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Matt Damon Vs. Barack Obama

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matt damon va barack obama

Well, this certainly isn't the first time that he's called out a politician…

On Thursday night, Matt Damon talks to Piers Morgan about Barack Obama, and he let's the world know that he's NOT happy with Obama's performance as President thus far.

Here's Damon on Obama's education policy:

"I really think he misinterpreted his mandate. A friend of mine said to me the other day, I thought it was a great line, 'I no longer hope for audacity.' He's doubled down on a lot of things, going back to education… the idea that we're testing kids and we're tying teachers salaries to how kids are performing on tests, that kind of mechanized thinking has nothing to do with higher order. We're training them, not teaching them."

What do U think about Damon's comments?

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66 comments to “Matt Damon Vs. Barack Obama”

  1. 1

    agree 100%!!! Test are crazy and they dont help you learn anything. I know all the meterial and yet i blank when it comes to taking test.

  2. 2

    Damon is a racist, pure and simple. I mean, that's what we call people who criticize Obama, right? To quote Janeane Garafalo, he's just hatin' on a black man.

  3. 3

    Damen should stick to acting and let Obama govern. Sure, not every solution is going to satisfy every little problem in the fickle American life, but I think he is doing a hell-of-a better job than old Georgie. I mean, at least he is trying. Unlike W. Besides, if he doesn't like Obama, then next time around he needs to go out and vote for the other guy or gal. That is how our society works. Thats is how you effectively make change. Exercise your rights, don't just bitch and moan.

  4. 4

    Matt is so right! Matt for president!!!

  5. 5

    He's right. UH OH but he's white. Automatic racist. ::::smh::::

  6. 6

    Perez, this is supposed to be a celebrity gossip site. You're veering too hard too often into politics. If you want to discuss stuff like this, please make a new political site, where you can quote actors spouting about politics. Damon has the right to his opinion, but does he have any idea what he's talking about? Probably not … and the politics thing here is getting stale.

  7. 7

    I agree with Matt.

  8. 8

    Matt is right. We don't teach the kids anymore they train them for all these tests. All day long they drill CRCT questions into their heads. And it drives me crazy how people think because he's white he's being racist thats just stupid. People forget that Obama is half white and was raised by white grandparents. Lets get real people. And trying isn't good enough. He was suppose to make such a big change where is that?? George actually fought for what he believed in. Would Obama?

  9. 9

    Re: FemaleFilmMajor – He IS exercising his rights - the right to free speech…and he's a very bright guy.

  10. 10

    He is right. I was born and raised in New York State where it's all about state test and passing them. 90 percent of the school year you are given old state test to memorize the questions and answers. I can say I never learned anything that was not on those test and that’s really sad.

  11. 11

    Matt is a great Actor. No accountability always works..ask the teachers

  12. 12

    I agree 100% with Matt. I mean, Obama is doing some things right and others he is failing. Matt has the right to voice his opinions just like every other American.

  13. 13

    I agree salaries should not be tied to test performance, but BIG bonuses should. You would get better results that way. And in response to "Damen (sic) should stick to acting", EVERYONE should be more involved. We've recently seen how people can make a political difference (in Egypt).

  14. Eilee says – reply to this


    doesnt make any sense
    Damon should stick to acting! and I amnot even an Obama fan ; I voted for McCain!

    Damon- just act- nobody is paying you for your opinions!

  15. buck says – reply to this


    Matt should simply act. Obama should lay low and ride out the last 2 years with minimal damage to the US and then lay on a beach somewhere and laugh at us all with the way an inexperienced, community organizer became President of the US.

  16. 16

    Obviously Matt is a vey smart guy, but did he ever have poor teachers or did he only attend the best schools? i would assume the latter and if he did have some bad instructors i'd bet he wished salary was tied to these instructors efforts because maybe they would've been more accountable teaching the subject. If every student grew up like Matt with the same schooling i would agree with Matt.

  17. 17

    THANK YOU, MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18

    No child left behind was an educational policy created by George W. Bush….. need we say more? Agree 100% with Matt Damon. Our children are no longer being taught to think, just to answer questions on a test….

  19. 19

    Re: candyapples

    You'd think that, but, there are so many kids out there with families that don't care about school. They see it as a daycare center and don't help kids with homework and don't listen to younger students read and don't encourage their students at all. This is a learned behavior, and there's no fighting it. Teachers, students AND parents need to find a common ground. It is not the responsibility of the teacher's alone to teach these kids. Parents have to do something, too. Parents have to get involved. That's it. That's all there is.

