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Chris Brown Naked Photo Leaks!!!

| Filed under: Oops!Chris Brown

CLICK HERE to see the very NSFW peen shot!!!
CLICK HERE to see the very NSFW peen shot!!!
CLICK HERE to see the very NSFW peen shot!!!

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249 comments to “Chris Brown Naked Photo Leaks!!!”

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  1. 201

    Re: KStewDoll – Lmao!!! You need to stop! Lol! We do not support anorexia around here! Lol at cellulitis

  2. 202

    Why can't i find it?? LOL!

  3. 203

    Ok…Never Mind! Umm…WOW!!! Go head Chris. Rock out with your C*** out! LOL!

  4. 204

    Help me out guys im clicking the link but aint seein any pics of chris brown, i wanna see what the BIG deal is. Any pointers of where to look all im gettin is vids ???

  5. 205

    I cant see it:-( help me out peeps, im clicking the link for WSHH but wheres the pics?? Point in right direction pls wanna see this slong ever1 talkin bout lol

  6. 206

    Link is broken. Had to do some dectective work… Finding the original website, then caching it through Google. >.

  7. 207

    Barf. I don't want to see this nasty woman beater naked.

  8. 208

    He still loooks good :) Nakey nakey.. hubba hubba…. chris Brown you just cant catch a break so I'd suggest being a little more careful ;) LOL

  9. 209

    If you don't want to see it… or have all these stupid things to say about how gross it is.. don't open it.. you knew what you were clicking on prior to opening it..DUH

  10. 210

    I would definately let him beat me if i could have this every nite???? what a world we live in. young girls have so much to learn-it's like feminists have to start all over again to get to todays bimbo's.

  11. 211

    Re: Darian Miley G – I always though MsJules was the dumbest person that left comments on perezhilton.com but you have taken that crown. Did you you even pass the 5th fucking grade? So sad.

  12. 212

    where are u seeing this pic??

  13. 213

    please email it to me i'm in the middle east… the site is block lol i want to see it tonight hahahha

  14. 214

    i cant even see the picture :S

  15. 215

    I cant find a picture….wtf

  16. 216

    where the hell is the pic at!!!!!!!!

  17. 217

    wait where do you find it?!?!?!

  18. 218

    I can't find it on the website. Help please! :)

  19. 219

    either it was taken down or Im not getting to the link bc there is no picture there…

  20. 220

    Its definately long. but its ugly because its disproportionately thing given the length. like, wtf, its like a stretched out peen-cil. >_>

  21. 221

    How do I see the Chris Brown nude pic?

  22. JKelt says – reply to this


    People, people…a dick grows in width as well as length when happy. That is not "huge" or "like a horse" (as a few have exclaimed on here - those folks need to get out more. lol. ), but it is a fine, no embarrassment dick. I have a friend who have seen the real thing, inflated. It is PHINE. This pic does not do perfect justice.

  23. 223

    So JKelt, how do I see the pic? The link up top is not getting me there.

  24. Naezy says – reply to this


    I can't see the pic what am i doing wrong

  25. 225

    why cant i see the picture!?! what do you click on?

  26. Lez says – reply to this


    where the hell is the pic? I cant view it

  27. 227

    Re: MisGina – how did you end up finding it?!

  28. 228

    Where can i c that pic ?

  29. 229

    where is it??? it only takes me to a page with videos???

  30. 230

    ugh! for some reason i cant see the picture! im pissed! lol!

  31. 231

    Re: OriginalRecipe – Were do yOu go to see it

  32. 232

    how can i see it

  33. 233

    cant see shit!

  34. 234

    Am I the only person who can't see it. Which video am i supposed to be looking at?? I watched a few of them…and nothing!

  35. 235


  36. 236

    Where is it?

    I want to see!!


  37. 237

    He's small man

  38. 238

    I want to see it!!!!

  39. 239

    where are the pics i looked on the link and i dont see them

  40. 240

    how do i see it?

  41. 241

    His body language, choice of words, actions and mannerisms reveals a person without any empathy or remorse what so ever. There is no doubt the Rihanna incident was the first time he was violent, and it sure as hell won't be the last. If anyone new comes forward about stories of violence, threats, rape etc. I won't be shocked at all. It's his behaviour pattern, his mentality, not a one-time mistake.

  42. 242

    how do you see the pic? mine keeps taking me to worldstarhiphop.com

  43. 243

    how do you see it? Its redirects me when I click on the link

  44. 244

    ok i really wanna see and for some reason i can`t find it . anyone care to help me locate it ?

  45. 245

    Cnt See Tha Pic But As Im Tld He Doin Gd For Ah Yung Boyy …Gd Job Chris

  46. 246

    OMGEEEEEEE Scratch Dat Jus Saw It I Mean Yea Yhu Gd I Guess Im Wonderin If It Was All Tha Way Hard Smh Dammitt

  47. Vv24 says – reply to this


    I must say Chris Brown takes some amazing pictures ( ;

  48. 248

    when i try to see it there only videos
    where do i go?

  49. 249

    can someone email me the pics… xeriz69@yahoo.com

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