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If anyone had any more hopes that Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. would some how set aside their differences and start filming Two and a Half Men again, this should kill those hopes for good.

The warlocks "trailer" was driven off of the lot on Friday where it was parked for years beside Stage 26.

The vehicle is a bus that Sheen converted into a “total hang-out pad" most likely for all the porn stars "smoking hot babes" to come visit during shooting breaks.

WB was going to have the mobile vehicle towed since apparently it was unable to be driven, but the unemployed actor took so much pride in his pad that he actually sent over a repairman to fix it and drive it out with some dignity.

Dignity? Considering his antics of late, we didn't know he knew what that word meant. Then again maybe he still doesn't. Ha!

Looks like Sheen is gone for good from the Warner Brother's lot.

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10 comments to “SIGHting”

  1. 1

    Charlie Sheen is awesome.

  2. 2

    It will take a crew at least a month in HazMat suits to sanitize that place. Yeesh!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Ha ha, by the time he's done paying for his many lawyers handling his many legal issues this will be the new "Sober Valley Lodge". Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  5. 5

    I think Warner Bros. should use luminal to spray it down for the many semen stains it must have. Then they could use bleach to disinfect it.

  6. 6

    I KNOW you put 'smokin hot babes' in quotes! Lots of smokin', not much for 'HOT' babes.

  7. 7

    Its clear that Charlie Sheen can afford to pay anyone in this world to take a piss test for him. IAm I the only one not convinced that hes on DRUGS?!!
    I've never heard of an actual drug named charlie sheen yet….but whatever concoction he has come up with, is working.
    Hes a MESS, and on something….you never know…someone who MADE as much money as he did can buy things…maybe he bought a chemist….who made a drug named charlie sheen….think of the possibilities of am 85 million dollar "tiger bloode" FIEND.

  8. 8

    but in all honesty

    I cant wait for him to be the "winner" in his 100+ million dollar lawsuit. Good thing he has the Goddesses around…ha! This should be interesting

  9. 9

    Re: rinabeetch007 – Actually, it's a good possiblity that he is clean. As a matter of fact, I think my life was more worse during the first 6 monthes of being off drugs than it was when I was still using!! ANd it wasn't just the stuff happening around me, it was almost like I was at war with myself. I was doing crazy shit, and I just didn't give a damn. Kind of like Charlie. But you still have a good point, though. He easily could pay a person to give him a clean test, or even buy those products for himself! But like I said, the fact that he's acting manic doesn't really mean that he's still using.

  10. 10

    Charlie park that in your driveway, your neighbors will love you for it.