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Ugh! Mike Huckabee Slams Natalie Portman For Being Pregnant And Unmarried!

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Unbelievable! Do you think he even realizes how offensive and ignorant he sounds?

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee recently lashed out at the pregnant and engaged Natalie Portman, because he thinks that she's setting a bad example for single moms-to-be in the United States!

He says:

"People see a Natalie Portman who boasts, 'We're not married but we're having these children and they're doing just fine.' I think it gives a distorted image. It's unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out-of- wedlock children. Most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and never have health care. And that's the story that we're not seeing."


Let's ignore the fact that she ISN'T a single mother, she's ENGAGED for just a moment, because it doesn't matter anyway!

What's distorted, buddy, is your perception of reality if you can go ahead and make the assumption that most single parents - which, AGAIN, is NOT THE CASE WITH NATALIE PORTMAN AND HER FIANCE - are not only poor and uneducated, but incapable of raising their children because they're not protected by the sanctity of marriage.

How about all of the 'traditional' families that rely on government assistance?

Singling out an educated, successful young woman for as preposterous reason as this is truly just twisted. Ugh.


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216 comments to “Ugh! Mike Huckabee Slams Natalie Portman For Being Pregnant And Unmarried!”

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  1. 1

    ummmm… didn't hear him say anything when about Bristol Palin when Sarah Palin was running for vice pres… isn't that always how it goes.

  2. 2

    so it is ok for his buddy sarah palin's 16 daughter to have a child but an adult with a career who supports herself and in a committed relationship ie. Natalie is in the wrong?? funny how his statement came out the same day it was announced that the sex rate for teens is down 6%.

  3. 3

    I get what you are saying but pointing out Natalie Portman as your ONLY example isn't helping your case. Actually, to me, it just sounds like another excuse for you to slam someone who's ideas don't line up with your own.

  4. 4

    Hello? Bristol Palin, why doesn't he slam her too. What a tool

  5. 5

    Natalie Portman is far from the type of women he is referring to and those type of women have no idea who Natalie Portman is. His comment is as uneducated as those lazy excuses for human beings that use up tax payers money cuz it's "free"……..
    that said, I do believe it's terribly irresponsible of her to get pregnant - if she wasn't pregnant, she wouldn't be marrying him. to each his own.

  6. 6

    Hate people like this! First of all, government assistance is meant to used as a stepping stone to better an individual, which unfortunately I realize it often isn't because the system is broken. Second, a lot of single Mom's are single because they realize (too late perhaps) that their children are better off being raised that way. I was married and my husband lost all interest in providing for his family. I left him and was on welfare, but worked my way off and now have a decent career and am able to support my family on my own.

    And your right Perez!! She is engaged, not single.

  7. 7

    Did I hear his outrage over Bristol Palin?

  8. 8

    He's stating an uncomfortable truth.

  9. 9

    Another conservative Republican telling us how to live our lives one day and screaming for less Government involvement the next… STOP trying to legislate your religious beliefs! We have religious freedom in this country and I will fight you every step of the way to keep that freedom! Families come in all shapes and sizes - married and unmarried. They don't have to always look like the pretty package the Republicans want! GET OVER IT!

  10. CDC79 says – reply to this


    Huckabee is an idiot. I bet he praises Bristol Palin and her good old family values.This moron will say anything to stay in the headlines.

  11. 11

    What a blowhard Loser! You Go Natalie! Your child has a father that hopefully has more sense than Huckabee!

  12. 12

    When you are in a committed relationship, a piece of paper saying you are married is irrelevant. There are a lot of married people who are not committed to each other, and a lot of unmarried people who are. Why do Americans make such a big deal about the marriage ceremony?

    As far as Natalie goes - she is a mature woman quite capable of raising a child with or without a husband.

  13. 13

    I agree with him. Not for Natalie Portman but single mothers. They don't realize what a hard time they will have and then we end up paying for their decisions….

  14. 14

    she is NOT married so she is a single mother.

  15. 15

    not to mention, natalie portman went to harvard! she is an educated woman and is setting an example for women that do elect to go to college and have children later in their lives. she pays more into the government assistence program than she benefits from it.

