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Mike Huckabee Won't Let It Go! Talks Further About Natalie Portman Comments

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mike huckabee talks natalie portman again

Unless you're going to give a heartfelt apology, why don't you let it go! We've heard enough from you about this, Mike.

Last week, Mike Huckabee slammed Natalie Portman for having a child out of wedlock, even though she's engaged, and then he tried to explain his hateful comments, which just made things worse.

Now, he's trying yet again to justify his comments, this time by claiming he wasn't the one who brought up Natalie in conversation:

"I didn't bring Natalie Portman up at all. In the context of the first chapter of my book, and that's how he kind of got into it, because I talk about the importance of the family as being the most fundamental unit of government. So in the course of that, he asked me about her acceptance speech. I used that as a segue, not to talk about Natalie Portman, but to talk about the economic realities of unwed mothers."

It doesn't matter what your initial intentions were, Mike. The fact is, you spoke poorly of her, and even worse you gave single mothers a bad name in general, EVEN THOUGH Natalie Portman is NOT a single mother!

We're sure you'll probably continue to try to justify your comments by claiming you were talking about "economic realities" and "statistics," but that doesn't change the fact that your approach to the discussion was in seriously poor taste.


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36 comments to “Mike Huckabee Won't Let It Go! Talks Further About Natalie Portman Comments”

  1. 1

    Hey Mike, That's luke Skywalker she's carrying. Shut up.

  2. 2

    While I agree that using Natalie Portman as an example doesn't really work in this circumstance (because her intention is to get married), I don't understand how he made it worse. I agree with what he was saying about the importance of family. The fact that more people don't find the family unit to be important is really what's most disturbing about this issue. Being a single mother is not wrong necessarily but it seems that a lot of people don't even think twice about getting pregnant these days. Regardless of whether or not they have the means or if they can provide a proper environment for their kids. Not to mention the fact that it seems pretty commonplace to have multiply fathers for your children. A lot of which aren't even around. So do I think that it is better for a couple to be married before having kids? Yes. Unless of course you can't legally get married. In that case I think a strong committment should be what comes first.

  3. 3

    when i first moved to alabama from california, i thought they were making this hick crap up. guess what? they're not

  4. 4

    Technically, she is an unwed mother. Mario, you're a fucking idiot.

  5. 5

    Why doesn't he bring up how these women came to be single parents - they didn't have sex with themselves - where are the fathers? If he realy wants to see a change perhaps he can face the real issue - dad beat Dad's leaving ther mothers of these children to just deal with it - but no that didn't ocur to him did it - Not to mention he can't back up almost all of the presumptous statements he made about if I understand him correctly all single mothers - WTF

  6. 6

    I love you Perez, and I don't agree with Huckabee's politics, but you have seriously taken what he said out of context, and continue to make a big deal over nothing. Though Portman was a poor choice for an example, it was the interviewer who brought her up, and Mike's point is a fairly valid one. We rarely see the TRUE reality of single motherhood, which is nothing like celebrities or "Teen Mom" make it seem to be. While I don't think that the shift from 'traditional' families is a bad thing, I agree that there are serious problems in society, one of which includes children being raised in inappropriate households.

  7. 7

    bully perez

    perez is a bully.

    mike should never apologize for HIS OPINIONS…..freedom of the straight people is allowed in your gay world.

    I have heard dummer shit come out of Charlie Sheen's mouth.

  8. 8

    Re: Bringiton – hey dumbass!

    It's called freedom of speech….welcome to the USA!

  9. 9

    Re: B.4.I.Jump – go back to Alabama…we don't want you here…..

  10. 10

    Re: Mario_Sucks.com – unwed mother with a BASTARD CHILD.

  11. 11

    Oh and the idiot also forgot that according to the US census 2007 I think over 75% of these Moms are gainfully employed - Gosh another conservative that makes shit up to make a point

  12. 12

    I love you Perez, and I disagree with most of Huckabee's politics, but you have taken his words way out of context and blown this far out of proportion. First, it was the interviewer who brought up Portman. Second, his point is a valid one. The media rarely shows the TRUE reality of single-motherhood, it's not like celebrities or 'Teen Mom' makes it seem. People are negligently bringing children into being, and those children endure circumstances which cause problems all of society has to deal with. Single moms can be great parents, I know many, but the struggles they face go far beyond what you will find portrayed in the media.

  13. 13

    Re: crazyny – YES. Where ARE the [deadbeat] dads? No one talks about that. First the Repubs want to take away Planned Parenthood, which is a main source of health care for lower income women because they don't want anyone getting an abortion (which is a miniscule fraction of their services, if at all, most places), then they don't want to support the baby after it's born. You can't have it BOTH ways, Huckabee, et al.

  14. SB900 says – reply to this


    PEREZ. YOU. won't let it go. also he didn't SLAM her stop being a drama queen. also she is having a baby out of wedlock so accept it and MOVE ON. goodness..

  15. 15

    First of all Perez, you are an idiot!! Secondly, Natalie Portman is a an unwed mother! Which I don't necessarily find a problem in itself. I agree with Huckabee because all he was saying is that Natalie portrays an unrealistic view of unwed mothers. It's certainly not her fault but women may view Natalie and think, "if she can do it than I can." This can be very damaging to the average young woman because they don't have the same resources available to them that an actress who makes millions does. I know that shes not blatantly promoting single motherhood or unwed pregnancy. However, it might cause some women to feel empowered to have children by them selves with a false interpretation of unwed motherhood.

