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Things Are Heating Up Between T-Swizzle And Chord!

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Could this be the right guy for Taylor Swift??

Her fling with Glee's Chord Overstreet is beginning to turn into more as friends say the two are really hitting it off together.

An insider says:

"Taylor reached out to Chord. After the [hockey game], Taylor and Chord grabbed a bite. He's into her. She's getting to know him. He's hot, young and single — and he's closer to her age than Jake Gyllenhaal [30]."

And with the two sharing the same interests such as music and hockey, this seems like a better match for our Swifty, dontcha think??

We just hope this one lasts a little longer! And who knows, maybe Taylor can do a cameo on Glee! A Chord and Swifty duet?? Uh, yes, please!

What do U think? Are Taylor and Chord made for each other or is this just another brief fling??

[Image via Getty Images.]

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32 comments to “Things Are Heating Up Between T-Swizzle And Chord!”

  1. 1

    I don't get why all these guys like her! She's ugly!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    she isn't interested in hockey. Just the stick

  4. 4

    What about the Owl City guy that did that song for her on Valentine's Day? Nothing? Seriously?

  5. 5

    heating up? they just started going out! should be heating up, or flopping. maybe already done. either she REALLY IS A BEARD, or she goes through guys like she changes clothes

  6. 6

    And they could share hair bleaching tips. LOL. But seriously, they do look cute together and are both talented.

  7. 7

    chortling chuckling CCCHHORRRDDD!

  8. 8

    I wonder if he's diddled her country clit?

  9. 9

    y isnt the guy from owl city into her? like singing songs to each other

  10. 10

    Hahahaaaaa!! thithe media!!
    A true virus to the world!!! stomach that whores like her is in s untalented whore is a slut of huge dimensions!!
    She deserves a huge black cock up her ass!!!
    She is so disgusting that i am sick to my
    This nasty

  11. 11

    She always has a new bf. We'll hear a song about him in a few months.

  12. 12

    aww. that's cute. good for her. she's such a beautiful and talented girl. but hopefully she doesn't go on GLEE that show is just hella lame. she's too talented for that gay show. everyone on that show right now is missing talent. lol swifty is too good for that stupid show. if anything she should go on american idol and perform that would be awesome. american idol is hot right now. no one really cares for that glee crap. AI all day everyday.

  13. 13

    nah, she just needs to meet her quota and date 9 guys a year in order to fill a cd

  14. 14

    Horny little nympho ain't she?

  15. 15

    I dont necessarily dig her music but I used to think she was adorable and a breath of fresh air to the industry. Now the sight of her face is nauseating.

  16. sanaa says – reply to this


    So…has she had sex with all these many many guys??? Doesn't she have things to do except follow guys around the country??? I've never seen a celebrity do this, well actually Jessica Simpson was like this for a 3 years I think…

  17. 17

    Can't she give her vagina a VD break… like, just a month at least?

  18. 18

    Oh I can't wait to hear the song inspired by him!!

  19. 19

    Re: SW33tS3R3NITY27 – i sooooooo agree wit yu… wen she was unknown… i LOVED her nd now that she is big …… i dont lik her dat much

  20. 20

    I give this PR stunt …. er, I mean relationship … another 3 weeks max!

  21. Low says – reply to this


    I'm starting to think there is something wrong with her…

    Take a break Taylor.

  22. 22

    she has a new man every bloody month, she's like 10 years old =/

  23. 23

    brief fling or just PR. one of the two.

  24. 24

    She's obviously very needy, she can't seem to be alone..
    She falls in love with everyone she dates and when it doesn't work out she writes a pathetic song about it which by the way is getting really OLD….
    All of her music sounds the SAME, (her boo hooing about the same SHIT)…..

  25. 25

    if you're going to insult her, at least have your facts straight. first of all, she's not 10. She's not even a teenager, she's 21. Second, she is the complete opposite of a "flop" and is more successful than ANY of you will be. Third, she doesn't have a new man every month. She's dated like 7 guys in the past 3 years as far as we know, and a lot of them were not even serious. That isn't uncommon or wrong to date that many people in that amount of time with only about 2 serious relationships. Oh, and yes she's totally ugly, that's why MILLIONS of guys find her attractive.

  26. 26

    Why do guys find her attractive? Well they actually don't. She is the perfect girl to be seen with in the media because every teen and child in America is buying her cd. Taylor is a teen sensation just like Miley Cyrus. If you really liked a girl's personality and you thought she was beautiful, would you break up with her in a few weeks or months? No you wouldn't! She is always the one getting dumped and thats because she plans it that way. She wants everyone to say "Poor Taylor, I can't wait to hear her next song". The claims that Enchanted was written for Owl City was bogus. It was only said to give them instant publicity. Adam doesn't like Taylor as a girlfriend or they would be hooking up right now. Taylor has become a successful liar!

  27. 27

    Taylor Swift=100% class and talent. She is such a nice girl,too.

  28. 28

    HA! HYPOCRISY!! I am 21 (her age) and I date a LOT. I bet you did too!! Everybody does… It's NORMAL. Good for Taylor!

    And about the "she's ugly" comments… I don't even have to say anything, do I? She is absolutely stunning! And if you don't agree, at least you have to acknowledge that she is beautiful. Come on!

    What's up with all the hating?

  29. 29

    That's just too much sunshine for one relationship. They are going to implode just like all her other relationships. I smell a new song coming soon!

  30. 30

    stop going out with dorks !

  31. mayi says – reply to this


    Re: idol_addict – haha good one.

  32. 32

    Re: Logan. – Well not everyone dates all the time, in fact I don't know many people like that and the ones that do are usually referred to as "loose" women… just saying.