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What's Up With This Wave Of Anti-Semitism Lately??

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A Sony music division from Japan has issued an apology for a band currently under their management.

The band in question, Kishidan, had an international Jewish group launch a complaint about the way the band was dressed for an MTV performance earlier this week.

This is what they wore:

Images broadcast on the "Megavector" program show the six-member band in black uniforms resembling those of Nazi soldiers, with distinctive red arm bands and epaulets.

Not good, you guys, not good. Why would ANYONE think that's okay??

How good was the apology?

Here's what it said:

"Although it was not meant to carry any ideological meaning whatsoever, we deeply regret and apologize for the distress it has caused Simon Wiesenthal Center and all concerned," read the statement, which was signed by two executives from the subsidiary.

Doesn't seem very heartfelt to us.

Way way way too many instances of anti-semitic remarks have been popping up lately. From Charlie Sheen text messages to the Galliano ordeal.

This needs to stop. When we talk about equality around here, we don't just mean for the LGBT community. We mean it for EVERYONE. Race, creed, sexual orientation, you name it.

Nobody should be discriminated!


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41 comments to “What's Up With This Wave Of Anti-Semitism Lately??”

  1. 1

    Your ignorance to anything that isn't celebrity is astonding. There is no wave, it has always existed in every corner of society. The police keep tabs on all reporst of racial, ethnic and religious bias and periodically release their statistics for human consumption. You might want to think about auditing some college course on politics, sociology, human behavior and anthropology if you are going to enter into the realm of national and world events on your blog. Really you need to educate yourself on the facts before your make comments that make you look dumb as dirt.

  2. 2

    You mean no one should be discriminated AGAINST.
    Perez, anti-semitism isn't new. Jews have been hated and persecuted throughout history. TBH, I don't know that there's more hatred lately, or the lid of political correctness (which should never have come to pass … political correctness is peer-pressure censorship) is about to blow off the pot of society and we're just hearing about it more than we have in the last few decades.
    I can't explain hatred of Jews; it's a mystery to me. But what you don't understand (or what you choose to ignore) is that political correctness breeds silence, not acceptance. Hatred exists, even if it's not spoken. Maybe these people who are alleged to hate Jews should be asked WHY they hate Jews. A productive, open dialogue, conducted without judgement or hatred, might actually HELP things.

  3. 3

    As a Jew, it is not the celebrity comments that scare me. They get publicized and the world takes note of their antisemitism. What scares me is going to the youtube videos (Eg. Galliano's "I love Hilter") and looking at the posts below.

  4. 4

    I think it's important to distinguish between actual anti-semites and insensitive dopes who don't really have any idea of the magnitude of what the Nazi's inflicted on Europe/Gypsies/Jews/disabled/homosexuals/Slavs/Communists etc. Don't get me wrong, both types of people are wrong, but some people just need some thorough education in history, and some people are just massive bigots who will never get over their irrational hatred. You can explain to those people about the hundreds of years of pre-Nazi anti-semitism in Europe/blood libel, Jews banned from owning land and the pogroms in Russia until you're blue in the face and they'll still be bigots.

  5. LeenB says – reply to this


    God it pisses me off when people inaccurately label it anti-semitism. First off, Jews represent about 10% of the semitic population.

    And there isn't a 'wave' of anti-jewishness because I think they are being sensitive. Putting Galliano's ordeal with this is ridiculous. Can I just mention Gaga used the Nazi symbol for homosexuals as well in her new video? Don't see anyone complaining about that. (The pink triangle is what the Nazis made homosexuals wear in the Holocaust).

    Unless the Japanese band were wearing swatsikas, I don't see what the problem is.

  6. 6

    Re: natasha1989 – Oh honey, never, ever, read youtube comments. They are like the scummy burnt on crust on the frying pan of stupidity.