  16. 16

    He made some equally outrageous comments earlier in the week and now he is a hero to the southern conservatives in this country. This latest stunt is just more pandering to the dumbest segment in our society. So very presidential Huckster. I guess he's forgotten that he was once a man of god. Oh wait, they tend to be the worst.

    This bafoon will never win a general election.

  17. 17

    I agree Perez! Lame! She's an amazing role model.

  18. 18

    Doesn't Natalie Portman have a degree in Psychology from an Ivy League school?

  19. 19

    Reson number 58 why i can' stand REPUBLICANS. Reason number 97 why i cant stand Christians, and Reason number 78 why I can't stand the state of Utah.

  20. 20

    He is bat shit crazy! Unfortunately, he is smart enough to know saying stupid crap keeps his name & face in the news.

  21. 21

    He's a fucking moron. People like him are trying to push this "marriage is sacred" shit on everyone. I'm married, but I don't think that it's for everyone. This isn't the 1940's or 50's. Saying that single parents are uneducated and can't get a job is just the most ignorant thing I've heard him say, and that's saying a lot for him. I don't know any single parents who don't hold a job and who haven't gotten at least their GED. I know that there are parents, and not all single, who struggle, but that's the biggest pile of bullshit I've ever heard.

  22. joka says – reply to this


    his point is that every idiot in the world idolizes celebrities (especially adolescents), and when they see all their favorite celebrities having children out of wedlock, they will copy and do the same thing. yes, the celebrities do have money so it's not as horrible for them to have a kid out of wedlock, but he is just thinking about all the vulnerable girls out there who aren't in a relationship and do not currently have the means to properly support a child.

  23. 23

    LOL wtf.

  24. 24

    I don't understand these republicans they are the first to scream and shout about less government and in the same breath want government to perserve the so call sanctity of marriage. What a bunch of hypocrites. If people can't see that their situation is nothing like Natalie Portman since she is rich and famous than they are idiots. Anybody who looks to a celebrity as the perfect example on how to live their life needs help anyway.

  25. 25

    I am a single mother, with a awesome full time job and a college graduate. i have not once used the goverment for help. i may not make alot of money but i am not poor,and Its not my fault that the father of my child didnt want to be involved thats his choice and i am doing damn fine on my own! #hatesyouHuckabee

  26. 26

    What an asshole. She got pregnant, she's having the baby. If she were having an abortion he'd be on her ass too. She can't win with these republican douche bags.

  27. 27

    Wow fuck him.. why is he calling only her out??? WTF? Mind your own business you fucking douche.. don't need to call one damn person out out of plenty..

  28. 28

    Re: kidneypie3 – Agreed. Y'know, when someone has an opinion that does not mesh with fatboy's, he slams them and labels them badly. But say this guy held one of Perez's beliefs, like men should be able to fuck children, then he would be the hero of the day. And news flash to idiot perez, the majority of single parents are below the povety level. You can't just pluck a rich person out and say see, they aren't poor. Your a fucking moron. I don't agree with this man, i'm staunchly anti religion and anti marriage, but that doesn't change the fact that we should respect peoples opinions, even if not agreeing with them…unless their fake name is Perez Hilton, then, all bets are off.

  29. 29

    Re: kidneypie3 – ok so because technically im a single mother im not qualified for the job? I love my kids more than anything in the whole world and I would do anything to keep their lives happy, but because im a single mother im doomed to ruin their lives? im sorry but FUCK YOU. His ideas of single motherhood ARE WRONG AND ASSUMPTIONS!

  30. 30

    Its okay to like their movies or music but I don't think most ppl are under the illusion that their life is like that of a celebrity.

  31. jham says – reply to this


    My two cents - with the current state of economic affairs, a two-parent household with two loving, mature, financially stable and committed partners is the most ideal situation - to be sure. BUT - regardless of whether or not Natalie Portman is engaged/single whatever, why is it these guys (Bill O'Reilly, etc. . . ) are always picking on the ladies? I didn't hear anybody criticize Mark Walberg for having children out of wedlock before marrying his long term partner.

