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Megan Fox's Latest Going Directly To DVD.

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Ouch! Another nail in the coffin that has become her career!

After the much-hyped but critically eviscerated Megan Fox/Mickey Rourke romance Passion Play debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last year, nobody heard too much about it - which we know now is because instead of going to theaters, it will be released straight to DVD on May 24th!

We bet someone's wishing that she had stuck around for Transformers: Dark of the Moon pretty badly right now!

Better luck on the next one, gurl!


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14 comments to “Megan Fox's Latest Going Directly To DVD.”

  1. 1

    I dont get it, why diden't they realse it? It could go well cause i want too see it on the big screen:(

  2. 2

    "Between Heaven and Hell is Fear?" LMFAO

  3. 3

    the girl can't act for shit

    she's basically hired now cuz she's still hot
    when that goes and gravity takes its toll on her—its over

  4. 4

    Apparently they didn't release it because the movie was too bad — not a fault of Megan's personally.

    I wouldn't count her out yet, though.

  5. 5

    It's a very high production value movie, actually so it surprises me that it's going direct to dvd. It's got a pretty legendary cast, as well so I wouldn't be so quick to pass it off. Sometimes actors want to work on projects that interest them regardless of the direction its going to go commercially. Sometimes these become classics!

  6. 6

    No surprise here. She's just an eyecandy.

  7. 7

    She looks like she had work done on her face. Why??? she was beautiful before now shes starting to look plastic

  8. 8

    was the movie that bad??? with all that talent (excluding megan fox) WoW… However, I really do believe with alot of experience, serious acting classes and an ego reducer Megan Fox can shock people with a serious role …she does have potential and people should stop trying to write her off ….

  9. 9

    Why blame Megan? Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray are just as much to blame…

  10. 10

    OK, she's not that talented, but why is it just Megan's movie when it's a flop? I bet if it had done well it would be 'Mickey Rourke's masterpiece'. Always blame the woman *eyeroll*.

  11. 11

    im actually kind of shocked. not that i paid much attention to this movie, but anytime i came across a review, it was always good.
    and really..to blame Megan…thats just lame. but i would hardly say its "another nail in the coffin of her career". shes has potential to be something good, hell maybe great. she just needs a bit of help and the right kind of movies.

  12. 12

    well her last 4 movies were flops and she really is not talented whatsoever.
    Not that Transformers was so great or anything but shr completely fucked that up by talking all that shit about Michael Bay and those movies were the only films doing well.

  13. 13

    She's not the only one in the movie you douche. You're hating again.

  14. 14

    Actually it should of went to the "round file".