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Mike Huckabee Tries To Explain Natalie Portman Hate

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Huckabee Tries To Clarify

Earlier we let you guys know that Mike Huckabee said some pretty mean things about Natalie Portman and single moms in general.

He must have gotten a shizz load of backlash for it, so now he's backtracking and trying to explain what he meant.

Here's a bit of what he's now saying:

“Natalie is an extraordinary actor, very deserving of her recent Oscar and I am glad she will marry her baby’s father [Benjamin Millepied]. However, contrary to what the Hollywood media reported, I did not ’slam’ or ‘attack’ Natalie Portman, nor did I criticize the hardworking single mothers in our country.”

“My comments were about the statistical reality that most single moms are very poor, under-educated, can’t get a job, and if it weren’t for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death. That’s the story that we’re not seeing, and it’s unfortunate that society often glorifies and glamorizes the idea of having children out of wedlock.”

We're sorry, Mike, but who in society is going around promoting, glorifying, and glamorizing the awesome benefits of being a single mom?

It's a struggle, no matter how you look at it.

Oh, and you did slam and attack her: by using her as an example for your skewed perception of reality.

Here's a question, how about those kids that were born in wedlock, then the parents divorce? Technically they were born in wedlock, so are they just automatically better off?

It's pretty bold to claim that wedlock is the only way people should properly have kids. We know people out there who are still pretty poor and struggle even though they're married and have kids.

On the flip-side, we also know couples who are not married and have an easy time supporting their children.

So, maybe you should realize that marriage, or lack thereof, is probably not the biggest contributing factor for all the harmful things you have to say about all the courageous single parents out there who love their kids and are trying the best they can with the circumstances they're given.

Nobody is glamorizing the hardest job in the world.


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151 comments to “Mike Huckabee Tries To Explain Natalie Portman Hate”

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  1. 101

    Sounds to me that he's talking about TEEN pregnancy, and it IS glorified via the popular tv show which graces the cover of US WEEKLY once a month. Bringing a child into this world is something that should be considered carefully (no matter if you're married, single, gay or straight). Teen pregnancy is a problem in this country (unless you're a Palin, then you can make a career out of it). It's the most profound thing we do - and yet, hey anybody with the proper plumbing can do it with nary a serious thought about the ramifications. Ms. Portman is not really the issue here, surely he extrapolated her situation to make his point of view relevant.

  2. 102

    Someone should really ask him about his buddy Phil Collen of Def Leppard that he's been playing music with lately. I think Phil fathered two or three kids WHILE married to someone else over the past few years. Double standard? Hypocrite? Hmmmm.

  3. 103

    I do believe it's save to say he is a complete jackass.

  4. 104

    I honestly do not believe that marriage means anything. If you are committed to someone, then you shouldnt need a piece of paper to say otherwise. But I do understand that it has some value to the person but just because someone is a single parent, does not mean that they fall into the statistic. A person in a perfectly good home could end up killing someone. Its on the person who decides to have sex, if they want to take on that responsibility. Noone is ever ready to have a baby, but even stable family homes that think they are ready struggle. Get with the times. We have moms who work their asses off to give their children the best life they can. It does not matter about statistics. Our whole country is a statistic.

  5. 105

    There is no such thing has a girl who had a baby and didn't want to. There are to many ways to prevent pregnancy, birth control, condoms, the morning after, abortion, abstinence ect. The "its so tough to be a single mother" excuse is bull shit. If women don't want to be a single mothers then don't have a baby, its that simple. Usually in situations like Natalie Portmans, a girl dates a guy, likes him and want to hold on to him so get gets pregnant. This is very common throughout America. I don't understand why as a society we act like pregnancy is an accident or a miracle, its usually planned. Its to easy to prevent.

  6. auds says – reply to this


    While I don't agree that having kids solely between a married couple is the only way to go, I do think that having 2 parents benefits the child(ren) immensely. I also think Huckabee has a point about glamorizing teen pregnancy… has anyone watched the MTV shows about teen moms?? They give these sad girls even more unnecessary attention to making bad decisions and it's really upsetting.