  7. 7

    Re: LeenB – 1, anti-semitism has always meant anti-Jewish, regardless of the broader catchment of the meaning of 'Semitic'. That's how language works. It isn't always 100% literal like legal terminology.
    2, How are Jews being sensitive? Do you know any Jews who burst through your door this morning to show you this news? For every Jew who might care their are thousands who are getting one with their day and aren't even aware of this ridiculousness.
    3, Many homosexuals have 'reclaimed' the pink triangle that was used to brand and humiliate them in Nazi Germany. You would have to ask a homosexual if they find it offensive but otherwise it's pretty irrelevent to this post.

  8. 8

    If you were Palestinian, would you like the way you are being treated. Let's not forget about that. The Israelis are largely supported by the jews of the world. I rest my case. No need for hate, but need for justice and peace.

  9. 9

    Jews are not the only ones that are being hated on, do you think I like to be labelled as a terrorist even though I have done nothing. Lets just equal out the playing ground.

  10. 10

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – That attitude is what stops any progression from ever happening. You are just throwing a spanner in the works of human empathy by dividing people wherever you can. Oh you think someone might be sympathising with the Jews? Quick! 'WHAT ABOUT THE PALESTINIANS??' Someone wants to discuss the mistreatment of the palestinians in Gaza and someone says 'WHAT ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST???' It's always the same, some asshole has to come and remind us all why THEIR injustice is the worst and no one can ever get along because we all hate eachother. What do you propose smartass? World war 3? winner takes all, losers never get to complain about injustice again? Yeah that'll work! Another problem solved by humanity! pshh whatever.

  11. 11

    Re: Red Panda – Name calling like asshole and smartass will get you nowhere except show your own vulgarity. This goes for your way of thinking also, vulgar cannot recognize peace and love.

  12. 12

    This is such bullshit. Go take a look at Pink Floyd's "The Wall" videos. See some Nazi imagery? Music is art, and music videos are art and a way to express ones self. If someone wants to display a nazi uniform they should have every right to. You don't like it? Don't buy the album or watch the video.

  13. 13

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – My own vulgarity? Try my own frustration. Why bring Palestine into this? It's needlessly inflamatory and divissive and I think you knew that when you wrote it. It just sets everything back. Why feed a massively contesious issue like Israel/Palestine into an already sensitive post about anti-semitism? It just triggers the worst feelings people have about Jews and the state of Israel. I know you know that, so why say it here where we are trying to calm things down and get people to STOP blindly hating?

  14. 14

    Re: Red Panda – Your argument that "you would have to ask a homosexual" doesn't really work in the real world. Even if you did ask a gay person and they were offended, if they weren't powerful or loud enough they would be ignored. If a Jewish person said "what's the big deal about this story?" they would be ignored because the whistle has already been blown.

    I am always offended at how women who have been raped are always an example in favor of abortion, while these people arguing have probably never experienced rape or unplanned pregnancy. I have experienced both. Does anyone care? No, because the "groupthink" has already set in. I agree that political correctness is poison. It has nothing to do with how individuals feel and everything to do with how the powerful and influential feel, and people looking to pick a fight.

  15. 15

    what is there is a cabal of religious terrorists who hide behind a religion? Zionist bankers are evil and people are waking up to their fraud. They aren't Jews, it's the Zionists-TERRORISTS!

  16. 16

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – Hmmm…when I visited Israel in the 80's and a Palestinian terrorist blew up the cafe I had eaten by a few days before killing many innocent people, or the time our bus was pulled over and the bomb squad had us in ditches so they could remove a bomb, I can see why Israeli's should have no right to protect themselves. Let's not forget how Yasser Arafat was given BILLIONS of dollars that he embezzled and siphoned into his own bank accounts and never gave to his people to form a more functional and working society since he was their leader and all….Also, Palestinians willingly left Israel in 1948 so the other surrounding Arab countries could "push the Jews into the sea". they failed, and then did not absorb the Palestinian population that they told to leave and left them dangling. It is so easy to recreate history when you hate someone, but it just doesn't wash with the real text. Sorry.