  32. 32

    I bet that he won't proclaim the same about Bristol Palin. Too bad mike, eat some ice cream and think about what might have been.

  33. 33

    Hey Huckabee…. go preach to Sarah & Bristol Palin… you know, your fellow Republican hypocrites.

  34. 34

    Re: myopinionrules – no, most single mothers are that way because they can't keep their legs shut. don't sugar coat it.

  35. 35

    The reason he is slamming Natalie Portman and not Bristol Palin is that Natalie IS glamorizing it, whereas Bristol Palin is out there telling kids, look at the mistake I made, don't let it happen to you.

    And statistics show that most single parents are less educated and less financially secure than those children with two parents.

    You also failed to include the rest of what he had to say, which includes him saying that engagement is not the same thing as marriage, and that although she is well off and can take care of the child on her own, not all the people who she is sending the message to have the same means that she does.

  36. Cinup says – reply to this


    If anything he should be praising her for being a well educated woman in a time when education is being flushed down the toilet.

  37. 37

    Mike Huckabee's a douche. First of all, she not a 'single' mother…and she's never idealized the idea of being a single mother. Second of all, what is she supposed to say to the reporters…I'm so upset that I'm pregnant because I'm not married, that's F$%king ridiculous…

  38. 38

    This is one of the many reasons why President Obama will win again. Republicans are too out of touch and would rather spend their time judging a woman who is engaged to be married and pregnant, gay marriage, and talking about the President's Birth Certificate than actually trying to solve any problems.

  39. 39

    Sorry to say but he's right. First you're wrong, he's not saying that children raised by single parents are at a disadvantage because they are not protected by the sanctity of marriage, he's saying that poor and uneducated parents are less equipped to deal with the very real challenges of parenting. This. Is. True.

    Second, she is a single parent. Engaged is not married. Third, duh, that's the point, the fact that Portman is neither poor or uneducated means that she is setting a false example. Her story is not true for most young girls who will find nothing wrong with getting knocked up. But Natalie is educated, employed, and wealthy!

    Perez, even if something doesn't jive with mainstream, thinking doesn't mean that it's true … isn't that how you feel about Prop 8. Learn to not be a knee-jerk responder. Even someone with different values than you can have something valid to say!

  40. 40

    Re: LittleMouse – truth? yea ok!! sike. i love how people just assume that all single mothers are irresponsible whores who cant take care of themselves or their children. I am a single mother, I am in a commited relationship with my boyfriend who is the father of my children, and even tho we are not married so technically i am single, we provide a loving home for my kids. How dare you say that what this asshole has to say is truth. Yes i will agree that some YOUNG single mothers dont know what they are getting into and will struggle, but how dare any body say that single mothers are inadequate to care for their children. Being a mother is the most rewarding thing you can do in life, how dare anybody try to take away from someone raising a child by saying because they are single they are not good enough or will fail. ahhhh this makes me so mad!!!

  41. 41

    Re: mendo0320 – That is NOT AT ALL what I was saying. I was merely stating that if Perez going to disagree w/ Huckabee then he needs to have more than one example aside from Natalie Portman. It just seemed to me that since Perez is all over Natalie right now, then that becomes the only reason for him to disagree. I know a LOT of single mothers who are FANTASTIC. My opinion on this matter was not at all stated in my comment. My comment merely was to say that it seems the only reason this story was posted was bc Perez didn't agree with it. I believe we're all allowed our opinions but when you only have 1 example of how you're "right" then it seems to me that the issue is not the issue. I truly do believe that if Huckabee were to make a statement tomorrow claiming he believed in gay marriage (which we know, he does not) then Perez would be so far up his ass that he couldn't breathe. I was more or less disgusted with Perez's response to his statement; rather than the statement itself.

  42. 42

    He's absolutely right about Hollywood glamorizing out-of-wedlock children, which is horrible, but Natalie Portman, who's actually a decent role-model, wasn't the wisest choice to get his point across. Just saying.

