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Mel Gibson Flees To The Rain Forest

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Tomorrow, Mel Gibson will board a plane bound for Guatemala, just a week before he's slated to be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence.

According to sources, Mel has had this trip planned for awhile; he made a commitment to a specific charity campaign set on saving the rain forest several months ago.

So, as it seems to be the D.A.'s intention to charge him this week, it looks like Mel will be out of the country when the decision is made.

Yeah, nothing can go wrong with this scenario. Nothing at all.

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5 comments to “Mel Gibson Flees To The Rain Forest”

  1. 1

    I don't buy it. This reeks of PR overload. Gee, so he's saving the rainforest? He just wants out of town. Even if he is contributing to an event, it doesn't redeem you screaming and bitching and lying. He needs to have meds for his mental issues too just like the old crazy Charlie Sheen.

  2. 2

    I thought he hated every race but his own.
    So why would he leave to the Rain forest of all places.

  3. 3

    I think it's a whole lot of nothing here. A good DA with _any_ charges pending against an accused would have likely told Mel not to leave town. We're not going to see any movement on this until Mel gets back.

    Besides, as I've said elsewhere, even if Mel is charged, it'll only be with a misdemeanor which will still lead to a trial. I'm not sure Oxsana or her lawyers would want so much information about her efforts to extort Mel to be read into the public record if it goes to trial. Mel pays a fine, gets a suspended sentence; Oxsana is hanged by the testimony and evidence presented at that trial and goes to prison for a felony.

  4. 4

    Perhaps some unknown tribe will shoot him with a dart.
    Just sayin….

  5. 5

    I think Oksana needs meds as well if she needs that much money per month for child support. Alot of other mothers who are married get alot less and go through more. Anyways, this has been another smart move on Mels team for PR..
    "Even if he is contributing to an event, it doesn't redeem you screaming and bitching and lying" .. at least he's trying to recover from this. Oksana has done far worse mixing her kid up in this and not taking the 15 million to begin with..