    Can't anyone keep their legs closed and/or use a friggen condom?!

    PS Perez, sorry, but being a mom is NOT the hardest job in the world. That's just completely idiotic to say.

  7. 107

    Re: TAPATiO – what?

  8. 108

    Re: perezisgay243 – I sort of see what you are saying but the way you say it is judgmental. There are people that believe their relationship is the best thing in the world, and they have a child, and things fall apart. There is also families where a parent dies or in cases of rape where it is not the persons fault for either having the baby or being on their own. You have no clue what goes on in the life of Natalie Portman so you can not say anything because half the stuff that is said is probably shit. Just because she was not dating the guy for that long and that she happened to get pregnant, does not mean that she wont be the best mom out there.

  9. 109

    Re: Miley is an ugly whore – That ignorant person insulted black people by saying Natalie Portman acted like a black women by getting pregnant and not being married. i think… lol

  10. 110

    Re: jordan2 – There are no Republikkkans that are in any way insightful or intelligent. Republikkkans want to end abortion, end gay rights, end stem cell research, end sexual education, end workers rights, end progress. If you think that any Republikkkan says anything you agree with, then maybe you should just jump the gun and join the KKK.

  11. 111

    Re: voodoochick05 – He said most, not all. Chill out.

  12. 112

    Does anyone on this website know how to fucking spell??? Jesus Christ!!

  13. 113

    Great Blog Perez!

  14. 114

    Perez, it'll always be in the realm of White Trash when girls like her get knocked up outta wedlock.

    H.S. dropouts like Bristol Palin, its expected.

    Harvard grads like Natalie, should know better.

    This 'fiancee' Ben is so gone when he's not 'getting the milk for free.'

  15. 115

    STEREOTYPES EXIST FOR A REASON. Most single mothers do have it rough. Females usually do not make the same amount of income that males do. I'm glad somebody finally laid some truth down on this topic. And you're wrong, Perez- there are plenty of women walking the red carpets in Hollywood making single motherhood look glamourous. And Natalie Portman is one of them! Look how gorgeous and carefree she looked in that pink rose gown at one of this season's events. I mean, she may not literally be proclaiming it, but she's out there looking like the happiest/prettiest person in the world. And although most people should be smart enough to know that Natalie's case will probably not be the same as theres, not everyone is that smart. There are people out there that literally think "I can be admired, too if I go out there looking all pregnant and awesome." But most importantly, whether we like it or not, she's a ROLEMODEL. People want to be her. She needs to start setting a more realistic example.

  16. 116

    I fucking hate Politics!!!

  17. 117

    Pregnancy is AVOIDABLE! I don't care HOW MUCH you love your darling baby, marriage first is the ideal. Most single mothers are on welfare and have more than one child, with different men…but they "love their babies!"
    I'm with Huckabee…educated, self supporting woman are not the ones standing in the welfare line…life just "handed" them a "bad hand." HA!

  18. 118

    The single parents who are visiting their children in prisons STILL insist on "he's such a good boy…" and feel they did the BEST as a parent. Your kid is out selling crack and these mothers feel they are helping make ends meet. "He was such a good boy, just did the usual stuff, quit school, stole a car or two, but he's a GOOD boy…he loves his mama." Get real!

  19. 119

    He didn't say anyhting that isn't true. Rich Hollywood women can afford to have babies on their own. Young, stupid, impressionable girls can not!!! How can anyone disagree with that?

  20. 120

    he doesn't believe in abortion yet he slams single mothers? hypocrite much?

