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Lindsay Lohan Vs. SNL

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lindsay vs snl

Now that it's becoming more and more likely that Lindsay MIGHT get off clean, it looks like she's taking more and more offense to people poking fun at her.

Lindsay sent a letter to SNL creator Lorne Michaels expressing her disappointment with him for allowing Miley Cyrus to make fun of her, while she hosted the show this weekend.

Here's an excerpt from Miley's opening monologue musical number that did NOT sit well with Lindsay:

"I never stole a necklace or got a DUI…never cheated on wife like that golfer guy…so what if you can see a little boob from the side …I'm sorry if I'm not perfect."

Sources say that Lindsay "felt betrayed" and that she had looked up to Lorne as "a mentor and a father figure."

We understand where Lindsay's coming from, but then again, it's Saturday Night Live…they jab at everyone!

Team Lindsay or Team SNL?

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47 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Vs. SNL

  1. 1

    i know youre reading this, you crackhead bitch so pay attention:
    you are an entitled bitch who after winning your e-trade lawsuit think that you can win any battle against anyone who "mocks" and "offends" you. think again, bitch. its called 1st amendment of the constitution. freedom of speech. they are within their rights to make a PARODY of you. get over it and be glad your name is still on people's mouths cause if it werent youd be crying in your corn flakes because youre all alone and no one cares. so heres mt advice to you, you attention seeking kunt:
    go home, FUCKING STAY THERE FOR MORE THAN 24-HOURS, learn to be alone for a godamned week for a change, change your phone number, take a shower, dye your hair red, go away and earn some fucking respect from your peers. and MAYBE you wont be made fun of….

  2. 2

    SNL all the way! She's sooooo over.

  3. 3

    Lindsay is getting offended by everything everybody says..because she doesnt have her drugs to make her not care. Now her emotions and feelings are exacerbated by her lack of something to cover them up with. That being said…..she needs to chill out. She took the damned necklace. Do your time. Get all this shit over with. She'll be "offended" for the rest of her life if she keeps caring so much what people think of her. Just chill.

  4. 4

    youre 24 years old. everyone your age are currently working on building their careers and their lives after college. you? since your downfall 4 YEARS AGO, when you were the ripe old age of 20, was when you passed your prime. get your shit together or that newspaper will print that obituary theyve written for you.

  5. 5

    Ewww…is she going to sue again?

    Team SNL. Firmly.

  6. 6

    Lindsay had no problem snarking on Paris Hilton back when she was on SNL. Sucks to be you, LiLo. Get over it.

  7. 7

    Ugh! Just STFU Lindsay! You're a celebrity! You're FAIR GAME for ANY COMEDIAN! Get over that ridiculous sense of entitlement! P.S. Maybe if you'd stop doing so much stupid s**t people wouldn't feel the need to make fun of you!

    Team SNL all the way!

  8. 8

    She should be glad that SNL even rinds her relevant enough to make fun of. I though these media whore celebs like her, lust for any attention they can get.

  9. 9

    Team SNL, always, thats what they do. It was really funny.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    A lot more from the front kid! Thanks in advance

  12. 12


  13. 13

    thought this whore has-been did get a dui? She sure us full of herself to think she is free from people making fun of her ass.. she is the one that deserves the most of it.. everything she does is a joke.. she is nasty..she can;t drive for shit she always in trouble she is so stupid.. get over bitch you deserve it!

  14. 14

    easy solution to stop people making "fun" of you…don't do stupid sh!t.

  15. 15

    She put herself into this mess. She has been arrested more than once, in the middle of a legal battle with the jewelry store for stealing (allegedly) she has crashed her car just to name a few and she feels betrayed by SNL for poking fun of her? As much as I dont agree with Miley's choices or actions she at least has the sense of humor to laugh it off. This is why you became a celebrity for gods sake, if you dont like the attention, then mind your P's and Q's cross your T's and dot your I's and live a drama free life and dont put yourself into the spotlight. you should feel betrayed by your parents who are whoring your whole life out.

  16. 16

    This girls makes me mad. She cry wolf every time somebody said something about her whether its Glee or SNL. It her own fault because she got herself in to these situations and nobody else. She not America's sweetheart and many people simply don't like her and me included. She like Tara Reid they were both up and coming actress but now there both jokes. If you want to be respect shape up and be accountable for once in her life or stop being in the public eye and people won't care about you anymore.

  17. 17

    Someone needs to remind her that she IS a joke. Sorry, Lindsay, you make it too easy for everyone else to make fun of you. Get your shit together if you don't want to be the butt of a million jokes. Whining about it doesn't make you any more likable.

  18. 18

    So Lindsey's taking offense that people are mocking her?! Maybe she shouldn't have led such an "offensive" life.

  19. 19

    she was on snl once or twice, she knows the deal…if you're in the public eye, you're fair game. take this advice…go away and we'll forget all about you!!

