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Bye Bye, Blockbuster! We're Gonna Miss You So!

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blockbuster going up for sale

At least this isn't unexpected. We've known this was coming for a while.

In an effort to save themselves from Chapter 7 liquidation, Blockbuster is putting itself up for a sale auction this April.

Disney, other Hollywood studios, AND other creditors are owed over $100 million by Blockbuster, but the company was able to reach an agreement with its creditors.

According to the agreement terms, Blockbuster has been given a proposed April 4 sale date, which will be "followed by a court hearing to approve the sale on April 7."

Guess we'll see if Blockbuster is able to survive on any level after the sale. Once they're gone, that will more or less mark the end of video rental stores.

Kinda sad. Netflix is great, but there was something kind of fun about the experience of browsing for movies in the store.

Plus, it was a social occasion too! No better way to strike up conversation than shared enthusiasm for The Godfather Part I or II or III.

Are U gonna miss Blockbuster?

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43 comments to “Bye Bye, Blockbuster! We're Gonna Miss You So!”

  1. 1

    I am going to miss the experience of rental store, that's for sure :(

  2. 2

    I haven't rented a movie locally in a couple of years. I am surprised they lasted as long as they did.

  3. 3

    Are people extremely lazy they have to use netflix? I am lazy myself but even I like going to Blockbuster to get movies and games. It's a cool store and experience. I hope they won't disappear here in Canada, as I always see lots of people in the stores.

  4. 4

    yes!! i'd much rather go in and look at all of the movies.

  5. 5

    :( I like going to the store and renting movies.

  6. 6

    Sorry, Perez, there was never anything fun about dealing with Blockbuster - especially when those bastards screwed me out of 85 bucks when THEY lost a movie I returned and charged my card for it, causing my rent check to bounce and me go hungry for two weeks. FUCK EM! Glad they're gone!

  7. 7

    i will NOT miss browsing through a video store - haven't been in one in at least a year

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Poor blockbuster. Lack of innovative business strategies…they never adapted to the market shift from in store DVD to digital/online/mail rental. I could have sworn they just recently discontinued VHS rentals. Wow, I used to think NetFlix would never survive, little did I realize they were ahead of the game. Then when you factor in Hulu, Youtube, and the rise of Apple TV, blockbuster just appears antiquated.

  10. 10

    I loved going to rent a movie but Blockbuster shot themselves in the foot. They wouldn't lower prices, especially after Netflix came into existence. My friend worked there for many years as a manager and his store, which was still doing well, was closed a few weeks ago. The end of an era. :(

  11. 11

    Blockbuster was once a big bully like Walmart and look where they are now. Who knew Netflix would take over the world when they were once the little engine that could. Chugga-chugga.

  12. 12

    i miss acme video and video city and a slew of others that got destroyed when blockbuster and rogers video took over Canada.

  13. 13

    NOT!!!! I am glad to see them go. I hated Blockbuster! Sorry for the employee's though. I hated the stores, I remember when they came in, thought they were so great, pushed out all of the small mom and pop stores. But a few of them hung on. So when people would rush to Blockbuster, to find that they were out of the newest item, heck I was in a mom and pop store finding it right on the shelf. Screw them, just like they tried to push out Netflix. Go Netflix!

  14. 14

    In the town I live in they are still busy on a Friday night, but people in nearby towns have closed down. I personally have not rented a movie from them since you can rent one on demand for as much as there 3 day rental is now, plus I have netflix as well and don't need their expensive rentals. Yet since many of the older people don't like using new technology dvd rentals will probably still do well. I have a feeling they will sell that Blockbuster store in my area, and it will be a private store like the old days.

  15. ed69 says – reply to this


    add to the list of things "people borned in 2011 will never know about" LOL

  16. 16

    Guess I don't have to worry about those movies I forgot to take back 5 years ago :)

  17. 17

    I'm so bummed that this happened…. why are people so fuckin lazy. I loved going and looking down the aisles, what the hell.

  18. 18

    Your so on top of things Perez. If you had followed any of the news about Blockbuster you would have noted that Carl Icahn has bought the majority of Blockbusters debt. He is also scheduled to place the stalking horse bid. Blockbuster may close a few hundred underperforming stores but they are not going to disapear. Get your shit straight you fucktard.

  19. 19

    I will not miss you BallBuster. I think I still owe you $27 from 2002, about the time when I started to download my movies, illegaly. Thank god you are gone…I am now $27 richer.

  20. bkroz says – reply to this


    Video rental stores are NOT gone. Family Video has 700+ stores in 16 states, and is actually GROWING, with new stores opening every month. It has new releases for $3 for 5 nights, and every older movie is $1 for 5 nights. They don't require a credit card to sign up, so it's free and easy, and you get half off all your rentals for the first 30 days (and can renew that half-off, month-long bonus at any time for $9.99).

    They're everywhere, and it's REALLY nice to actually TALK to people and browse, and the selection is honestly great.

    Plus, most Hollywood studios have said Netflix and Redbox can't get movies until they're 30 days old. Now that Blockbuster is pretty much gone, Family Video is one of the few places you can actually get a movie the first month that it's out.


    Ch-ch-check it out!

  21. 21

    will never forgive Blockbuster for bullying out my fav vid store Hollywood. Now they're all gone - end of an era, but anyway, BB sucked bigtime.