  21. jklo says – reply to this


    1. TEEN pregnancy may be glamorized but i disagree that single pregnancy is glamorized at all. just because they show pics of a pregnant woman who happens to be single does not mean they are glamorizing it. 2. Marriage is just a piece of paper and does not guarantee the couple will not split. It is about the parents and their committment! 3. it sounds like a lot of you think single pregnant women should go and hide out because if they are walking around, they must be showing off and glamorizing it. do you expect single celebs to hide away while they are pregnant in fear it might give a message to people? should natalie portman not go and celebrate her success at award shows this year just because she is single and pregnant? 4. I understand people are gullible and sometimes follow what celebs do but that is usually (hopefully) only young people not ALL women and i think they are more likely to see someone like the girls on teen mom or bristol palin influencing them into believing they could be just like them. These girls are not looking up to pregnant women in their 30s, they are looking up to the young pregnant girls who they see in the media -huckabee using her as an example was an extremely poor arguement. EVERYBODY is missing the big picture. Parents should be educating their children and informing them about what they see on tv is not always what it appears to be. Parents need to teach their children how to think rationally and make decisions for themselves

  22. 122

    this man, like most of his ilk, times things and uses his political agenda to express the fact that he is jealous of artists like natalie portman. why do you think they pull out the bullhorn and make statements like this for millions of people to hear. he was trying to bring her down after her Oscar win, and to me it seems he wishes he was a movie star, but he's not a movie star, he's a boring huge inflated talking head that no one cares to hear from. go away Mike Huckabee. Plus, lol, what a jacked up last name. That face…a hound dog with an impacted molar.

  23. 123

    Re: ShoeWhore – Exactly!

  24. 124

    gee mike thanks for the clarification. I guess this means you support the a womans right to choose then? and you must support sex ed, planned parenthood and the like? yes? I assume you are not just saying that people need to abstain or suffer the consequences?

  25. 125

    umm celebrities get hated on publicly all the time, they are use to it. especially on gossip blogs and media sites, perez was doing it forever. but this bashing is just a big deal because it was said by a republican. the media is so biased its ridiculous.
    this guy isn't relevant to me whosever, and if he isn't to you then don't care what he thinks. doubt natalie gives a f**k.

  26. due says – reply to this


    Some of u guys don't understand simple english. he's speaking from statistics. not attacking individuals. movies like the back up plan make and switch make it seem so easy to be a mum by urself. huckabee is just trying to tell the future gen to be more responsible but like anybody else he may not have said it as aptly as he could. just cos he's a christian doesnt mean he's perfect. he's someone trying to find his way just like anyone.

  27. 127

    You're an idiot to suggest that Governor Huckabee lied when he said he mis-spoke. Why would he write in his new book "A Simple Government" that Obama spent his early years in Indonesia, then on purpose say Kenya?? DUH! Makes you look kinda stupid - doesn't it? I guess you're one of the perfect people who never thought one thing and said another.

    You need to check your facts before spewing hate.

  28. 128

    A guy does not love you enough to marry you but you are going to have his baby anyway? Single mothers by choice are the biggest embarrassment to our society. They are turning our country into a welfare state. PS. I freaking hate Huckabee. He is a liar. But he is correct about Natalie.

  29. 129

    Re: B.4.I.Jump – Stupid much?

  30. 130

    Re: EmsMama – Wow, you're probably the only intelligent person on this site. Thank you for showing me that some people can be diplomatic and leave the emotions at the door.

  31. 131

    Re: ms trudy – You showed what little class you have with this comment.

  32. 132

    Umm… To answer your question… TEEN MOM may not glamorize it on the show but, when MTV pays the "moms" $250k a year to act like a fool, I would say they are!

  33. 133


  34. 134

    Re: lauravee – Probably because Bristol says what a mistake it was. she ain't trying to glorify it.

  35. 135

    Re: jordan2 – could not have said it better myself. if it was a democrat making the claims, he wouldn't even blink an eye. his bias is off the charts.

  36. 136

    He becomes more UNelectable by the syllable. Thanks for the clarification, Pastor Huckabee.

  37. 137

    Just remember Mike all those single moms vote! They will remember your comment. Not all single moms are doing bad. For the record this from a married women with children! Rock on Natalie!

  38. 138

    ha ha h a…u fuked up u moron….now, just shut the hell up and go away .

  39. 139

    thoughts? how ’bout this one: you're a complete idiot!

  40. Tasos says – reply to this


    Typical hater that you are, you heard what you wanted to hear, so your criticism may conform to your agenda. What you do is dishonest, divisive and incredibly hypocritical when you preach tolerance of gays, yet you lie about one has said to promote anger and unfounded hostility and intolerance to advance your repute (so you think).

