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The Trump Chimes In On Charlie Sheen

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donald trump comments on charlie sheen

Why not? Let's hear what Donald Trump has to say about Charlie Sheen:

“[Charlie] is not doing so badly — I thought he’d be a total wreck. I think Charlie’s doing not so bad. So far, Charlie’s a winner!”

Wow. We cannot agree. More from Trump about the possibility of Charlie going onto Celebrity Apprentice:

“I’d love to have [Charlie on the show], but I’ll be honest — I think what’s going to happen is [Two and a Half Men] is going to end up signing him for a lot more money than he was getting paid in the first place. It’s all about ratings in this crazy business, and if you have ratings, you can be the worst person on earth and they’re going to sign you. I think Charlie will do very well.”

We see where you're coming from, Donald, but again, we cannot say we agree.

And here's what Trump had to say about a Sheen-less Two and a Half Men:

“I think it’s very risky [to continue ‘…Men’ without Charlie] and I think with Charlie they’ll do probably better than they ever did before. I would say that probably Charlie will be a big star for a long time to come… I get a great kick out of him…I think he’s doing just fine.”

He's doing fine in the sense that he's getting peoples' attention, but as a person, he's NOT doing fine. He needs help.

And more from Trump on why he likes Charlie:

“I have a life that’s very staid – I deal with banks, I deal with nice, straight people. When I see people that are different – especially if they’re smart—I get a kick out of it. I like to see it. To me it’s entertaining and I like to be entertained. Gary Busey’s fantastic, Charlie Sheen is fantastic. These are great people.”

Yes, Charlie's "sheenisms" are amusing, but the man needs serious help. We'd be much happier to see him in a facility getting treatment, than hearing more about how he's a "rock star" or how he's "super-bitchin" and how he's a "warlock."

Do U agree with Donald Trump's comments about Charlie?

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19 comments to “The Trump Chimes In On Charlie Sheen”

  1. 1

    I personally cannot stand a woman beater BUT Trump is RIGHT. It is business and Charlie is clever and he brings in HIGH ratings. He and CBS will give statements and the show will continue.Even more viewers will watch to try and figure Sheen out. Hell, the cop that picked up his kids last night told Charlie he was sorry. Charlie said he understood he was doing his job. MEN love Charlie and woman watch because he is entertaining.

  2. 2

    Uh, no, I can't agree. When you suspect an actor's a bad boy, that's one thing. When you know every pulsating vein on his sweaty, chain-smoking, bat-$hit ranting, paid-'goddess' STD-ridden, cracked out forehead, that's a deal-breaker.

  3. 3

    You know, its very odd. You see a guy like Charlie Sheen, a good guy. And you compare him to a Lindsay Lohan, probably a good girl, but doesn't capitalize directly on being associated with recovery (maybe she gets I stipend, I don't know). But it just seems like Charlie's making more of a positive change for the world.

  4. 4

    Did Charlie Sheen change his outfit today?

    I'm dying to know.

  5. 5

    If I have to see Charlie Sheen's face one more time I'm going to stab my fucking eyes out with a fork.

  6. 6

    Yes I agree 100% !! Just leve the guy alone ! He is performing for your tv and that's all you (audience) should care about. Whatever his personal life is shouldn't be anybody's business, as well as if you agree with his thoughts or not. Go ahead! Throw the first stone! ….See? That's exactly why this wolrd is supposed to go to hell very soon.

  7. 7

    Perez Hilton, Charlie Sheen IS GETTING HELP! He quit coke and alcohol, America's two greatest drug problems, he has medical help for that coming to his house every day. He gets drug tests–all show he's clean–on a regular basis. He's been to rehabs in the past and they all cash in by selling his stories to the tabloids, and AA people do the same thing–plus the fact that AA is a cult that no one in their right mind goes to. He's doing great so far. I've seen him on TV several times in the past week and, while he's hyper from withdrawal, he's otherwise fine. Instead of picking on him, why don't you praise him for the hard work he's going through getting clean?

  8. 8

    "..but the man needs serious help. We'd be much happier to see him in a facility getting treatment…"

    I'm convinced that the #1 problem with this country is when something happens that is out of the ordinary… most people feel they need to pass judgment or take action on it, instead of just letting it be. I would not be surprise if someone found a way to turn this into a congressional hearing.

  9. 9

    I think Donald is an idiot when it comes to some things this being one. He thinks Charlie is fine? Money is more important than ones health. Nice. It is true that it would be huge success but lets face it do you think the cast and crew would agree to deal with him? I think not. I think they all should take a stand and put their foot down in this situation. There will always be money but you only have one life. Charlie's has more issues besides drugs.

  10. 10

    Who is the "we" you are referring to, Perez ? You and your staff ? I hope so.

  11. 11

    Yeah okay Dr. Perez. The only person that really needs help is you.

  12. 12

    Perez would you stop passing judgement on people with your dumb opinions. You dont realize the stage you have here and how it can kill a persons career. You are one of the meanist people on earth and people actually listen to you. Just leave people alone and dont be such a hypocrite. How do you know whats going on in these peoples live? Its so obvious how you try to coerce people into thinking like you. You dont know shit man. Try to be a little nicer from now on because karma is a bitch…

  13. 13

    Re: YouthMovement

  14. 14

    Trump is an A$$HOLE……………1 A$$HOLE wil always defend another A$$HOLE !!!!!!!

  15. 15

    con effing fusion beeches lollllll
    con effinggggg fusion -(watch joaquims movie lol)
    connnnnnnn effingggggggg fusionnnnnn haha

    u know i love trump i loved his show
    i even wanted a trump doll

    i do think people are willing to overlook aspects of mentlecasery as long as its amusing if people get unamusing then suddenly out comes the straight jacket..

  16. 16

    Re: Rammsteins – No him and the voices in his head lol

  17. 17

    omg perez.. youre such a kiss-ass and a suckup i cant read your shit anymore. lady gaga said she snorted lines of cocain of a bible and she is sooo cool. she comes on a award show in an egg and she is so faboosh! she comes dressed in meet and she is a trend setter! what is your fuckin' problem???????? YOU are the ones that need help!!! charlie's lived a life that all men dream of - he fucked prostitutes and porn stars, he's taken drugs, he had alcohol problems. and now, when he says he's a winner and lives with 2 women, he's insane? he's a rockstar of this era, deal with it. jesus f-in christ, i've heard and seen a lot worse shit from your faboosh lady gaga than from charlie.

  18. 18

    Ok, for one… Charlie Sheen is not fine!! He is not fantastic!! And the only reason that Donald Trump likes him is because he's jealous of his lifestyle!! I mean Sheen is a great actor but the crap that has been coming out of his mouth lately are ridiculous. If this is the way he acts when he sober then maybe he should go back to being F*d up because then maybe he would shut up. SO TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT CHARLIE SHEEN!!!

  19. 19

    I find it high-larious that Trump has been quoted saying Charlie is smart, and a great guy , ad nauseum. I can't wait until his supposed "presidential run" is announced. That will make a great platform to run on. "I stand up for tiger blooded warlocks who are coked out -whore-lovin-hotel-trashin-woman beaters! Why would anyone listen to what that asswipe with hair that looks like he pulled it out of the shower drain and swirled it around his head while he sucked on a lemon- has to say? I guess low class stank hos need to stick together…