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Sheen's Korner, Episode III: Revenge Of The Tigers Torpedoes of Truth

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He's at it again!

Yesterday, Charlie Sheen streamed his crazy again for all of Team Sheen to gawk at and admire. Here are some things we learned in the first five minutes:

Phones were built by trolls.

There are more than 6,000 hours in a day.

Charlie responds well to "buttal" kissing. (Good for all of you to keep in mind if you are applying to be his new "intern."

Check out the video (above) to see more of this latest episode of Sheen's Korner. (above)

Oh, we should also share this gem Charlie dished out during his conversation:

"If you own the home in which you own the trashcan, you should never have to empty it ever, ever, ever again."

Deep, right?

Yeah, we don't think so either. You know what we really think? This guy needs some serious, serious help. Just look at him! He's like a glimmer of his former self. Pale and sickly and just BLECK!

Hey, Bob, or whoever the hell you are on the other end of that phone - how's about you stop encouraging his live streams and recommend a vacation. You know, the kind where they PROMISE you'll leave a better man????

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38 comments to “Sheen's Korner, Episode III: Revenge Of The Tigers Torpedoes of Truth”

  1. 1

    He looks more like Hugh Hefner' slightly younger brother every day. Is this for real or is he pulling a Joachim Pheonix?

  2. 2

    That video was so heavily edited that Charlie Sheen had to have known what was going up. It wasn't recorded and uploaded live. Either he's making poor judgement in what he is uploading, or as someone else has said, he'd doing the "easiest gig ever and playing a crazy man".

  3. 3

    I can't even bring myself to watch any of this stuff. I am so sick of Hollywood crazies.

  4. 4

    I still can't decide if all of this is real or an act a la Joquin Phoenix- then again sometimes I think that whole Joquin thing REALLY WAS NOT AN ACT and that his people just said so to save face. Think about it- why would a major star stop doing movies to have his brother in law follow him around with a little camera to capture his "demise" and then after all that drama……nothing. No movies….no more hearing about him, etc.

  5. 5

    Re: rosebud99 – thats the same thin I am wondering!! see my post. :)

  6. 6

    I hear and read a number of things that state how sad it is to see Charlie Sheen "spiraling out of control," and how he needs help… But the same media outlets are fuelling the entire thing by continuing to publicize his "anctics." Maybe when everyone stops watching, reading and slowing down to view the car wreck… he'll stop and really get the assistance he needs. He's like the dancing money that just keeps dancing until the clapping stops. I feel really bad for him. He's being used whether he thinks he is or not.

  7. 7

    He will relapse or crash or both. Manics have 2 speeds high-low.

  8. 8

    I thought he was funny, and I sided with him in the beginning of all this trouble he's gotten himself in. But he has now crossed into something unreal and depressing. He is clearly on some serious drugs, and his children are obviously in danger and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near him or his drug "mansion." He sleeps with two porn stars and is obviously taking drugs all day long, and then wonders why his children are taken away from him. Money can buy you a lot of tangible items, but it clearly cannot buy sanity or common sense.

  9. 9

    I like Charlie Sheen. WINNING!

  10. 10

    you can say the editing is a hoax, i feel you but what we all cannot deny is that he is a drug addict "lifer" meaning he is going to use dope until it does one of three things, kill him, forcible rehab or jail. He looks so bad, the bags under the eyes…the paleness the jacked up axl rose teeth he has begun to show, this is not good and we are watching someone die, sombody help this guy, quick…its gross…and sad.

  11. 11

    ugh.enough already. i felt sorry for this man for the first 15 min..now.. not so much. his enabling groups of idiots need to go away and someone needs to drag his sorry self absorbed ass down to an orphanage or a women's shelter or the morgue and get a look at the frickin reality of life-sober his ass up. he's a spoiled brat. the dumbasses he calles "friends"..pfft..they're laughing AT him not with him,his ramblings are desperate cried for Attention and all the media does is help him put it out there! leave it. leave him. its pathetic. its like watching a slow death. i'm tuning out.

  12. 12

    He has the same mental illness Britney Spears has. His dad needs to hire a babysitter to watch him 24/7/365 like Britney. Maybe they can have a play date together. . . . .

  13. 13

    His mind is being controlled by handlers and drugs and he's starting to go the Charles Mansen route.

  14. 14

    Stop giving this guy a platform for his crazy! If no one listens then he has no choice but to shut up and go back to work. Hello, winning!!

  15. 15

    Yeah he is either going to die really soon or he is pulling a huge one on America. I would like to think the latter is the right one but sadly, I think he will be dead within 6 months.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Welcome to the world of Crazywood…where as long as you are making money and selling tabloids, you will be surrounded by ass-kissing enablers, golddigging skanks and yes men. Someone needs to learn how to say NO to these self indulgent morons and get Charlie Sheen a conservatorship ASAP!! Where is his family during all of this??

  18. 18

    PLEASE STOP GIVING THIS MAN ATTENTION!!! I don't care if it's real or an act. I'm just sooo over it.
    When I see any kind of C.S. news ANYWHERE, I simply skip over it.

    Why don't you check out Amaury Vassili - the beautiful and talented man who will represent France in Eurovision 2011 instead? Now HERE is someone worth a look and listen to!

  19. SF90 says – reply to this


    Perez you know you're encouraging him by posting this on your site? If all you gossip sites would just ignore him, like some of us do, he'll disappear into oblivion.