  20. 20

    Seeing as it has been a life goal of mine, that I am actively pursuing, is to be a cast member on SNL - Linds needs to realize that there are no rules when it comes to comedy. As for Lorne - bravo! You know you got the staff writing good jokes when they strike a chord, good or bad, bc that means people were watching/listening…TEAM SNL

  21. 21

    If you want people to stop making fun of you, you should really stop giving them such great material!

  22. 22

    She will be forever mad at people because she IS A JOKE! She'll always be mocked because her and her family sucks ! Give it up Lohan. She always makes fun of herself but no one else can? Ok.

  23. 23

    BULLSHIT! She is a SNL Alumni she know the drill.

  24. 24

    im sure oj simpson didnt like being made fun of either

    she deserves everything she gets ALL OF IT!

  25. 25

    Lindsay, you have earned every negative thought/feeling towards you and then some! The only reason you won your suit against e-trade was because it was cheaper to settle than to go to court even though you had no case. As a public figure, you're fair game to any and all satirical depictions of yourself so shut up! If it bothers you so much, disappear forever and it will stop.

  26. 26

    ..she never got a DUI? Whaaaat.

  27. jian says – reply to this


    Team SNL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LL is a joke, they tried to warn her and she didn't listen.

    He is not her 'mentor' or a father figure, she's soooo confused. Miley didn't whine when they made fun of her smoking salvia.

  28. Bren says – reply to this


    Lindsay is the gift that keeps on giving….LOL Just go away already.

  29. 29

    oh please, come on Linds I still believe in u and all. But we all know ur just going after Miley for the money. I mean first the E! Trade Commercial and now an SNL Sketch? Darling. ur like 23-24ish right? Grow up and laugh a little. And if ur so 'offended' than u just gave the public some kind of proff that u actually did steal the necklace.

  30. 30

    maybe if she just stopped doing all the crazy, stupid shit she does all the fucking time then maybe ppl won't continue to laugh at her. Otherwise grow up, quit your whining, and turn your life around. Bc you don't deserve sympathy for being made fun of.

  31. 31

    Lindsay, we all know you read this stuff because you're looking for some kind of validation from someone. Just stop that for a start, then look in the mirror and be honest about what you see. Lying to yourself will lead you back to that crackwhore look you wore for so long.

  32. 32

    Team Lindsay get a life!!!

  33. 33

    Keep on going with the lol's about Linds. It is awesome. Grow up bitch. If you didn't do the things that you did no one would have anything to make fun of. Did you ever think of that scatter brain? No, you don't think, oh of yourself, that's right. I personally don't see how the tape being sold is going to get you off but if it does there should be Vegas bets going on to how long it will take you to get into another "it's not my fault" situation.

  34. 34

    Getting off isn't the same as being innocent. She doesn't deserve to be offended, or hurt. SNL is a pop culture show, and Lindsay certainly deserved her pop culture status.

  35. 35

    Um, this makes no sense. Didn't she just make fun of herself on Jimmy Kimmel? She's too crazy for words.

  36. 36

    Call a Waaaaaambulance! How Jr High School is it to play the "you hurt my feelings" card. Lady, get off your lazy ass and start doing something productive. Turn it around. You are not a Disney star anymore. Saying that your feelings are hurt no longer works like it used to

  37. 37

    SNL ALL THE WAY!!!! Someone's a little bit hypocritical.

  38. 38


  39. 39

    comedians like kathy griffin and snl and glee need to stop picking on people who are trying to get better. it only makes things worse. they make fun of people in rehab. they make fun of people out of rehab. we just live in a society of meanness. no god anywhere. satan is sitting up there laughing at us!!!

  40. 40

    This girl is seriously delusional! I seriously believe that in her sick twisted little mind she still thinks of herself as a "respected hollywood star" she's seriously crazy, she's a joke! also never gotten a DUI? Bitch Get the fuck outta here!

  41. 41

    Team Lindsay….

    I don't know how Miley has the never to critize other people. Has she EVER looked at her life? Honestly.

    She should't brag, her life is a MESS also.

  42. 42

    Lindsay Lohan made her own bed and no she has to lay in it! Though, I don't think Miley Cyrus is the on to talk…

  43. 43

    If she tries to sue SNL imma laugh until the cows come home

  44. 44

    any one "team lindsay" are dumb.
    SNL always!

  45. 45

    team SNL absolutely

  46. 46

    lilo's name is only brought up for her mess of a life. she has no career left, she fucked it up too much. i kept cutting her slack year after year like everyone else, but people are over it. and is this really the first time SNL made fun of her, because if so.. it was WAY past due. Team SNL. the only thing i still have respect for that lindsay is involved with, is parent trap, that movie has sucked me in everytime since i was little. -____-

  47. 47

    Not the only one that is problems