  43. 43

    Ughhh no one heard Sarah & Bristol Palin condoning motherhood out of wedlock. Bristol actually has publically stated that she is extremely fortunate to have the family that she has because if it weren't for the circumstances, she would'nt be able to support her child on her own. Also, if any of you watch Teen Mom, she is a spokesperson AGAINST unplanned pregnancies such as her own so there is no comparison here.
    There is nothing glamorous about being a single mom & Natalie Portman as a role model should realize that. She is fortunate enough to be able to financially take care of her child, and no offense to anyone but I'm tired of my tax money going to people who have children when they aren't even financially stable enough to support THEMSELVES let alone a child. We arent all Natalie Portman's, but people do look up to her, so this is the point he was trying to make. No ignorance here.

  44. 44

    Thanks Huckabee. My boyfriend and I are not married and we have a son. We're not on any government assistance programs, we both go to college, bought a new house, bought a new car, and had no financial help from anybody. I wouldn't want my child to go through the same situation necessarily because it is hard, but there are plenty of married couples worse off than us. We have a healthy relationship and our son has everything he needs so categorizing all non-celebratory single mothers as poor and uneducated is just sad. I would like someone to give the rest of us our due.

  45. 45

    Re: April 20th – Your statement is ignorant and offensive. Just because someone is poor and uneducated doesn't mean they wouldn't know who Natalie Portman was/is. This is assumption is more bigoted and offensive than Huckabee's because at least his statement is based on statistical fact (most single mothers are in fact poor and/or uneducated).

  46. 46

    What Mike Huckabee is right. I know a lot of girls who had children young and the fathers are not there for support. These girls struggle just to buy food. Natalie's situation is different, yes, because she has money and the father of her baby is around to help. I think he is just trying to say that it's unfortunate that these people that young girls look up to are promoting being a single mom and making it look "cool". I'm sure Mike Huckabee feels the same way about Bristol Palin's situation as he does about Natlie's. We just happened to hear about his comments on Natalie and not Bristol.

  47. 47

    Re: AmeliePoulain – Where did he mention legislation? What a childish point of view, just because someone says something unsavory, they're trying to tell you how to live?

    He's right, by the way, the best situation for children is a stable, consistent environment–even if they're parents are unhappy. Check out the statistics and studies (although I think it's doubtful that many of you read anything other than magazines).

  48. 48


  49. 49

    ooookay Mike, let's break it down:
    MIKE: BA from a seminary university. Masters from a theological seminary. Performs by playing a guitar. I'm not sure of his annual income but it's probably less than Ms Portman's

    NATALIE: BA Psych from Harvard. Guest lectured at Columbia and had some insane high school paper titled "A Simple Method To Demonstrate the Enzyatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar." You have to check the rest out on your own but the woman is no mental midget for sure.
    It seems to me that Ms Portman is no high school slut getting pregnant to "the cute guy" in her high school in Alaska (why didn't you slam Bristol Palin Mr Huckabee?) and drop out, hoping to earn an income riding her mother's popularity train. I would think Ms Portman could have a whole passel of babies and never expect one red cent from anyone to help raise them. Who are you to judge Mr Huckabee?

  50. 50

    I wish my parents never married, it would've been better than them stuck together like they are now.

  51. 51

    Re: Twoboys2 – I find your statement offensive, to assume that anyone who thinks this way is stupid or ignorant, only betrays your own ignorance. I am generally liberal, but have to agree with Huckabee here. That doesn't make me a bigot, it just means that I think we have very backward ideas about what is best for children in our society–and the evidence is glaring when we look at our schools and the mental and emotional stability (or lack thereof) of our children nowadays.

  52. 52

    Also, you're cutting out a lot of the conversation and failing to use the proper punctuation (…) to show the removal of wrods from the quote, it takes it a bit out of context. He doesn't slam her for being pregnant and unmarried, he slams her for glamorizing it and sending the wrong message to people who look up to her.

  53. 53

    Re: purplesprings – Actually, he's not going to win again. And if you think that Democrats and Republicans are different, you're a fool. All you morons on here crying about Republicans are forgetting a key point…a politician is a politician. So while you people are thinking that the Democrats are holy angels that are going to save this country, they're just like the Republicans. They're no better and they don't give a damn about you.

  54. 54

    So… would he prefer her to go get an abortion? Oh wait! They want to make that illegal.

