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Mickey Mouse Has Gone Animatronic…Sort Of

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This is pret-ty cool…and only a little bit creepy. Ha!

Yesterday, we got a look at the most realistic looking robot ever, and now we're getting a look at another revelation in robotics…a half human/half animatronic Mickey Mouse (above).

That's right! For those of you who haven't been to Disneyland recently, Mickey Mouse is still an actor a guy in a costume, but he's got an animatronic head, and it does all the speaking for him.

Wonder how quickly the person inside that costume would get fired if they spoke with their own voice…

Have U run into the new Mickey at Disneyland? If so, what did U think of him?

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5 comments to “Mickey Mouse Has Gone Animatronic…Sort Of”

  1. 1

    I used to work at Disney, and I can tell you that anyone who speaks with their own voice while theyre in a character like that (obviously not the princess or anyone who uses their own face) they would be fired immediately. haha disney is pretty strict

  2. 2

    I wonder in the guy in the suit has like buttons he can press to keep the convo. roughly on track…

  3. 3

    I so want to fart in Perez's ugly face and pop my ass zits into his gaping hole of a mouth. I would fart on his birthday cake and force him to eat it.
    Adrianne Curry
    Los Angeles

  4. 4

    The actor inside the costume is using his/her own voice and it changes when it comes out through the head. The eyes and mouth are controlled also by the actor by their fingers in the gloves.

  5. 5