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Jewish People Not Responsible for Jesus' Death, Says Pope In New Book

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Wow. Finally looks like something's come up that'll stir up more conversation than Charlie Sheen's every move!

In excerpts from his upcoming book Jesus of Nazareth-Part II, Pope Benedict XVI "explains biblically and theologically why there is no basis in Scripture for the argument that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus' death."

Here's what American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants' Elan Steinberg had to say about it:

"Holocaust survivors know only too well how the centuries-long charge of 'Christ killer' against the Jews created a poisonous climate of hate that was the foundation of anti-Semitic persecution whose ultimate expression was realized in the Holocaust."

And here's what Anti-Defamation League national director Abraham H. Foxman had to say about it:

"[That Benedict is a theologian makes] this statement from the Holy See that much more significant for now and for future generations."


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51 comments to “Jewish People Not Responsible for Jesus' Death, Says Pope In New Book”

  1. 1

    While I applaud the fact that the Pope is finally saying something about this, how is this entertainment news?

  2. 2

    ummmmmmmm but it does………… oh corruption

  3. kizzy says – reply to this


    The damage has already been done to the Jews so this won't stop any of the hatred that they unfailty face

  4. 4

    this is really only relevant to those who believe in the bible in the first place..

  5. 5

    You cant just go changing the bible how is this possible?, if they can just change it then does that mean its not true? or did they fudge on the details

  6. 6

    oh no! now erick cartman won't bully kyle for killing jesus

  7. 7

    if anybody here knows anything about american religious history…you would know that the catholic church recognized this to be true way back in the publishing of Vatican II. However, it is huge that the Pope is in fact commenting…as since Vatican II the Church completely refrained from making a statement…… but yea–how IS this entertainment news!? excellent point…

  8. kizzy says – reply to this


    the ROMANS (Italians) killed Jesus I have no idea why Jews were being blames maybe it's cause all the the vatican is in Rome and the catholics needed to blame someone else

  9. 9

    No but Louis Farrakan seems to think they pissed in his cherrios.

  10. 10

    Re: kizzy – I'm a Jewish studies student, the reason that the Jews were blamed is because they arrested Jesus and they took him to Pontius Pilate. If they hadn't arrested him the Romans wouldn't have killed him. The Jews pointed the gun and the Romans pulled the trigger. That is the argument
    Either way it is not of importance given there was no free will seeing as Jesus had to die. Pointing the finger is dumb

  11. YUCK says – reply to this


    OMG pigz, you are so pathetic. I wont even tell you all the reasons why, I think everyone that comes to your site knows them. I am looking forward to your downfall.

  12. 12

    The Vatican Jesuit Mafia Network doing damage control once again.

  13. 13

    Nazis were not Christians. Quite the opposite they had tied to Paganism and thought Christianity something that weakens the Aryan race with ideas of equality and sympathy for "lower" people. Steinberg and the ADL sound completely ignorant akin to blaming Mexicans for Slavery. Stupid.

    If the Holocaust was motivated by Jews killing Jesus why were 2 million Christian Poles killed in the Holocaust by the Nazis? Why were gypsies killed? Why were gays? It has nothing to do with religious rhetoric but the opposite: the decline of religion and the rise of 20th century "scientific" approaches to race, culture and history that deemed Aryans superior.

    I'm Jewish but am interested in Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions. Christians do not learn the Jews killed Jesus. It's myth like the one that you learn from kids in Hebrew school that "down South" or "in Saudi Arabi" kids are taught that Jews have horns. It's nonsense and hogwash to promote tribalism and solidarity within the Jewish community.

    Theologically and simply speaking, Christians believe that GOD killed Jesus. Jesus gave himself willingly to be sacrificed as redemption for the theological concept of Original Sin (or the idea that people themselves are not perfect, and thus our world is imperfect and has suffering).

    Most people who have bigoted or negative views on Christianity, Islam or Judaism simply have not bothered to educated themselves on it.