  17. 17

    Re: Etteril – It's impossible to never offend anyone, but when it comes to something like Nazism it's usually best to just not go there with flippant remarks and loaded imagery for trivial purposes (gaga/sony).
    I guess you have to pick your battles. The more you tell certain people they're being offensive, the more they want to offend.
    As for abortion, I just think it's so personal I would never force anyone to make a choice either way. I can't even imagine it and I'm sorry that happend to you ):

  18. 18

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – PS: Also if you look at Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc., they are all rising up against corrupt governments that have stolen from them, brutalized them & siphoned billions & billions of dollars from the people. Actually, the Saudi's are bribing their people (youth are at 25% unemployment rate) with BILLIONS of dollars so they don't revolt…but I love how in the news, they are brainwashed by the same govt that is is the Jews b/c they need a scapegoat and someone to take the spotlight off them, and their corruption and hate. People figure it our eventually and that is why there has been so much unrest. But feel free to blame the Jews if you want to. I am sure they are used to it…

  19. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: Red Panda
    1. No because sometimes the word 'anti-semitic' is used on the semitic population which in my opinion is absolutely ridiculous.
    2. Erm, sorry I didn't understand what you mean. What i mean is, that it's ridiculous to place this incident as high up as the Galliano ordeal. I don't agree with Galliano, but dressing in a black uniform with a red band? Really? That's suppose to be offensive?
    As for the knowing Jews who burst through my door, no actually, because they fully know if they did that, I might have to burst through their doors every morning and every evening, round the clock showing them how terrible they are treating me and my people based on my ethnicity (I'm Palestinian).

    So excuse me for being 'insensitive' but it's ridiculous.

  20. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: Red Panda
    You know why? Because the Western 'democracies' are supporting an injust state. If the US stopped abusing its veto power to defend Israel, despite all other democracies condemn it, it would be a different story.
    As for the Holocaust, you should see Finklestein's speech at Waterloo University. He says its disgraceful to use his parents' suffering (all his family died in concentration camps) to justify the treatment of Palestinians.

  21. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: Natanya
    At the same time, I have lived in Israel for 19 years. I'm Palestinian and have experienced violence from both sides (my school was a popular area for suicide bombings and my family live in the West Bank). Does this mean I understand Israel's massacre of Gaza? No, because I don't allow this to cloud my judgement. Do I feel sorry for the soldiers who have to serve in the army? Yes, because I've heard horror stories from my classmates who are both serving in the army. The biggest cause of death in the army is suicide and they are often put through gruelling psychological training to be able to finish their training. At the same time, I have been shot at, tear gassed, suffer deep traumatic stress, seen my family go through hell and my mom and sister stuck in shooting between both sides. Conclusion, this conflict has to stop. But in order for it to stop, you must understand how both sides work. Even the Israeli society is becoming increasingly resentful of Netanyahu and Israeli policies. Just take a look at Haaretz's opinion and you would see what I mean.

  22. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: Natanya
    And Palestinians didn't leave willingly. Man even the Israeli authorities keep trying to kick me out, and I have done absolutely nothing to them. Some parts of the Israeli authorities just don't like anyone who don't agree with them. I know a Jewish writer, who is often critical of Israeli policies, has been labelled a traitor and was blocked from entry into Israel several times. Same with Noam Chomsky, he wasn't allowed in Israel despite him being Jewish, because they didn't 'like' his criticism of Israel.
    As for Arafat, I don't agree with him, in fact I think the Palestinians who came back did more damage to the Palestinian society than benefit. At the same time, the Palestinian society is enjoying an economical boom thanks to the new administration, yet unfortunately they are starting to curtail on civil liberties.

  23. 23

    What's with the anti-semitism LATELY?? Are you retarded?? Ever hear of the holocaust?? Anti-semetism didn't just pop up over night. And who said this is anti-semetic?? Did anyone actually see a swastika?? Maybe it was taken out of context and made a big deal of when it shouldn't have been, like many things.

