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Matt Damon Vs. Barack Obama: Round 2

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matt damon vs barack obama round two

Last week, The Adjustment Bureau star Matt Damon totally called out Barack Obama for his education policy.

Now, Damon's got even more to say against Obama:

"I think he's rolled over to Wall Street completely. The economy has huge problems. We still have all these banks that are too big to fail. They're bigger and making more money than ever."

And as a reminder, here's what Damon said about Obama's education policy last week:

"I really think he misinterpreted his mandate. A friend of mine said to me the other day, I thought it was a great line, 'I no longer hope for audacity.' He's doubled down on a lot of things, going back to education… the idea that we're testing kids and we're tying teachers salaries to how kids are performing on tests, that kind of mechanized thinking has nothing to do with higher order. We're training them, not teaching them."

Do U agree with Damon's comments against Obama? All of them? Any of them?

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44 comments to “Matt Damon Vs. Barack Obama: Round 2”

  1. 1

    Not sure about the teacher comment. Everybody I know wants to become a teacher just to have a secure job. I think it should be treated like any other job where your performance counts and if not get out. I never new how lazy many teachers were until my kid started attending school. I was there visiting my child and I heard one of the teachers complain on how she wants to get off already. If teachers don't perform or do their job then they should be let go and let someone else out there who can do a better job. As for Obama well he sucks too and I doubt he'll be re-elected. I don't expect him to fix everything but it sure doesn't look any better or promising right now.

  2. 2

    This really isn't Damon vs Obama… It is more Matt Damon just giving his opinion on the president. And I think Damon is oversimplifying what is going on. Yes it is easiest to blame the president for everything, but in reality, he is just a figurehead who can try to push things in one direction. And to bitch about the economy is really bad. The one thing that Obama has succeeded at is getting the economy going again. Yes it is not perfect or completely fixed, but if anybody thought that one person could fix the economy back to perfection in just a few years is naive and ridiculous. It has greatly improved and is still improving today.

  3. 3

    Damon is absolutely right about Obama and Wall Street. Good grief, where do you think Obama got a big chunk of his money from? Aside from the thug unions, who were his biggest contributors, it was people on Wall Street. So, of course, he's got to take care of them, plus you see now how he's trying to court them again because he wants their money to get re-elected.

    I'm a Dem and I've voted Dem all my life, but Obama will not get my vote in 2012 under any circumstances. I don't know what happen to the Democratic party. I thought they were the party that cared about the people, but now they're run by a bunch of radicals and only care about special interest groups (gays, unions, radical feminist groups, Hispanics) and if you're not in one of those groups, well, who cares.

  4. 4

    I'm a future music teacher and I completely agree with Damon. I'm not going into the job for security, I'm going into this profession because I love to see someone light up when they play and instrument or sing. The arts are being cut in our schools because of lack of "funding" and because we're no longer a "core" subject. Most schools now are more focused on their test scores than on really educating their children.

  5. 5

    I think Matt Damon put a little too much faith in Barak Obama from the very beginning. He campaigned for him and treated him like he was the next Massiah. After this interview, I actually lost a little respect for Matt Damon. I mean, he campaigned for him day in and day out, he loved him. Now, all of a sudden, you turn on him.

    You know, Bush left this country with a ton of debt, the stock market going under, people losing their jobs, states losing government funding, houses going into forclosure, people getting deeper in debt. I'm just happy that President Obama didn't get into the white house and just shoot himself to death. He's doing all he can do, with practically NO republican support, and he needs the republican support to push things through. He's dealing with a bunch of stubborn old farts who hate him and think for some reason he should get impeached… I don't get this country. I say, the President is democrat, then the whole senate and house should be democrat. Same thing for republican. If the President is in the independant party, then split it like it is now.