  14. 14

    @lafuriaroja actually current Jewish scholarship is a bit more sinister. Early Christians were Jews and more politically pointed Rabbis and scholars believe that the delivery of Jesus by the Jews is specifically pointed at the Pharisees (who were the Jewish faction in power at the time and thus the faction that tried to repress Christianity among Jewish converts around the time the gospels were written).

    The idea that "Jews killed Jesus" is the base of antisemiticsm is so asinine. First of all Jews prospered in Europe and Ashkenazi who were once less than 5% of the world Jewish population are now over 90%. Also foreign groups in Europe were similarly persecuted who had nothing to do with Judaism. Antisemiticsm like all bigotry it has to do with economic conflict, endogamy and power. Much like slavery, once machines were more productive than manpower slavery all over the world was phased out. ECONOMICS.

  15. Ferg says – reply to this


    Pilot gave the Jews a choice between a murderer and Jesus. They chose to crucify Jesus Christ. Romans killed him. Jews had the choice. If people would actually read and study their Bibles, they would know this, because it is there in the new testament. Within the first 4 books.

  16. 16

    Re: lafuriaroja – I went to Catholic school for 14 years so I know a thing or two about the fairy tale called the bible. As the story goes, the Jews wanted Jesus dead. The peeps in charge of the Jews, the Romans, did what the Jews wanted because could they give a fuck that there was one less Jew? No, they didn't and they killed him…thanks to the Jews. Either way, it's total bullshit. Jesus of Nazareth didn't exist. The story is stolen from the Sumerians and Lord knows who they stole it from.

  17. 17

    I don't wanna hear anything from the Pope unless its the dismantling of disgusting Catholic churches, where they enable their priests to molest children by protecting them with no questions asked.

    I truly feel bad for normal Catholic people, I would convert ASAP.

  18. 18

    Re: pizzle2 – the rates of molestation among clergy in the US is similar across faiths. For example, there are dozens if not hundreds of cases in Brooklyn where there is a large Jewish (including Hassidic) communities. Like the Catholic church, Jewish leaders have traditionally covered up these violations and in insular immigrant communities the DA doesn't even have jurisdiction but relies on rabbinical courts in the USA to determine punishments for crimes in the community.

    I DARE you to make the same bigoted statements against Jews as you spew against Catholics. Oh. Dont have the guts to? Not surprised.

    With even the least bit of an intelligent mind to find basis of your bigotry towards a particular religion, these facts are easily accessible to you through the Internet.

  19. 19

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – honey you need to go back to school and talk to some nuns. Jesus' divinity obviously is dubious but historical Jesus certainly did exist and is mentioned in extant sources. So did John the Baptist, and more importantly the historical tradition of the Essenes which influenced Jesus' teachings

    You're confusing the idea of the Godhead (Trinity) doctrine, which indeed was probably influenced by other Asian (not Sumerian) sources

  20. 20

    Hes a catholic so he isn't even relevant.

  21. 21

    See? This is NOT ENTERTAINMENT Perez. This site is supposed to be fun, about the entertainment industry. When are you going to learn that politics and religion are rarely FUN debates? If I wanted to be preached to I'd pick a church, not a pink website with a Queen cartoon!

  22. 22

    Re: shalom69 – Doll face, Jesus Christ did not exist. No one wrote about him til decades after he supposedly died. It's clearly a story stolen from Sumerians and the Sumerians got their tale from earlier peoples who made it up sitting around campfires. I'm an anthropologist so I'm not talking out of my ass when I say that very few archeologists believe Jesus existed. There is no physical evidence to support such a claim. Plus, all the evidence shows it's just some tale from THE GOD DAMNED SUMERIANS!!

  23. 23

    Riiiiiiiiight, has the 'pope' even read the Bible? Oh wait, he's Roman Catholic…that changes things..>.>

  24. 24

    I think this is just further proof that the world would be a better place if religion did NOT exist.

    Christians or other religous freaks are just dumb.

    the idea of accepting things with no proof is more logical than dismissing them without proof? LOL riight

  25. 25

    Given the fact that the first pope Peter was a jew, it appears a rather inevitable step that Ratzinger finally gives the jews their 5 cents! cough cough…
    I mean how dare he even continue to reside in the vatican with all the prejudices he himself holds against other people esp. jews?
    At the time when Jesus lived and died, Jews and Romans were not just two religious groups existing side by side but two political opponents!
    Rebels were always killed by executives of a sublime power and Jesus was just one of them! No word is ever lost about their suppression, torture and murder!
    There was no seperation of church and state as we know it today!

