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Looking Good, LiLo!

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Really. We mean that. You have a nice healthy, glow about you. See what staying clean for longer than a day can do!

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving a medical building in Brentwood before having lunch at Katsuya with her sister Ali.

It's good that she is taking some time to relax and do some normal things before her hearing tomorrow. We don't know how it will all pan out for her, but we're hoping for the best.

She could still turn herself around, you know! There's still time for this one!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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22 comments to “Looking Good, LiLo!”

  1. 1

    cant this bitch just, i dont know, sit at home for one day without being photographed?

  2. 2

    Please please no more of this piece of shit.

  3. 3

    She very well could be going right to jail. Since she apparently won't accept the plea bargain, the judge could very likely put her in jail for the PV to await trial for Grand Theft. I hope he does.

  4. 4

    She's having her lips freshly pumped for her court appearance tomorrow.

  5. 5

    that "glow" is called bronzer you idiot………..

  6. 6

    lets see, chest falling out of shirt… looks more like a whore

  7. 7

    touch me nicky play witch with your playstation, 2PC SNACK NOSD$ 2.99

  8. 8


  9. 9

    WHAT ARE YOU TALkING ABOUT ? She looks like SHIT ! Always does, these days. She is of the Charlie Sheen School of Bat-shit craziness, and their style is…….GAUNT. These druggies NEVER look good !

  10. 10

    She next went shopping @ Fredericks of HollyWood to get her outfit for tomorrow's court appearance. Something from their WHOREWEAR collection…….

  11. 11

    What if the store told her she could have the necklace? I am not defending her at all but don't stores give stuff to celebrities for free? And for one thing, the store looks like a crappy place to go to, especially if you are in Hollywood. We have Jared's that look better lol. But the tape being sold for money seems fishy. I do not know because i am trying to not read too into it but i think the whole thing could be easily set up.

  12. 12

    Can't wait till she has the book thrown at her ! Will be watching all the info-entertainment shows to see her crying her ugly bo-toxed face out…and Dina saying 'how unfair' it all is ! Great T.V. !

  13. 13

    Should be interesting to see what this skank looks like after some real time in jail. No fake lips, no fake tan, no fake hair extentions, hair color a mess, no packed on make up. A real beauty !!! Actually, going back to au natural would have to be an improvement. She seems to be looking more and more slutty all the time. She's starting to look as old and worn out as her coke/fame whore mother.

  14. 14

    What do you mean she can "still turn around" are you fucking kidding me Perez- this broad has been given a thousand chances to stop fucking around- and yet she continues to drive drunk, take drugs and steal- these are all things that affect the rest of society- especially when she's given special treatment by the law which is the freaking story of her life- I follow this case closely- not because I give a shit about Lindsay but because I really want to see if for ONCE the justice system in this country will go through with it. If they "postpone" her hearing ONE MORE TIME i swear to god I'm calling that courthouse up and asking them how much bribery went on in there- regular people like us would be rotting in jail right now if we'd pulled HALF the shit she has. For real, wtf

  15. 15

    can't…. smile…. lips…. will…. explode….

  16. 16

    This heffa betta enjoy her last few days of freedom, cause that ass is on the way back to her jail cell!

  17. 17

    why is she always and only with Allie? She must have struck a deal to pay for her living expenses if Allie hangs out with her. And why is Allie NOT in school?

  18. 18

    @yeaman - The store is not in Hollywood. It's very doubtful they gave it to her, besides what she was claiming was that it was loaned to her. It's not really the type of necklace that would be loaned to a "celebrity", though. It's too dainty to be seen in photos or on film. Also, when something is loaned or given to someone, there is always paperwork that has to be filled out. When you own a business, you have to keep accurate records of where your items are at, for tax purposes, among other things. She's said many different things that don't add up and when something doesn't make sense, it's typically a lie.

  19. 19

    haven't seen pictures of Lindsey smoking lately. good for her, considering she has asthma.

  20. 20

    Lindsay deserves a fair trial and she also deserves help to overcome her issues, BUUUUUT she's had plenty of people (herself included) make excuses for her and get her out of things the easy way without learning what would really happen to her if she were to do the same things and she WASN'T famous. She has to WANT to do the right thing and she needs people on her side to help support her and who will truly help her out instead of the people who pimp her out for their own personal gain.

    Public opinion of her is declining and if she's serious about cleaning up her act and getting back to work, she should probably think about putting on her big girl panties and accepting whatever comes her way instead of throwing temper tantrums and then turning around and giving interviews about how she's so into her sober lifestyle. Averting your eyes from the camera when answering a serious question doesn't help the situation, either… just sayin'

  21. 21

    As much as I'd like to feel sorry for Lindsay for being in the spotlight 24/7 because of her fame, I have to say that she's had way too many chances to right her wrongs that she's ended up taking advantage of in one way or another. Celeb status is not a "get out of jail free" card. Yes, you're under constant scrutiny from the media and millions of other people, but that does NOT mean that you're exempt from the consequences of poor decision-making. I understand that addiction is a disease, but when you make the wrong choices, whatever those may be, you should pay the price, especially when you're a repeat offender.

    If you happen to be a celebrity and you also happen to screw up, apologize and then use your fame as a tool to TEACH others the CORRECT and MORAL ways to clean up your act, not as a pedestal to help you get off the hook or as a flashy way to rub in other people's faces (i.e, the "average Joes") that you can do whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want to whoever the hell you want because you're famous.

  22. 22

    Re: bulldoggydog – whatever, she can get into fights just like you littl doggie