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Looks like Robert Rodriguez has found the star of his next movie! (Sorry Danny Trejo...) Check out the photos (above, & below) of Charlie Sheen celebrati… Read more…

26 comments to “Charlie Sheen Is…MACHETE!”

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    Is there not a way that he can be placed in a hospital or clinic for this type of behavior? He hasn't hurt anyone yet, but his comments and the disturbing actions that he has been making lately are getting uncomfortably creepy. Pulling out a machete and waving it around in public after ranting and raving all these weeks is just the first step in the insane journey that he's embarked on. When is enough going to be enough with this guy?

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    He is drinking Xango…which is absurd. I thought that stuff was obsolete, but it has a very distinct bottle. It is a juice made from the mangosteen plant and there is a whole pyramid scheme behind selling it and become distributors and crap.

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    Also, doesn't his "goddess" look as insane as he does? They're like a mini cult. It's creepy. She's smiling and laughing like nothing weird is going on. What a bunch of crazy ass junkies.

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    he's also the same freak who "accidentally" shot then gf Kelly Preston in the arm with a gun. And who's pulled a knife on his ex-wife. I mean seriously, this guy isn't funny to me at all, he's got a history of abuse and he's ticking time bomb.

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    I believe he should be placed in a hospital or a clinic because his behavior seems to be a drastic change and he seems like he could be harm to himself and definitely others because holding a machete over people should be constituted as danger. Does he not realize that he is the butt of everyones jokes? Obviously he does not get it

  8. jkf says – reply to this


    Poor guy has lost most of his hair.

  9. jkf says – reply to this


    I'll bet he gets some stupid ass tattoo any day

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    OK PEOPLE…CAN NO ONE SEE THE PICTURE?? his hand is over the tip of the bottle, stopping anything from going in his mouth. so NO, he is not drinking the tiger blood…but making it seem like he is. duh.

  11. Heh says – reply to this


    It's not going to end until one of those girls or he ends up dead, this is getting scary to watch ..I would have hired some kidnappers already if I was his dad he's not going to last too much longer like this

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    To anyone who thinks this is funny, remember that with bi-polar it is high and it is low. As much as it is hard to watch, the crash will be devastating to him and all around him. What goes up must come down.

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    enough…why do you give this lunatic any press..he is a disgrace..he is a drug using wife beating crazy man..he is not even that good of an actor and he has all this money and he does not appreciate all that he has been given..it truly is a sad day when all this people are so interested in what this loser says….enough….

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    hahah… Check out my lifyestyle blog…


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    I'll admit i thought the sheenism's were funny at first… but honestly hes delusional if he thinks his "followers" are supporting him… everyone just likes to watch a good train wreck.. besides most of his rantings don't even make sense..lol

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    his comments are so disturbing like seriously.. who wants to hack people up and wear their skin? Anyone who finds these comments or these machete and tiger blood drinking antics funny has issues.

  17. Fabu says – reply to this


    Dear lord, he's truly off his rocker… that's not funny in the least, wielding a machete… I think it's time to realize something, Charlie: you are replaceable, you're not THAT GOOD! Losing!

  18. Fabu says – reply to this


    Re: catlover – Catlover, ya know, since you mentioned "mini cult"… am I the only person who thinks of another "Charlie" lately when Charlie Sheen spouts off? I'm talking about the one in prison that will never get out even though he's up for parole over and over… the one with the last name of Manson.

  19. Fabu says – reply to this


    Re: roseyposeygurl – Child, I see the picture clearly… did you miss the part where he's wielding a fucking MACHETE??? duh

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    Since when are people allowed to drink in public and wave machete's around?
    He's acting like a Crack Head Asshat because he can! Where are the men with the nets and white coats?

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    Another spoiled, rich Hollywood brat that has gone
    off the deep end. Not funny, not cute. Just pathetic.
    The sad part is he has some real talent but would
    rather make a spectacle of himself and his hanger ons.
    His rantings and drug induced lifestyle are way off
    the charts and he is proud of it. The sad part is
    he is a father of 5 kids. I believe one of them is
    in her 20's. At least get some help for them.
    He would be doing all of us a favor if he got his
    head out of his crazy ass and got some help.

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    Charlie ain't cutting off anyone's face.
    He's all about the attention!!!!

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    i love how he's continuing to play you all.
    he's only giving everyone exactly what they want.
    all the concern around him is hilarious.

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    Crazy. Unhinged. Crazy. Old Charlie needs meds today. He's crazy!!!!

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    I don't know about the States..but here in Canada, when someone makes these kinds of comments, i.e; threatening to kill someone, they can be arrested. What are they waiting for ? This guy is in serious need of help/medical care.

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yes, and someone there just happened to have a machete, and appealed to his ego to be like Che. It looks like he's being used for train wreck photo ops to me.
    Reminds me of Spears, but with manic confidence.