  22. 22

    For all of you people bitching and complaining about fees and wishing blockbuster would go away…….bad karma to you…. those are peoples jobs and lively hoods you are talking about. people who have children and house payments. People who have lives as well and work for companies that pay their bills to survive……

  23. 23

    Screw them. They didn't have a "back room". I buy those flicks from time to time, and nothing sucks more than having to go all the way downtown to some back alley sex shop in order to get a good skin flick. Curse me if you want, but you know good and well that half of the people who posted negative things about Blockbuster probably had the same thing in mind.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Change is one of life's constants; and particularly when you like something.
    (apart from pushing up daisies.)

  25. 25


  26. 26

    It's not Netflix putting them out of business, it's On Demand cable and Red Box… I don't know one person who uses Netflix

  27. adt says – reply to this


    Um, there are dozens of other video rental chains. Not to mention privately-owned ones.

  28. 28

    damitt!!!!!!!! why?????? of course were gonna miss it.. especially the social expierience. theres just something about walking in the store, browsing and renting the movie you cant replace with netfux or a fxxking redbox…dammit!!! its all gonna be pure nostalgia after BlockBuster is gone =/ We're definitely gonna miss you.

  29. 29

    damitt!!!!!!!! why?????? of course were gonna miss it.. especially the social expierience. theres just something about walking in the store, browsing and renting the movie you cant replace with netfux or a fxxking redbox…dammit!!! its all gonna be pure nostalgia after BlockBuster is gone =/ We're definitely gonna miss you. its gonna be like MOST of the comic book shops.. just nostalgia.

  30. 30

    It's gonna be like MOST of the Comic Book Shops… pure nostalgia

  31. 31

    Re: scoochamenz

    I seriously doubt that was Blockbuster's fault, a little extreme don't you think? Really, grow up and stop blaming everyone else for your problems and maybe you'll make something of yourself

  32. 32

    i've been waiting for the sale, but the prices are still high!!

  33. 33

    that's sad i really love blockbuster :( im not that lazy

  34. Tasos says – reply to this


    I ceased using Blockbuster years ago due to losses pursuant to its errors in acknowledging returns, and its utter arrogance when an employee would over-assess late fees. (They were just plain rude and punitive.) I will not miss Blockbuster. If employees elsewhere are like locals were here, I can't say that I pity them, either.

  35. trble says – reply to this


    as a blockbuster employee I can tell you some of you are really funny. Yes, I am sure it was an employee who lost your movie and charged you for it. You know how many times we hear that line? Then they will come in a week later with that same movie in their hand, or it will magically appear in the drop box?

    Late fees, really people. If it takes you 10 days to watch one movie, then that is your fault. Don't rent if you don't have time to watch it within 3 days. Stop being lazy and get off your butts and return it. Wait, doesn't redbox do the same thing? Oh yes it charges a dollar each day. Hmmm same price my store charges 3 dollars for 3 days.

    Netflix really? You people act like BB doesn't have online. We started online BEFORE netflix even existed. You want to talk about bullying? Hmmm I think it was redbox who bullied us out of a contract with Schnucks. Telling them if they kept our blue boxes they wouldn't get the new coinstar machines. Wait, coinstar owns redbox? wow who would have known? Oh wait we do.

    Family video really? their late charges are the price of the rentals PER DAY!! And you all complain about 99 cents lol.

    Lets cheer that their are people like me that work hard for my children and now are out of a job. Can I come to your jobs are say all this stuff to you too? Or can I laugh when you lose your jobs?

  36. 36

    Re: Kai Shapiro

    A. Piss-poor selection of movies.
    B. $4 to rent a movie at Blockbuster? While I can rent a movie at a time (about 4, maybe 5 a month) and unlimited streaming for about $9 on Netflix? No thanks.
    C. They are notorious for bad customer service.
    D. Saves on gas money as well.

  37. 37

    Re: trble

    Sorry you lost your job, but your company was shit, pure and simple. They are to blame for your job-loss because they refused to really keep up with competition.

    And there are people like me who watch movies immediately when they get it and would still have to pay out the ass for something I only needed for one night. How's that fair? And where's the unlimited streaming option?

  38. 38

    Blockbuster can lick my sweaty sac. Poor customer service and edited films (does anyone remember that shit?) has kept me away for years. It would only be better if they were all struck by lightning right before the sale.

  39. Xenu says – reply to this


    Good Riddance, Here in MI we have Family Video, they are much better for renting movies and games. Cockblocker's service was pitiful at best when you get a rude attitude by some gen y assclown who acts like you walking into the store was interrupting their quality ass-picking time.

  40. 40

    its really sad whats happening to hard copy media (ie CDs, Movies etc) everyones so quick to rip them off the internet or use streaming services that these businesses just cant make it. I miss the days of going to a movie rental store and browsing the aisle in alphabetical order (lol) to pick a movie. They removed all the bb's and hollywood videos by me a long time ago.. and its disappointing :(

  41. 41

    Re: scoochamenz – Seems like you have problems.. If they really lost the movie (and it wasn't blatant disregard on your part) and charged you 85$ (even though everyone knows the maximum pentalty is only the cost of the movie..lmao) you would have gone after them… If 85$ caused you to bounce your rent check..AND go hungry for weeks.. I suggest you get a new job…!

  42. 42

    Blockbuster was too expensive! I love Redbox, only one dollar!!

  43. 43

    Never liked blockbuster. Hollywood Video was alright
    thumbs up for the Redbox, actually better yet TW On Demand