  55. 55

    once again the right wing politicians in the states pushing the FAILING traditional family model……. it is people like this who hinder the emergence of new family models which are doing more to support children and not just the status quo.

  56. 56

    I can see where he's coming from as far as government assisted programing goes but, Natalie Portman is an awful example. You have the damn "Teen Moms", Bristol Palin, Brittany Spears' sister… She was on a Disney, or Nick show while she was pregnant! Natalie Portman is well established, educated and engaged. Why not just point the finger at MTV for that damn Teen Mom show which gives off the image that if you're insane, have a kid, and you're white trash we'll put you on TV and have you pretend to be poor but really we'll pay you $250,000 a year!

  57. 57

    Whoa Mike, step back a minute. Natalie is glorifying unwed pregnancy? So what would you call Bristol Palin and her pregnant belly and her fake boyfriend with the suit with a flag pin on it at the Republican convention? At least you and Bristol's mother show what pinnacles of stupidity you both are so the GOP can come up with a strong candidate. You aren't that candidate Mike.

  58. 58

    So funny because she's a Harvard grad, majored in Psychology and has papers published in scientific journals, she was Alan Durshowitz's research assistant while in school - all while starring in the Star Wars movies! Huckabee graduated from Ouachida Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary (10,000 years ago) and is in a failed local "rock" band. I think he's JEALOUS!!!!

  59. 59

    Re: Human Sushi Platter – a) Raising a well-balanced child isn't about money (even though all of your comparisons and examples dealt with money or income); b) Huckabee is a doctor whether you like it or not, and whether he makes more or less money that Portman has little to do with the validity of his point; c) Portman, at least in part, got into Harvard due to her celebrity, the school admits that child stars definitely have a better chance of admission than the general population; d) same with lecturing at Columbia, she was able to lecture because there was interest in seeing a celebrity; e) her degrees do not mean she will be a good mother, Huckabee's point is simply that highly-educated, wealthy Portman is setting a bad example for young girls who can not distinguish the details of Portman's situation from their own situations.

    Finally, IF Portman marries this guy–I have my doubts about it–I put money on the fact that they will be divorced within five years (and that's being generous). Of course, I don't wish this on anyone, but something about that guy seems off to me.

  60. 60

    Re: Shortymidge – Good for you honey! Not ALL unwed mothers are the way this douche describes them. It may be a more difficult path to take but there are plenty of strong, capable women who make their situation work and are great mothers to their chiildren. What a moron this dude is lol.

  61. 61

    Re: gmoney0

    I'm sorry if my words offend you but they are true nontheless. The states with the worst stats for education are in the south. The states with the highest teen pregnancy rates are in the south. Yes in a perfect world everyone would be married and life would be peaches and cream. However this isn't a perfect world. Portman is a self sufficient woman who will be able to care for her child. If she had chosen abortion, Huckster would have been bad mouthing her too. There are many children who don't come from a traditional home who do just fine. Just as their are many children who come from traditional homes and end up in trouble. I stand by my statement that Huckabee is pandering to a group of people with little tolerance for anyone or anything outside their small world view.

  62. 62

    Let's not forget he gave an early release to that maniac who killed all those cops in that Seattle diner.

  63. 63

    Re: bnhappy
    touche! isn't that kinda funny how he never once mentioned Bristol, he had plenty of opportunities to chime in, especially when she was on dwts. He's just trying to sell his book, but I ain't buying it OR any of his bull dookie

  64. 64

    Oh, but if she got an abortion, she'd still be a piece of shit too, right? What a moron. You can't fuckin win with some of these thick-headed republicans. And what if she got married right away as soon as she got pregnant? Then he probably would have had something to say about a "shot gun wedding" and how she's still not a "good example." Fuck off Huckabee. She's got a shit load of money to support her child, earned a degree from Harvard, and is in a long-term and committed relationship. How is that not setting a good example?!!! I'd be DAMN proud is my daughter accomplished all of that!! Married or NOT!

  65. 65

    Re: bnhappy – I was ready to favor Huck's stance until I read your post. STill, I think what Huck is also implying is that the values of society has changed (and not for the better).

