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It's The Boob Clamp!

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This is so mesmerizing! We can't stop watching it!

A Chinese commercial advertises the Boob Clamp, which is basically just a glorified corset that not only pushes up your boobs, but pushes them in too, giving your chest some epic cleavage!

Not sure how effective this Boob Clamp is, but it sure is HIGHlarious to watch!

Check it out (above)

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46 comments to “It's The Boob Clamp!”

  1. 1

    LOLs! That thing can't be comfortable to wear. Do they really think such an artificial cleavage looks attractive? It is hard to believe that those funny sounds actually represent words.

  2. 2

    Well…we make poke fun, and well..I may continue to poke fun while counting the millions that I'm going to make when I open my Boob Clamp stores in malls across the U.S.

  3. 3

    But I thought Asian girls went sideways

  4. 4

    Is the high pitch squeal you hear from the lack of oxygen going to their brain? LOL Seriously, that can't be too safe. I mean even as they tightened the boob clamp their eyeballs nearly popped out…lol

  5. 5

    That's what I call butt cleavage. It's gross!

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    If you think about this, you realize that it's actually very Machiavellian. Just imagine a balls clamp, where the top bits are exposed to attract women. Hehe.

  7. 7

    I love how other sites like the one that you lifted this from give credit to the source. You never do that and act like everything you post is new when it's really recycled and yesterday's news

  8. 8

    Asians are too smart to think that those girls are actually fat under all of that…hahahaha

  9. 9

    …is it bad that I want one….

  10. 10

    AAHAHAHAHAHAHA it goes on for 5 mins hahahaha amazing

  11. 11

    i think this commercial just gave me a seizure

  12. 12

    Now you asian girls can have tits too. yayyy

  13. 13

    :S—— gross!

  14. 14

    Come on Perez… You don't need this contraption… your boobs are big enough as it is.

  15. 15

    Where can I buy one! …….make that two

  16. 16

    Aaaaaand when they get the guy home and take off their boob clamp, he'll see that she has tiny tits, no ass, and a gut. Sexy!!

  17. 17

    So…it's like a modern corset. Cool?

  18. 18

    Re: stubborn_beauty – At that point, he's about to get laid by a girl who everyone who saw her before thinks she's smokin'. Don't think he cares ;)

  19. 19

    thats not attractive. and you can tell its not real.
    and makes you look desperate and like your trying to hard
    natural is always the way to go. always,

  20. 20

    GENIUS! I want one!

  21. 21

    Re: methesupergirl – you are probably fat and ugly and no life to talk about this u stupid racist mexican motherfcker, you fat fcker prolly cant even fit into one of those… doucheee fcken bag

  22. 22

    Wow. What an obnoxious commercial.

  23. 23

    I wouldn't mind if i make millions from this Boob Clamp. Customer like JLo will be dying for this product before her appearance for any red carpet show-ups!

  24. 24

    I think I just had a seizure. it's like watching a boob-theme'd video game.

  25. 25

    LMAO! OMG I really want one!

  26. 26

    Re: stupidfatbitsh – I don't even……besides insulting her for no fucking reason, you called her a racist? a racist..Mexican? You're clearly retarded. I'm sorry.

  27. 27

    Will it make that sound if I buy it and pull the strings???

  28. 28

    Re: stubborn_beauty – Hahaha I was imagining that, too. Like, she'll get home, and get in to bed with him. And she's all, "I got something for you." And takes off her shirt to reveal this corset. And when she unties the string all seductively, her boobs fall flat just as fast as they got up there. =)

  29. 29

    that can't be good for your boobs.

  30. 30

    so these girls have wigs and extensions, lip plumpers, eye lid tape, tattoo eyebrows, false eyelashes and a pound of make up and now they get to add this contraption to their outfit…must suck when the guy wakes up the morning after and the girl is flatchested, no butt, splotchy skin, thin lips, no eyelid, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, and totally washed out pale…

  31. 31

    i actually want one, lmfao.

  32. 32

    Re: stupidfatbitsh – You may wanna lay of the drugs.

  33. 33

    well that would be a major disappointment when a girl removes it before getting intimate with a guy and he comes to find out that she's actually flat chested-____- LOL

    totally false advertisement(X

  34. 34

    lol. but seriously, who the hell walks round with half their bra visible?

  35. 35

    this is not anything new, this is the plunge bra or vbra. it is a great bra and its inexpensive. you can find it online in a couple online shops in the US.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    I want one..but SShhhhhh

  38. 38

    I think my head's about to explode.

  39. 39

    Re: methesupergirl – Who cares if it's uncomfortable… gosh you people are pathetic… so you all walk around with your fat asses hanging out of your pants because it's comfortable… then you all want the hot guy and bitch because he doesn't even glimpse at you…. PLEASE

  40. 40

    Looks fun!

  41. 41

    ha, make sure to send about a million units to hollywood

  42. 42

    Re: unreal5511 – exactly!

  43. 43

    What the hell?

  44. 44

    are their commercials really this long?!
    or is this just a infomercial!

  45. 45

    When I saw you call it mesmerizing, I was like, wow, you perv. But then I watched it, and I know what you mean. I'm a straight girl and I couldn't look away, I totally want one. I feel brainwashed… :S

  46. 46

    BULLSHIT!! "hey titless asian girls, this will push the fat from your ass and gut up to your barren chests", fuck off…i bet the casting call was in California asking for fake titted asian girls!!