    Your actions in this are nothing less than evil, Mario. I love gay people in my life; family, friends and a former business associate, who have been nothing but honorable, compassionate and truthful even when truthfulness did not serve their better interest and in some cases, caused them embarrassment, loss and/or pain. The thought of your self-proclaimed representation of gay people, them included, not only sickens me, but it also causes me to fear for them, because people may perceive them as you should be perceived, and they may respond with their fists as recklessly as you are with your deceit.

  41. 141

    they don't call it wedLOCK for nothin'. if you want to talk about society's ills try talking about violence against women and children. now THAT'S something to address in your self important run for president, mr. Huckabee.

  42. fiera says – reply to this


    its scary that ignorant assholes like this even have a position in politics. I know many single moms that are intelligent and make a good living to support their children on their own. Sometimes, life works out in ways that are not ideal, like a happily married couple raising children. A woman should not be looked down upon being a single parent!!!!

  43. 143

    Why not talk about all the people who are the deadbeat parents leaving these moms and dads to do it all alone and helping making it difficult to survive. I have an 8 yr old son who has never met his father, because he is too little of a man to be a father. And my son feels so loved regardless, but will always have that whole in his heart that he didn't ask for. Why don't the politicians make it more difficult for these people to renew their DL or buy a plane ticket. And yes I've had a case against him since 2002 and the state of TEXAS f'ed my case up and continue to. They have a SS # and still nothing. So come on Mike…shut up and do something to make a change!

  44. 144

    Ha I mean Hole in his heart : ) Ah politicians…

  45. 145

    Too many feet for that mouth of yours Mr. Huckabee!

  46. 146

    "We're sorry, Mike, but who in society is going around promoting, glorifying, and glamorizing the awesome benefits of being a single mom?"

    ^ Man Perez, you are P A T H E T I C! Umm, aren't there like TWO TV shows about it? One with Molly Ringwald and that crappy reality show? You SUCK at being a "Hollywood insider." And you're dumb.

  47. 147

    I have to agree with him on one point - this country DOES glorify having children in anyway - and for a woman who is not married, it's a BENEFIT to have a child because you get the asstitance of the governement - rather than having to care for themselves and their own choices, someone else WILL do it for them

  48. 148

    mikes right. Plus if you ever seen him, he doesn't come off like a "perez".

    He's not an attacking person, What he says is correct and truthful

  49. 149

    Married women are also single mothers since their husbands rarely do their share.
    Obviously Portman has the money to afford the baby so she isn't the uneducated , poor woman Huckabee tries to portray.
    I wonder when is he going to blast men for leaving their kids behind for their careers or a younger woman.

  50. 150

    Mike is so wrong. Here is the real problem. A girl gets pregnant out of wedlock or not, and the man leaves her. If they're married, he can divorce her. If they aren't married, he can just walk out. If she files child support, well she might get if he has a job. She can work, but with one income coming in it's not always enough to support a child. If you ask me, single mothers aren't the real problem. It's single FATHERS that are the problem.
    The mother could be working, but the father, well usually is a deadbeat who doesn't have a job in these cases. So there you have the impoverished single mother. The deadbeat fathers out there who get absolutely no blame or stress whatsoever, and then you have people like Mike Huckabee telling people how to live their lives.
    I'm not a single mother but trust me, I work at social services and I see the mothers who come in there for help are usually single, and the dads are no where to be found, and when the mother goes to file child support against him, they can't get a dime becaues he's unemployed and would rather go to jail then give his child's mother a dime.
    Young girls shouldn't be getting pregnant. But father's shouldn't be getting off free either. Have you ever wondered WHY These mothers are single???? Obviously the guy didn't stick around, divorced her, or left. And this is what happens.

  51. 151

    And by the way, Mike Huckabee, you can talk the talk, what do you propose we do with these horrible group of single mothers? Throw them off a cliff and leave their children to starve?
    How about a proposal of what should be done other than throwing out your 'statistics' which don't do anything other than say "We have a problem"
    If there's a problem, and you are this disturbed by it, then you ought to do more than throw around this talk

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