  20. 20

    100% correct! Kids are not taught anything anymore except how to fill in a bubble completely with their #2 pencil..More people should pay attention to what is being done in our schools..its a disgrace! And BOTH PARENTS AND TEACHERS ALIKE are responsible!

  21. 21

    Matt need to be worry about getting his wife a green card, oh wait he married the immigrant.

  22. 22

    I am also disappointed in Obama. He writes and delivers a good speech PERIOD

  23. 23

    I'm sure Obama will be crush lol anyways you can't please everyone.

  24. 24

    They're not teaching children because they're more concern about their "rights" such as wages, benefits and being in unions. Teaching children be damned.

  25. 25

    Every PARENT is responsible to teach their children!!! Teach them to use their brain, to think for THEMSELVES!! They are training our children to be drones (sheeple). WAKE UP people, stop pulling the wool over your eyes!

  26. 26

    Re: katigirl2011 – Absolutely! Many parents want to do nothing to educate their children and then they blame the teachers. I just had this argument with my sister-in-law, who has never had to work. My brother wants her to work on sentences with me nephew. She says he is smart enough and she doesn't want him to get bored. How about a teacher with 30-40 students and has to try to keep them all interested? She sleeps all day, he comes from school & plays in his room. Lazy bitch, but she is the 1st to criticize teachers.

  27. 27

    Matt Damon -vs- Barack Obama
    Late-term vetting. How….progressive!

  28. buck says – reply to this


    We should come up with a system were the government pays high salaries and even higher pensions once they employees stop working. And we should also make it impossible to be fired no matter what sort of production is being done. We should take a little money from these employee's so we can pay off politicians who will make sure that our system stays in place. This will be really cool because the private sector tax payers will have to pay for the whole scheme. Once they find out what we are doing we will be long gone and they will have to take care of the debt we put them in. This systme will be really, really cool for us.

  29. 29

    Re: tiggerchick5 – so if your white and have an thought then your racist. Listen to yourself whose racist?

  30. 30

    Wow…. that is 100% accurate. I have nothing against teachers, because they are just doing what the state makes them do, but our kids aren't learning much in school. All the focus, all year long is how to pass a test. Meanwhile, we have children graduating high school who can't read or perform math past an 8th grade level. And knowledge of history, economics, politics, art…. forget about it! I have kids and I take it upon myself to educate them when they come home. We love the History Channel and The Discovery Channel!! :) We read, we debate, we TALK! Don't let your kids come home from their babysitters (public school) and zone out in front of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. Mold them into intelligent, well informed adults. They're our future!

  31. 31

    stick to acting….leave this president alone….it's so easy to give opinons but would you want his job even for one day……and matt your not that great of an actor.

  32. 32

    You all should really read what you are typing before looking like total jackasses, everyone here sounds like they are racists and followers. If you folks would really open your eyes and see the real truth you all would s**t yourselves.

  33. 33

    I completely agree with Matt Damon. Teachers already spend too much time trying to prepare kids for a test instead of really teaching them. It's only going to get worse if their raises are based on test scores.

  34. 34

    YAY Matt! It's about time people start calling this so-called president out on all of his crap. AND…….I don't care what color he is………….this is NOT racism. People LOVE to pull that racism card out. I'd be saying and thinking the same thing no matter his race, color, creed, religion, etc. He needs to be held accountable and nobody is doing it.

  35. 35

    Re: Roccomagoo – Opening your mouth doesn't change anything. Voting changes things. Sure, we have the right to say what we want, but simply stating what you feel is wrong with the world isn't constructive, at all. Stating what is wrong with out offering some type of solution is the actual definition of 'bitching and moaning.' People do it all the time. (e.x) Joe asks Bob to give him a ride to work at 5:00am as a favor, they get lost…. Joe: "God i knew you were driving the wrong way, you are so lost! You have no idea what's going on! I can't believe you got us lost like this, I can't believe you did this. This sucks. Now I'm going to be late" Bob: "Ok, well what do you think we should do?" Joe: "i don't know" ….the passenger, while exercising his right to free speech, isn't really doing anything at all, now is he?

  36. 36

    Re: Eilee – Well nobody is paying you for your opinions either. He can say what he wants, everyone can have an opinion and who are you to say that Matt can't.

  37. 37

    Re: katigirl2011 – I agree that parents should be the biggest education source for their children and the school a back up for anything the parents may have missed. Now, how do we get the rest of America on board? That is the real problem.