  6. 6

    Re: pradagirl7Re: tannecoo – I just want to make a note that getting a degree in education is NOT job security. Not only are educational cuts lessening the amount of jobs for teachers, but there are not ENOUGH jobs for teachers. Almost all of my friends have degrees in education and are not finding jobs. My one friend, who was lucky enough to get her degree in math education (which is about the ONLY field of education hiring), went up against 800 applicants for ONE position. Wake up! If you have lazy teachers at your school, report them then! I'm sure there are 800 other people vying for that spot. People need to stop dogging on teachers so much on this website.

  7. 7

    Re: pradagirl7 – Also, Pradagirl7, you said : "I think it should be treated like any other job where your performance counts and if not get out." That is exactly what Damon is saying. Mandated tests for students are tied directly to a teacher's salary and job security. I do not agree with this, as many students feel pressured taking tests, and it is proven that mandated tests DO NOT illustrate a student's potential. The government even wants to start testing preschoolers, who cannot read and write! As an ACT/SAT tutor, it is very sad to see how downhill education has gone because the focus is on preparing for the myriad of tests students take. Most students can barely write a legible essay. In the governments eyes who needs to be able to write intelligibly as long as you know how to fill in a bubble and your teacher has spent the semester teaching you a test! In the end, Obama does suck! I pray he does not get re-elected!!!

  8. 8

    Re: eyeh8twilight – Do you not understand the concept of checks and balances?

  9. 9

    If all government decisions came form Obama even then everyone will not be happy. He is not a one man show, he presents his ideas thoughts and ideas to congress/house of reps - without them and their approval nothing gets done.
    Its easier to say.. I'll do this that and the other as a candidate.. its different to have just say DO THIS as as president when it just can't be done without the help of others (dems and reps).
    Its also easy to say he is wrong for doing this or that.. lets see if Damon can be president and do everything that he wants. Naive!

  10. 10

    I'm not a fan of celebrities criticizing politicians…
    …but he's got a few good points…

  11. 11

    I am not an Obama supporter but I always get annoyed when Hollywood talks too much about politics. I mean, talking about education? Are his kids even in public school?

  12. 12

    Re: djenkin1726 – There are plenty of jobs for teachers, but I assume that most people don't wish to move to/teach at inner city schools and what not.

  13. 13

    first of all, Obama is not a dictator or a tyrant, he's a president and he can not take action without congress and senate approval… the less education the population gets, the easier it gets to manipulate, cut rights and benefits and enslave such population. don't ever, ever, ever believe you're looked after by your government; politicians make millions and millions from bribery that come from all directions, their agendas do not include people welfare, but their own welfare, they'll end their mandate richer than ever if they just do what they;'re paid to do by the corporations. the danger in this country is the corporations, they have more political power than ever because they're behind most politicians, specially the republican ones ( at the end of their mandates they'll work for the corporations making more millions). the corporations these days are not business, but organized crime. they deregulate the banking system and sell drugs they know will kill people… the financial corporations, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies must be stopped or we'll end up with no rights, no benefits and no health. open your eyes people, and get ready for a civil war…

  14. 14

    Re: lufflyness – I live in Chicago, sweetheart, right next to inner city schools. Even they are not hiring (again unless you have a degree in math, or special education). And anyone who is a real teacher at heart, not just looking for a paycheck, wants to teach at an inner city school. That is where students need the most help because the families of inner city children could care less about education. I taught ACT seminars at Thornton, a school in Chicago, and the parents let their children roam the streets at night, homework is not a priority and one of my students was shot in a gang related incident. You are completely right though, that a lot of people would not want to work in that area. But everyone needs to wake up and realize that if it weren't for teachers no one would be reading this site, or writing their comments. Education needs to be at the forefront of ALL of our priorities.

  15. 15

    I know little about wall street, but I know a whole bunch about education and studies have shown higher performance when teachers are actually held accountable for their students performance. It's not fool proof, but it's the best type of measurement we have. Additionally it is possible to get kids to do well on tests and teach them less test related things, we just have to have good teachers to do it and the way to get good teachers is to start holding them accountable. Matt Damon knows nothing about education sector studies or about the effects of tying pay to teacher quality so I suggest he stop acting like he does and putting Obama down for things that might actually help our education system. Obama is trying to do something which is more than can be said for others.

