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Dennis Hopper's Estranged Widow Sues His Family And Trust For $$$$

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This is sad.

Dennis Hopper's estranged widow, Victoria Hopper, has filed a lawsuit against his daughter from a previous marriage, Marin, and the Dennis Hopper Trust.

She alleges that the Dennis Hopper Trust was ordered to pay her and her lawyers $150,000 in legal fees in the bitter divorce battle they were fighting at the time of Dennis' death in May 2010.

She claims that she has not received a single payment from his trust. And on top of that, she says that a child support check in the amount of $12,000 that was sent to her for their daughter Galen, bounced.


The court documents reveal that she requests $1 million from the Trust to "ensure that the funds will be available" until Galen reaches the age of 19.

She's also seeking "damages" of $50,000 a year in lost income, in which she says, "because decedent blocked Plaintiff from obtaining employment, and he never provided or allowed Plaintiff to develop any economic opportunity herself, Plaintiff was unable to seek employment, and Decedent breached his obligation to put her into a business."

She may have a valid claim on the child support, but the "lost income" allegations sound like bullshiz to us.


[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Dennis Hopper's Estranged Widow Sues His Family And Trust For $$$$”

  1. 1

    I don't think anyone will ever really know what went on between those two. The late Dennis Hooper and Victoria both seem like strange characters.

  2. 2

    This chick is trash. She put him through hell during his final months alive, and she only wants his money. She didn't give two shits that he was dying and was trying to take advantage of him the whole time. I highly doubt if she got any of the cash she wants, that it'd go to caring for their daughter. She's a money hungry ex with bullshit claims that she's using to milk a dead cow. I feel bad that he had to deal with this hag and went through hell right before he died.

  3. 3

    Since she's into trading companionship for cash, she should hook herself up with Charlie Sheen. He'd probably love the fact he'd be cuddling up to one of Dennis Hopper's ex-pieces.

  4. 4

    Ugh, how can you bounce a check to a mother who isn't working? I'm a stay at home mom and I actually totally understand and sympathize with Dennis' widow. I've been following this story. Sounds like this daughter Marin is a live wire and rage filled. Being with someone for 18 years says it all. I'm hoping for victory for the estranged widow!

  5. 5

    I have been following this all very closely.

    So let's review: Victoria abandoned Dennis as he was dying, depriving Dennis of his final Christmas with his youngest daughter, Galen, after stealing art off the walls of his house and refusing to return it. When Dennis filed for divorce after those vicious acts (who wouldn't?), Victoria slandered Dennis and his children in the press. She sat for an interview in PEOPLE magazine, claiming that Dennis abused her, that he was mentally incompetent, and then she wrote a blog on the Huffington Post insisting that there was a conspiracy against her, and that Dennis and his children were trying to deprive their sister Galen of her inheritance. Then Victoria refused to leave his home despite the prenup that she had signed that required she do so. Then, it came out that she was having an affair as Dennis lay dying with some guy who claims the Huffington Post was his idea. Then, she demanded that she get Dennis' $1 million insurance policy, and the judge ruled against her. Then, after Dennis died, she filed a $50 million claim against the estate–a gazillion times its value. Then, it came out that Galen was receiving 40% of his estate, and that Victoria had lied earlier about the older children screwing over their sister.

    How much more evidence do we need about who Victoria is, and what she is after? It's 100% clear, doncha think?

  6. 6

    And oh yeah, two weeks before Dennis died, Victoria went running into court and claimed he was well enough to be deposed.

    Who could do this to another human being in their final days…?

  7. 7

    Re: Angelpersonlove – Well yes, you do seem to be following this story much closer. I don't know. I think it is hard to judge when we only get bits of the story here and there. Isn't there also some crazy daughter in the picture too who is equally as money grubby? I saw a picture of her! Yikes she looks mean. I had a friend who went through a similar kind of divorce minus the fame…but the art and money and crazy kids. I can't image having Dennis Hopper for a father in the old days. Not a ton of cuddles to go around. I would guess his elderly kids are pretty fucked up by not having a daddy who was in the picture too much. It all sounds awful. I feel for both Dennis and his widow and his youngest daughter. They spent a lifetime together. It seems like there is a bigger undermining influence at work in this whole scenario.

  8. 8

    Many divorce lawyers will tell you that when people fight this hard over money and material things..it is really NEVER about that at all. These two hated each other for some reason… wish they couldnt gotten to the point of what was really bothering them and fixed it for the sake of their daughter before Dennis died. I bet Victoria's lawyers are just egging her on day after day after day in anticpation of her having to pay high legal fees.