  20. 20

    People keep saying it's a "train-wreck"? It's not a train-wreck; the Freight-Train that is Charlie Sheen has left the station and is barreling down the track! Don't you people get it? Charlie is a GENIUS! Forget about Joaquin because that was FALSE! Get it? If you can catch it, jump on and enjoy the ride. Watch the man work, listen to the poetry of his train barreling down the tracks at full steam, or just keep saying oh that poor poor man can't anyone around him help him. He doesn't need anyone's help; he's his own conducter, and it's full-steam ahead. Go Charlie!

  21. 21

    I am astonished that his public behavior and all of it's bizarre craziness (and there's plenty) don't merit some kind of intervention from family and authorities. Standing on top of a public building with your best hooker welding a machete is more than a cry for help. It is a necessity. God bless his children's safety. He really is crazy.

  22. 22

    this isn't just winning this is BI WINNING!

  23. 23

    Mario, I thought you understood this guy is not right and were going to follow the wisdom of Craig Ferguson? I did not watch the video and will not. Find something else to talk about and let this go quietly away so it can be dealt with properly. YOU ARE NOT HELPING THE SITUATION!!!!!!!!!

  24. gooby says – reply to this


    wow, he's much more cocaine damaged that i thought.. i could only make it to the five minute mark and had to bail. the megalomaniacal rants aren't funny or insightful - they're just really sad. and contrary to other people's comments, i don't feel sorry for him at all - he's just weak. WAY to egotistical and convoluted for rehab too, i'm sure..

  25. 25

    He looks the part.
    Like a skeleton with crazy
    hair and he has some
    major black bags under
    his eyes. He looks awful.
    Also smoke enough ?

  26. 26

    There's no way his crazy is an act like Jaoquin's…unlike Jaoquin he was fired from a seriously lucrative tv show, has children that look up to him and very much favors the company of prostitutes and whores…

  27. 27

    Of course this is not an act. He has a problem. How can you look at him and not see that he is a very troubled man. I have loved Charlie Sheen for almost his whole career. Cadence was and is still my favorite of his movies. Having dealt with addiction in both myself and people that I care about I can tell you that convincing people that everything is okay is part of the game you play. Part of the game is to put yourself out on a limb just to survive, so that you can look at the people who are actually trying to help and say could I do this if I was an addict. When a person suddenly has a new reality that they think is brilliant and they make an all out effort to sell it to those around them, that is when their true friends, family, handlers, or whatever their position in his life, must stand together and force this reality down his throat. Make him watch these tirades over and over until he sees how unrealistic he has become. It is not easy for the friends and family because the addict has now labeled them trolls and they are the enemy. Please do not give up on Charlie. Pray for him and hope that those around him are more interested in saving him than they are in spending his money. It is not easy for an intelligent person who has fallen into the sickness of addiction to admit that they have fallen at all. Good luck to you Charlie and may you get clean and sober and save yourself. Do it for your children. They need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    this is the saddest thing iv,e ever witnessed..a man who is now insane, and even sadder very close i fear to his death…..i also fear for denise and all his children…and i no longer find anything entertaining about this downfall.. i am happy to be a troll…peace be with you charlie…………amen !!!

  29. 29

    I think the media needs to stop playing this stuff, stop talking about Charlie immediately. This is not funny. The man needs help whether he recognizes it or not. The guy on the other end of the phone (Bobaloo?) sounded like he was humouring Charlie most of the conversation. Being paid perhaps??? Rather than take Charlie's money and humouring him, HELP HIM.
    Re: the media - leave his ex-wives and the kids alone. They're suffering too. It shows in Denise's face.

  30. 30

    Re: tracker – I know… he looks awful, gaunt… he's GOT to get some help. His family needs to get leeches like Rick Calamaro (the equally as coked-out guy, Charlie's 'assistant'), who, if you google him, admits to bringing coke to Charlie on numerous occasions. Why hasn't LAPD picked that guy up - if he knows where to get briefcases full of coke, or at the very least '7 gram rocks'?

  31. 31

    I feel bad for the guy. He's clearly lost it and surrounding himself with sycophantic yes men isn't helping at all.

  32. 32

    I am ashamed to watch this as any sane person can tell he is seriously mentally ill. All I can say is I hope he gets the help he needs as I don't want to poke fun at someone in such a state.

  33. 33

    He looks so very bad.Where's Emilio,where's Martin? Charlie needs help.Urgently

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    If you own the home and own the trash can, you should OWN the garbage and get off your high horse and not be above emptying the thing yourself. No wonder the man is single…and buttal kissing rather than objective truth from an honest and caring someone is not going to raise you up to be a better man or improve your character. Some kings are good, and not above sweeping with the servants, and other kings are entitled despots that no one likes behind their backs.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    So many people's worlds shrink until their personal identities become what they do, or how much they make. Especially when a marriage fails miserably. He won't get this, but apart from your work identity, you have to listen to the answer when you ask yourself 'what kind of man have I become?' Ask those closest to you and they'll tell you.
    Apparently Charlie has become so insulated by his own self talk that he has become too spoiled and lazy to empty his own garbage. To place oneself mentally above other people who WILL empty it simply because has a bigger pile of green paper rectangles called money? Yikes. Ugly. Does he really think that when he's on his death bed he's going to wish that he'd worked more and made more money? Treat others around you as you wish to be treated. Yeah, THAT golden rule.

  36. 36

    This is one of those times in life when you wish if you punched the screen….the person on the broadcast would feel it.

  37. 37

    maybe he'll do a "suicide" stream…i can only hope!! spill your tiger blood fuckwad!! enough!!

  38. 38

    Like a episode of intervention that won't end!