  24. 24

    I believe the people taking offense (including Perez) didn't r e s e a r c h this properly for the decillionith time. First of all, Kishidan is a goofy Japanese boy band that wears costumes frequently. The costumes they donned bore images the general public would equate to antisemitism. In this case the band didn't know that they were offending anyone until Sony received a letter from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Sony along with the members of Kishidan have already apologized for it.

  25. 25

    Re: LeenB – Wow do you need to grow up. When you do, please open up a dictionary and look up anti-semitism, if you know how to use a dictionary that is.

  26. 26

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – then quit bringing up shit that keeps stirring the pot.

  27. 27

    this post is ridiculous!!! things like this being publicized only put more hate out into the world then understanding. i am sure this group didnt mean to offend anyone…its not like they were wearing swastikas!! no offense but the only thing i know about the nazi uniform is the swastika and the red band…everything else..NOT A CHANCEE!!! people are so sensitive nowadays and blow up about everything and anything they're probably missing all of the REAL anti-semitism in the world. music is art and people may express themselves however they want. we apparently believe and continually say that everyone should have a right to be heard and express themselves and live the lives they want, yet whenever it goes against what another believes it is "wrong?" hmmm…how is this logical? i would NEVER imagine using the swastika symbol or any other symbol that reminded me of that evil and despicable time bc FOR ME that would be wrong. with that being said….art revels in history and nazism IS history and it will be brought up, used in art, literature, movies, etc whether we like it or not. they never made disparaging marks about the jewish community…they wore an undistinguishable uniform with a red band that got your panties in a twist. GET OVER IT!!

  28. 28

    Re: LeenB – Whew…what a relief to actually communicate with someone who can present a side without all the invective! For that, thank you! OK- first, I was originally speaking to people who react with such hatred, as if Jewish people have no right to exist, or exist in Israel. I am always shocked at the hatred (or maybe shocked that I am disputing it on Perez Hilton? :) ) When I was referencing Palestinians that left Israel, it was in the 40's when several Arab nations attacked Israel. I don't mean now, where there are Palestinians and Israeli's that want to be part of Israel where EVERYONE can thrive. Second, it is very sad, and I feel terrible that your family would be in such a situation. War and conflict benefit no one. I was referencing personal situations to people who act like no one has ever attacked people in Israel. When I lived in Israel and had a wonderful time with all types of people, places such as in the Arab souk talking to everyone, but I also felt the fear of being in places where attack could happen (and did) at any time to innocent people for no reason. I also understand what is happening with Netanyahu and the left and right never being happy ( too strong, not strong enough). (to be continued…)

  29. 29

    (continued…) I think it is crazy that people can't speak their opinion (Chomsky, Ezrahi) or debate the government, and I disagree with the far religious right as well, where they just keep plowing on in disregard of the good of everyone. That to me is extremist thinking, and totally flies in the face of compromise. So, I probably agree with many policies that you believe in as well-I just was responding to other people who act as though Jewish people have no rights in this world to exist and that nothing has ever happened to them that they have had to defend themselves against. I wish you and your family the BEST, and I hope in our lifetime, there can be compromise and peace for everyone's sake….

  30. 30

    That band is ripping off Deadsy, not Nazis….. Stupid fucks…

  31. 31

    Re: LeenB – You think every Jew wants to persecute you?

  32. 32

    Re: LeenB – OK listen, I think what you are doing is you are conflating all jews everywhere with any trace of Jewish blood from all parts of history with the Israeli goverment.
    I don't like that govenrment either, they take a totally facist attitude to Palestinians, but you gotta see it from the point of view of people who have absolutely nothing to do with it who might be Jewish or lost family in the holocaust. This wasn't about Palestine and you and others just brought it in. How do you think that makes people feel who lost family and suffered anti-semitism AND don't like the Israeli government? You are saying all Jews are heartless and have no right to feelings until Israel (something most of us have no control over) changes. That's not fair either. There are plenty of Jewish organizations for peace in the middle east here in the UK. Those people don't wish you'd get run out of your home, but they don't wanna be told they're over sensitive when they recieve racial abuse either.

