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Check Out Lindsay's Brother Make His 'Acting' Debut!

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Oh, for goodness sake.

While most members of the Lohan family would give up a limb to get about 30 seconds in the limelight, Lindsay's younger brother, Michael, Jr. has remained pretty private - until now.

Yes, it finally happened.

Check out his 'acting' debut in whatever the hell this is supposed to be, called Razors and Balloons (above).

No, we're not kidding. That's actually what it's called.

In a desperate attempt to keep it positive, we will say this: he looks good without his shirt off! And boy, does he know how to spit a good bottle cap!



If this is the kind of stuff you think you want to appear in, you might want to focus on doing whatever it was you were before this, bb!

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24 comments to “Check Out Lindsay's Brother Make His 'Acting' Debut!”

  1. 1

    What a talented family

  2. 2

    Cheesy…..however, I have a feeling if your "wifey" was in it, you would be creaming your little panties.

  3. 3

    Wait - let me get this straight. Lady Googoo giving birth to a gun, scratching her cooter like she has the worst case of crabs, wearing meat as a dress, being delivered in an egg and wearing prosthetics on her face and shoulders is 'art' and you splooge at the very sight of her….but this you don't get? The mere name of Razors and Balloons is a brilliant play on words…you mock? You have some nerve and bias. Pathetically sad, little moron.

    It may 'suck' by certain standards but is no worse than the elephant dung Googoo puts out there….not by a long shot.

  4. 4

    Oh Gawd Perez, you were such a good boy lately and didn't use the BB and now you went and returned to being a stupid teeney bopper againusing it in this post. Dang. Please stop.
    As far as this, she used Linds, that didn't work, then she used Ali and that really didn't work and now she is using this one. She's running out of kids. Dina, your kids are NOT talented. Face reality and go and get a real job. I heard that Wal Mart is hiring in the jewelry department.

  5. 5

    It's not his debut! He had a small part in the Parent Trap

  6. 6

    Another Blohan train wreck coming at ya!!

  7. 7

    hehe i tried to watch it but got bored after 3 seconds.good shot at "artsy" dude…oh wait no

  8. 8

    hahahahaha. brutal..

  9. 9

    what do you mean "whatever the hell this is supposed to be?" - looks like a fucken music video to me………which is better than that recent sludge gaga put out. that line, "I'm bleeding all over my piano" is haunting…….

  10. 10

    not on IMDB, but if you BOTHERED to check there, besides parent trap, he was in something last year and something in pre production for next year. Dina has to make $$$$ somehow and I guess, selling SWAG and Lindsay interviews isn't making it. and No one is screaming for Ali in any parts, are they?

  11. Blunt says – reply to this


    he's a better actor than you think perez

  12. 12

    Ali looks good this time

  13. 13

    remember that time you said you weren't gonna be mean anymore?

  14. 14

    I guess it's the band he's in - which makes it a music vid, so I'll allow it - THIS TIME. :)

  15. 15

    Re: Dawn Moody – I laughed ALL THROUGH your comment! Hilarious, and the best comment I've seen on Perez so far.. It might be an insult to manure to compare it to Gag-gag, though :P

  16. 16

    God their mom is just …god awful.. i mean shit.. why hasn't anyone taken her out yet? She just gives a shit about her kids fame and money.. this family is just terrible and not talented..

  17. 17

    Stop hating on him now Perez…remember…he graduated magna cum laude from college…..and Dina would be so upset that you have dissed her son who graduated magna cum laude because she is so proud that he graduated magna cum laude…..sorry…i'm just immitating her interview with Matt lauer a few months back…LOL

  18. 18

    this video just leaves sooooo many unanswered questions. So this guy is bummed so he is drinking some beers but instead of twisting off the caps he has to open them with his teeth? Many times!! Dental nightmare. And then he gets messed up and kisses a balloon? Even if he did write this or sing this, which he didn't, it remains at best…disturbing. So why is this called a short "film"? This wasn't shot on film. I've seen much,much better on Youtube.
    And at least on Youtube they don't take themselves seriously. Another Blowhan dissaster!! Is this what the enabler has been working so hard on at her new (hee-hee) production company. Looks like her budget includes and iphone and a six pack.

  19. 19

    its better than lady gaga's satanic fucking shite!

  20. 20

    hot body. did you see the bulge?!

  21. 21

    its a art flick… stop hating he probably just did it for a friend in college or something

  22. 22

    ok this video can suck my ass but the song is called what & by whom???? k thanx!!

  23. 23

    You could probobly write a better song than that yourself. Almost looks like SaMan, but Ali looks just like her - Disturbing.

  24. 24

    What the HELL, Perez?? I'm absolutely disgusted by your comments. This is quite obviously an art film. Intense in some parts (squeezing the balloon). Mike is very believable in this. Isn't that what acting is about; believing the character? Okay, he just happens to be Lindsay's brother but he does an amazing job. I think this is my favourite song by Smokey Robotic, too. "I'm bleeding all over my piano" is a great line. Lady Gaga does stuff like this ALL the time and you praise her CONTINUOUSLY for it. You're attacking someone because of their name/ family association, as are the majority of you other people leaving comments. Shame on you.