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President Obama & The First Lady Speak At The Conference On Bullying Prevention

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We're so pleased to see the President and the First Lady take such an active role in this cause.

This afternoon, a conference on bullying prevention was held at the White House. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama delivered a powerful speech on the topic and urged Americans, young and old, to take a firm stance against bullying.

Have a listen to what they had to say in the video (above)

Let's bring bullying to an end, here and now. Be kind to one another. Always.

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22 comments to “President Obama & The First Lady Speak At The Conference On Bullying Prevention”

  1. 1

    Meanwhile Muslims from around the world are killing Americans.

  2. 2

    You ever notice how the Bamster backs a loser, until they lose?

  3. 3

    The Chicago thug speaks out against thuggery?


    …and I don't mean his plagiarized phrase "Winning the Furture!"

  4. 4

    Ever notice that not one girl, NOT ONE GIRL, has come forward to claim that she has dated O'Blah Blah?

  5. 5

    Ok so it's cool they are finally starting to do something about the bullying now, but none of this was brought to the attention of the schools or something.
    I just wish they would have started this sooner because as a child I was nonstop bullied all through out kindergarten and continued until about the time i left jh high. In kindergarten I was beat up by a bunch of black girls every day
    I am 21 now and still think back on the terrible days ive had. They needed to realize how bad bullying was in the past too. How can a teacher allow a poor little girl get the crap beat out of them everyday for years,

  6. 6

    Islam permits lying!
    It is called “Al-taqiyya.”
    Muslims lie for one ultimate end.
    Obama is one of those lies to destroy America.

  7. 7

    Ummmm the Bullying stuff was popular last month THE ASSHAT of a president needs to be in WISCONSIN fighting for OUR AMERICAN RIGHTS - This asshole is another Bush, doing everything but what he SHOULD be doing.

  8. 8

    Talk is cheap.

  9. 9

    Re: TheElfBoy
    The Left isn’t fighting for workers, but for its power to seize their paychecks.
    So, it's come to this?
    That duly elected State representatives, holding binding votes in a legislature, was stealing from Americans and the hallmark of a banana republic?
    Hey buddy.
    We won.
    Elections have consequences.
    There's more of us than you.
    Pisser…isn't it?

  10. 10

    Barry and Michelle, would you two fucking assholes shut the fuck up? Michelle, you are a piece of shit who hates America. Keep your mouth busy eating all that ice cream you love so much. As for you, Barry, GET TO FUCKING WORK! No more concerts at the White House, no more vacations, no more speeches about bullying. Just create jobs in the private sector, keep crazy Muslims from killing us and keep gas prices low. Then we're gonna kick your ass to curb in T minus 1 year 10 months :)

  11. 11

    Don't be naive, this isn't going to do anything. Bullying has been around since the beginning of time, it's part of life, you need to learn how to deal with it. This is as useless as combating your global warming.

  12. 12

    Talk to my boy Mike about bullying. Maybe I should have him make a video?

  13. 13

    This is ironic-that this blog is being posted by a bully who has notoriously picked on celebrities of all ages including those who are at a young age and very susceptible to personal attacks.

  14. 14

    Most of the bullies are Mexican kids beating up white kids telling them to get out of their school.
    I know several people who had to take their kids out of their school because of the constant beatings. When they complained repeatedly to the schools Mexican principal he did nothing. All the public schools in my area are now 95% Mexican. They used to be racially diverse.
    The new minority white kids have no safe schools to attend. Their parents are forced to pay for private schools so their kids can go to school without getting the crap beat out of them because they are white. If their parents can not afford a private school they are forced to be home schooled.
    Legal and illegal Hispanics have ruined California!!!!!!!
    Whites according to the latest census results are now a minority!
    Legal and illegal Hispanics have ruined my state!!!!!!!
    We are broke and are over taxed paying for all their free medical care and housing and food. They move into our neighborhoods and destroy them with their gangs and crime.
    Why don't they stop them from bullying the people of California??????

  15. 15

    would these two just disappear? Do they really think the whole world, including those who voted for him do not see threw the two of them? They show up at events to make themselves look good and get attention and NOTHING they say is from the heart or what they came up with, they have people wright everything they say

  16. 16

    All the stuff that's happening in the world and this loser has a conference on bullying. What a great leader.

  17. 17

    all the while - union bullies are tearing down the state house in Wisconsin…….things that make you go "hmmmmmmmmmm"?!!! And the White House does NOTHING!!!!!! and Michael More is trying to profit from this travesty - where's the CIVILITY that was called for just a few short weeks ago??? If this was the Tea Party rioting and protesting like this - there would be a call to end the organization all together!

  18. 18

    Bullshit…..the Organ Grinder and his trained monkey are as relevant as his hope and change mantra…..not worth a damn. His posse of writers and stooges prepare his speeches, he practices in front of a mirror to exact the proper facial expression and on the teleprompter in bold letters are the words he needs to emphasize when he speaks…..all in all he is a tool, not worthy of the office he holds and a comic relief to the other world leaders…so Perez his words mean nothing and this is only lip service for the likes of you.

  19. 19

    Re: lizard11 – Oh my gosh! My cousin who is the most liberal person on the face of the earth left California for this very reason!!!! Her kids were constantly getting brutalized at school but since they are white that is Okay for people like Perez Hilton and the rest of the Hollywood crowd and our Loser president!

  20. 20

    HAH! Looks who's the BULLY, he BULLIED to change votes for OBAMACARE and he BULLIED America to accept this new tax system when the MAJORITY did NOT want it. President BULLY!

  21. 21

    The obongos are only doing what they were told to do to make it look like they give a shit. They are musliims first and foremost!!! they are the teachers of bullies and teach others how to hate,destroy,humiliate and the big teaching is…wait for it wait for it……….MURDER MURDER MURDER. thanks to all the fucking morons out there that voted for the slug. he was only voted in because he is a BLACK PERSON NOT HUMAN JUST BLACK

  22. ok says – reply to this


    It's funny how you say to stop bullying others, while you spend your day bullying celebrities.