  16. 16

    Yes, Wallstreet deserves to be blamed, but also does the PUBLIC unions, and THE UNION BOSSES!!! When crappy employees get to keep their jobs while new great employees are let go, and while they don't contribute anywhere what the private sector does to their own benefits.. they have no credibility…

  17. 17

    Hell yea, Matt, Obama sucks!

  18. 18

    Re: alexie silver – I agree with everything you are saying! Just like recently with the soar in oil prices, yes the cost of a barrel went up, but come on! The oil companies still profit billions each year! I think the low and middle class need to revolt against the wealthy. The wealthy are in charge and continue to get richer. We have children here in our OWN country who go days without eating! I tutored someone who had to SPLIT a tomato with her sibling because they could not afford food. As Ani Difranco says "take away our play stations and we are a third world nation". We live in a world where actors and athletes refuse to work unless they make more money than most of us will see in our LIFETIMES! Why is this acceptable? And I agree with all the Matt Damon bashing. If he is so disgusted by the government, then how about forking over your multi-million dollar bank account to help our educational systems? The only thing worse than the rich getting richer is the rich turning around and acting all sympathetic to us with no money. If you are really wanting to see a change, be like Warren Buffet and put your money where your mouth is!!

  19. 19

    Agreeing with Matt Damon about Banks and Wall Street comment. Taxpayers save Banks for the sake of our country and everyone who is paying a mortgage worth more than their house at the moment can not refinance with Banks for that very reason. AND because of all the foreclosures and soon to be foreclosures no one's property is worth anything anymore. Banks are a BUSINESS that we saved at the expense of our future generations… We certainly did not help all those taxpaying people losing their homes to Banks.

    And Damon is right on about Education - we want our children to do more than pass standardized tests. They have to come out of school able to think for themselves. Not have our children only learn only what is on those standardized tests as a basis for teachers proving they are doing a good job.

  20. 20

    Matt…..his movies Sucks, so he have to get attention in other ways.

  21. 21

    If you did your research, the bottom line is, Wall Street was made, under the force of threat by Janet Reno and the Clinton administration, to make loans to people who couldn't pay them back.
    That led us to where we are: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and your dear friend, Barney Frank is up to his eyeballs in this Ponzi scheme.
    Those people on Wall Street were forced and threatened by government with investigations and who knows what else.
    So, they had to make these worthless loans.
    They're capitalists.
    They had to find some way to make value out of something that had no value.
    Please, shut up and go make another Bourne film.

  22. 22

    Damon sure has a lot to say about the problems, wonder if he has any solutions? Wonder if his word vomit will culminate into concrete ideas on what Obama should do. It's no good to sit up in your ivory tower and pour your judgement on the people below. If he has such a problem with what is going on, then he needs to stop criticizing and help find a solution. If Obama isn't doing what Damon feels needs to be done, then Damon has the money and the platform to make real change. But Damon isn't doing any of that, he's just being a backseat driver. Obama is at least working on it, Damon is just complaining.

  23. 23

    It may not be just Obama's fault but he sure as hell is not showing that he is doing much. All I remember about him is that he plays basketball and likes going on talk shows. He should be more focused on our country instead of giving countries like Egypt 1.5 billion dollars a year on their military alone. We have people suffering in our country and we worry about other countries instead. I am currently going to college and I pretty much figured out that if you do not get a career in technology then your job eventually will be obsolete. Our country worries too much about money instead of actually doing the work. We have people busting their ass for minimum wage when there are people that make millions of dollars just for showing up to a job. I agree, the lower and middle class need to step up and stop letting the government think what is best because they do not know what is best for us.

