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Vanessa Shows Off Her New Ink!

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We actually really like this a lot!

Vanessa Hudgens made an appearance last night on The Late Show With David Letterman to promote her new film, Beastly, and also decided to show off her brand new tattoo of a butterfly on the back of her neck!

Check out the clip of the interview (above) at the 4:30 mark!

She explains:

'It was very last minute, but I've actually wanted it for years. A butterfly landed on my mum's stomach a week before I was born and that's how I got my name, because Vanessa means butterfly - it's a Latin derivative. It's my very first tattoo, and I kind of feel like a badass now!'

Wow! Such a beautiful story!

It really gives the ink some real significance!

Normally, we'd say that butterflies are pretty cliche, but we LOVE that it isn't centered, and it was definitely drawn with a lot of skill!

Well done, gurl! Excellent taste!


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22 comments to “Vanessa Shows Off Her New Ink!”

  1. 1

    she needs to loose the fish net tights,

    also if she would, she would say how much disney paid her.

  2. 2

    Bitch please. Nobody cares about your Disney spent ass anymore. You were Zac's beard for all those years and now that he is bold enough to chase after dudes at parties and hold hands with chase in front of others he doesn't need you any longer.

  3. 3

    Badass? How about trash ass? Tatoos are disgusting and ugly. Why would a beautiful young women like her do that to her body? Shame.

    If you think having a design on your skin is so cool, why don't you just try a little paint that can wash off later. What a shame, Vanessa.

  4. 4

    It's positively slutterific! I bet Jesse James has this clip on a loop and jerks off to it by the hour.

  5. 5

    as long as i am denied women the whole world will continue to go to hell

  6. 6

    yeah…. that's just pretty self-absorbed to me…. "such a beautiful story"?? what the fuck, perez. i swear to god you are bipolar.

  7. 7

    Can't stand her, but I like the story behind her tattoo.
    @womenareprey wow. YOU are disgusting. People get tattoos because (usually) it means something to them. Just because it's not your thing doesn't mean it is "trash ass" or "disgusting" or "ugly".
    shame on you.

  8. 8

    It's a pretty tattoo, and a nice story. Vanessa actually means butterfly in Greek, but we can forgive her for that one. It's very nice. Normally I would agree that a butterfly tattoo is really cliched and trashy, but I think it's nice because it means something to her, it's not there just to "be pretty".

  9. 9

    I adore Vanessa and love the tattoo. And good for her having THREE movies coming out this year. Glad she got rid of the womanizing, man whore Zac. At least Vanessa has some class. Unlike Zac grinding on some girl in a bar and making out with her in public. Such a douche bag. You go, Vanessa. Sucker Punch all the way gurl.

  10. 10

    Re: womenareprey – mind your business. there's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo, if you don't like them and don't find them tasteful then don't get one on your body. I have one, and I am not trash. Don't judge a person because they find something beautiful that you disagree with.

  11. 11

    Re: womenareprey – DISAGREE. Tattoo's can be beautiful if you have a good artist and you can hide them if you need t.

  12. 12

    She's a sweet heart and I have to agree w/Perez~ love the placement and that it holds meaning. All tattoos should have meaning and/or tell a story.

  13. 13

    Re: Craig Snyder – Yes. YES, YES!!!!

  14. SS18 says – reply to this


    badass? you have a fucking butterfly on your neck you dumbass

  15. 15

    i love u nessa!!!

  16. 16

    aww… thats really sweet hunny…now , can we see your tayco ?

  17. 17

    I'll tell you what- I haven't seen very many interviews with her, but she seems to be an incredibly well-rounded young lady. She comes off as very down to earth, and very sweet. And boy, is she pretty! But yeah, even though she didn't speak about anything political or worldly, she still shined through as being very intelligent. Great kid. We need more like her. Oh, and womenareprey, your mouth would drop if you knew how many attractive female celebrities had tattoos. I mean, it's a bunch of them. Very popular ones, and that. So don't go around acting like she's one in a million for having a butterfly when there are plenty of mainstream celebrities that have several of them.

  18. 18

    She is so sweet, but why was she so nervous during the interview? You would think she has gotten used to being in the spot light by now.

  19. 19

    I think its super cute, and she's adorable.

  20. 20

    I'll say one thing. She's absolutely beautiful. Lights up the room when she smiles or laughs.

  21. 21

    Re: KEEFER – Lol i cant help but laugh when i see your username only because it reminds me of Kieffer on teen mom.. and that dude is just a comedy case. Sorry just had to share lol

  22. 22

    a butterfly tattoo… what's she gonna get next, stars? wow originality really has gone out the window