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J.Lo's #1 On iTunes!!!!

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Good for her!

Right now, Jennifer Lopez's latest single, On The Floor, is the #1 downloaded song on iTunes!

Consider her comeback in full swing! (Didn't hurt that they premiered the video during American Idol last night either!)

Congrats, gurl! Enjoy the moment!

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51 comments to “J.Lo's #1 On iTunes!!!!”

  1. 1

    loving this song makes me want to dance and gurl look soooo good in her video!!! alot better than that trollette gaga and she could be her mama with twins no less glad she's back
    diva do your thing I hope the cd is good!!

  2. 2

    The world became tasteless when it comes about music.

  3. 3

    People will buy anything. That song is so bland.

  4. 4

    I was sick of seeing LG at #1 with her very disappointing single…
    And now it's time for Bitney with TILL THE WORLD ENDS *bow*

  5. 5

    Did she dethrone the "Queen????"

    Go Jlo!

    If there wasn't something wrong with the new Britney Single's sales right now she wouldn't be there though :-X

  6. YAMI says – reply to this


    Why can't you just be happy for her without throwing a jab in there. Not everyone idolizes your GAGA, there are artist, real artists out there that exist not everything revolves around her, she is just a fad. I'm not saying I'm a JLO fan, but if you read your post before posting it you would realize that you sound rude at the end, as if saying that if it weren't for it premiering idol, there wouldn't have been a chance to beat Copycat Gaga.

  7. 7

    Ha Ha loser……it's killing you that it's no longer gag gag isn't it? ISN'T IT!

  8. 8

    Because you don't think ' the moment' is in going to last in favor of your favourite Lady Gaga?

  9. 9

    This song sucks. She's trying way too hard to be in her 20's. Meh.

  10. Mermo says – reply to this



  11. 11

    lets guess here…….she and her co… are back at their payola tricks???? the song is shit…how cld this replace gaga?? cmon ppl….only her latino fans are urging this comeback..shes a has been who cant sing

  12. 12

    Such a feel good song. Loving it!

  13. 13

    oh shut the fuck up perez Why did u have to point out it premiered on idol ? Who cares!! Your such a moron, she knocked off GAGA!!! why didnt u mention that? its more then a moment! 10 years STRONG and still #1 :) doubt gaga will be number 1 in 10 years !

  14. 14

    lol… now he's gonna go off and purchase a couple thousand copies of Born this Way.

  15. 15

    Re: ChrissySwarley – Hey boo she's looks, dances and has a banging body…better than some 20 years olds…don't hate

  16. 16

    Thankfully copycat Caca got knocked out.

  17. 17

    Re: Htownspitfire – so i guess seeing that you said her latino fans I guess your a troll like gaga so I gues trolls and trollettes are supporting that Madonna copycat!!please see me in 10 years

  18. 18


  19. 19

    enjoy the moment? Perez your so bias, c'mon your being a hypocrite , you have not changed one bit after you professed your "change" on Ellen….you never give ppl the credit they deserve unless you like them or they are friends of yours….people come to your site to read about whats going on in entertainment and instead you try to hurt the careers of people you dont like and help those out that you like….so disappointed in you!

  20. 20

    haha Iam so happy that jlo which I think is hot btw knocked that floppy gaga off the throne….time to celebrate the weekend with this great news!!

  21. 21

    Love this song!

  22. 22

    She finally is back to her roots… Fun song… I'll buy in itunes now !

  23. 23

    This song is about as good as Jam by Kim Kardashian.. The song sucks and so does J LO when she sings, she should stick to dancing..

  24. 24

    2 thumbs down

  25. 25

    I wish I could be more complimentary; but with the very first note sang with an obvious auto-tune, it went down hill for me from there. I am more impressed with her judging ability than I had expected, and wonder if she has a glossary or song word calendar of the day to help her sound like a true musician. I liked her as an actress at first, but not when she started acting like a singer because she played a singer in a movie. Just like I would never want to fly on a plane with a pilot that acted as a pilot in a movie once. But good for her to be number one. Guess I am just not into new music: JLO, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or anyone that has to add a rapper to be "hip". I liked when bands just played their songs; no costumes, dancers or gimics, just good music. I LOVE THE 80's!