    And to the person that said the whole government should be one party: they teach you that in elementary school. If one party ruled, we'd have one sided laws being passed. The whole point of having both sides is so that we can evenly present issues and get a majority result.

  24. 24

    Told you all….Obama was never qualified to be President.


    Now you get to sit back and watch the circus show that you Democrats have created at everyones expense.

  25. 25

    Matt Damon needs to stick to acting and let Obama deal with the politics. It really bothers me when people are so quick to judge and criticize obama. As the freakin president, you're not going to be able to please everyone. You're also not going to be able to make changes overnight. Frankly, i think Obama is the most "human" president we've ever seen and shows a hell of a lot more interest in the welfare of the citizens than any politician. He's a family man, he has a sense of humour, he supports equal rights and he's just an overall wholesome guy and i definitely think that's what america needs right now. He's doing the best he can given the huge mess bush created so i think people need to cut him some slack, if it was any of us, we wouldn't be doing any better of a job so people should stop complaining

  26. gooby says – reply to this


    it's really easy to sit back as a rich hollywood liberal and criticize obama.. what damon forgets is that obama INHERITED this dreadful economy and has done a fantastic job at getting the economy back on track. he always said that it would take many years to correct the outsourcing of jobs, etc. but everyone wants change TODAY. it doesn't work that way and obama's right on track. the other thing damon forgets with regards to the banking problem is that conservatives WROTE THE LAWS for enormous back-end deals and golden parachutes. obama can only do so much as these appalling executives aren't breaking any laws with their pillaging.. until the laws are changed, there's only so much that obama can do to them. by the way, i still want to know how both damon and afflek got plugged into the film industry through their relationship with producer chris moore at harvard.. connections anyone?? NO one gets their first spec script optioned right out of the gate with director-approval without enormous connections.. HA, you're busted!

  27. 27

    So people would have been better off not listening to Matt Damon in the first place when he said to vote for Obama in 2008.

  28. 28

    Damon's sentiments are correct but he is very ignorant of how difficult Obama's job is. Being president is a bit harder than acting in a movie. Rock on Obama!

  29. 29

    Matt Damon is right, but when was the last time we have had a politician who actually cared about the American people and not it's ties with those who fund them, I would say not in at least 35 years, possibly more.

  30. 30

    Actions speak louder than words. He should see how he can help instead of hurling insults along with the right side politicians.

  31. 31

    hahaha Damon, stay with your ex -waitress wife at home and bore her with your pseudo-intellect.
    Fuck off.

  32. Laura says – reply to this


    He doesn't get the teacher problem - but everything else sounds like he's just a progressive who's frustrated with obama for not being, well progressive.

  33. 33

    Damon is absolutely right.

  34. 34

    This little boy matt damon needs to learn some respect, especially when dealing with the President of the United States, Mr. Barak Obama.

  35. 35

    I totally agree with him on the teacher comment. A teacher is not there to not only prep kids for good test scores. They are there for them emotionally too. As a country, we need to admit that not everybody is going to college and not everybody is going to get good grades. Tearing down neighborhood schools because of low test scores does so much more bad then good. They are trying to turn every school into a college prep type. That is not going to work. We need wood-shop, music classes, art classes, etc too so that there is equal opportunity for those types of students or the ones that you just want to keep busy and off the streets. Under performing neighborhood schools get shut down and these students get relocated to another. The fact that kids will have to travel further for school only decreases the chances of them actually going to school. Also, the schools that these refugee children have to go to are so much more over-crowded, allowing less personal time for each student. In addition, you are laying off potentially great teachers only on the basis that their test scores are low. The only real place this policy benefits is the bank: they don't have to pay to operate a building, don't have to pay staff, don't have to pay teachers, and aren't willing to pay money in order to try to make improvements. Obama would try to argue that they are pro-student, but what are the teachers then?

  36. Tasos says – reply to this


    I say the same now as I said to/about Damon during the election: "SHUT UP. Proponent of education that you are, you are a dropout actor, and an opinionated radical dolt."

