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Wow! Not only is this super cool, but we think that he may actually be the first out gay man to appear on postage! Check out the new Royal Mail Br… Read more…

42 comments to “Werk It, Dumbledore! First Out Gay Man On British Postage Stamp?”

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    Ok, I think you're stretching this a but much. He's Dumbledore, a fictional character which JK Rowlings once stated could have been fictionally gay. How is that portraying a gay man on a stamp?

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    He's a fictional character you idiot.

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    This is a sad sad day for humanity!!
    Gay people sholud be shit in theis faces, as they love ass so much, and not put on stamps for people to see…..it is a terrible mental sickness that mentally weak children go for just to try to find themselves.
    The next thing they know a ugly fat guy fuck their asses!
    We must all stand together and fight this plague….
    As of now harry potter is banned forever because of theis stupid clown on the stamp!
    You will burn in hell for eternity, you asshole!
    Dumbledore, you are a fool!

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    he's gay….? wtf

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    I would guess that there have been stamps made of Elton John

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    I'm pretty sure that Dumbledore being gay is not the first thing that comes to mind when they see him on a stamp?

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    If you actually have read any of the books, you'd know that Dumbledore was never portrayed as being gay. J.K. Rowling stated that she thought of Dumbledore as being gay. So, he wasn't "out" and he's fictional. It's a cool stamp collection, though. You are just being dumb and trying to call attention to your agenda.

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    Thats it. This is officially the dumbest post in the history of this website.

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    Re: Princess of Truth
    After reading your post I felt like puking and developed gay-sickness :(

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    Re: Princess of Truth – what is wrong with you? In all seriousness it seems your the only one with a problem.

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    Although JK Rowling once mused, in an interview, that Dumbledore was in fact gay this was never mentioned in any of the seven books! Also if he were he would not be an 'out gay man' he would in fact be a closeted gay man! x

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    Re: bulava
    I hope i scared you straight…you are welcome!
    Re: Laura Mankin
    Use your common sense…..anal sex with another man???
    Are you kidding me??
    Its a serious disorder!!
    Sexual intercourse between same gender must be punished by death…according to the bible!!

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    I'm glad for this, but jeez, not every gay man wants to be called a "diva."

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    Ok…I'm gay and I find the headline to this kind of stupid. It has NOTHING to do with gay anything. Why do you have to always make it about gay this and gay that? YAY for Dumbledore being on a stamp. I'm sure the Harry Potter fans are overjoyed. But, me as a gay man could care less one way or another. Stop making us look bad please.

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    Love it…but it is important to mention Dumbledore is gay but not the actor that plays Dumbledore. They should use Ian McKellen from Lord of the Rings. He is gay and AWESOME!!!

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    But…him being gay was not mention in the book JK stated she always thought of him as gay. When I first looked at the poster of the stamp I saw Dumbledore (I'm a BIG HP fan)….not a gay person.

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    stop labeling people!!!!

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    Re: bulava – good…you are probably a butt fucker anyhow!

    Got butt pain?

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    Re: Princess of Truth – Oh sweetheart, Harry Potter is a much better make believe story than the Bible.

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    the reason he is on a stamp is because he plays Dumbledore, not because he's fucking gay. Get over yourself.

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    Fabulous! And he's wielding his wand too….

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    He looks old enough to be the first out gay man.

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    Re: Alicia1989

    Preach! xD

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    You're ridiculous! First gay man on a british postage stamp? For one, it's a fictional character you idiot. Another, it has nothing to do with the character being gay or not… it's a character from a very popular series. So the fuck what!

    Get you insecurities in check, jesus lord… you're obsessed with gays!

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    Re: Princess of Truth – Call me a liberal (which I'm not, I'm actually more conservative) but it's a little hypocritical of you to wish death upon someone who cannot control who they are, gay or not. Regardless of what makes someone gay, it cannot be control… even if it was a mental illness… no mental illness can be cured or deserves discrimination and cruelty. People are who they are, that's it. Nothing you can do about it, maybe some people don't like you… well I'm sure they move on in their lives and not dwell on you're ignorant ass.

    You call yourself a follower of God, obviously… well people like you are going to be the first to be condemned to hell. Jesus preached to people to not pass judgments and to treat people equally… I'm not even religious and I know that. So for you talk so demented about homosexuality, is really scary. Your God watches you ;)

    You've fucked yourself there, buddy. Good job, you fucked up little shit… hiding behind a computer screen isn't going to protect you forever, bitch. Go rot in hell!

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    Re: Princess of Truth

    Perez, your blog is awesome. It's funny, witty and sassy. I think it's wonderful the energy you put in improving gay rights and coming from a country when homosexuals have pretty much all the same rights as heteros, I wish that the USA will join us soon on that matter.

    And Princess of Stupidity, go wonder on somebody's else blog if you're such a gay hater.

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    i'm sorry, but this post makes me mad.
    first, dumbledore wasn't an "out" gay. j.k. rowling simply said that he "could be" gay, what with his childhood relationship with grindelwald. not to mention the fact that he is FICTIONAL. what makes me mad is you made this cool stamp collection all about you believing him to be the first gay on a u.k. stamp. have you never heard of elton john? or oscar wilde? i'm fairly certain they're both gay and have both been on stamps before. i'm sorry, but don't try and make everything about the "gay agenda." dumbledore's on a stamp because he's a cool wizard, not because he's gay.

  29. 29

    Awww I want Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia stamps. The U.S. always has the crappiest special edition stamps.

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    Re: NOTagainPEREZ – Well said, thank you!

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    Re: Princess of Truth – The Bible is a book… full of shit.

  32. 32

    Please PEREZ you from all people should know that not everyone wants to be called for their sexual orientation but for who they are .. youre just feeding esteretypes

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    Hes a fictional character!Hes not gay in the movies or theirs nothing to sugest it in the films! You read to much into! Also why have they made stamps with wizards on! I'd rather have the queen! Atleast have intresting characters if gunna do them.Disney ones would be cool

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    Re: Princess of Truth
    @I hope i scared you straight…you are welcome!

    LOL, am a 100% straight man. You didn't get me point :)


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    Re: mochaddict

    @The Bible is a book… full of shit

    Interesting response then what about worthless weeds like you who are a big burden to this Earth (Eat/Drink/Enjoy/Fun/Fcuk but no real things/purpose to do in life!)? What people should call your types? BTW, am not too religious but I can't digest anyone attacking holy books of any religion.

  36. 36

    Re: mustbenargles – Thank you for saying that!

  37. 37

    doesnt him being fictional kind of take it away from the meaning though? shit.

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    It's a really cool stamp. And Dumbledore would have been a closeted gay man, not an openly gay man, as JK Rowling only said afterward that she thought he was gay, though I had my suspicions in book 6. It really doesn't matter one way or the other. His sexual orientation really had nothing to do with the story, except for a mistake he made when he was a young man, by trying to usurp power.

  39. 39

    these stamps are actually really cool, i'm a bit young for stamp collecting though

  40. 40

    thats so awesome :)

  41. 41

    Re: Princess of Truth – God, can someone beat this idiot in the face with a bible. Then we'll all see how much she likes that book of lies.

  42. 42

    Re: J_Baby – In order for it to be a "book of lies", it needs to be filled with things that are presented as actual facts. Which it does not. People like Princess of Truth didn't get that memo though.