  16. 16

    Fuck off you idiot, some people do not believe in pre-marital sex. Have some fucking respect. You always puke up the words of respecting, and equality, but it's obvious you only mean that if one's beliefs and opinions mesh with yours. Your a fucking hypocrite.
    P.S. Someone shut Natalie Portman the fuck up, I liked her better when she just acted and didn't open her cake hole.

  17. 17

    Keep talking Pastor Huckabee!
    You become more UN-electable by the syllable.

  18. 18

    Actually… "even though she's engaged; not single" isn't an accurate counter argument. 1. because she's not married, so technically yes, she's having a child out of wedlock. 2. It suggests that being engaged grants the same economic and household stability and privilege that being married does. That is legally and statistically untrue. (Take the argument regarding civil unions vs. marriage for example- a big part of it is the differing tax benefits).

    I agree with AvaLuna that the Portman example doesn't work… but namely because Portman's career has shielded her from the economic realities Huckabee was describing.

    What Portman is not immune to is magically getting engaged once she got pregnant.

    Huckabee is a conservative, his statements reflect that. Just as some liberals would say "engaged" is equivalent to "married."

  19. 19

    I can’t stand Natalie Fartman! she has a habit of seeing men that are taken.. karma..

  20. 20

    Re: YRUFATT – i guess you are too ignorant to see that you are in fact the biggest hypocrite on this site. you talk about Perez being a bully yet all you do is bully others. you talk about freedom of speech yet if anyone has a different opinion than you you belittle them. you are nothing more than an idiotic blowhard piece of shit homophobe. wait, did i leave something out? probably.

  21. 21

    Dude needs to shut the fuck up.

  22. 22

    Al Sharpton to Blacks i Mario to Gays and Liberals. You hurt their cause, when you always try to make something out of nothing. Any thing that can make conseratives and no gays look bad, you will twist and pull, and stretch something out of nothing. How pathetic. If its a gay or liberal bashing, then its not covered or covered with a joke, but when its the opposite you try to make it from line news. Sorry you were picked on as a kid. You are a disgrace to the Gays. You tink you represent them, but you dont. How sad it must be to be you. I am sorry that you cry at nights, because of all the hate you have inside towards others from your child hood

  23. 23

    Re: AttFinch – Hahaha - so true. I love these folks saying Huckabee was misquoted… then why would he feel the need to keep going on about it? Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the view argued with his statements. WHY is it always MEN coming out with this crrrrrrrrrrrap!?

  24. 24

    hey fatty, as much as I like Natalie Portman, she IS a single mother, so quit running your big flappers. Why don't you go on this dudes show and spin it with him, seeing how you wont stfu here

  25. 25

    Re: didntneed2seethat – i know, all his backtracking is so obviously transparent.

  26. 26

    I swear some people in America have started mating with potatoes. She's in a loving relationship, what's the problem? Marriage means nothing these days.

  27. 27

    its so much easeir to rant about mike than the real problem of kids having kids out of wedlock just because their bored or they want some loser boyfreind to be tied to them forever.like a child you get distracted by the noisy sparkly things.its real easy to never judge anyone and call yourself open minded. unfortunatley it doesnt solve any problems it just creates them.this mind set has givin us american idol.a bunch of people that think their stars because nobody ever told them they suck.well its time to give out some bad tasting medicine and tell people you suck if you have a kid when you cant support it.maby down the line it will turn the trend around.a society with no shame has got us where we are on many fronts.

  28. 28

    he needs to just stfu already and leave her alone and everyone else for that matter…

  29. 29

    The Male GOP animal MUST pick on young women…they have never known how to fight fair…and especially love to attack women.

  30. 30

    First of all, Perez, you are correct in every single rebuttal you gave. Huckabee is living in a fantasy world where the princess meets mr. right and everyone lives happily ever after. Not in the fucking real world you Republikkkan hypocrite. I love how there is a POLITICAL voice in the procreation debate in the United States. Like any of those motherfuckers know the definition of morality. And the last person on this planet that knows anything about women's rights or just common fucking sense is a goddamn Republikkkan!

  31. 31

    Re: YRUFATT – Youre an asshole, and Perez usually nails it.

  32. 32

    Re: YRUFATT – Freedom of speech is a guaranteed right, but I'm sure you couldn't tell me what Amendment it's in. Also, since there is freedom of speech, that doesn't mean every asshole, ie Republikkkan, should open their goddamn mouth when they don't know what the fuck theyre talking about.

  33. 33

    Re: YRUFATT – Sounds like you are an unsexed middle aged video gamer, go back to your mothers basement.

  34. 34

    i find it hilarious that you have your underwear in a knot over this pretty passive comment about natalie portman yet you continually praise kathy griffin (who is undoubtedly hilarious) for her comments about the palin children .. really? you need to make more of an effort to not come off as such an ignorant, biased jackass. remove head from ass, then blog.

  35. 35

    dont care for him but she is a homewrecker and unwed mother

  36. 36

    Natalie Portman is an overrated illusion.