  26. 26

    Re: Mandy Lynn – They dont change it, its "re-interpretated". Thats why Christianity is the one with the LONGEST list of branches, cause too many people interpretate the bible on their own way.

  27. 27

    Re: lafuriaroja – So all these things that Jesus died for the people now is neither true?. This is all confusing! lol Lucky I dont bother believing in these things and Im fine with everybody.

  28. 28

    Weren't they all Jews at that time? So, yes, the Jews killed Christ. Christianity came with Jesus, of course, but the Jews killed him, unwittingly fulfilling the prophecy.

  29. 29

    The Jews did kill Jesus. However, it was PROPHECIED that he would be killed and it was NECESSARY, so the fact the Jews have long lived with this "Christ-killer" hate towards them is very sad. It really doesn't matter who killed Jesus. But nontheless, if you want to sort out the facts, then the Pope needs to get it straight. I've studied the Bible since I could read….and the facts are, the Jews did in fact kill Jesus. Love and equality to all. xoxo

  30. 30

    I hate this new Pope. The jews are NOT responsible for Jesus' death?! WTF Yes they are!! Who is responsible then? The Romans? Maybe if the Pope reread the Bible he'd see LIKE EVERYONE ELSE that Pilot gave the JEWS the choice between freeing Jesus or a RAPIST MURDERER and THEY CHOSE THE MURDERER. He said washed his hands of Jesus, he had nothing to do with him dying…it was THE JEWS who decided to crucify him. I hate it when fucking jews can't take responsibility for their own actions. READ THE BIBLE you'll clearly see that these people who worshipped him on Palm Sunday turned on him and killed him the next week. The Pope is just saying this to try to mend some fucking bridge or to look good. Urgh I never liked this Nazi Pope.

  31. 31

    who cares he was a cult leader anyway.

  32. 32

    This is totally irrelevant. REAL christians know that what put Jesus on the cross was me and MY sin. It's personal. The Jews at the time were on the tool that physically brought Jesus there, but it was because of me. Anyone that believes in scripture understands this.

    Now, the crazies that cause mayhem in the world and only use the bible as an excuse to do evil will never understand the very chore of this.

  33. 33

    This is totally irrelevant. REAL christians know that what put Jesus on the cross was me and MY sin. It's personal. The Jews at the time were only the tool that physically brought Jesus there, but it was because of me. Anyone that believes in scripture understands this.
    Now, the crazies that cause mayhem in the world and only use the bible as an excuse to do evil will never understand the very core of this.

  34. 34

    offcourse the Jews didnt kill Jesus, they pushed the Romans to do it.

  35. 35

    the romans killed him in the story

  36. 36

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – for the first time ever and probably the last time ever I agree with you

  37. 37

    We're supposed to accept the OPINION (based on no-thing biblical) from a CHILD MOLESTER PROTECTOR? IF you protect child molesters why not Jews. The sequel to his money hustle is Muslims weren't responsible for 911.

  38. 38

    The entire catholic religion is not based on the bible I don't even know why they're consider Christians. They are not respect by other christian sects, because they just make up stuff NOT in the bible. They pray to made saints NOT in the bible, they make up rules like priest not marrying (NOT BASED ON SCRIPTURE) The kick people out of church (NOT BASED ON JESUS TEACHING) They pray to Mary WHO DOES NOT RECEIVE PRAYERS, She in heaven minding her own business like everybody else. Shew hasn't heard from ANYONE since she's Died. Furthermore SHE HAD 2 OTHER CHILDREN she wasn't a virgin forever. Catholicism is a joke with all it's Senile leaders. I would follow my grandfather to the grocery store let lone to HELL. Catholicism means "MAKE OF SHIT" in Greek.