    Teachers should be called upon to remain accountable for what they produce in the classroom, just as white collars are in the boardroom. (Two environments which are foreign to Damon.) Note that the teachers who Americans value and praise are those who produce RESULTS.

  37. 37

    I love me some Matt Damon, but I'm beginning to believe that man is never going to be satisfied until we have some sort of perfect God as president. Because anything less than perfect doesn't seem to do.

  38. 38

    Matt Damon speaks the truth…LOVE HIM!

  39. 39

    again who cares hes a actor

    and yes i loved his movie 'adjustment bureau' just wish they went a bit deeper into the sci fi and less on the romance but it was a main part.. great movie..all the genre combining thing can get a little annoying u go to watch a sci fi and end up with a love story . A++++

  40. LoLin says – reply to this


    I totally agree! I am a teacher and believe me they don't hire or keep teachers that are doing a crappy job. Teachers are evaluated every year by administration and that determines a lot of what goes on in their school. With standardized testing being weighed so heavily teachers have to teach toward the test and cannot focus on the things that kids really need to be focusing on. Testing is great if everyone in your school has support at home and is a white, middle class male. This isn't the case for most schools in AMERICA! One school I have worked in what over 75% free and reduced lunches and over 60% of the families were living in below poverty conditions. That's not even the worst of it! Sure there may be some districts that are more lax on the whole performance situation with staff but that is the only thing that people should be worrying about now. Not basing it all on testing but the day to day interaction with the students and the level of professionalism demonstrated by the teachers of the district. 99.99% of teachers do not do it for job security. We are under the microscope just like anyone else!! We do it because we genuinely want to work with kids and make a difference in this country and half the time in a classroom we waste instruction time dealing with the problems a student has at home and all the shitty parents who let their children do whatever they want as long as they shut up!!!

  41. 41

    Obama is WITH WALL STREET. AND WALL STREET ARE CRIMINALS. Obama and the government do work together they all are told what to do by the head. THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALS.

    You guys have to wake up. And of course Damon put all his faith into Obama. Obama seemed like someone who wanted to change things. But he didn't and he's not he's a fu/cking liar… and this is coming from a Black person, not that it matters, but anyway…

  42. 42

    Obama is JUST LIKE EVERY FUCKING PRESIDENT. They never ever ever keep their word all they do is lie, lie, and lie. Obama promised he would take the soldiers out of war he kept them in there. Obama said he would give Americans more privacy he's increasing us being spied on. He wants MORE cameras he wants to be able to see what people are doing on the computer, that is ALREADY AN INCREASE… since they already spy on us a little bit. Also he wants to do like EGYPT basically and cut off everyone's Internet in the U.S. He's a fraud. He can burn in hell. GO MATT DAMON. I love you… so sexy. And to some of us who think Matt is a racist shut the fuck up and to people who think I'm a self hater shut the fuck up. I don't have to like Obama(nation) because we are the same race.. PERIOD.

  43. 43

    i don't care if i actually agree with him or not. i just think celebs should keep their political opinions to themselves it never does them any favors.

  44. 44

    how can you commentate 'inside job' & endorse bloomberg (the financial crisis developed with the gradual economic steps as partially documented in 'inside job' during his wall street ascension since the 80's (not bloomberg's fault), while the increasingly volatile trading happened with the help of his high tech monopoly (not r e a l l y bloomberg's fault either, but bloomberg did benefit disproportionately with deregulation and customers with pockets deep enough to trade with faster tools and speedy private financial information) in the last decade and watch as a mayor for 8 years, oh wait, now 12 years thanks to extending term limits for his case only, with damon's endorsement of course)?..oh wait a minute, you're in a new movie with him: adjustment team..then you back stab obama more..matt damon: go back to harvard and eat a bag of krusty ivy league d*cks & really learn the rhetoric you exposed on 'inside job' instead of just reading a different script every year & rolling over your own ignorance