  66. 66

    I definitely do not agree with Huckabee singling out a celebrity in order to make a point. She's engaged, she's loaded and educated. This child will not lack anything.
    On the hand, I am definitely a traditionalist and do feel that before a couple commits to having a child they should commit to each other and be married. Of course, pregnancy isn't always planned, and they are doing the right thing by getting engaged and planning to be wed.
    Too many people have children without realizing the impact it will have on their life forever. A friend of mine is 21 and pregnant with her THIRD child. She isn't married, and the kids are all fathered by different men. In this kind of a case, I feel a parental test should be taken before getting knocked up. Just like a driving, you need to pass tests before you can earn the responsibility to hit the road.
    To each his own!

  67. 67

    Mike Huckabee is still around blabbin? What a one sided guy. I mean, what about the ppl who simply do not blv in marriage that have kids? Not everyone believes in or wants to bother with marriage. I bet that would shock that man to hear that.

  68. 68

    Perhaps Huckabee needs to pay attention to his own family and worry about his son that likes to brutally kill animals. That is one of the signs of a future serial killer. Typical Republican, worried to death what others are doing, who they are screwing, and how they live their lives then you catch them cheating on their wives, cruising for sex in men's restrooms, or dating male porn stars. Try minding your own business.

  69. 69

    He is completely correct

  70. 70

    he needs to mind his own fucking business, what about his buddy sarah palin's daughter? guess that pig gets a pass on this issue. someone needs to cut this guy's dick off. fucking hypocrite.

  71. 71

    Perez Hilton uses his website as a soapbox to promote his agenda…that being said, Mike Huckabee was correct in many regards, although Perez (who, ironically, is incapable of accepting mutliple viewpoints despite his promotion of "tolerance") would never admit so. It is not bigoted to say that most single mothers are uneducated and poor, nor that racial and other socioeconomic factors are inextricably linked to being a single mother. Despite accusations of Huckabee's ignorance and bigotry, the fact of the matter is that being a single mother is most prominent in black and hispanic communities, which are also the most poor and undereducted communities. No one said that all single mothers are bad or incompetent, nor that they are uneducated.

  72. 72

    Re: AmeliePoulain – He is giving his own opinion just like you have one. He has every right to say what he did. It's called an opinion. Let Republicans talk for once. Heaven forbid we give an opinion! Every time someone speaks what they really feel in the Republican party it is just slammed. It is his right so get over it.

  73. 73

    Re: rosebud99 – I don't understand why people who are together for 15 years and never get married. What is wrong? Why would a "piece of paper" change anything? If you truly are that commited to each other, then having the term marriage added to your relationship shouldn't change anything. i would never want to be with someone that long and not be married. There is probably something wrong in the relationship to begin with and thats why marriage has never been brought up.

  74. 74

    I agree, Perez. It sounds like he resents women in general due to inability to view them as individuals.

  75. 75

    Re: gmoney0 – At this time you have made five comments to other commenters. The Shakespeare quote goes, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Something tells me you are trying to qualify your own failings by reacting to other people's comments. And yes dear, financial security and education plays a HUGE part in the raising of a child. Poverty is poverty of the pockets and of the mind.

  76. 76

    Re: JadedGemy – You live a very sad life. I am so sorry for you.

  77. 77

    Re: Twoboys2 – Exactly, that's his point. The South: poor, uneducated, and high percentages of teen motherhood. I think the point you're trying to make is that the South is largely conservative yet they are uneducated, poor, and don't practice what they preach. But this isn't responding to Huckabee's point which is that Portman, as a celebrity, has an obligation to her public. You're right, she may be upstanding and educated, but at the end of the day everyone pretending that her pregnancy is nothing but roses, is false.

    And the fact that she is rich, educated, and successful means that she didn't have to "choose" to do things in a way that is proven by the very psychologists that she studied at Harvard, to be a less ideal household for child rearing. How hard is it to get married?! I hate when people who have had kids together say things like, we're just not ready to make the commitment of marriage. REALLY?! I think the commitment of procreation is so much more permanent and important, why diminish your children's existence like that?!