  39. 39

    Well, a small number of Jewish people were involved in the Crusifiction, but anyone who knows anything about the Bible or Jesus knows that that's a complete non-arguement pro-anti-semetisim. And what the Pope says about it? Don't really care that much …

  40. 40

    who even cares? christians in the whole world - no matter what branch - need to go away

  41. 41

    There were and are today millions of JEWISH ROMANS. EVEN SOME OF THE PROPHETS were JEWISH BORN IN ROME and converted to Christianity. Lets talk what we know/read in the bible. most of you are giving opinions based on what you've hears 3rd hand. you have never step foot inside a church or even know how to read a bible. The Pope tell you to drink some cool aid because it's in the bible you'll do it. Just because HE said it was in there. ALWAYS QUESTION AUTHORITY, and ALWAYS VERIFY BEFORE YOUR CRY!!!!!!!

  42. 42

    wow ppl are so hurtfull and anti-semetic get over it hes dead!!! obama is a black president its 2011 stoppppp with the blaming and time for a change! the pope obviously did his research and noted that it was wrong to blame the jews! any real history in religon would know that jesus was a attention seeking man and played with black magic when he got a hold of gds 32 names he wrote it on his hand with allowed him to have power- when people saw this because he used it to his advantage people assumed he was for the son of g d like he claimed he was.. as so the jewish people where upset by this and also did magic to show the people that he is not the son of g-d but a houxs so from this the romans where soooooo upset and killed him.. since jesus was a jew and by jewish law he needed to be burried acording to jewish customs the jews went in the middle of the night and took his body to burry him the proper way. as for the morning came and jesus was not found and again thats where the romans came up that he was the son of g-d in reality he was a simply jew. so all this hate towards the jews jesus was a jew u are hateing jews but ur just going agesnt jesus when you say hurtfull things like that. what would jesus say. your all doing sinfull things the jews take action for when they need too where in history do you see the jews attacking anyone first? they have country the

  43. 43

    fingers eyes we are all one. everyone needs to just shut the hell up!

    sorry for my english and spelling i am not american.

    peace and love imagin if we could all get along

  44. 44

    Notice how the majority of people who replied are Jewish!! haha…lol…I didn't realize there were so many here…..no wonder I like it!

  45. 45

    judging by the comments, this is almost as world shattering as the story about astrological signs being wrong
    lol people taking imaginary things way too seriously

  46. 46

    Re: shalom69 – Extant sources are not contemporary sources. We have no contemporary sources that document Jesus' existence.

    The mention of Jesus found in the works of Josephus is likely an interpolation from Christian scribes. Even if it isn't an interpolation, Josephus was born in 37 AD and his earliest works are dated to 75 AD, so anything he wrote about Jesus was hearsay. Tacitus isn't a contemporary source either. He came along even later than Josephus. None of the gospels are contemporary either. Basically, we have NO firsthand accounts of Jesus. We only have accounts from people who were born after Jesus supposedly died. That's not enough proof to say that it's certain he was a real person.

  47. 47

    Guys this isn't a joke, I've studied other religions and even the Qur'an says that jews were responsible for most of the deaths of messengers! which includes jesus.

  48. 48

    Well DUH! I didn't need a peodophile-protecting pope to tell me what I already knew. But I'm still glad to see he put it out there.

  49. 49

    uhh, isn't Jesus Jewish?
    You know, INRI, that thing in top of Jesus head on the cross… - Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum - Jesus Nazarenus … King of the Jews,
    So when Cristians hate on Jews wouldn't they be hating on Jesus too?
    extremely religious people irritate me.
    Be a good person, and go on with life. If you're religious, yet a hateful (p.o.c) then why be religious in the first place.

  50. 50

    Re: Mancunian – that is so fucking funny. i was going to post the exact same thing.

  51. 51

    Re: kizzy – Poncius asked the crowd (All jews) Who they want to se crucify and they responded; Jesus, Jesus!! I went to catholic school and they teach that to you. I'm no christian anymore and don't believe in that fiction book called Bible but that's one of the reasons of the hate people have for Jews, but in the same way Jews say that the whole Germany is responsible for the Holocaust! Don't you think that many citizens in that country opposed Hitler?