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Chelsea Handler 'Re-Interprets' Kim Kardashian's New Song! LOLz!

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Ouch! And they're on the same network, too!

Check out Chelsea Handler's brutal - but let's face it, pretty HIGHlarious - take on Kim Kardashian's new single, Jam (Turn It Up) on last night's episode of Chelsea Lately (above)!

LOLz! We imagine that A LOT of songs would sound pretty similar under that kind of recital, but still! This is pretty good!


What do U think?? Do U like Kim's new song or do U agree with Chelsea??

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24 comments to “Chelsea Handler 'Re-Interprets' Kim Kardashian's New Song! LOLz!”

  1. 1

    well I just loath kim kardashian and am so tired of being bombarded with information about her … I come from a timespace where you had to be a triple threat talent wise and just being beautiful was not enough

  2. 2

    The best thing they could do is a Independent Film and have BMOVIESONDVDS.COM handle the distributor like I do. They handle Independent film and classic some as low as $5.00 it the best way to get see.

  3. 3

    Kim Kardashian is a shallow joke. Overexposed, ya think?

  4. 4

    This is so bad my ears bleed! She needs to go away already! Her sisters have personality and are gorgeous inside and out..but Kim, wells she is just shallow, boring & anoying !

  5. 5

    LOL ! Kinda puts her song in perspective, no ? ! Glad it is bombing !

  6. 6

    The Kartrashians are soooooooooooooooooo over !

  7. 7

    she is so beautiful and kind and god bless her for trying something but man this song is god awful. even paris hilton who has zero singing ability as well has a catchier song. yikes.

  8. 8

    So what if they're on the same network. Chelsea tells it like it is, she's not scared of them like you are, she doesn't care if she's invited to their b-day parties. As for the song, I didn't listen to the entire thing because it was sounding like she was reading from a que card, too monotone for me. I was hoping she could sing, but it was just embarrassing. I looked at her blog and everyone on there told her they loved it, she rocked it, do an album, etc…

  9. 9

    Face it Perez, you are the ONLY PERSON who liked that song…

  10. 10

    I'm so agree whit Chelsea. Kim Kardashian suck and she suck like singer but badly

  11. 11

    yeah agree with chelsea. love kim, but she can't sing.. at all.

  12. 12

    hahahahaaaaaaaa kims a easy target thou she just so assy all the time chelsea do angelina again im still laughing from the last time …
    is ur brother a chef?
    hes cute either way …yummo

  13. 13

    RIP Kim K

  14. 14

    Not toooo auto tuned? You must be banging the same 7 gm rocks Charlie "im bat shit crazy" Sheen is. That was the worst excuse for music I have ever heard. Oh my ears. And I will never be able to get that time back again. Chelsea Handler had the balls you don't to tell it like it is. Home girl needs to fire her managers who are spoon feeding her the manure that she can make it as a singer, and go back to moaning and groaning with Ray J, where she got her fame from in the first place, and leave the singing to some one who can.

  15. 15

    I don't think anyone actually likes that godawful song

  16. Pezzy says – reply to this


    Umm, guess what Mario — NOBODY likes Kim's song, except you. And that's just because you have your tongue up her ass trying to be "besties" with her. I still can't get over your original post on this song applauding the lack of auto-tune. That is a joke for the ages. The song is ALL auto-tune. 99.9% of the world can hear that. Why can't you?

  17. 17

    haha i agree with chelsea. it's just terrible. this bitch doesn't even have one talent bone in her body. she can't act, can't sing, she's overweight, and lets just face it. the chick is hella ugly. lol haha let's just face it all the kardashians are just overweight and just really ugly looking. none of them have any talent at all. lol their all a big joke. for real. anyone who actually likes them must probably feel sorry for them because they suck so bad at what they do. or they just don't know what talent is these days. lol paris hilton totally beats kim kardashian.

  18. 18

    Those are some deep thought provoking lyrics…I would expect nothing less from a Kardashian.

  19. 19

    I don't even think it's a song. It's more like a chant that crazy cult followers recite before they commit mass suicide.

  20. 20

    Kim just sucks

  21. 21


  22. 22

    That was funny, especially the comment at the end of the video. So true. Pretty much all of the user's comments, on various web sites, about Kim and the rest of that awful, nasty family are negative. People are obviously sick of them, so why won't they just go away? Stupid media just wants to keep milking them.

  23. vaaka says – reply to this


    who in their right mind would like that god awful song???

  24. 24

    eww i hate that she thinks she can sing. and i hate that she's trying to act as well. i wish she would just GO AWAY. but i do like her sisters, so they can stay =]