hold and I fully believe in everything I was brought up with, however the difference between me and my parents is I have no problem with someone being Gay. However my parents are amazing and have never hidden their views against homosexuality. They believe its wrong but even they know to hate the sin not the sinner and everybody is treated equally in their eyes! they do not discriminate but will not hide you opinions. This couple were loving. they did not say they would not love every child who they looked after they said they wouldnt say homsexuality is right to a very young child! I dont see anything wrong in that- What the courts have done is technically descrimination!

  43. 43

    Re: prop12 – By your logic, corporates and workplaces can decide not to allow gay people to work for, which is clearly against the law. There is a difference between having your personal believes and expressing them, and when these expressions affect others. Being allowed as a foster home has many regulations and requirements, and this certainly sounds like one.

  44. 44

    The couple can say, believe, or do whatever they want. But in exchange for the ability to say, do or believe what they want they should understand there may be consequences to their actions, words and beliefs. I agree they may not be best qualified to unconditionally care for children with the bias of their belief in place.

  45. 45

    Re: PacDan – Then simply dont place the gay kid with the christian parents, period. The solution is SO simple that nobody cares. Now those NOT gay children have one home less where to find love. Who says this couple wasnt lovingly despise of their opinion toward gays?. If they dont go around hitting with a stick gay people whats the problem, if they live pacificaly between gays and just only expressing their opinion that they dont think gay is a good thing for humanity, then so what?.
    Not only British whatevs discriminated the christian couple, but also screw a lot of kids who could have gotten a good education (school) and the rest that comes with it.
    Afterall, when you grow up, you make your own decisions.

  46. MPL23 says – reply to this


    I agree if the home was unfit the kids should have been taken away…however biological parents dont get their kids taken away for having ignorant views. These parents don't need to have their kids removed, they need to be educated and enlightened! Taking the kids away is not helping end homophobia but only letting it thrive in these indoctrinated children and lets the parents propagate their bad message since they have learnt nothing!! Education is key.

  47. 47

    Re: giabread – My mom always hated lesbians (yet not men gay… weird yes). Despise of that, I dont hate lesbians and Im completely careless about their sexual choice.
    So I grew up with the belief that lesbians were completely disgusting and wrong, yet I DONT BELIEVE that at all.

  48. 48

    Re: dalymo12 – Oh your comment made me remember this friend my dad had. He was an evangelist along with his wife, they were foster parents. They never ever tought the kids that stayed int he home their religion and their beliefs, they did pray tho, but always prayed about giving thanks for all they had.
    The only thing they tought to these kids was about love, share and joy. Just because those foster parents have a religion, doesnt mean they will impose that to the kids.
    Some foster parents are amazingly loving and they truly care about the state of the children.

  49. 49

    Although I fully support the gay community, I also support freedom of speech and the right to believe in whatever you want to believe in. I would have thought that you out of all people who believes in the freedom to do anything (Ex: Gay marriage) would be able to not hate against other religions. You are just as bad as they are.

  50. 50

    I'm sure the child if he had of stayed would have had a good stable home now he doesnt. Theres no right or wrong Perez..

  51. 51

    what if the kid turns out gay? maybe if they were the child's biological parents they could put their views aside but they aren't. you never know what a child will grow up to be like and they would be miserable if they grew up to be gay

  52. 52

    The couple in question live in my town, and I completely agree with the courts on this one. The couple fostered in the 90s and were interested in doing so again, but their application was never approved - no child was taken from them, because no child was with them in the first place! UK law required certain minimum standards to be met before anyone can foster/adopt a child (and it's a shame the same standards don't apply to biological parents!) and those include not displaying racist, sexist, or in this case homophobic views. This is what's best for children, to grow in a loving and non-discriminatory family, and anyone who says otherwise should try growing up in that environment, as many of my friends have, and see how they like it.

  53. 53

    Re: Skyerose
    There was no child with the couple - they were applying to potentially be granted short-term care of one, but no child was taken away from them. Check your facts mate!

  54. 54

    Re: STFU Perez!
    orphanage?? no, the majority of foster kids actually end up on the streets because of lack of homes, because the majority of foster kids have parents. if there is a parent/ other family member social services will send them right back to where they came from. it really doesn't matter to them what happens to the children. case workers might care, but it's very obvious the system as a whole doesn't. I was a foster child, this is just how it works.

    there aren't enough foster families to begin with, who cares about these peoples personal views? the majority of foster parents don't push beliefs/ hand out outrageous punishments like they are scripted to do on TV. They just want to give children a home. Besides once a child is placed into foster care they are SUPPOSE to get checked on by caseworkers periodically. You're given your caseworkers phone number in case anything happens when you are taken to your foster home.

    ugh ugh ugh ugh, my disgust with society has just increased 10 fold.

  55. 55

    Ugh I hate when people call it homophobia. Just because you are against something or you don't believe in something does not mean it is a phobia! If someone does not agree with abortion does not mean they have a fear of abortions, it just means they do not agree with it! My mother is Christian and she does not agree with homosexuality. Is she homophobic? No! I have some very good friends that are gay and she loves them. I am 100% sure that she is not scared of them being gay or she would tell me.

    Who even said these people would impose their beliefs on these children? Just because they believe in something does not mean they will force these kids to believe it. My mom has never said one word to any of my friends about how they should live their lives. They know my mother's view on it and they respect her and she respects them. These people just want to open their homes to parentless kids, but unfortunately a lot of them will end up in the streets.

    "Yeah, well we're extremely distressed by the idea of some poor, innocent kid being welcomed into your home, only to be berated for being exactly who they were born to be. "
    ….Seriously Perez get over yourself. No one said they would do that, and yes, lets have these poor innocent kids end up in the street. That's a better place for them!

  56. 56

    I was placed in a foster home when I was 6 years old. My foster parents fell in love with me and I reciprocated those feelings. They were a very Christian couple. The type who would go to church twice a week, involved in bible studies, had two daughters who helped out in the children's chapel, and a son that was involved in the band. They would take me to church with them, do church activities, etc but it never bothered me. I was too young to care and hey I had two people that actually paid attention to me. They ended up adopting me three years later and when I was about 12 I finally started understanding just how religious they were. I went along with it, but once I reached high school I started having doubts about religion and it just wasn't my thing. I started getting into trouble, drinking, partying, not listening to my parents, and they were always there for me. They of course got angry, as should any normal parent. Eventually I realized that I didn't agree with what they believed in. I talked about it with them. They told me why they believed in and I told them what I didn't believe in.You know what they did after that? They did not kick me out. They did not hit me. They did not belittle me. They said they love me. I am 30 years old now and I can still say I have amazing parents who respect me, care about me, and love me even though I do not believe in what they do.

  57. 57

    Re: Samtra – I am the same, but the way I see it… what they believe in is a form of hate, and teaching those values to impressionable kids is not how the kids should be raised. They can believe WHATEVER they want, but if they externalize their hate to the kids that's not okay.