  38. 38

    Agree that the "accountability fad" failed (that was Bush's, BTW). What does it say that kids can pass a state test with flying colors but do horribly on an independent (international) test in the same subject? That the state tests are garbage. It's really on the states to do a better job, *but* it pisses me off that he's not made a move to revise and restructure the education act–a lot of what states are doing is in response to NCLB, and I think innovation could happen more easily if states weren't having to jump through so many hoops to get their federal dollars.

  39. 39

    Re: FemaleFilmMajor – I would be very surprised if Damon doesn't vote. He has every right to give his opinion as an American…actor or not.

  40. 40

    I can't stand artsy actor liberals. Can't stand even the way they look with their smug, twisted up, cocky, elitist wannabee looking faces. Let anyone their philosophies. Matt Damen has got really, really bad liberal face. I know it all sounds kind of strange and shallow, but it really does just make you want to puke looking at them.

  41. 41

    Education starts in the home (or at least should). There's a saying that goes "if you can read this, thank a teacher". Fuck that, I thank my parents.

  42. 42

    Obama might not be perfect, but for fucks-sake…People expect Obama to be a God…and it's just weird

  43. 43

    Re: Roccomagoo – …. I have the right to call him out for bitching, when he, more than the average American, has the platform and the money to bring about actual change. But instead, he uses his platform to complain. I am tired of famous celebrities pretending like they have an insight into the lives of average people. What is Matt Damon doing to improve America's lowest performing public schools? What is Matt Damon doing to make sure teachers get paid what they deserve? What is Matt Damon doing to help make class sizes smaller? What is Matt Damon doing to make sure impoverished kids can eat free lunch at school regardless of their parents inability to pay? What is Matt Damon doing to improve the overall education of American youth….The Adjustment Bureau? Matt Damon is a citizen of this nation just like the rest of us and if he doesn't like what he sees then he can get up off his ass and do something. otherwise, i only wana see him open his mouth if a well scripted line is coming out of it.

  44. 44

    I didn't rush to the auditorium in high school to interrupt "Oklahoma" rehearsals so I could get the actor's take on current events. I sure as fuck still don't care what actor's think.

  45. 45

    First of all, as a teacher of over 20 years, I can tell you that Damon knows what he's talking about here, and is correct. "Teaching to tests" doesn't promote long-lasting learning, and when you have flawed evaluation systems, judging the merit of a teacher to tie it to pay is ridiculous. What I've seen happen as a result is a lot of grandstanding, 'flashy teaching' and politics in order to get attention and fight for survival for your job.
    2nd, any intelligent person can criticize a president's policies, no matter what political ideology. The important thing is the issue, and a president of either party should be held accountable. The only thing this shows is that Damon is able to transcend party politics. And sometimes you challenge someone you like in order to have them get better. The people who can't see the difference between Damon's criticism of Obama's POLICIES and the Tea Party's often racist criticism of Obama as a Person don't have a subtlety chip.

  46. 46

    Matt is right.


    I'm a racist.

    As is he.

  47. 47

    He's right.

    Obama is Bush 2.0

    He started a war in afghanistan and is bombing pakistan. We are still occupying Iraq, and still paying Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt Billions of dollars to control the middle east.

    Education is going down the tubes, our economy is failing, and we are diving even further into debt with all the spending the Obama administration is doing.

    I hated George Bush, but Obama is even worse because he does the same things, but pretends to be a good person. Wake up america.

  48. Sam90 says – reply to this


    100% agree with Matt Damon, kids do not learn anything anymore, theya re trained to be the robotic workers that the got need, The gov doesnt need citizens who learn and question.

  49. YUCK says – reply to this


    matt damon can shut the fuck up with his nasty cok sucker mouth.

  50. 50

    And lastly, are people really trying to push that old cliche that actors shouldn't talk politics? Should accountants, bus drivers, policemen, soldiers or teachers not 'talk politics'? And in fact, aren't a good number of serious actors actually MORE informed on many issues because of the variety of roles they play, the research they do, the compassion needed to act, the amount of time they spent poor before their success, their experience with unions, etc.? And in fact, Matt Damon has narrated 'Inside Job' as well as been involved with numerous social justice causes, political campaigns, etc. The people who want to discredit actors just because they're actors are showing a form of reverse snobbery.

  51. 51

    @Female Film Major. Matt Damon IS DOING SOMETHING by using his celebrity status not just to promote his latest project but to bring attention to more worthwhile issues. For example, he's not just complaining on blogs. AND pointing out important problems in our country in order to bring about change is NOT COMPLAINING. 'Complaining' is just the latest term people use to tear down people who want to try to change the world. What's the alternative? Not "complaining" and letting issues stay ignored. Or cower to cyber-bullies and stay silent because if you dare to point out anything in this country that needs fixing, you're a 'complainer?'

