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Listen To This: Kiwis, We Salute You!

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We're not quite sure WHAT is going on in New Zealand, but they are making some AMAZING music lately!

From Kids Of 88, whom we posted about this week, to Zowie, Kimbra, Ladyhawke and, now, The Naked And Famous.

We are LOVING Kiwi music!

Once again, this act is giving us and MGMT vibe - back when MGMT was good!

Check out the Time To Pretend-inspired Young Blood (above).

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from The Naked And Famous!

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15 comments to “Listen To This: Kiwis, We Salute You!”

  1. 1

    well maybe you should pick up a newspaper or research it on line perez, insted of posting ill informed comments such as these, get informed! theres more to life the celebrities.

  2. 2

    Re: reidy01

    Damn it! You beat me to it. It's sad that someone who calls himself part of the "media" is so ill-informed.

  3. 3

    NZ has always made great music, why is this surprising, try visiting out there one day, you'd see the talent for yourself.

  4. 4

    Re: reidy01Re: reidy01

    Damn it! You beat me to the punch! I can't believe someone who calls himself part of "the media" could be so ignorant.

  5. 5

    Dude, The Naked & Famous have been going on for ages. "Young Blood" is the first single from their latest album and the one which make them break the US and the UK, but since then they released other song.
    you might be good for gossip, but honestly, dont try to be like you're the one finding good indie bands, because you're SO not.

  6. euiah says – reply to this


    I definitely agree with all of the posts below. This isn't new music, it's been out for ages. People say the US is the first to bring out the hits? No. Oz and NZ have been playing their songs for well over a year-they already have a solid fan base and this was only the first of their great songs. Their song "Punching in a Dream" made it to 34 on Australia's Hottest 100 this year while "Young Blood" was 38. If they make two songs that high on the Triple J Hottest 100, I really don't think they should be considered a part of the new crowd.
    Good job picking out good music though, just check to make sure entire continents haven't already recognized it as great before you post about it being new next time.

  7. euiah says – reply to this


    You might want to check out Triple J's Hottest 100 (that's in Australia in case you aren't aware). The Naked and Famous were at 34 with "Punching in a Dream" and 38 with "Young Blood" (which has been out for welllll over a year).
    While you did a nice job picking out good music, you might want to recognize the fact than an entire continent already loves it before you classify it with the brand new acts. Just because the US hasn't heard of them, doesn't mean they don't already have a large fan base–they're obviously relevant based on their own talent.

  8. 8

    Ummm yeah I have been listening to this song for the last year. And I live in Kansas! Try tuning into a little alt nation once in a while!

  9. 9

    Check out Crash Test for Favorite Things - an up and coming band in NZ!!!… Youtube their new video The Switch!!!!

  10. 10

    Thanks for the post! Kind of old but, thanks anyway. Check out The Earlybirds.. they are just as good.

  11. 11

    Maybe if you read a newspaper or did some research you would see that actually whats happening in New Zealand is a deadly disaster. Hundreds are dead after a earthquake struck Christchurch. All our country cares about know is rebuilding our damaged country and helping our fellow kiwis.

    Report about things that matter.

  12. tkmcr says – reply to this


    OMG. Seriously? All you previous comments: NZ has a small music industry (which doesn't mean to say that it's bad), it's hard for NZ bands to break into the UK and US (especially the "mainstream"). So don't complain when the "mainstream" only just discover NZ's amazing bands. In NZ haven't we only just recently discovered Mumford & Sons?? Their album came out in 2009, yet it's only making it into our chart now - don't judge others when you do it yourself!
    And if you want to hear about "important things that matter" maybe you try a news site. This is a gossip site, learn the difference.

  13. 13

    Re: tkmcr
    we're not saying ots bad to eventually bring exposure, but perez post stuff like he's discovering them. whereas it's no big news. like when he posted this foals song 6 months after it was released…

    and you know what? you want ppl to make the difference between a gossip blog and another, well, i think perez should make the difference himself and realise he's not the right person to talk about indie or rock music.
    his posts about nme awards and other bands like that are just ridiculous.

    also, if you've just discovered Mumford & Sons, dont blame it on the lack ox exposure. if you really like music, there are MANY website like pitchfork, this is fake diy etc where to find the latest bands. so if you just discovered Mumford, thats your own fault.

  14. 14

    Re: tkmcr – I totally agree dude. These people should be thankful Perez is giving them exposure, I'm sure the band would be happy. But no instead you're bitching and moaning.
    Get off your high horse, I'm sure there is alot of music that is out there now that you are yet to discover.
    And Reidy, saying there is 'more to life than celebrities' is about the dumbest comment you could make on a celebrity gossip website.

  15. 15

    Re: brookenz – i agree with you when you say that they should be gratefull and alot of these bands are gratefull for the exposure….. i listen to their music on a daily basis because i listen to kiwi fm(radio station in nz)and The Edge (another kiwi radio station) and these bands are always getting air-time and they deserve it.. but coming from New Zealand (and living here) ive been listenning to alot of these kiwi bands or kiwi musos for longer than a year now and for them to be getting international exposure by someone such as perez i think its a great opportunity for them…. so good on them and thanks perez for giving them that exposure..(even if its a year later)..:)…. one more thing…. @NZ-London.. even though our country is suffering right now, first and foremost this is a gossip website…not a news broadcasting depression website…there are sites for that sorta stuff and i advise you to go on those and talk about the earthquake…. (no offence my fellow kiwis..)