    Finally, caring for children is not only a financial obligation, it's moreso an emotional one. Opting against stability for them is selfish when you're wealthy and educated enough not to get pregnant until your ready. And don't pretend that having the child while unwed or abortion are the only options. You already know that you want to marry the guy, so why not do it?! What are you waiting for?!

  78. 78

    Perez is missing the point of Mike Huckabee's statement. Mr. Huckabee meant that people in the public spotlight are normalizing things that were previously socially unacceptable, such as having children out of wedlock and premarital intercourse. By Natalie Portman getting pregnant prior to being married, she sends the message to young fans that it is ok to do so. Similarly, Bristol Palin, and all of the girls from Teen Mom are doing the same. The media coverage of these women has made them millions of dollars, and teens who see this think that it is socially acceptable and even normal, or cool to have children without being married. Natalie Portman may be engaged now, however she was only dating her fiance for several months before getting pregnant, and I am sure it was unplanned. They are only engaged because she is pregnant, its what most people would call a "shotgun wedding". Natalie Portman is a very accomplished young woman, and what the former governor is trying to say is that she is not the typical unwed mother, however young teenagers who see her may look up to her and say "look, she is a single mom and she is doing well, I could do that". Unfortunately, Natalie Portman is not in the same circumstances as most single, unwed mothers in our country, and her pregnancy being sensationalized will only encourage more young women to idolize being a single unwed mother instead of discourage it.

  79. 79

    Usually I agree with Perez however, this time not so much. Mike Huckabee's arguments would have better had he been more specific to that demographic he was referring to… which was everyone who is not rich and famous.

    Many single parents whom the majority are moms are under-educated and do rely on government assistance. It has nothing to do with the sanctity of marriage but the fact that raising a child in a household with 2 incomes will obviously give that child a better chance of a successful life.

  80. 80

    We are only going to get more of these outragous comments from Republicans if our youth ass wipe voters don't turn up at the polls to vote these ass wipes out of office… It's time our young voters take policys seriously….

  81. 81

    Re: gmoney0 – Well said! it's everyone else who is against these beliefs that don't think and just jump and attack.

  82. 82

    he was stupid for slamming natalie portman. he should've left her out of it and just stated that we need to help all these single parents who ARE struggling, because our government system does not help them.

  83. 83

    OMG this guy is just ridiculous. i won't even refer to him by his name because he's just below trash.

    Natalie…don't listen to his foolishness. She shouldn't have to hear this during a happy and memorable time in her life. he just wants to rain on her parade.

    Go Natalie! :-) you are a talented, educated, and beautiful woman!

  84. 84

    Dear Perez, if it wasnt for the tiger blood transfusion that my goddesses were in the process of giving me I would jump threw the computer and slap Mike Huckabee. I am a single mother of 6 month old twin daughters. I have no government assistance other then the pell grant for school (which coincedentally is about to be cut some so who knows there) and health insurance for my babies. I refuse any other assistance because I am working two jobs. One job just was not paying the bills. I do have help but only for baby sitting and thats very rare since I work around their fathers schedule sometimes. It really is disturbing that this man who knows nothing about the lives of unwed mothers dares to say such things. I will never ask for something I do not need. And please believe that since they have been born they have never cried once for a bottle or sat in a wet diaper. I hope whatever organization supports him STOPS immediatly. Thanks, Bye

  85. 85

    Yet another conservative cun*t.

  86. 86

    he has no place to judge one's circumstances …………no one does

  87. 87

    My teenager is going to go to Harvard, will graduate at the top of his class, make millions of dollars and get his girlfriend of over a year pregnant…because Natalie Portman did it. Republicans think Americans are too stupid to decide how to live our lives - we need politicians or actors to tell us what to do.

  88. 88

    No matter what any of you say, a child raised by a man and a woman who have a stable marriage stands a better chance of being a successful, productive member of society. Just a plain FACT, every statistic out there supports it. That is the way human beings evolved and you can't fight mother nature. I get the point Huckabee is trying to make but I think it is a poor example he chose to make his point.
    PS-The Palin comparison is flawed, she was a minor when it happened and unlike Perez, Huckabee knows it's not cool to attack minors.
    PSS-I hate when I feel compelled to defend right wingers from liberal nonsense comments.

