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More About JT And Jessica's Split: They "Wanted Different Things"

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Despite rumors of infidelity (on JT's part), it seems like these two took the very mature way out.

Sources say that the four-year relationship between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had just run its course and the two felt it was time to end things.

The source adds:

"It really was mutual. There really wasn't a final straw. They're just two people who realized they wanted different things in life and were headed in different directions. It was just easier to end it now rather than later.

It's never easy when a relationship ends, but she knows this needed to happen and she's moving on with her life."

Whether or not the rumors that Justin cheated on Jess are true, it seems like the couple had already planned on going their separate ways.

We're glad they acted like adults in the breakup and there's no doubt they will have any problem moving on.

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “More About JT And Jessica's Split: They "Wanted Different Things"”

  1. 1

    IF THIS WAS A MUTUAL BREAKUP, that took place this WEEK, he would not be with ANOTHER WOMAN THE DAY AFTER! Too much BULLSH$T going around, too many lies, and in the end, don't really CARE. But, as these statements come out, and then pics with JT and the other woman, makes him look like crap.

  2. 2

    Justin Timberlake broke with Jessica Biel? No way! Did his publicist compain about the relationship?

  3. 3

    I read this story like two days ago on another site. LOL

  4. 4

    I had always assumed they actually wanted the SAME THING…the cock.

  5. 5

    They wanted different things, he wanted Mila Kunis so she wanted to break up! Search keywords "The Media Jerk" to read heartless criticism of the day's biggest celebrity news stories!!

  6. 6

    Re: Mista Busta – EXCELLENT

  7. 7

    Looks like she wanted to settle down and he wants to get with every starlet available, until he dies.

  8. 8

    Do you really think either of them or in this case their team of ppl who work for them are going to tell the public the truth. She would come off as a cling on who didn't care that he cheated on her as long as she could say he's her boyfriend (name recognition) and he would come off as a douche also hypocrite for getting all high and mighty when Britney cheated on him yet he did the same to Jessica.

  9. 9

    ie….Four years is a lifetime in BEARD relationships, it was time to move on or face questions as to why they weren't moving in together, committing to each other, having babies, etc.

  10. 10

    he's a tool..JT thinks he can use women as a regular lay and spit them out when he's done ..Poor Jessica stepped in after he dropped Cameron like a ton of bricks , poor woman put in some years as a devoted g.f keeping low-key next him despite being as much successful..they all did and he just moves on like they were his high-end wh***

  11. 11

    I always liked her with Chris Evans. She left him and dated Justin, now he's Captain America. Ouch!

  12. 12

    I will always believe Justin loves his childhood male friend and business partner. I guess he just cannot come out and admit it.

  13. 13

    Re: Mista Busta – ME TOO. I think he loves his childhood friend that also is his business partner.

  14. 14

    Both Jessica and JT are doing what comes naturally, "hunter" and "nester".
    I'm glad JT hasn't had "yard kids" with each girl he beds.
    Hopefully, he can 'gitterdone' in just one marriage, with kids to grow up with their mom and dad, unlike Ryan Phillipe, who traded gold for aluminum foil.

  15. 15

    I think he broke up with her after she wore those shorts with him in public

  16. 16

    She wanted a real relationship and he wanted to BONE everyone he met….

  17. 17

    That guy just rubs me the wrong way-stay away girls!!

  18. fiona says – reply to this


    Justin is immature and selfish. Let him become another Clooney, banging younger and younger whores who use them for their money.
    Jessica should have respected herself more, and not have given herself away for nothing. Men just want free sex, period.

  19. 19

    Of course they wanted different things: She wanted marriage, and he wants to screw every available female . . .

  20. 20

    why can't JT just come out of the closet already!

  21. 21

    we all know the drill he looks for the next person then makes nice mutual break up all the niceity doesnt want to look the ass

    again ""nice bastard syndrome" the more nicer they seem the more of a bastard they really can be but in a nice way

  22. 22

    let me guess, Jessica wanted to get married and pop some kids out right away before the world ended, and JT didnt

  23. 23

    It's been reported on several other sites that Jessica was gushing about how much she loved Justin and how she felt so lucky to have him during a speech she gave at his birthday party last month. Apparently, he was acting like a douche and instead of doing something a good boyfriend would do, like saying "thank you" and giving her a kiss, he yelled "yeah, bitches" when she finished. Supreme douche. Clearly he was over the relationship. It may have been "mutual", but he essentially ended it.