  33. 33

    I know…what's with the Anti-Semitism all of a sudden….I though this decade was all about being Anti-Islamic!!! Isn't that all the rage?????? I mean….no one has to lose their job or publicly apologize or be labelled a Nazi then right??? I mean..look at Fox News…and you'll know that its hip, happening and patriotic to bash Muslims!!! Nobody talks of equality then..I mean why should you…heaven forbid if you do, you'll be labelled a sympathizer or worse…anti-american!!!
    Let's really talk equality when we all stop being Islamophobic too..alrite, till then you, Perez and most of us are just a bunch of hypocrites!!!

  34. 34

    To be honest Perez, the nazi uniform has been through the whole history of fashion army uniforms, the best one. Its classy and its beautiful. We are talking about cloth here.
    Now, like someone said, unless they were wearing the swastika then theres no reason to say nothing against them. Uniforms are now at days something just very fashionable, such as pirate jackets, or even those very well known jackets from the old civil american wars. And I dont see north or south fighting each other because of a jacket!.
    Some people really need to start being less sensitive. Unless the lyrics or their symbols had something to do with the Nazis, some uniforms will do no harm.

  35. 35

    BTW Perez, if its about bashing clothing now, go check your beloved Lady Gag-a in the Alejandro video, her dancers have a resemble-like nazi uniforms and OMG…. noooo… they are wearing RED ARMBANDS!… omg,,,,, they must be anti-semitists!!!!!!!! lol Perez get over yourself a bit.

  36. 36

    Re: Natanya – You lie when you write that Palestinians WILLINGLY left Palestine in 1948, how dare you. Didn't you read Menachem Begin's memoirs, he writes very clearly that he was a terrorist and used to blow up palestinian villages and terrorize its people. When he was once asked why he did that, he answered simply: We wanted them to leave, that's all. Strangely enough it is impossible to find that book today except in certain university libraries. I suggest you try to find it and read it, I did and cried. Nothing will ever justify the way Palestine was taken away from its people, nothing. One day justice will prevail inevitably and Palestinians will get back their country. It's called Karma and you better believe it.

  37. 37

    Re: Farah Kazi – Maybe we should stop hatred towards EVERYONE. Don't give me that "they have it worse" nonsense. Everyone's been hated at some point.

  38. 38

    Re: PerezSux54 – The word "anti-semitic" is used so often I'm surprised you don't spell it right (NOT anti-semetic)

  39. 39

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – The way Palestine was taken away from it's people? How about you read the Bible, the Torah, the Dead Sea Scrolls or anything else that shows that Jews have been in Israel for THOUSANDS of years. I believe that there should be peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but you are literally insane if you think the Jews have no right to be in a land that they have always inhabited, and have no right to defend it's borders against attack. If you are so gung ho about fighting Israel, put your money where your mouth is and go join any number of armies looking to fight her. Be my guest. You are probably a lazy coward who hides behind his vitriol because he is a tremendous underachiever and has to find an outlet for his feelings of inadequacy, instead of trying to find solutions. As seeped in your hate as you are, you are doomed to repeat mistakes, as opposed to learn from them.

  40. 40

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – Also- so funny that you are Mr. "Peace and Love" and then in the same breath, "Karma's a bitch" what a hypocrite. I doubt you have lived in Israel either, right? Well I have. It is easy to be an armchair quarterback with no experience on the ground. My father risked his life working with the US government going back and forth from Israel to Beirut in the 1960's, and knew if he lost his papers stating he was specifically Christian, he would be killed for SUSPICION of being a Jew. You are all talk, no experience. All rational people want peace, all irrational people have no experience and love to stir the pot. Nice yellow flower by the way…bet you would run a tank over it if you found out it was Jewish.

  41. 41

    I know this band and they always wear black school uniforms. They are spoofing old school hoodlum teenagers. They change the color of their arm band all the time. People need to lighten up and not take offense over things that might have not been intentional.