  89. 89

    I think Mike Huckabee should attack the Virgin Mary FIRST..then Bristol Palin..and then go fuck himself!

  90. 90

    Re: April 20th
    You are so ignorant

  91. 91

    Your the ignorant one. Promoting single parenting is irresponsible . There is a direct correlation between single parenting and poverty.Just keep on promoting irresponsible behavior

  92. 92

    I would never vote for this man! I try to keep an open mind but most republican wing-nuts today are driving just about anyone with any sense further and further to the left!

  93. 93

    if a politician said that in britain everyone would laugh at them and then they'd resign/get fired.

  94. 94

    Only the weak need role models. Role models are way too overrated. Besides Natalie is rich, educated, and she does not need a husband to help her raise a child. He should not be talking about Natalie having a kid out of wedlock that seems to be the norm in our society nowadays. Another thing often after marriage comes divorce and getting divorced is expensive so if people want to have children out of wedlock that is their choice.

  95. 95

    omg. did u see the nypost today relating to natalies lack of saying power at dior bc of this bullshit?

  96. 96

    ok mike if you're going to bash one pregnant woman for having a kid out of wedlock then you should also mention nicole richie had 2 kids BEFORE she got married, kate hudson is pregnant & not getting married, penelope cruz, salma hayek, halle berry, naomi watts, angelina jolie, kourtney kardashian. don't pick on one pregnant woman when there are plenty more with kids that aren't married, seriously why did he single natalie out???? i would like an answer to that! fucking republicans such idiocy, oh btw BRISTOL PALIN huckabee, you never bashed her!!!!!! hypocrite

  97. 97

    Re: Human Sushi Platter – Yikes! Great attempt at postulating, and you're right, I've made several comments. But really just because I knew there would be a significant imbalance of voices on this topic.

    In truth, I, too, am Ivy educated, have friends who went to school with Ms. Portman, work a six figure job, have no kids, and am not yet 30. So, no, not protesting too much. As someone who has money, I think people overvalue it and diminish the importance of stability. I think it's no surprise that all of my six figure earning friends (and Ms. Portman, too) all come from two parent homes. Statistics bear this out, but it's crazy that in my crew of 10 highly successful friends (not by my rubric but by the rubric of many on this commenting board) that there isn't a divorce to found–even as the divorce rate in America broaches 50 percent. Coincidence. Probably not.

  98. 98

    He's completely right and what most of you are failing to realize here is the underlying fact that kids born out of wedlock usually lead less than ideal lives. Natalie Portman IS an example of glamorizing this - young people may look at her and this it's ok - and for her it is OK only because she is RICH.

  99. 99

    Ok, lets talk about your recent track record Mr. Huckabee! How about how you pardoned a 92 yr sentence to a man guilty of murder when you were governer of Arkansas and that man then moved to the state of Washington. He then went to jail there for child molestation, was released then walked into a coffee shop in my then home town Lakewood, WA and shot and killed 4 police officers in cold blood!?! Maybe you should reserve your energies on talking about shit that truly concerns you. How do you sleep at night sir? Probably quite comfy in those 600+ thread count Egyptian sheets atop a bed of bs, bad choices and hateful comments. Blow it out your ass and leave all repectable peoples names out of your mouth!

  100. 100

    Re: SloshPosh – Well let me tell you something, I was married myself, and I am not rich, but my marriage was a big mistake. I ended up having to pay for a divorce on top of taking care of my child. I worked my butt off, and never took a dime from the government until I got cancer several times. Luckily I managed it it all, and my daughter is now an adult. Mike Huckabee is an idiot. Divorce is expensive and only makes the lawyers rich. (My ex had to go to jail before he would pay too.) Yet marriage is not a protection when your own parents are already abusive so yes I chose badly.) But, Mike Huckabee should shut up he is an idiot, and obviously anyone who had to have gastric bypass isn't above anyone. He needed help before he got himself together, so maybe he should practice being a bit more compassionate. He an Dan Quayle should go off into obscurity together.

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