  26. 26

    well duh! it's the beautiful and talented Miss Jennifer Lopez. She's so freakin pretty. She always looks good on idol. Haters just jealous. you guys wished you looked that good. lol but im not surprised it's a number 1 song. she's a very talented singer. and that song is freakin awesome. it just makes everyone get up and dance. and the music video was hot, she looks really good especially after having her beautiful kids. gosh, those are seriously the cutest babies in hollywood right now. their so adorable. those are definitely gonna be some good looking kids just like their gorgeous mom. because there are celebs who turn out to have some ugly ass babies. haha

  27. 27

    It's amazing what kind of shit passes for music these days…

  28. 28

    Autotune is the death of the music industry. I can't believe how overused it is. What is the world coming to? What ever happened to having actual musical talent, and not relying on computers to make an artist sound decent? Anyone can make music these days. So sad…

  29. 29


  30. 30

    WOW… i am seriously questioning the taste level of these 'people' who downloaded that song

  31. 31

    The song sounds like Lambada and Stereo Love.

  32. faiOo says – reply to this



  33. 33

    I'm not a fan of JLo, but I sure am glad to see her knock Caca's horrid song out of the #1 spot.

  34. 34

    luv you jlo

  35. 35

    Re: darav2 – Lmao!

  36. 36

    AH! Now I see why she signed to do American Idol; she made this song debut thing part of her contract. Quite canny. She is SUCH a poor vocalist ;-(

  37. 37

    She ripped of The Lambada…

  38. 38

    Did y'all haters think we expected Born This Way to be number 1 for more than 3 weeks? No… this was a major success for Gaga…everyone has the song by now, it's not like it was going to stay the top downloaded song forever… ………………………….. Anyways, I'm at least glad it was replaced for the top spot by a JLo, a woman who can sing (unlike Britney) and dance (unlike Britney) and who looks amazing for her age (unlike, Britney).

  39. 39

    Umm…congrats, but seriously it IS all thanks to American Idol that this song is doing well. I like J. Lo, but face the facts: she hasn't had a Top 10 hit since 2003, and now all of a sudden her single and music video are promoted heavily on AI and it goes to #1 on iTunes? I think that's more than just a coincidence.
    "Born This Way" was #1 on iTunes for 3 consecutive weeks and is currently just one rank lower at #2. Nothing to spit at.

  40. 40

    This is the same awful shit that all these stupid chicks do. It's SO GOD AWFUL! I hope the people who like this shit also have some actual good music in their possession.

  41. 41

    Perez Perez…. Remember when you said this song was a dud??? Yeah, you were wrong again… I told you it was gonna be a big hit… You really shouldn't have a record label, that's just not for you. You just don't have an ear for music.

  42. 42

    …and she's against who exactly? Umm yeah.

  43. 43

    Enjoy the Moment???????
    xcuse me while i LMFAO.

    dude, she has been #1 on the aussie iTunes store for over a week now and GaGa is stuck at #3… this 'moment' is bigger than you and GaGa and big enough for the world to get in on.

    Get over yourself.

  44. 44

    Fuck off, Perez.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    I LOVE The Lambada & I like Stereo Love & at times I love J.LO So i like this song xD

  47. 47

    Wait until Britney premieres her video for till the world ends. That song is sick :-)

    You said it perez, "enjoy the moment". ha! lol

    It's Britney BITCH!

  48. 48

    Re: Htownspitfire – girl plz im Latino and i at least recognize that she is autotuned, has made her music umm career on payola (google that) and her 2 only decent songs vocal were mixed with Ashantis vocals b4 she was signed to murder inc…AND she ripped off Mariah…get over it queen shes tiiiiiiired

  49. 49

    she brought gaga DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 50

    Woohoo. JLo is back!!!

  51. 51

    Lambada and Kat De Luna rip off. Also can someone please tell Pitbull that the same verse that he has been singing/raping for the last 2 years has gotten way too OLD.