  52. 52

    Your first point was that voting is the way to make change…and I'm sure Damon does that. Why does he need to do more than that? Also, Damon was asked a question, and he answered it…where's the problem with that? A lot of Americans, like myself, voted for Obama and are very disappointed in his performance to date. Damon is an extremely bright guy, he has every right to voice his opinion. One could even argue that someone with his influence could make a difference simply by making this statement.

  53. 53

    Re: tomcend – Not to mention, he went to Harvard. I'm sure my post incite anger with people saying "ivy leagues don't necessarily mean you are smart" and" but he dropped out (to pursue acting)" - the fact is, he's smart and knows what he's talking about.

  54. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: tomcend – yeah, yeah, yea, whatever at the end of the day no matter who is or isnt in office you cant please everyone, this country was set up to have division in sense of the word. this is a very divisive country and no one will ever be pleased so complain away. who cares. just make that paper and hope you can afford to buy political influence. as a matter a fact the day god created eve for adam there was a problem because now there were two brains that would not agree on everything. what are we going to do kill eveyone else.

  55. 55

    Re: Roccomagoo – This was in response to FemaleFilmMajor. BTW, I was a film major too - good stuff.

  56. 56

    I agree with Matt! And why should he just "stick to acting"? he is smart enough to make a bold statement and say his opinion. I personally respect him for doing so because Obama does not listen to the millions of Americans saying this behind closed doors everyday, but he will hear what Matt said.

  57. 57

    Re: FemaleFilmMajor – Well said!

  58. 58

    thats probably why matt damon is an actor not a politician. Stick to what you know Matt!

  59. 59

    Wow… as a teacher it is pretty ridiculous to hear some of you comment on what a teacher 'does' or 'does not' do. Just FYI, with everything, standardized test have it's bad and good points. Good- they keep teachers teaching what is important and not pet subjects. It also keeps the rigor up on many subjects. By teaching students how to answer some of these critically hard questions… we are helping the kids achieve ways to access this knowledge they will need for later (College, GRE's, Boards, etc)
    Bad- it causes many teachers to have to teach students how to effectively take a test which takes time out of the class room and less time for other projects.

    Standardized tests will never go away… it has been around for DECADES and the only tool to access if the students are learning. However, as a teacher… it can be a pain. I don't believe in tying salaries to performance (I work in a poverty area and have challenges that another area might not) but BONUS for teachers who do have students test well would be great … but honestly there is not way to say what teacher ( if a typical student has 8) made that change!

  60. 60

    He is one of the people who was drinking the Obama Kool Aid. Now that Obama isn't fulfilling his empty promises, Damon, the expert on politics is calling him out. I agree that us teachers should not have our salaries based on students performance on one test that is given in a year. I work in a school where the kids do not give one shit about learning and neither do their parents. However, I do not feel that Matt Damon should be the one calling out Obama, when he knew what Obama's crappy ass policies were all along.

  61. 61

    Last time I checked, in America we have freedom of speech. He is just as entitled to voice his opinion on the matter as we all are as American citizens. AND he's right. To the person who said:
    "They're not teaching children because they're more concern about their "rights" such as wages, benefits and being in unions. Teaching children be damned."
    You clearly know nothing about the job of a teacher, and you sound like an idiot.
    Some people must think teachers just teach whatever and however the hell they want…they don't. They have rules and all kinds of standards they have to follow, ways they have to do things…do some research before you make ignorant comments.

  62. lill says – reply to this


    Re: buck

    Hey BUCK - I teach 2nd grade. Maybe you want to come into my classroom for a few lessons before you criticize this countries educators.

    "once they employees" - I believe the spelling you are looking for is "their".

    "We should take little money from the employee's" - In this case, employees is a plural noun, not possessive.

    "systme" - Nice try.

  63. 63

    I can't agree with Matt. I've had my fair share of absolutely horrid teachers. Their salary should be tied to how well students do in class and bonuses tied to standardized tests.

  64. @v@ says – reply to this


    No leader should remain unquestioned. Keep elected representatives honest.

  65. 65

    Re: tiggerchick5 – ITS CALLED BUYERS REMORSE….HEHE

  66. 66

    who cares what he says hes a actor he acts his ranting about politics is no more informed than a homeless man with conspiracy theories