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Charlie Sheen's Ex To Undergo Regular Drug Testing To Keep The Kids!

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Wow! Sounds as though she's SERIOUS about keeping those kids in her custody!

Now that Brooke Mueller and her estranged husband, Charlie Sheen, are going to court to duke it out over who gets their kids, the former is reportedly willing to take a drug test every week until the twins turn 18, if it ensures that he won't get them!

According to a family member close to the situation, Brooke has admitted to falling off the wagon while in the Bahamas, but her husband's shenanigans have "shaken her to the core," and she is now so determined to stay clean that she will submit to regular testing.

The insider explains:

"She'll do anything that needs to be done to keep her kids."

As she should!

Clearly, despite her shortcomings, those children are in much more stable, safe hands under her care, and she NEEDS to do whatever it takes to keep them out of his custody!

We hope that she stays true to her word!


[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Charlie Sheen's Ex To Undergo Regular Drug Testing To Keep The Kids!”

  1. 1

    One of them clearly needs a comprehensive psychiatric examination!!!!!

  2. 2

    She appears to be a garden-variety druggie. He, on the other hand, seems to be clinically insane and possibly dangerous. Not much of a choice for the poor things, but they're better off with her than him.

  3. 3

    Given their history, they should both be tested routinely - she should have to take drug tests to keep custody, and he should have to take drug tests for regular visition. But how long would that last, on either side…?

  4. 4

    She is clearly thinking that if she doesn't stay clean she could loose the kids AND the $55,000 per month. That is what she is thinking. The skank only had the kids for the money. Thank God she has a decent and loving mother who watches over the kids quite a bit, otherwise those kids would be in danger. It's a shame those little boys have 2 parents that are total loosers.

  5. 5

    Judging from last nite's 'Sheen's Korner', Sheen not only needs a psych-eval, but another daily drug test. I applaud any parent willing to get clean for their kids. I did, and it's been 6+ years now. It is and always will be, a work in progress, but every day gets better. Being sober is better than being wasted EVER was, especially when you're THERE for the kid(s) you love. I'm just worried Charlie's the type that CAN'T recover = a sociopath.

  6. 6

    @ buggadaboo
    I totally agree, she only wants the money, and $55, 000 a month can pay for alot of nannies so she'll never have to bother herself with the kids. However, remember, Brooke's decent and loving mother raised HER - so there must be some disconnect in her child rearing skills. I despise women like Brooke who bring children into this world only to ensure a paycheck for the mother. Whether welfare queens who keep spitting them out to get more money to spend on themselves, or these golddiggers on the other spectrum - it's all the same and WRONG for the kids

  7. 7

    what is this world coming to? brooke decided to get pregnant with the aid of fertility drugs without his knowledge (allegedly), marry an addict at the peak of his addiction and do drugs with him (probably with the kids in the room). she's' clearly the better parent. you need a license to own a gun but any jacka$$ can have a kid!

  8. 8

    Re: TrippleTrouble !!
    I've been saying for YEARS that if you want to breed, you should be subject to mental examinations!!! Too many IDIOTS are breeding… too too many! it's IDIOCRACY at it's finest!